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Azerbaijani delegation attends International Astronautical Congress
29.09.2013 13:52
An Azerbaijani delegation led by Alchin Shirinzade, Director General of the National Aerospace Agency of theMinistryof Defense Industry, has attended the 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)in Beijing, China.

Held in Beijing for the second time and organized jointly by the IAF, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and the International Institute of Space Law (IISL), the eventwas declared open by IAF President Kiyoshi Higuchi.

The event hosted more than 3000 attendees, 180 technical sessions, 8 plenary events, 3 highlight lectures and 3 late breaking News and appearances by elites.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Li Yuanchao, Vice-President of the People's Republic of China, described the Congress as an Olympic-class event for the worldwide aerospace community. He revealed that 74 countries were represented among the 3,359 registered delegates, making it a truly international gathering and the largest of its kind in the history of the IAC.

With keynote speakers from most of the world`s space organizations and companies, the Congress technical programme featured a record-breaking number of symposia with a series of keynote Plenary lectures underscoring the theme of "Promoting Space Development for the Benefit of Mankind".

Speaking at the event, head of the Azerbaijani delegation Shirinzade highlighted the country`s achievements in space industry. "Azerbaijan is rapidly developing its space activities. Azerbaijan`sfirst telecommunications satelliteAzerspace-1, launched in February this year, is only the beginning of the development of the country`s space industry," Shirinzadeh said.

On the sidelines of the event, the Azerbaijani delegation held bilateral meetings to discuss cooperation in the field of telecommunication satellites and space science.

A Space Exhibition featuring nearly 80 organizations from six continents, including national space agencies and specialized technology firms, also opened at the Congress venue.
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  • What hinders implementation of TAPI project?
    27.05.2015 08:01
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    There are several unresolved issues in Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project that cause difficulties in its implementation, Alexey Gromov, head of Energy Department, Institute for Energy and Finance of Russia told Trend.

    He reminded that TAPI project has been discussed for 10 years, however quite serious problems remain with its security in the transit countries - Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    "Instability in the transit zone through which the TAPI gas pipeline should run, puts this project's implementation under threat," said the expert.

    Despite the fact that in recent times there have been new discussions that it is necessary to activate this project, because India has serious demands for natural gas, no mutually acceptable solutions for this pipeline's security have been found, Gromov said.

    The expert said that if India doesn't share the transit risks for gas supplies on a par with Turkmenistan, gas export contracts in this direction could turn out to be disadvantageous for Turkmenistan.

    Turkmenistan's Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources previously said that an international tender would be announced soon to choose the leader of TAPI consortium. Currently, the project's feasibility study is being worked out.

    The total length of the pipeline is expected to reach 1,735 kilometers of which 200 kilometers will run through Turkmenistan, 735 kilometers - Afghanistan, 800 kilometers - Pakistan and reach Fazilka settlement on the border with India.

    The annual capacity of the gas pipeline is 33 billion cubic meters.

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  • Iran, Kuwait stress confronting Takfiri terrorist groups
    27.05.2015 06:54
    Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Kuwaiti counterpart have stressed the necessity of confronting Takfiri terrorist groups in the Middle East, Press TV reported.

    Zarif and Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah made the remarks while discussing regional issues in a meeting in Kuwait on Tuesday.

    Iran's foreign minister is in Kuwait to take part in the 42nd Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

    Unconditional Syrian-Syrian and Yemeni-Yemeni talks are required in order to solve the ongoing crises in these countries, said Zarif.

    The Kuwaiti official called for supporting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's government in its fight against ISIL.

    The Takfiri militants have been carrying out horrific acts of violence, including public decapitations and crucifixions, in Syria and Iraq, where they control swaths of land.

    Saudi Arabia began its war against Yemen on March 26, without out a UN mandate, to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and to restore power to the impoverished country's fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

    Referring to a final nuclear deal between Iran and the P5 1 countries, the Kuwaiti foreign minister said "this agreement is crucial to stability and security and furthering cooperation in the region."

    On Tuesday, a fresh round of talks between representatives from Iran and the P5 1 countries kicked on in the Austrian capital of Vienna aimed at drafting the text of a final agreement over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

    Iran and the P5 1 group - the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany - wrapped up their latest round of talks in Vienna on May 22.

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  • US supports role of Azerbaijan in European energy diversification
    27.05.2015 05:22
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 27


    The United States strongly supports your role in European energy diversification through the Southern Gas Corridor, Secretary of State John Kerry said on May 27.

    "Ninety-seven years ago, the people of Azerbaijan established the first secular democratic republic in the Muslim world. And since you declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, our two countries have worked together to promote Azerbaijan's sovereignty, democratic development, and prosperity", Kerry said.

    He congratulated the people of Azerbaijan as you observe Republic Day on May 28.

    According to him, USA and Azerbaijan work side by side to combat terrorism and improve regional and global security through NATO's mission in Afghanistan.

    The United States is committed to continuing efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, combat transnational threats, and advance the rule of law, Kerry added.

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  • U.S. Airman identified as gunman in Walmart shooting
    27.05.2015 04:10
    The gunman of a deadly shooting in a Walmart supermarket of North Dakota earlier on Tuesday has been identified as an Air Force airman, police said.

    Marcell Willis, 21, walked into a Walmart supermarket, shot two employees, killing one, before ending his own life in the store. He also fired once at a third employee but missed, according to Grand Forks police.

    "We've not been able to find any links to him and any of the victims. That's not to say that can't change," police spokesman Derik Zimmel told reporters, "There's no apparent motive that jumps out at this time."

    The injured worker was taken to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks with a gunshot wound that was not believed to be life-threatening, Zimmel said. Willis received medical treatment at the scene and taken to Altru, where he was pronounced dead.

    Willis was the only person with a handgun and no police officers fired a weapon, Zimmel said.

    "We are deeply saddened about this situation and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families," Walmart spokesman Brian Nick said.

    The Grand Forks Air Force Base, where Willis was stationed, said that they are working with police on the case. The base has 3, 000 Air Force personnel and civilians, according to its website.

    The Walmart is one of the two in Grand Forks, a northeastern city of North Dakota. The city has a population of 55,000 people.

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  • Libya PM survives assassination attempt
    27.05.2015 00:31
    Abdullah al-Thinni, who heads Libya's Tobruk-based government, survived an assassination attempt in eastern Libya on Tuesday, Anadolu Agency reported.

    "Unidentified gunmen attacked al-Thinni's motorcade as he was en route to the eastern Al-Bayda city," Interior Ministry spokesman Tareq al-Kharraz told Anadolu Agency.

    "Al-Thinni emerged unhurt in the attack," he said.

    According to the spokesman, one of al-Thinni's companions was injured in the attack.

    Earlier Tuesday, the Tobruk-based parliament failed to meet over protests demanding the resignation of al-Thinni's government.

    Libya has remained in a state of turmoil since a bloody uprising ended the decades-long rule of strongman Muammar Gaddafi in late 2011.

    Since then, the country's stark political divisions have yielded two rival seats of government, each with its own institutions and military capacities.

    Vying for legislative authority are the Tobruk-based House of Representatives and the Islamist-led General National Congress, which convenes in capital Tripoli.

    The two assemblies support two rival governments respectively headquartered in the two cities.

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  • How powerful is the Southern Gas Corridor?
    27.05.2015 00:01
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Maksim Tsurkov - Trend:

    In the present circumstances, when gas on the world markets is gaining value, and a real gas race unfolded on the European market, there emerge more opinions trying to cause "a clash" between the Southern Gas Corridor project initiated by Azerbaijan and the Turkish Stream initiated by Gazprom.

    One doesn't need to talk about a competition between the two projects in the present situation, which is confirmed by numerous statements by officials in this regard.

    Today, a similar statement was also made by Deputy Vice President of SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan) for investment and marketing Vitaly Baylarbayov, who said that nothing could stop the Southern Gas Corridor project.

    What is the power of the Southern Gas Corridor, which distinguishes it from many previous similar projects, which bit the dust?

    Firstly, significant funds have been already invested in the implementation of the project worth $45 billion. Main work on the Caspian Sea (within the second stage of the Shah Deniz field development), the onshore of Azerbaijan and Georgia (the expansion of the South Caucasus gas pipeline) and Turkey (TANAP construction) has started and is being successfully implemented, and Italy has already made a final decision on the start of TAP gas pipeline construction in May 2016.

    Alongside with the investment decisions, a number of contracts have been signed which obligate some sides to supply gas and the others to buy it. However, both sides will forfeit it if they do not fulfill any paragraph of these agreements.

    At the same time, the Southern Gas Corridor gives opportunity not only to Azerbaijan, but also a number of gas-rich countries to sell gas to the EU. Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and even Israel and Cyprus are named among these countries.

    The plan to expand the pumping capacity of the gas pipeline gives opportunity to the countries to connect their gas to the ready infrastructure and further deliver it to the European markets, which significantly increases the interest of these countries in this project.

    This project meets the interests of the EU, which pursues the policy of diversification of gas sources, reducing dependence on Russian supplies, and strengthening energy security, as well as the countries which are the prospective sellers of gas to Europe who will securely get the needed contracted gas reserve. Such mutual interest allows implementing the project at a high level.

    All the abovementioned factors create a solid basis for the successful implementation of the project and its operation in the future.

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  • No one to help OPEC
    26.05.2015 22:02
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Aygun Badalova - Trend:

    It is not worth expecting coordination between countries outside of OPEC in order to stabilize the oil market, a senior analyst for the oil and gas sector in the Uralsib Capital company Alexei Kokin said.

    In particular, such countries as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan have been the major producers and exporters of oil for a long time, but still no examples of such coordination existed until today, Kokin told Trend.

    "This is due to the fact that the countries, in any case, Russia, are not willing to voluntarily reduce their production," said Kokin. In case of Russia, the reduction of oil production will be linked with serious costs.

    "Russia does not have a flexible attitude in this issue, and it's not the case of policy, but of peculiarities of oil production in the country," said Kokin. "In particular, the matter rests in a low production rate of wells given their big funds. Decline in production is linked with high costs for return to the previous flow rate, according to geological reasons.

    The countries outside the cartel will increase oil supplies by 0.68 million barrels in 2015 to 57.16 million barrels per day, according to OPEC forecasts.

    It was previously reported by foreign media that the OPEC and representatives of countries outside the cartel, in particular, Azerbaijan, Russia, Brazil and Mexico failed to agree on joint oil production decline at the meeting held in May.

    OPEC will hold a regular meeting June 5 in Vienna, at which it will discuss the current state of the oil market and decide on oil production quotas.

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  • Bulgaria, Greece to sign final investment decision on IGB
    26.05.2015 21:45
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Maksim Tsurkov - Trend:

    It is planned to sign an agreement on the final investment decision to construct IGB (Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria) pipeline on June 12, Bulgarian media reported May 26 citing Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova.

    "Possibly, the agreement will be signed on June 12," she said. "Construction of the pipeline with the length of 182 kilometers, of which 130 kilometers will run through Bulgaria's territory, should start till March 2016 and completed in 2018."

    IGB is a gas pipeline, which will allow Bulgaria to receive Azerbaijani gas, in particular, the gas produced within the Stage 2 of development of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz gas and condensate field.

    It is expected that IGB will be connected to the Trans-Adriatic pipeline via which the gas from Shah Deniz will be delivered to European markets.

    In January 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between TAP and ICGB - the company in charge of the development, financing and construction the IGB. The memorandum aimed at establishing the technical cooperation in order to further develop strategic infrastructure in the region.

    The document provides an opportunity for cooperation between the two companies that will work together on the possibility of connecting the pipelines in the vicinity of Komotini (Greece), which will open the way for new supplies of gas to the gas distribution network in Bulgaria, and further to the South-Eastern Europe.

    TAP project is designed to transport gas from the Caspian Sea region to Italy's south through Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea and further to West Europe. The total length of the pipeline will near 870 kilometers.

    The initial capacity of TAP will be 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year with the possibility of increasing to 20 billon cubic meters per year.

    It is planned to start the pipeline's construction May 16, 2016.

    TAP shareholders are: BP - 20 percent, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) - 20 percent, Statoil - 20 percent, Fluxys - 19 percent, Enagas - 16 percent, Axpo - five percent.

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  • Azerbaijani armed forces hold tactical exercises
    26.05.2015 21:37
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

    Azerbaijani armed forces have held tactical exercises to test the level of combat readiness, the country's Defense Ministry said May 26.

    The purpose of these exercises was to create interaction between the motorized rifle, tank and other troops.

    During the exercises, combat shooting was carried out under the conditions as close as possible to the fighting conditions.

    The personnel successfully fulfilled the tasks to properly use weapons, military equipment and increase skills.

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  • Lifting of sanctions from Iran wonв't have major impact on oil market
    26.05.2015 21:21
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    Lifting of sanctions imposed on Iran won't have a major impact on the global oil market, Alexey Gromov, head of Energy Department, Institute for Energy and Finance of Russia told Trend.

    It is highly likely that Iran and P5 1 will reach an agreement on Iran's nuclear program and the sanctions imposed on it will be lifted, according to the expert.

    "Judging by the political situation in recent times and the speedy adoption of the necessary decisions by the US lawmakers to prepare a legal ground for the lifting of sanctions against Iran, we can say with confidence that if there is no force majeure by Iranian side, the decision to lift the sanctions imposed on this country will be adopted in late June," Gromov said.

    The expert said that fulfillment of this decision won't require much time and all sanctions imposed on Iran will be lifted by the end of summer, if there is no foreign policy aggravation.

    Meanwhile, Gromov said that lifting of sanctions from Iran and accordingly, the resumption of the Iranian oil supply to western countries would not lead to fundamental changes in the oil market.

    The expert reminded that in accordance with the statistical data, before the imposition of the last package of sanctions on Iran in 2012, the country was supplying by around 1 million barrels more oil to foreign markers per day compared to today.

    Therefore, many presume that following the lifting of sanctions, the volume of Iranian oil supply to the foreign markets can increase by 1 million barrels, he said, adding that nevertheless, it is possible that the statistical report doesn't fully reflect the real situation.

    "Sufficiently influential experts in this field say that in fact, Iran hasn't reduced its oil export so much, and it carries out part of the exports through shady schemes," he said. "Given that such a situation is quite possible, we can assume that the affect of delivery of more Iranian oil to the world markets in coming years can be not as significant as it was initially presumed."

    Moreover, Gromov said that for present, it is not clear weather Iran has sufficient investment opportunities to increase the production at its fields to the previous level, especially with oil prices quite low. All the more so, Iran understands with the delivery of new volumes of Iranian oil to the market, oil prices will likely drop further, he added.

    Iran and P5 1 (the US, France, UK, Russia, China plus Germany) should sign a final nuclear agreement before June 30. The sides reached a framework agreement on this issue in early April.

    Edited by CN


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  • Ilham Aliyev, his spouse attend opening of recreation and entertainment center
    26.05.2015 21:20
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26


    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva have attended the opening of "DalДџa Beach-Aqua Park", a state-of-the-art recreation and entertainment center in Mardakan, Khazar district, Baku.

    The head of state was informed about the conditions created in the family recreation park. It was noted that "DalДџa Beach-Aqua Park" covers a total area of 68,000 square meters. It is the largest aqua park in Azerbaijan for its territory. The recreation center has 7 pools, 7 water attractions, restaurants, service facilities, a disco club and a VIP-house.

    The head of state and his spouse also visited "Mayak" offshore restaurant.

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  • Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry issues statement on Riga summit declaration
    26.05.2015 21:15
    ''Azerbaijan awaits unambiguous and firm actions by the European Union to ensure that those resolutions are strictly complied with and implemented''

    Baku - APA. Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry on Monday issued a statement with regard to the final declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga.

    The statement says:

    The Republic of Azerbaijan notes an attempt of the European partners to embrace in this Declaration in full the issues on the agenda of the Eastern Partnership. The Republic of Azerbaijan commends the efforts of the European Union to address a number of sensitive and challenging matters, while avoiding confrontational mode.

    However, the Republic of Azerbaijan underlines that there are issues that cannot be a subject to compromise. Thus said, several countries of the Eastern Partnership are facing externally imposed armed conflicts and territorial claims that resulted in military occupation, ethnic cleansing and forced population displacements. These conflicts are caused and accompanied by flagrant violations of the fundamental norms and principles of international law, in particular those relating to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of States. These principles are at the core of inter-State relations and international security system both globally and on the European continent.

    While noting the European Union's support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the partner countries, the Republic of Azerbaijan cannot but notice the attempt to cast shadow on the inviolability of these principles. In an effort to work out a compromised text with regard to the conflicts affecting some partner countries, the authors of the draft Declaration fell short of avoiding what is referred to in the international practice as lsquo;double standards'.

    The Republic of Azerbaijan expects the clearly and unequivocally articulated position of the European Union with regard to the Armenia-Azerbaijan armed conflict, at the heart of the resolution of which are the United Nations Security Council resolutions 822 (1993), 853 (1993), 874 (1993) and 884 (1993)that reaffirm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the inviolability of its internationally recognized borders, and demand immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian occupying forces from all the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. The Republic of Azerbaijan awaits unambiguous and firm actions by the European Union to ensure that those resolutions are strictly complied with and implemented.
  • Emergency Ministry to take guarding measures during the Baku 2015
    26.05.2015 21:11
    Emergency Ministry of Republic of Azerbaijan will take guarding measures from three sides- by land, by sea and by air during the Baku 2015 the first European Games.

    SIA informs that for the purpose, the ministry's 3000 personnel and 300 vehicles will be involved in these civil-defence measures. Venues of the Games are now 24-hour guard of two helicopters of the ministry. One more plane- amphibian will join the measures during the event.

    The ministry has already confirmed its Action Plan to be carried out at all venues during the Games. Moreover, firefighting and rescue bodies of the ministry established their headquarters at all venues of the Games. Public awareness measures taken by the ministry are about to finish.
  • Kazakhstan can enter top 30 competitive countries by 2035
    26.05.2015 20:55
    /By AzerNews/

    By Aynur Karimova

    Kazakhstan can be listed among top 30 most competitive countries in the world by 2035.

    This remark was made by Aydin Kulseitov, the chairman of the board of Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute Joint Stock Company, who was addressing a conference on Kazakhstan's industrialization on May 26.

    "According to our calculations, we can enter the top 30 most competitive [countries] in the manufacturing sector by 2035, if the ideology of industrialization will indeed become the national idea," he said.

    He also noted that the implementation of the state program on the forced industrial-innovative development of the country is accompanied by a number of myths, one of which related to whether or not this program will carry an immediate impact.

    "There are several myths, but the most frequent is that the program should bring us to the level of Germany, Japan and South Korea in five years," Kulseitov said. "It is clear that this is really unprofessional judgments based on inflated expectations. The president clearly indicated in his message that 2050 is our real term expectation for entering the list of top 30 most developed countries in the world - alongside Germany, Japan and Singapore. But it should be clearly understood that the manufacturing industry is at the forefront of this economic policy, so it has a special role," he concluded.

    In January 2014, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev revealed a plan to enter the list of top 30 most developed world countries.

    He said he aims to increase the GDP volume rate by 4.5 times per capita from $13,000 to $60, 000. Under the plan labor productivity is expected to increase fivefold by 2050.

    "It is important to reduce the energy intensity of gross domestic product twofold. Small and medium businesses will produce at least 50 percent of Kazakhstan's GDP volume instead of the current 20 percent by 2050. Labor productivity is expected to increase fivefold from the current $24,500 to $126,000."

    The middle class share will be predominant in the country. The number of urban dwellers will rise to 70 percent of the total population. Cities will connect quality roads and high-speed routes of all modes of transport.

    Great attention will be paid to the development of medicine which will be aimed at increasing life expectancy up to 80 years old and more.

    With key priorities in maintaining macroeconomic and financial stability, sustainable economic growth, and social modernization of society, Kazakhstan ranked 50 among 189 countries in the World Bank's 'Doing Business-2014' rating as well, leaving most of the CIS countries behind.
  • AZN 5 mln worth of drugs destroyed in Azerbaijan
    26.05.2015 20:54
    358 kilograms of drugs and 3,620 cannabis plants were burnt

    Under the instruction of Chairman of the State Commission on Combating Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, Ali Hasanov, 358 kilograms of drugs and 3,620 cannabis plants seized under 199 court judgments were destroyed by a special group in the administrative area of Machine-building Plant named after Bunyad Sardarov, the State Commission's working group told APA on Tuesday.

    27,448,509 kg heroin, 14,512,455 kg marihuana, 46,776, 867 hashish, 104,932, 806 kg opium, 15,256 kg hemp bushes, 200, 571 g cocaine, 358,756 g psychotropic agents were burnt. Burnt drugs worth $5 mln on black market.
  • Nejmeddin Sadykov embarks on visit to Russia
    26.05.2015 20:43
    Defense Ministry has disseminated an information.

    On 26 May, the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Colonel-General Nejmeddin Sadykov embarked on a visit to the Russian city of Sochi to attend the next meeting of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the CIS countries.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to the Defense Ministry that at the meeting the heads of delegation will discuss cooperation in the defense sector.
  • Azerbaijan to supply itself with fiber optics
    26.05.2015 20:36
    /By AzerNews/

    By Nigar Orujova

    Azerbaijan reduces its dependence on foreign optical fiber, as Sumgayit Technology Park will supply Aztelekom Production Association with fiber optic cable.

    The Technology Park has signed a contract with Aztelekom, the Park reported. Deliveries are expected in the framework of the development of broadband Internet in Azerbaijan.

    The work on the project will start at the beginning of the second half of this year. The project is financed by Amsterdam Trade Bank. The amount of funds allocated by the bank for the project is 13.7 million euros.

    Sumgayit Technologies Park launched production of fiber optic cables in the end of 2014. The production of the Park will be making it possible to fully meet domestic demands.

    The main advantage of local producers is an acceptable price for customers - about 30 percent less than the price of imported foreign analogues.

    Today, the Sumgayit Technologies Park is the only manufacturer of this type of production in Azerbaijan. All products are created here using European technology and equipment.

    Cable products, including fiber optic, coaxial and LAN-cables, account for 15 percent of the total volume of production at the Park. The production capacity of the company is nearly 20,000 tons per year.

    At present, Sumgayit Technology Park produces about 10,000 types of cables.

    Moreover, the production of 500-kv cables at the Park will allow Azerbaijan to take leadership in the region and in the CIS in general, because production technology has not yet been established in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    The demand for fiber optic cables is expected to increase substantially in the country with the implementation of the project for development of broadband Internet in Azerbaijani regions.

    The project for national broadband Internet development will be with the support of the State Oil Fund. The cost of the 'Fiber to the home' project is estimated at more than 450 million manats ($573 million).

    The project is considered highly profitable. Around 30-35 percent of its total cost will be financed through re-investments beginning in the second year of its implementation.

    The ultimate goal of the project is to provide the country, including remote rural settlements, with high-speed Internet in the range of 30-100 Mbit/s, and to increase the number of broadband Internet users up to 85 percent from the current 70 percent.

    At present, the penetration rate of broadband Internet among the population is 50 percent.
  • Azerbaijan to take part in OIC session
    26.05.2015 20:28
    Azerbaijan will be represented at the 42nd session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states by the countryв's Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

    The session will be held in Kuwait May 27-28.

    Mammadyarov is expected to speak at the session and hold bilateral meetings.

    The OIC was founded on Sept.25, 1969 at the conference of the heads of Muslim countries in Rabat to ensure Islamic solidarity in the social, economic and political spheres, to fight colonialism, neocolonialism and racism and support the Palestine Liberation Organization.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Russian Federation, as well as the Moro National Liberation Front in the Philippines and several organizations (UN, Non-aligned Movement, etc.) have observer status in the organization. The headquarters of the organization is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    The Organization of Islamic Conference was renamed as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on June 28, 2011, in accordance with the decision of the 38th session of OIC Council of Foreign Ministers in Astana.

  • King of Morocco congratulates Azerbaijani President
    26.05.2015 20:25
    Excellency, my Dear Brother,

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.

    As the Republic of Azerbaijan celebrates its National Day, it gives me great pleasure to send Your Excellency my warmest congratulations, along with my best wishes for good health and happiness. I also wish the people of Azerbaijan continued progress and prosperity.

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how satisfied I am with the solid brotherly Islamic bonds and fruitful cooperation between our two countries. I keenly look forward to continuing to work with Your Excellency to strengthen our outstanding bilateral ties and expand our cooperation, thus serving our peoples` interests and helping to enhance solidarity between nations of our Islamic Ummah.

    Yours sincerely,
  • Azerbaijan doesnв't see obstacle for bringing gas from Turkmenistan under Caspian Sea
    26.05.2015 20:22
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Maksim Tsurkov - Trend:

    In Azerbaijan we don't see an obstacle for bringing gas from Turkmenistan under the Caspian Sea, Vitaly Baylarbayov, deputy Vice President of SOCAR told EurActiv online magazine in an exclusive interview.

    He was commenting on Russia's possible obstruction of such a project, due to the unfinished delimitation of the Caspian Sea

    "We recognize that the borders of the sectors between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have not been delimited," he said. "But laying down a pipe doesn't in any way interfere with the legal status. It doesn't matter on which seabed the pipe is running, fees and taxes are not due offshore."

    But not only gas from Turkmenistan can run through the Southern Gas Corridor, he said.

    "There is gas in Iran, and very much gas," said Baylarbayov. "And there is a lot of gas in Iraq and Syria. And there is now gas in Israel, and there is gas in Cyprus."

    The negotiations among the EU, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline began in September 2011.

    The project for laying a 300-kilometer gas pipeline along the bottom of the Caspian Sea up to the shores of Azerbaijan is considered to be optimal for the delivery of Turkmen energy resources to the European market. The Turkmen hydrocarbons can subsequently go to Turkey, which shares a border with the European countries.

    Turkmenistan believes that its and Azerbaijan's consent is enough to construct a pipeline along the bottom of the Caspian Sea, the legal status of which still needs to be determined.

    The project covers the territories of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Azerbaijan said it stands ready to provide its territory, transit opportunities and infrastructure to realize the project.

    The Southern Gas Corridor will allow Europe to diversify its hydrocarbon supply sources and strengthen energy security and also will allow Azerbaijan to obtain a new market in Europe. Azerbaijani gas is designed to open the Southern Gas Corridor.

    As part of ensuring Azerbaijani gas supply to the European market, the final investment decision was made on Dec.17, 2013 on the Stage 2 of the Shah Deniz offshore gas and condensate field's development. The gas produced at this field will first go to the European market (10 billion cubic meters), while six billion cubic meters of gas will be annually delivered to Turkey.

    The contract for development of the Shah Deniz offshore field was signed on June 4, 1996. The field's reserve is estimated at 1.2 trillion cubic meters of gas and 240 million metric tons of condensate.

    As part of the second stage of the field's development, gas will be exported to Turkey and European markets by expanding the South Caucasus gas pipeline and the construction of Trans-Anatolian (TANAP) and Trans-Adriatic (TAP) gas pipelines.

    Edited by CN


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  • Deputy Minister: Azerbaijan, Russia see growth in trade turnover
    26.05.2015 20:19
    AZPROMO has released information.

    The trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Russia reached 2bn in 2014. In January-April of this year it grew 11% compared to the same period of the last year.

    Oxu.Az reports citing the Export and Investment Promotion Foundation that the statement came from Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry Niyazi Safarov at a working meeting between Azerbaijan and Russia.

    "Nearly 600 Russian companies work in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan and Russia have so far held more than 30 different events in economic sphere, including five interregional forums", the deputy minister said.

    In turn, chairman of the Astrakhan government, vice-governor Konstantin Merkelov informed about the economic opportunities of Astrakhan and said that the projects implemented in Astrakhan often cover the industrial sphere. He said both countries have a great potential for expansion of cooperation.
  • Iran sends friendship message to neighboring countries
    26.05.2015 20:18
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has issued an announcement, sending a message of friendship to neighboring countries.

    He sent the message ahead of holding the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's 42nd Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers, which will open in Kuwait on May 27, Iran 's IRNA news agency reported May 26.

    In the message titled "Hello neighbors: This is Iran 's message" Zarif has urged the neighboring countries to take immediate action for improving the political situation in the region.

    "Mistrust, fear, and pessimism have created a heavy political atmosphere in the region. Internal wars, political and ethnic clashes, and strategic rivalries have made ordinary living of people difficult, and even impossible," the message reads.

    "The situation should be improved. This is feasible. I strongly believe in creating development and improvement. The bloody wars among Muslim nations should be terminated."

    "This is a false idea that Iran is seeking to revive its ancient kingdom. This idea has been spread among regional countries just to sow the seed of discord, mistrust, and extremism in the region," Zarif said.

    "I confidently declare that Iran is seeking nothing, but peace and friendship in the region and in the world, as well."

    "Dialogue among regional countries, based on respecting their sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs of each other, and non-use of threat and force, can lead them to find solutions for establishing peace and stability."

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  • Azerbaijan, FAO continue fruitful co-op
    26.05.2015 20:18
    /By AzerNews/

    By Aynur Karimova

    Azerbaijanв's Agriculture Ministry and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization have enlarged the legal base of their fruitful cooperation by signing two agreements.

    The first document signed on May 25 as part of FAO Director-General, Jose Graziano da Silva's visit to Baku, is an agreement on the establishment of the coordination and cooperation office and providing technical assistance, while the second one is a FAO-Azerbaijan partnership program. Both were inked on the same day.

    "A cooperation program signed today envisages the transformation of Azerbaijan into a FAO donor country and includes it to the list of countries assisting poor countries, which is a major achievement for the country," said Heydar Asadov, Azerbaijan's agricultural minister.

    The first agreement maintains the status of the already existing office, as well as envisages providing mutual technical assistance. Each year some $100,000 will be allocated to the office maintenance.

    "The technical project is designed for 5 years and costs $10 million, which will be provided on an equal basis, with a condition that this amount will be directed mainly to projects implemented in Azerbaijan within five years, taking into account possible exceptions in acute need," Heydarov added.

    FAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts in defeating hunger. Serving both the developed and developing countries, FAO acts as a neutral forum where all nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate policy.

    FAO is also a source of knowledge and information, and helps developing countries and countries in transition to modernize and improve agriculture, forestry and fisheries practices, ensuring good nutrition and food security for all.

    Azerbaijan became a FAO member-country in 1995. The main areas of cooperation between Azerbaijan and FAO are to ensure animal health, plant protection, services to improve education and assistance in researches in the sphere of agriculture, strengthening the legal and institutional standards for the development of agriculture and increasing livestock and plant products.

    In 1995-2014, FAO has implemented around 20 projects in Azerbaijan, and currently, three national and three regional projects are underway.

    FAOв's partnership with Azerbaijan is shaped by the 2015-2019 Country Programming Framework (CPF), which sets out six priority areas: animal health and plant protection, including transboundary animal and plant disease control; supporting investments in agriculture, food security and rural development; capacity development, including agricultural education, research and extension; strengthening the policy and institutional framework for agriculture and rural development; improved crop, fisheries and livestock production and sustainable, equitable and efficient forestry, land and water resource management.

    The promotion of womenв's representation in rural organizations as well as income-generating activities for rural women is a cross-cutting issue throughout the CPF.

    Jointly developed with the Azerbaijani government, the CPF reflects relevant national development plans and strategies at the same time as supporting FAOв's strategic objectives and regional priorities. It is fully aligned with the UN Azerbaijan Partnership Framework (UNAPF) as well.
  • Azerbaijanв's Minister of Emergency Situations to receive citizens in Siyezen
    26.05.2015 20:17
    The reception will start at 11:00, the ministry said.

    On 29 May 2015, Azerbaijan's Minister of Emergency Situations Kemaleddin Heydarov will receive citizens at the Siyezen District Cultural Palace building in Siyezen city in order to consider appeals of citizens from the Siyezen, Shabran, Guba, Gusar, and Khachmaz districts as well as those of IDPs settled in those districts, APA reports.

    The reception is only meant to consider appeals related to the ministry's activities.

    Registration of citizens wanting take part in the reception will start at 9:00 May 27 at the Siyezen District Cultural Palace (address: 92 Heydar Aliyev str., Siyezen city).

    Citizens are required to take their national ID cards with them.
  • Another airport opened in Turkey
    26.05.2015 20:15
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    A new airport has been commissioned in Turkey's Hakkari province, TRT Haber TV channel reported May 26.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu attended the opening of the new airport.

    Moreover, a new airport was commissioned in Turkey's north-eastern province of Ordu May 22. The ceremony for the new airport's opening was attended by Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

    The new airport in Ordu serves the planes carrying out domestic flights.

    Of 69 airports operating in Turkey, 21 are international, 31 airports are used for domestic flights, and 17 of them are military airports.

    Turkey is also currently building six airports, according to a report earlier spread by the Transport, Maritime and Communications Ministry of Turkey.

    On June 7, 2014, Istanbul hosted a ceremony of laying of a foundation for the new airport, which will be the city's third airport.

    The agreement on the airport's construction in Istanbul was signed May 2013.

    The tender for the airport's construction was won by the Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-MaPa-Kalyon companies' consortium, which offered 22.1 billion euros for participation in the project.

    Earlier, the air transport department of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications told Trend that the construction of the airport would cost 10 billion Turkish liras. The official exchange rate on May 26 is 2.6110 TRY/USD.

    Istanbul's third airport is being built near the Lake Terkos in the north of the city. Initially, the airport will serve 90 million passengers per year and further, this figure will increase to 150 million.

    The third airport of Istanbul is expected to be one of the largest airports in the world and will be named after the country's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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  • Baku 2015 signs Iran deal to reach 75 million audience
    26.05.2015 19:54
    Baku 2015 has added Iran, the largest country in western Asia, to the already impressive number of countries that will be broadcasting coverage of the European Games.

    General Entertainment and Media (GEM TV Group) have acquired the exclusive TV rights for Iran and will broadcast the Games across the free-to-air YAHSAT, NILESAT and HOTBIRD channels.

    The agreement ensures that there will be daily coverage over TV, digital and mobile platforms in Farsi and Kurdish languages reaching 75 million people. Iran now joins the Americas, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Arab world and Australia in the list of global territories served by broadcasters which have signed up to screen the Baku 2015 competitions.

    Mr Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer of Baku 2015, said: "The appeal of the European Games has been remarkable. Our stated aim has always been to ensure that the most significant new international sports event for 50 years could be seen by as many people as possible across Europe and beyond, and this agreement and others with international networks demonstrate the broad appeal of the event around the world.

    "It is wonderful that the Iranian public will be able to join in the excitement of the first ever European Games."

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  • Turkish Airlines refuses to sell tickets in euro
    26.05.2015 19:52
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    The Turkish Airlines refused to sell tickets on its flights in euro, the Milliyet newspaper reported May 26.

    Reportedly, the airline took the step due to the fluctuations in euro's rate in Turkey.

    It is expected that after the Turkish Airlines, other airlines in Turkey will also refuse to sell their tickets in euro.

    As the newspaper said, another reason for the Turkish Airlines' refusal to sell the tickets for its flights in the euro is that Turkey's financial system is based on the US dollar.

    Over the recent months, there have been fluctuations in the rates of euro and the US dollar in Turkey.

    Last year, Turkey's Central Bank carried out intervention worth $2 billion to keep the stable exchange rate, but that attempt was unsuccessful.

    The Turkish Central Bank's official rate as of May 26 is 2.8670 TRY/ EUR.

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  • US investors visit Tehran bourse
    26.05.2015 19:51
    A foreign delegation of asset managers, including Americans, have visited Tehran Stock Exchange for the second time in recent weeks as interest is building in a country being billed as the latest attractive emerging market.

    A group of 17 investment managers from Russia, Britain, Egypt, Greece, Switzerland, the US, Turkey, Italy and the UAE visited the bourse on May 25 and held talks with its chief Hassan Qalibaf-Asl, the financial daily Jahan-e Sanaat reported.

    They were briefed on the mechanisms of the trading and the companies listed as well as the process of foreign investment, capital market structure and financial operations.

    More than 400 financial entities are listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of more than $104 billion.

    Many others are waiting for initial public offering, including refineries, petrochemical plants and other big businesses as part of a massive privatization program which could catapult TSE to the top of the rung among Middle East's stock exchanges.

    The bourse has scorched to several record highs in recent years even under the most intensified series of US-led sanctions.

    It is bolstered by its absorption of the massive investment in Iran's property market which has stagnated since 2008 but foreign investment is less than one percent for now.

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  • Albania to send two Olympians to Baku 2015
    26.05.2015 19:35
    Albania will send a total of 28 athletes to Baku 2015 including two with Olympic experience.

    The Albanian athletes will compete in nine sports with the largest coming in Athletics, where Albania will have 15 competitors.

    The Albanian team features two sportsmen who have been on the Olympic stage.

    The 47-year-old shooter Arben Kucana competed in 10m Air Pistol and 50m Pistol at London 2012 while Adriatik Hoxha appeared in the Shot Put competition at the 2012 Olympic Games.

    Another Albanian with international success is the runner Luiza Gega, who won a 1500m silver medal at the 2013 Mediterranean Games and a 1500m bronze medal at the 2013 Universiade. Here is the full Albania team for Baku 2015:

    Athletics: Edison Muco, Marashi Albert, Izmir Smajlaj, Gledis Hallunej, Ardit Rrashi, Jorgo Mino, Adriatik Hoxha, Mario Shesani, Astrit Kryeziu, Ilir Kellezi, Ana Burda, Bruxhilda Qosja, Marija Stillo, Iveta Urshini, Luiza Gega

    Boxing: Rexhildo Zeneli, Alban Beqiri

    Cycling: Eugert Zhupa, Redi Halilaj

    Judo: Igli Ramosacaj

    Karate: Halil Marqeshi

    Shooting: Arben Kucana

    Swimming: Diana Basho, Franc Aleksi

    Taekwondo: Ada Demneri

    Wrestling: Egzon Shala , Osman Hajdari, Islam Islamaj
  • Turkmenistan OKs documents on Caspian Sea's delimitation, protection
    26.05.2015 19:30
    /By AzerNews/

    By Aynur Karimova

    The Turkmen Parliament reviewed and approved a draft decree ratifying the agreement on delimitation of the Caspian Sea's bottom between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan on May 23.

    The agreement was signed between the two countries on November 7, 2014 with an aim ''to ensure favorable conditions for realization of sovereign rights on the development and use of resources of the bottom and subsoil of the Caspian Sea.''The document expresses conviction that the agreement will facilitate the further strengthening of good-neighborliness and the development of mutually beneficial and equal cooperation between the parties.The document also said the bottom and subsoil of the Caspian Sea are delimited between the parties along the line, which is based on the median line taking into account the principles and norms of international law, as well as the partiesв' agreement.The parties, in line with international and national environmental norms, requirements and standards, exercise sovereign rights within their sections of the bottom for the purpose of exploration, development and use of the resources of the bottom and subsoil of the Caspian Sea.They also exercise sovereign rights for the laying of cables and pipelines under the Caspian Sea, the creation of artificial islands, dams, piers, platforms and other engineering structures, as well as for carrying out other legitimate economic activities on the bottom.

    In July 1998, Russia and Kazakhstan signed an agreement on the delimitation of the northern part of the Caspian Sea in order to implement sovereign rights for subsoil use, and the protocol to this agreement was signed in May 2002. Agreements on the delimitation of the Caspian Sea between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and the protocol were signed on November 29, 2001 and February 27, 2003 respectively.

    Also, an agreement on the delimitation of adjacent sections of the Caspian Sea was signed by Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia May 14, 2003.

    Protocol on biological diversity approved

    The Parliament also reviewed and approved a draft decree on the ratification of a Protocol on Biological Diversity to the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea.

    The protocol was signed in 2014 at one of the forums held in Ashgabat.

    This document is expected to contribute to the development of the protected areas and the protection of rare species of biological diversity at the national and regional levels.

    The Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland water reservoir not linked to any world ocean, is home to about 141 fish species. It is unique for preserving various relict flora and fauna, including the world's largest shoal of sturgeon.

    The legal base for the protection of the Caspian Sea is the UN Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea (Tehran Convention), signed in 2003.

    The Framework Convention was the first legally binding regional agreement signed by all the five Caspian littoral states, laying out general requirements and an institutional mechanism for environmental protection in the resource-rich Caspian region.

    Today this resource-rich water reservoir still awaits a solution for its ecological problems, which have occurred as a result of the development of hydrocarbon reserves in the sea and its surrounding areas, high density of population and industry in the adjacent areas, intensive agricultural development in valleys which have rivers flowing into them, and the fact that it is a closed basin.
  • Iranв's former president accuses FM of lying on nuclear case
    26.05.2015 19:30
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    The office of Iran's former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005-2013) has published a statement in which has rejected permitting International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to interview the Iranian nuclear scientists.

    Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said on May 26 that interviewing Iranian nuclear scientists is not a recent issue as Ahmadinejad administration issued permission for the IAEA to talk with scientists.

    The statement of the Ahmadinejad office has called the foreign minister comments "pure lie," Iran 's Fars news agency reported May 26.

    Protecting the nuclear rights of the Iranian people was a principle policy during Ahmadinejad administration and he banned any meeting or interview of IAEA or any other international organization with Iranian nuclear scientists in his term, the statement reads.

    The statement also recommends Zarif and the Islamic Republic's nuclear negotiators to stop spreading lies and inform Iranians on the entire details and process of nuclear talks with the P5 1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany).

    Zarif has announced that alongside with conducting interviews with Iranian nuclear scientists the IAEA inspectors even visited some disputed centers and places during the Ahmadinejad term.

    Last week, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that Iran would never allow any inspection of its military sites or interview with its nuclear scientists under any nuclear deal with the P5 1.

    "I will not let foreigners to come and talk to our scientists and to interrogate our beloved and prominent sons of this nation who brought us this extensive nuclear knowledge," Khamenei said.

    Iran and the P5 1 reached a mutual understanding on Tehran 's nuclear program in the Swiss city of Lausanne on April 2. The parties have agreed to finalize a comprehensive deal on Tehran 's nuclear program by the end of June.

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  • Scandal breaks out during Armenian diasporaв's Nagorno-Karabakh event in Paris
    26.05.2015 19:30
    A scandal has broken out during a Nagorno-Karabakh event organized by the Armenian diaspora in Paris.

    The event was held in the building of the city's 5th region municipality, APA reported citing Turkish sources. Radical nationalist Armenians sought in their speech to justify the occupation of Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh region. But a question from a female Azerbaijani citizen about the invasion did not please the Armenians, drawing a sharp outcry from them.

    The opposite side was infuriated by the Azerbaijan woman reminding the audience of the fact that the United Nations has adopted resolutions on Armenia's invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh and that the resolutions call for the withdrawal of Armenian troops from those occupied territories. Unable to answer the woman's questions, Armenian historian Cloud Mutafyan expressed strong objection against her, causing an arguement at the event.
  • Southern Gas Corridor 'strictly a commercial project' - SOCAR official
    26.05.2015 19:29
    "The Southern Gas Corridor is not at all a project aimed at our promotion."

    The statement came from deputy vice president of SOCAR Vitaly Baylarbayov who gave an exclusive interview to EurActiv.

    "It is not a political project, it is strictly a commercial project. We are realising the project with our international partners. You can see from this map, the respective companies are from Asia, from Europe, from the Western world and from the world that we call Oriental. There is also a Russian company, Lukoil, which is a shareholder in the Shah Deniz 2 gas field, there is an Iranian company, NICO, the British company BP, Petronas from Malaysia and (the) Turkish TPAO.

    Regarding our European customers, basically all are major European companies: Shell, Gaz de France, Gas Natural of Spain, the Italian companies ENEL and Hera - the geography is huge. Here advertising doesn't work. What works are the principles of business. Nobody would (take on) a $45 billion project of pipelines and of offshore gas pumping at Shah Deniz 2 if they are not certain that the project is feasible, that it is realistic and that deadlines will be kept. The deadline is 2018 for the start of producing at Shah Deniz 2. In 2018, this gas will start flowing to Turkey, to EskiЕџehir. In the beginning of 2020, our customers in Greece, Bulgaria and Italy will start receiving gas originating from Shah Deniz", he said.
  • Era of violence, extremism over: Iran president
    26.05.2015 19:28
    Iranв's President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian nation supports peace and constructive interaction with the world, stressing that the era of violence and extremism has drawn to a close.

    "The absolute majority of the Iranian nation supports the path of peace, reconciliation and the course of constructive interaction with the world," Rouhani said in an address to people in the city of Shahriar in Tehran Province on Tuesday, Press TV reports.

    He added that Iran is determined to resolve the issues facing it through logic and negotiations.

    "Today, we need unity, unanimity and harmony inside [the country] and resistance against enemy plots to create insecurity in the region," the Iranian president said.

    Rouhani also referred to Iran's nuclear talks with the P5 1 countries and said the Iranian negotiating team has taken new steps in the international scene to restore the nation's rights and would continue to do so in the future.

    Iran and the P5 1 group of countries - the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany - are seeking to finalize a comprehensive deal by the end of June on Tehran's nuclear program based on a mutual understanding reached in the Swiss city of Lausanne in April.

    The Iranian president further highlighted his administration's economic achievements, saying the government has taken major strides to improve social welfare.

    Rouhani noted that despite financial shortcomings and a global oil slump, the country would continue on the path of development.
  • Unemployment plague tightens around Armenia
    26.05.2015 19:08
    /By AzerNews/

    By Sara Rajabova

    As Armenian economy further descends into social chaos, the country has seen unemployment spikes over the past months to now reach a worrying approximately 18 percent of the total population.

    Armeniaв's unemployment rate in 2014 increased by 1.4 percentage points, reaching 17.6 percent, reads the report on the implementation of the 2014-state budget of Armenia.

    The rising tendency of unemployment among Armeniaв's 2.9 million-population has become a pandemic problem which threatens to generate social dysfunction in society.

    The latest statistical data reported that the share of poor people represents 32 percent of the country's overall population. Having a direct link with widespread poverty, unemployment mostly affects the poorest and most vulnerable segments of society.

    The number of unemployed people in the country is expected to increase further in 2015.

    The figure was 69,700, or 91.2 percent of the total number of job seekers in Armenia as of March 1, 2015, according to Ara Petrosyan, Armeniaв's deputy minister of labor and social affairs.

    Also, he said that the indicator increased by 21.2 percent in early April compared to the same period in 2014.

    Some 76.400 people, of whom 53.300 are women and 18.300 representatives of the younger generation, were looking for work in Armenia as of March 1, 2015. Compared with the figure for the same period last year it increased by 19 percent, according to Armeniaв's state employment agency.

    The number of unemployment among women is especially high. Unemployment rate among women remains high with 71 percent of the total number of unemployed (49, 500 people). Moreover, unemployment among the young generation is a matter of serious concern as unemployment has reached 24 percent or 16,700 people, for this segment of the population, including people with disabilities - 3.1 percent, or 2,100 people.

    However, growing unemployment is not the only problem Armenia has to face. Armenia's economy has dramatically deteriorated over the past several years and economic indicators are worsening day by day.

    In addition, the state budget deficit in Armenia amounted to two percent of the countryв's GDP in 2014. The budget deficit rose compared to 2013 by 1.7percent.

    The level of expenditure has also increased in 2014 compared to 2013. It amounted to 27.3 percent of the GDP, which is 0.6 percentage point higher compared to the same period in 2013. Also, the current expenses amounted to 24.3 percent of GDP compared to 23.8percent in 2013. The increase of the spending reported is due to an increase in the provision for benefits and pensions, as well as an increase in the purchases of goods and services.

    All this came as Armeniaв's Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan has recently assured his countrymen that the nation will register growth in 2015.

    He said the country has for the first four months of the year recorded a 2.2-2.3 percent growth economic activity. Abrahamyan even claimed that the government will try to reach 4.1 percent economic growth.
  • Russia to be represented by strongest athletes in first European Games in Baku
    26.05.2015 19:08
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Elmira Tariverdiyeva - Trend:

    Russia will be represented by the strongest athletes in the first European Games in Baku, Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, member of the International Olympic Committee, told Trend.

    "The Russian team staff has been approved for the first European Games," he said. "It includes 360 athletes. The most professional athletes will be represented in most kinds of sports."

    He said that the Russian national team will participate in the competitions on all kinds of sports, except athletics.

    "In most kinds of sports the team will be represented by the strongest athletes, except for swimming, to be represented by the youth team, athletics, not to be represented by the leading countries, and the fencing, where the team first staff is preparing for the World Cup," he said.

    The team staff was approved at a meeting of the executive committee of the Russian Olympic Committee on May 21, 2015.

    Baku 2015 is the first-ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent that will take place on June 12-28, 2015.

    There will be a total of 20 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes from across Europe will be representing their nations over 17 days of competition.

    Baku was awarded the games by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in December 2012.

    Edited by CN


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  • Wildfires sweep over record 32,000 hectares in southern Siberia
    26.05.2015 19:07
    The wildfire area in southern Siberia has grown by 20% over the past 24 hours to 32,000 hectares in mountain taiga and steppes of Buryatia, a spokesperson for the local forestry agency said on Tuesday.

    Now a total of 28 forest fires are raging across the territory of the republic. "The fires have been registered in 10 areas of the republic," Alexandra Yegorova said.

    The fire-fighting operation currently involves 1,500 people, including smoke jumpers, and also 164 fire engines and 70 pieces of heavy equipment. Servicemen are helping the rescuers and rangers in the effort.

    According to the press service of the Eastern military district, helicopters are used to monitor the situation in the republic. Water is poured from the aircraft towards the fire zones.

    Since the start of the fire season in Russia's Buryatia, a total of 598 fires have been registered across over 77,000 hectares. A state of emergency introduced in mid-April remains in force.
  • Iran to grant legal impunity to critical discussions in universities
    26.05.2015 19:07
    Tehran, Iran, May 26

    By Mehdi Sepahvand - Trend:

    The Universities Islamization Council has a bill underway which will grant legal impunity to freethinkers in universities.

    Announcing the news, the council's secretary Ruhollah Shateri said that the bill has been sent to the Supreme Council on Cultural Revolution for final approval.

    The bill has so far gained approval from the Interior Ministry, Judiciary, and security organizations, Mehr news agency reported May 26.

    Ashtari said that the move aims at facilitating freethinking and critical discussions.

    There are freethinking sessions in Iranian universities where students and other scholarly figures can meet and discuss various topics from politics to religion, etc.

    The recent move in granting impunity to participants in these sessions comes as a response to concerns that by violating some limits, the participants could become legally liable.

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  • Baku 2015 will be a major chance to show Baku to the world: Azad Rahimov
    26.05.2015 19:04
    "The Baku 2015 European Games are a very good chance to improve our sports infrastructure and to speed up projects we have been planning for a long time." Minister of Youth and Sport of Republic of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov told in his exclusive interview to the EurActiv, SIA informs.

    According to Azerbaijani Minister, itв's also a chance for our young people to gather experience from a large-scale event. Two and a half years ago, it was very difficult to find 10 young people with basic understanding how to organise such an event, Now we have over 1000 young people involved in the Baku games operating committee, who have gained experience, and will be able to promote themselves in different markets, and help organise similar events in different countries.

    "It will be a major chance to show Baku to the world as a European country, as a Muslim, but secular state, as a good bridge between East and West, between the Muslim Orient and the Christian Europe, and to show the beauty of the country, its very ancient history, our music, art, food and hospitality. It is very important for a country that gained independence only 23 years ago to position itself on the map of Europe as a European country. Very often the question is asked ''Where is Azerbaijan?'' After the Eurovision song contest [which the country hosted in 2012, after winning in 2011 and after the European Games, most people will know the answer, " added Mr Rahimov.
  • Azerbaijan, Russia possibly reached tentative agreements on Nagorno-Karabakh, says expert
    26.05.2015 19:03
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Seba Aghayeva - Trend:

    Tentative agreements, which could initiate the signing of a great peace agreement on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, may have been reached at the talks in Moscow between the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Russia, Fikrat Sadikhov, the political scientist, professor of Azerbaijan's Western Universiy, told Trend.

    He was commenting on the results of the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov's visit to Russia.

    Sadikhov in particular said that in this context it is very important that Moscow exerts pressure on its military-political ally, Armenia, otherwise, waiting for a political result would be simply illogical."

    However, as Sadikhov said, certain progress is being felt in the mutual understanding between the two countries.

    "Russia understands Azerbaijan's value as a key player in the region, an important partner, with which it is beneficial to cooperate," he said.

    Mammadyarov himself told the Russia 24 channel that the main topic of his discussions with Sergey Larvov was a clear desire to of the Russian Federation to get the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict off the ground.

    "Mammadyarov's visit and his meetings with his Russian counterpart, in principle, correspond to the format of the current Azerbaijani-Russian relations," Fikrat Sadikhov said.

    "Today the relations show that the partnership in many areas has good dynamics," he said. "Both countries want these bilateral relations to be in the interests of each of the two countries. It is clear that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remains the key problem for Azerbaijan. The reality is that much depends on Russia, the main military and political ally of Armenia."

    This is understood not only in Baku, capitals of other European countries, but also in Moscow, he said.

    The expert added that in this aspect, the visits of Azerbaijani officials and their negotiations with the representatives of Russia's political elite are of great importance.

    The format of meeting of Azerbaijani and Russian foreign ministers is that diplomatic format which envisages the settlement of the most difficult key problems within bilateral relations, Sadikhov said.

    Azerbaijani foreign minister's visit to Russia is important also because it took place immediately after the Riga summit of the Eastern Partnership, according to the expert.

    "During the summit, Azerbaijan clearly expressed its position, expressed dissatisfaction with some paragraphs of the declaration that was adopted following the summit and showed an independent position," he said.

    Azerbaijan made it clear that it has an independent policy and its territorial integrity is the key problem of the country's entire foreign policy activity, he added.

    "I believe that it was heard and well understood in Moscow and now, conclusions should be made," Sadikhov said.

    The expert added that this should be a basis for progress in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan. As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the US are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented the UN Security Council's four resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

    Riga summit of the EU Eastern Partnership was held on May 21-22. The declaration text did not say that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be resolved based on the international law, in particular, in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council. Azerbaijan, in turn, presented its remarks on the declaration of the Riga summit of Eastern Partnership.

    Eastern Partnership envisages the political association and economic integration of the EU with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The last three countries signed an agreement on associated partnership with the EU in 2014.

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  • Skype summoned to Belgian court
    26.05.2015 19:03
    Online communication service Skype has been summoned to appear in court in Belgium after refusing to pass on customer data to aid a criminal investigation, a court spokesman said.

    A court in Mechelen, just north of Brussels, had asked for data from messages and calls exchanged on Microsoft-owned Skype, arguing that telecom operators in the country were required to do so.

    "The judicial question is whether Skype is also a telecoms operator," the court spokesman said, adding that Skype would have to pass on the data if this was established to be the case. It could also face a fine.

    Skype was not immediately available for comment.
  • So much to see in Torgovaya
    26.05.2015 19:01
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    If you want to feel Bakuв's atmosphere during the first ever European Games scheduled for June 12-28, you should probably visit Torgovaya, which is the most popular place for many Bakunians.

    The real name of the street is Nizami Street, but people prefer to call it ''Torgovaya'', as for many decades they have taken into calling it that. The name came about when in the middle of the XIX century, due to the favorable location and abundance of many shops, the street was commonly dubbed ''Torgovaya'' [the merchant street].

    Now, the streetв's name is devoted to 12th century prominent Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi. The street stretches across 3.5 km and is the longest street in the capital.

    Being one of the central streets of Baku, closed to public traffic, Torgovaya has always been a favorite vacation spot for young people and Bakuв's guests. It is a large pedestrian and shopping street in downtown Baku. Thousands of tourists who visit this part of Baku every year fall in love with this place.

    Many will agree that the street is one of the most unique ones in the world. From its many nice architectural monuments, beautiful houses, to cinema and parks, Torgovaya just lives and breathes exuberance.

    The street probably owes many thanks to those millionaire businessmen who adorned it with beautiful architecture where neo-renaissance meets neo-gothic, baroque and neoclassicism.

    It is also a popular place for those who wish to indulge in a spot of shopping, as many modern boutiques and shops are located along the street.

    Of course, there are numerous cafes and restaurants along the city offering a very wide selection of options - whether you just want a quick coffee or a lazy lunch to enjoy the local Azerbaijani and European cuisines, all is at hand.

    Torgovaya begins at the Fountains Square, renowned for its unusual fountains and ends at the Rashid Behbudov Street.

    Tired of walking along the street and shopping in summer time people usually sit on the benches near the Fountain Square and enjoy the rustling sounds of cool fountains.

    After significant changes in 2010 the Square acquired its present appearance. Now, the Square has a very beautiful image with unusual fountains, pavilions and kiosks, as well as an increased green space.

    Nizami Street is a really unique place. So have a stroll along Baku and discover this amazing city.
  • Azerbaijani Minister: The sport bases and hotels are ready for Baku 2015
    26.05.2015 19:00
    "We can say we are on schedule. The sport bases are ready, hotels are ready," Minister of Youth and Sport of Republic of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov told in his exclusive interview to the EurActiv, SIA informs.

    "The only work that is still going on is temporary construction, like the special tents for security-checking, for the generators, and IT technology. This work will continue until the last day, but thatв's normal. This is about sports, about sports of high results, about the medals. We are very proud that from the 16 sports that are going to be presented on the European Games, 12 provide the chance to the athletes to obtain qualifications for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games in 2106. So I suggest that when the time comes for people to switch on their TVs," Azad Rahimov told.
  • Human rights activists adopt appeal to protest anti-Azerbaijani campaign on eve of European Games
    26.05.2015 18:59
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

    Despite the campaign to discredit the global-scale event - the First European Games - Azerbaijan didn't reduce its efforts towards holding this event, said the appeal adopted by the participants of the round table dedicated to the European Games.

    The round table was held at the initiative of influential human rights organizations of Azerbaijan and with information support of Trend Agency.

    The round table was attended by the heads of humans rights organizations holding various positions, including, the heads of Azerbaijan Foundation for Democracy Development and Human Rights Protection, Oil Workers' Rights Protection Organization, Society for Humanitarian Research in Azerbaijan, Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan and Legal Assistance Public Union..

    An appeal was adopted following the discussions during the round table.

    The participants of the round table assessed the Games as a significant event for Azerbaijan.

    "The European Games will be held soon and holding of these Games will open broad opportunities for popularizing Azerbaijan," said the appeal.

    Discussing the criticism against the European Games, the leading human rights activists who have contributed to the strengthening of the statehood, freedom of speech and human rights since the period of gaining independence by Azerbaijan till now, said that the attempts to link the holding of the Games with the problems in the human rights sphere in the country are inadmissible.

    "It is regrettable that after the futile initiative of boycotting the first European Games in Azerbaijan, various international circles are using the issue of human rights as a means for ensuring their interests," the statement said.

    "As the heads of the organizations, dealing with the protection of human rights in Azerbaijan, we always voiced similar issues, tried to contribute to their solution by sending critical messages and proposals to the state organizations," the statement said.

    This campaign against Azerbaijan strikes a great blow to the effectiveness of the activity of the human rights defenders, who achieved the results in solving the issues through a dialogue, said the appeal.

    "As the human rights activists, playing a major role in the life of society and the country, we urge everyone to spare no effort for the successful holding of the European Games," the appeal said. "We believe that this is a sports event and it will become a significant and historic event for the country. "

    Baku 2015 is the first-ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent that will take place on June 12-28, 2015.

    There will be a total of 20 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes from across Europe will be representing their nations over 17 days of competition.

    Baku was awarded the games by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in December 2012.

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  • Turkmenistan, Switzerland intensify trade-economic cooperation
    26.05.2015 18:59
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, May 26

    By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

    The Turkmen-Swiss business forum is scheduled for June 8-10 in Zurich, the government of Turkmenistan said.

    The preparation of the forum was discussed at the recent meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, the statement said.

    The agenda of the forum has included the introduction of new technologies in the energy, oil and gas spheres, cooperation in the fields of chemical industry, construction, transport infrastructure and food industry, the statement said.

    Moreover, the bilateral meetings and the Turkmen delegation's visit to the leading Swiss companies are scheduled.

    "The purpose of the business forum is to work out the new solutions and approaches to realize the potential of bilateral cooperation and to intensify the trade and economic relations," a statement said.

    There are more than 30 companies with Swiss capital in Turkmenistan.

    The sides call the fuel and energy complex, transport and communications, high-tech industrial sectors, investments, tourism and others as the perspective areas.

    Turkmenistan is interested in cooperation with Switzerland in the mechanical engineering, chemical, processing and food industries, pharmaceutical and biochemical production.

    President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's visit to Switzerland in October 2012 gave an impetus to the development of relations between the two countries. A package of documents was signed following the visit.

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  • Iran says thwarted US cyber attacks on country's oil ministry
    26.05.2015 18:56
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    The cyber police of Iran have accused the US of new cyber attacks against the Iranian oil ministry website.

    The attacks continued for four days during the holidays of Iranian New Year (started on March 21), Brigadier General Kamal Hadianfar, head of the Islamic Republic Cyber Police (FATA) said, Fars news agency reported May 26.

    The attacks carried on from IPs inside the United States, Hadianfar said, adding the security measures were taken as the ports of the attacks closed and the attacks were neutralized.

    He also said that Iran has sent an official letter to the US on the issue. The Islamic Republic pursues the issue via legal organizations, Hadianfar noted.

    He also said that the Iranian foreign ministry is pursuing the case as well.

    It is not the first time that Tehran says the US -based hackers have attacked its oil ministry.

    Hadianfar already accused the US of attacking the oil ministry website back in April of 2012, which made the website unavailable for several hours.

    "The carried investigation revealed that the attacks were made from the US, and the Iranian side immediately sent a letter to the US government asking them to provide detailed information about the attackers," Hadianfar said in 2013.

    He also claimed that due to attacks, some general information has been stolen from the website, however the security measures allowed Iran to protect sensitive databases from the attacks.

    Wide-scale cyber attacks on Iranian facilities started in 2010 after the US and Israel reportedly tried to disrupt the operation of Iran 's nuclear facilities through a worm that later came to be known as Stuxnet.

    US intelligence officials revealed in June 2013 that the Stuxnet malware was not only designed to disrupt Iran 's nuclear program, but was part of a wider campaign directed from Israel that included the assassination of the country's nuclear scientists.

    Stuxnet is the first discovered worm that spies on and reprograms industrial systems. It is specifically written to attack SCADA systems that are used to control and monitor industrial processes.

    In September 2013, the Islamic Republic said that the computer worm of Stuxnet infected 30,000 IP addresses in Iran, but it denied the reports that the cyber worm had damaged computer systems at the country's nuclear power plants.

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  • OPEC basket price decreases by 1,7%
    26.05.2015 18:46
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Aygun Badalova - Trend:

    OPEC basket price last week ended 22 May, averaged $61.78 per barrel compared to $62.83 per barrel the previous week ended May 15, OPEC told Trend on May 26.

    OPEC month-to-date basket price in May averaged $62.7 per barrel.

    In April, 2015 the OPEC average basket prices amounted to $57.3 per barrel compared to $52.46 per barrel in March, according to cartel's data.

    OPEC said that quarter-to-date basket price in the second quarter of 2015 averaged $59.63 per barrel.

    In the first quarter of this year OPEC basket price averaged $50.27 per barrel.

    OPEC year-to-date basket price averaged $53.74 per barrel. In 2014, OPEC average basket prices amounted to $96.29 per barrel.

    OPEC oil basket is currently made up of the Saharan Blend (Algeria), Girassol (Angola), Oriente (Ecuador), Iran Heavy (Islamic Republic of Iran), Basra Light (Iraq), Kuwait Export (Kuwait), Es Sider (Libya), Bonny Light (Nigeria), Qatar Marine (Qatar), Arab Light (Saudi Arabia), Murban (UAE) and Merey (Venezuela).

    OPEC members held a meeting at ministerial level on Nov.27 to evaluate the global oil market and the falling of the oil price by more that 35 percent since June. The cartel decided to remain its production quota unchanged at 30 million barrels per day.

    The next meeting of OPEC will be held on June 4.

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  • Baku becomes the star of two new global TV advertising campaigns
    26.05.2015 18:44
    Official partners Red Bull and Nar use the city to give their own unique spin on the build up to the European Games.

    Baku 2015 partners Red Bull and Nar have been fuelling the city's anticipation for the first ever European Games with the production of two very different short films shot here in Baku.

    Nar gets the emotion and adrenaline flowing, telling the story of a young Azeri boxer's journey from childhood to representing his country in the ring.

    In the second clip, Red Bull's David Coulthard cheekily redecorates the city's waterfront Boulevard with a little help from his Formula One car. Sit back and enjoy...
  • Baku 2015 will be a major chance to show Baku to the world: Azad Rahimov
    26.05.2015 18:43
    "The Baku 2015 European Games are a very good chance to improve our sports infrastructure and to speed up projects we have been planning for a long time." Minister of Youth and Sport of Republic of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov told in his exclusive interview to the EurActiv, SIA informs.

    According to Azerbaijani Minister, itв's also a chance for our young people to gather experience from a large-scale event. Two and a half years ago, it was very difficult to find 10 young people with basic understanding how to organise such an event, Now we have over 1000 young people involved in the Baku games operating committee, who have gained experience, and will be able to promote themselves in different markets, and help organise similar events in different countries.

    "It will be a major chance to show Baku to the world as a European country, as a Muslim, but secular state, as a good bridge between East and West, between the Muslim Orient and the Christian Europe, and to show the beauty of the country, its very ancient history, our music, art, food and hospitality. It is very important for a country that gained independence only 23 years ago to position itself on the map of Europe as a European country. Very often the question is asked ''Where is Azerbaijan?'' After the Eurovision song contest [which the country hosted in 2012, after winning in 2011 and after the European Games, most people will know the answer, " added Mr Rahimov.
  • Baku 2015 and PG announce third Lucky Winner
    26.05.2015 18:41
    Baku 2015 and Official Partner Pamp;G have announced that Mrs Elnara Rasulova has become the European Games' latest Lucky Winner. Mrs Rasulova's ticket number was drawn at random, winning a year's supply of Pamp;G products for the whole family.

    The Baku 2015 Lucky Winner campaign features spectacular prizes offered by Official Partners for domestic spectators buying their tickets online. The final Lucky Winner, to be announced in early June, will win a lifetime connection package from Nar Mobile. All prizes include two VIP tickets to the Baku 2015 Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

    Lucky Winner Mrs Rasulova said: "I have been looking forward to the European Games ever since I heard that Baku would be the host city, and to win such a fantastic prize makes it even more special. I can't wait to be at the Opening Ceremony; it will be a great moment for the country and I'm so happy to be a part of it!"

    Mr Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer of Baku 2015, said: "Mrs Rasulova is our third Lucky Winner, and I am sure she will enjoy this fantastic prize, as well as her VIP tickets to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The Lucky Winner campaign has increased the already high interest in purchasing tickets online for Baku 2015, and I would like to thank Pamp;G for their continued support of this ground-breaking event."

    Mr Taygun Gunay, Director of the Pamp;G Azerbaijan office, added: "Pamp;G is a part of the daily lives of millions of Azerbaijanis, and Mrs Rasulova can now look forward to receiving a year's worth of our products through this Lucky Winner prize. We are committed to being a strong partner of the first European Games, and this initiative is a great way of supporting the event."

    Tickets for Baku 2015 are still available to purchase online at, with an opportunity to win a great prize from Official Partner Nar Mobile.

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  • Journey of Flame continues in Oghuz, Sheki
    26.05.2015 18:37
    /By AzerNews/

    By Nigar Orujova

    The Flame of Baku 2015 First European Games visited Oghuz and Sheki regions on May 25.

    At the symbolic gate of the European Games, the Flame was accepted by teacher of Oghuz city secondary school No. 1, Rafiga Babayeva.

    Ten torchbearers then started their 2.3 km long route and carried the Flame into the stadium of the Olympic Sports Complex to the sound of wild applause.

    Master of Sports, Araz Umarov lit the Flame of the European Games. The Flame was then transferred to a commemorative lamp that will remain lit in the Olympic Sports Complex until the end of the Games.

    The event participants watched a footage highlighting the ceremony of the lighting of the Flame of Baku 2015 First European Games in the Ateshgah Temple which took place on April 26.

    The Journey of the Flame is bringing the spirit of Baku Games across Azerbaijan from April 26. In some 48 days, the spirit of Baku 2015 will inspire 60 regions across Azerbaijan, to finally arrive in the magnificent Baku National Stadium on June 12.

    To follow the Journey of Flame please visit:В

    After Oghuz, the Flame continued its journey to its next destination, Sheki.

    The Flame of the European Games started its journey in this ancient region, in the courtyard of the Palace of Sheki Khans, this historical monument dated back to the 18th century.

    Today, Sheki is hosting a number of international events and festivals. It is visited by both tourists, and government officials from foreign countries, world-famous figures, renowned scientists, cultural patrons, art lovers, and politicians.

    Young activist Sadagat Mammadzade took the torch in the courtyard of the palace, at the symbolic gate of the European Games. Then the Flame was taken to the city center by 10 torchbearers covering a distance of 2.2 km.

    The journey of the Flame in Sheki then was followed by the grand festival of fire. An unusual fire show, a colorful concert program performed by music and dance groups were then presented, putting all participants in a festive mood.

    The Fire Festival ended with fireworks.
  • Ilham Aliyev congratulates new president of Poland
    26.05.2015 18:37
    Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev congratulated the newly elected President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

    According to Oxu.Az, the letter of congratulations reads:

    "I warmly congratulate you on your election as the President of the Republic of Poland.

    We attach a great importance to the relations between Azerbaijan and Poland. Hopefully, we will make joint efforts to strengthen the friendly relations between our countries, and for the successful continuation of cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats.

    I wish you good health, happiness and success in your future activities for the welfare of the Polish people".
  • Heydar Aliyev Foundation to restore fortress in Bulgaria
    26.05.2015 18:33
    A contract is expected to be signed.

    Heydar Aliyev Foundation will restore the "Trapezitsa" fortress in Veliko Turnovo (Bulgaria).

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to the Bulgarian media that today Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Elchin Efendiyev, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boris Boyko and Executive Director of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Anar Alekperov will visit Veliko Turnovo.

    A contract is expected to be signed during the visit. The project envisages the donation of funds by Heydar Aliyev Foundation for the restoration of the "Trapezitsa" fortress.

    According to preliminary calculations, the cost of the restoration of the "Trapezitsa" fortress is BGN 1.5 mln (about $ 900 000). The project provides for the restoration of the eastern and northern walls and the restoration of the palace of the first Asenovtsi.
  • Azerbaijan's rowinq team for European Championships named
    26.05.2015 18:32
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    Azerbaijan rowing team has announced its squad for the European Championships to be kicked off in Polandв's city of Poznan on May 29.

    Four national rowers headed by main coach Yuliana Stoyeva will race from May 29-31.

    Aleksandr Aleksandrov will represent the country in the single men boat race (M1X) 2,000 meters competition. He will compete for the best title among 20 sportsmen including Czech World Champion Ondrej Synek, Lithuanian European Champion Mindaugas Griskonis and Norwegian Olympic champion Olaf Tufte.

    Javid Afandiyev will compete in single men boat race (LM1X) 2,000 meters together with 17 rivals.

    Duo of the silver medalist of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Boris Yotov and Igor Luchich will represent the country in the double men boat race (M2X) 2,000 meters competition. Representatives of 21 countries will show their best in the same race.
  • Mammadyarov about Eastern partnership: Europeans love making umbrellas
    26.05.2015 18:32
    "Azerbaijan is not satisfied with the EU association agreement".

    Europeans love making some umbrellas, gathering all in a crowd because it is thus easier for them to define approaches.

    According to Oxu.Az, the statement came from Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov in an interview with Rossiya-24 TV channel speaking about EU's Eastern Partnership program.

    According to the minister, three groups of states of Eastern Partnership defining their relations with EU has really been determined during the Riga summit.

    "One group of states is Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova which defined the level of their relations with EU on the level of an association agreement, including agreements on free trade.

    The second group of states is Belarus and Armenia. They defined their mutual ties with EU as part of their participation in the Eurasian economic union, led by Russia. And the third group is a sole leader Azerbaijan, which builds its relations with EU through the prism of bilateral relations", the Foreign Minister said.

    The minister reminded that Azerbaijan presented the draft agreement on strategic partnership which reflects Azerbaijan's visit of ties with EU.

    This is a bilateral document of primary an equal and mutual respecting ties between EU and Azerbaijan.

    Azerbaijan has already signed the documents on strategic partnership with 10 member-states. Azerbaijan is not satisfied with the EU association agreement because the country is not a WTO membr which is why the free trade zone cannot cover Azerbaijan", Mammadyarov said.
  • National gymnasts' last competition ahead of Baku 2015
    26.05.2015 18:32
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    Azerbaijani gymnasts took part in the last competition ahead of the inaugural European Games which Baku will host on June 12-28.

    The World Cup Tashkent held in Uzbekistanв's capital on May 22-24 gathered gymnasts in the following disciplines: Rhythmic Individual - Senior 16-99 years and Rhythmic Group - Senior 16-99 years.

    Two Azerbaijani talented gymnasts: Ayshan Bayramova and Zeynep Celep represented the country in the competition.

    Ayshan stopped a step away from the final, taking 9th place in an exercise with clubs. She was 13th in the all-around.

    Earlier, Ayshan came 16th in the all-around at the European Championships in Minsk, Belarus three weeks ago which was her first performance in such a significant event.

    National artistic gymnasts also competed in the World Challenge Cup 2015 held in Portuguese city of Anadia on May 21-24.

    The competition saw performances in Men's Artistic Gymnastics - Senior 18-99 years and Women's Artistic Gymnastics - Senior 16-99 years.

    Marina Nekrasova and Yuliya Inshina showed best results among the national gymnasts, taking 10th place for their performances on the balance beam and floor exercises accordingly.

    Baku 2015 is the first-ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent.

    During 17 days about 6,000 athletes from 49 countries will compete in a total of 20 sports, some 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports.
  • ErdoДџan drops complaints against two suspects over wiretapping
    26.05.2015 18:29
    Lawyers for President Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan have dropped complaints about two of the 13 suspects in a case into wiretapping against him during his time as prime minister.

    "I met with the president. He gave an instruction saying lsquo;In the Balyoz and Ergenekon coup plot cases, everybody on trial was put in the same basket. Do not make the same mistakes,'" said ErdoДџan's lawyer Ali Özkaya, Hurriyet reports.

    Complaints about two suspected police officers, Seyit Saydam and HurЕџit GölbaЕџД±, were dropped upon this instruction, Özkaya added.

    He said the other suspects acted in an "organized way," but his personal opinion was that suspects GölbaЕџД± and Saydam were not part of this structure, and had only conducted their duties.

    Özkaya was speaking on May 24 at the Ankara 7th High Criminal Court in the sixth hearing in the trial of defendants accused of placing an audio surveillance device in ErdoДџan's office.

    Suspects Д°lker Usta, Sedat Zavar, Mehmet Yüksel, Zeki Bulut, Hasan Palaz, HurЕџit GölbaЕџД±, Seyit Saydam, Д°brahim SarД± and Harun Yavuz all attended the hearing.

    Özkaya also said he does not believe that Mehmet Yüksel, chief security officer, was actively involved in the alleged crime, but neglected his duty by not preventing it.

    The other suspects face charges of wiretapping with the aim of political espionage, violating the privacy of interpersonal communication, and recording private conversations without permission.

    Prosecutors seek up to 36 years imprisonment, saying conversations in ErdoДџan's office were illegally monitored between Nov. 24, 2011 and Dec. 29, 2011.

    Meanwhile, the police department has told the court that it does not know where and how the six bugging devices purchased in Denmark were used for.

    The police department notified the court about six "LOKE III" model bugging devices purchased from Cobbam/Spectronic in 2009-2013, but said the devices have no record in the inventory of the organization and there is even no information about where they were used.
  • Obama congratulates President Ilham Aliyev
    26.05.2015 18:12
    President of the United States of America Barack Obama has sent congratulations to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of Republic Day.

    ''I offer you and the people of Azerbaijan my sincerest congratulations on Republic Day this May 28. As you celebrate the founding of the world`s first Muslim-majority secular democracy in 1918, know that the United States is committed to working with Azerbaijan as it builds on that legacy to create a more prosperous, more democratic future for all Azerbaijanis,'' the U.S. President said in his message.

    ''Since Azerbaijan`s independence, the United States has strongly supported the security and democratic and economic development of Azerbaijan. We do so because we value our bilateral relationship and appreciate our partnership in many areas, including in promoting the peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, stability in Afghanistan, and European energy diversification.''

    ''Our partnership is also strengthened by the ties between our people. Ensuring all citizens` fundamental freedoms will enhance both our countries` security and allow for even closer coordination between our governments. Please accept my best wishes in celebrating your national day,'' U.S. President Barack Obama said in the message.
  • Holding European Games is geopolitical challenge for Azerbaijan '" Greek businessman
    26.05.2015 18:11
    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26

    By Jamilya Aliyeva - Trend:

    Certainly the European Olympic Games are very important in terms of culture, secretary general of the Greek-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, executive director of High Connect Dimitrios Metaxas told Trend May 26.

    "It is an honor for any country to host these Games," he said.

    "For Azerbaijan and its people, the Games are a great geopolitical challenge and that is because if the Games are properly organized they will have three results: first, the European borders will expand till the countries of Caucasus and the Caspian Sea with Baku as the strategic center," he said.

    "Second, hosting these Games, Baku will convince that it could organize and host other important international and European events," said Metaxas. "Third, Azerbaijan will send a message of peace and stability to the global community. I wish good luck to Baku and to the people of Azerbaijan!"

    Baku 2015 is the first-ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent that will take place on June 12-28, 2015.

    There will be a total of 20 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes from across Europe will be representing their nations over 17 days of competition.

    Baku was awarded the games by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in December 2012.

    Edited by CN

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  • Minister: Russia responsible for conflict settlement with Ukraine
    26.05.2015 18:10
    Azerbaijan wishes the conflict between the two fraternal Ukrainian and Russian nations to be settled. The sooner, the better.

    According to oxu.Az, the statement came from Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov in an interview with Rossiya-24 TV channel.

    "There are principles that lay the foundation for the world order after the Second World War and adding dissonance into these principles is quite dangerous", the minister said.

    According to Mammadyarov, the factor of Minsk agreements shows that Russia, as a very serious and important player in the region, also bears responsibility for the conflict settlement.

    "And this is an absolutely normal situation because Russia does not only border but is also a serious factor for stabilization in the east of Ukraine. And the sooner it happens, the better it will be not only for Ukraine and Russia but also for all of us", the minister said.
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