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Arshin mal alan by great Uzeyir Hajibeyli conquers Los Angeles
08.09.2013 22:09
Los Angeles has hosted the premiere of Arshin mal alan (The Cloth Peddler), a world-known operetta by great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli.

The operetta was performed by an all American team and produced by famous director Michael Schnack. Actors had diligent rehearsals for several months. They said the toughest thing to do was to learn to sing in Azerbaijani.

James Judd, who played the musical comedy`s main character, Asgar, said it took them a long time to learn the words of arias.

Asha Lindsey, who played Gulchohra, said she learned a lot about Azerbaijan`s history and culture, as well as Islam when she played in Arhshin mal alan for the first time seven years ago. "I have many Azerbaijani friends. I can tell much about this unique country. I know very well what my character wants. If Gulchohra lived now, she would have been very brave," Lindsey added.

Michael Schnack said the Americans have a different approach to tradition, especially in an artistic sense. "Younger generations in America are open to changes. One of the reasons why Azerbaijan is of such interest to Americans is that the West was once strongly influencing this country."

Hundred years ago helped by oil tycoon and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, Uzeyir Hajibeyli presented his brainchild to the world. Symbolically, hundred years later this masterpiece of Hajibeyli is staged in the USA with the support from the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCA), a major actor on the global energy market. The Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism greatly contributed to organizing the event.

It was Los Angeles where in 1937 Armenians attempted to plagiarize this masterpiece by great Hajibeyli.

Azerbaijan`s Consul General Nasimi Aghayev said California is home to 1.5 million Armenians, with most of them living in Los Angeles. "The Armenian lobby is carrying out active propaganda against us. In order to prevent this we must make the truths about Azerbaijan known to the American society, and we are doing this. And the best way to do this is to promote Azerbaijan`s reach cultural legacy," said the Consul General.

The musical comedy was played to a full house at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, one of the premier opera houses of the world also famous for hosting Oscar Awards ceremonies in 1970-90s. An audience of 3,000 people enjoyed this comic and romantic story of love full of songs and humor for about two hours. The performance received a standing ovation.

Following the performance the guests who came to watch it were exchanging their impressions. Some said they enjoyed the music, while others were amazed by the setting and the national costumes.

Kalma Blumber, a Los Angeles resident, said: "It`s fantastic. Amazing music, unique costumes, a very impressive story. I`ve discovered much about Azerbaijan, its history. It`s a sensation."

Austrian Consul in Los Angeles Liliana Popova said: "Great, breathtaking music. My brother is a pianist. He worked with a symphonic orchestra in Baku, and I have many recollections of that time. And I`m very happy today. I`m really amazed by today`s performance."

Jim Kerkman, a Los Angeles resident, said: "It`s a remarkable event that opens the door for us to the beautiful East in a true sense of the word."

The Cloth Peddler conquered Los Angeles, which is considered the movie capital of the world and is home to Hollywood. But to amaze Hollywood is no easy task.
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  • Israeli forces shoot and kill Palestinian armed with knives
    25.04.2015 05:08
    Israeli troops shot and killed a young Palestinian man wielding two knives on Saturday as they gave chase after he tried to attack the troops near a checkpoint in the Jerusalem area, police said, Reuters reported.

    The incident occurred at around midnight near the A-Zayyim checkpoint at the outskirts of East Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank, land Israel captured in a 1967 war that Palestinians seek for a state.

    Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that paramilitary border police fired warning shots into the air at the man. Samri said the troops "fired precise shots neutralizing him (the suspect)" when he failed to heed their warnings, and that medics confirmed the suspect had died of his injuries.

    Violence in the Jerusalem area has flared on and off since just before a 50-day July-August Gaza war when Israelis killed a Palestinian youth in revenge for the slayings of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers.

    Israeli tanks fired at Gaza on Friday after Israel said a rocket was fired from the Hamas Islamist dominated territory during Independence Day celebrations a day earlier. There were no casualties in those incidents.

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  • Turkey calls Obama statement on 1915 'unilateral'
    25.04.2015 04:33
    A statement made by U.S. President Barack Obama on the 1915 events, in which he refrained from using the word "genocide", was "problematic", the Turkish Foreign Ministry has said, Anadolu agency reported.

    The comments came on Friday a day after Obama said in an annual commemoration statement the incidents were the first "atrocity" of the last century.

    The ministry said Obama's statement was "unilateral" and "disconnected from the facts that carry sensitivity for Turkish population as it was from Armenian perspective."

    Obama's remarks were far away "from evaluating on the basis of fair memory" the painful parts of Turkish and Armenian history, it said.

    The statement added that a message from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2014, and one from Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in 2015 for Armenians were texts "that reflect carefully the terms of Turkey's point of view" regarding the events.

    It went on: "These, without denying the painful events of the past, share the correct definitions and attitudes (of the events)."

    "Furthermore, these (messages) offer a sincere call to rebuild our common future."

    Obama had said in his speech: "This year we mark the centennial of the Meds Yeghern, the first mass atrocity of the 20th century."

    "Beginning in 1915, the Armenian people of the Ottoman Empire were deported, massacred, and marched to their deaths."

    "Their culture and heritage in their ancient homeland were erased. Amid horrific violence that saw suffering on all sides, one-and-a-half million Armenians perished," he added.

    Turkey has called for the establishment of a joint commission of historians and the opening of archives to study and uncover what happened between the Ottoman empire and its Armenian citizens.

    The 1915 events took place during World War I when a portion of the Armenian population living in the Ottoman Empire sided with the invading Russians and revolted.

    The relocation by the Ottomans of Armenians in eastern Anatolia following the revolts resulted in numerous casualties.

    Turkey does not dispute that there were casualties on both sides, but rejects the definition of "genocide."

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  • US warplane makes emergency landing in Iraq
    25.04.2015 03:13
    US Central Command has announced that an American warplane made an emergency landing at an air base in Iraq due to a "catastrophic" engine failure, Press TV reported.

    The incident happened at the al-Asad airbase in Anbar province and the warplane was A-10 Thunderbolt, reported on Friday.

    US Air Force said in a release that the number one engine on the warplane "suffered catastrophic damage during a routine refueling mission and the pilot was able to safely land the aircraft at the air base."

    CentCom spokesman Col. Patrick Ryder also confirmed the incident and said the engine failure was "not uncommon" for the aircraft.

    "It was just one of those things that happen when you're operating high-performance aircraft," he said.

    Ryder added that the pilot was not injured and the aircraft was repaired and returned to duty.

    Col. Michael Stohler, the 332nd Maintenancer said a nine-member team was sent to conduct the repairs.

    He said the aircraft safely landed "in a location that was not fully secure and we needed it repaired and flown out of there as quickly as possible."

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  • Turkish Deputy PM blasts Putin's remark over 1915 events
    25.04.2015 02:34
    Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan Friday has called on VladimirPutin to condemn killings in Syria after Vladimir Putin described the 1915 events as "genocide", Anadolu agency reported.

    Putin used the word "genocide" to qualify what happened to Armenians during the First World War in a statement released on the Kremlin's website Thursday.

    "April 24, 1915, is a mournful date, related to one of the most horrendous and dramatic events in human history, the genocide of the Armenian people," Putin said in a letter called "World Without Genocide."

    "Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in Syria. I wish Putin could have made a statement about it and condemned (Bashar Al-) Assad and shared these pains," Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan said Friday in response to Putin's statement.

    "Armenians were a really honorable part (...) of the Ottoman (Empire). And today, the Republic of Turkey has very honorable Armenian citizens," he said. "This kind of statement (...) neither contributes to Armenian-Turkish relations nor benefits the future of Armenians living (here)."

    Davutoglu also reacted to Putin's statement. "Any position that disturbs and insults our history, abuses our trust," he said on Friday.

    Putin was among the leaders, along with French President Francois Hollande, who were in Armenia's capital, Yerevan, to participate in the events marking the 100th anniversary of the 1915 events.

    Regarding the German parliament's controversial motion concerning the 1915 events, Davutoglu said it was "unacceptable."

    German lawmakers from governing parties and the opposition submitted Friday draft parliamentary motions to parliament which labeled the incidents in 1915 as "genocide."

    On Thursday, German President Joachim Gauck referred to the 1915 tragedy as "genocide" at a memorial service at the historical Berlin Cathedral.

    On Wednesday, Turkey summoned its ambassador in Vienna hours after the Austrian Parliament described the 1915 events as "genocide."

    Last week, the European Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing the 1915 events as "genocide." It came three days after Pope Francis also called the 1915 incidents a "genocide," drawing sharp criticism from the Turkish government.

    The 1915 events took place during World War I when a portion of the Armenian population living in the Ottoman Empire sided with the invading Russians and revolted.

    Turkey has called for the establishment of a joint commission of historians and the opening of archives to study and uncover what happened between the Ottoman Empire and its Armenian citizens.

    The relocation by the Ottomans of Armenians in eastern Anatolia following the revolts resulted in numerous casualties. Turkey does not dispute that there were casualties on both sides, but rejects the definition of "genocide."

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  • Day of silence announced in Kazakhstan before presidential election
    25.04.2015 00:33
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.25

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    A day of silence has been announced in Kazakhstan before the presidential election to be held Apr.26.

    Under the electoral law, it is banned to hold any form of pre-election campaign from 00:00 (UTC/GMT 6 hours) Apr.25.

    The voting will be held from 07:00 to 20:00.

    Kazakhstan's incumbent president, Nursultan Nazarbayev nominated by the ruling Nur Otan Party, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist People's Party, Turgun Syzdykov nominated from this party and self-nominated candidate - the chairman of the Trade Unions Federation, Abelgazi Kusainov - are running for the president's position.

    Over a half of more than 17.4 million people living in Kazakhstan has the right to vote. The number of the ballots prepared for the early presidential election in Kazakhstan exceeds 9.6 million. Moreover, the number of ballots includes the reserve of one percent of the total number of those included in the list of voters.

    Each voter personally votes in the presidential election. The voting right transfer and voting instead of other voters in the election are not allowed.

    If a voter can not come to the constituency for health reasons or because of looking after a sick family member, the Precinct Election Commission will organize voting in the place of this voter's stay upon the voter's written request. The appeal may be filed not later than 12.00 Astana time (UTC/GMT 6 hours) on April 26, 2015.

    Moreover, if a voter is in other city on an election day, the voter can get an absentee ballot for the voting right.

    The Council of Kazakhstan's Assembly of People voiced an initiative of holding early presidential election in February 2015.

    The Council said that the nation-wide initiative of holding the election is a requirement of time in terms of intensifying the global economic crisis and the complex international agenda.


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  • Bahrainis rally against Saudi airstrikes on Yemen
    24.04.2015 23:39
    Dozens of protesters have staged separate demonstrations across Bahrain to express their resentment over the ongoing Saudi military campaign against Yemen, which has killed nearly a thousand people and wounded many more, Press TV reported.

    On Friday, demonstrators took to the streets in the villages of al-Daih, located six kilometers (3.7 miles) west of the capital, Manama, as well as Karzakan, Sanad, Barbar, Muqaba and Karrana, to voice solidarity with Yemeni people, and condemn the Saudi onslaught against them.

    The protesters chanted "Saudis, get out of Yemen!" and stressed that they will continue their support for the people of Yemen. The demonstrators also shouted slogans against Bahrain's ruling Al Khalifa family.

    The development comes on the same day that Saudi warplanes carried out fresh aerial assaults on Yemen, bombarding several places across the crisis-stricken Arab country.

    Saudi fighter jets pounded two districts in Yemen's southern port city of Aden. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the attacks.

    Dozens of people were killed after a Saudi air raid targeted a wedding ceremony in Yemen's southwestern province of Ad Dali'.

    Two Saudi airstrikes also hit al-Houta district in the southern Yemeni province of Lahij.

    Meanwhile, Riyadh's forces shelled the Razih district in the northwestern province of Sa'ada on Friday.

    Saudi Arabia launched its air campaign against Yemen on March 26 - without a United Nations mandate - in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and to restore power to the country's fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

    On April 21, Riyadh announced the end of the first phase of its unlawful military operation, but sporadic airstrikes have continued with Saudi bombers targeting different areas across the country.

    The Saudi aggression against Yemen has claimed the lives of more than 100 children over the past month, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

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  • French president arrives in Baku
    24.04.2015 22:53
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24


    French president Francois Hollande, who arrived on a working visit to Azerbaijan, was officially welcomed in the country on April 24.

    A guard of honor was lined up for the distinguished guest on the square, decorated with the national flags of Azerbaijan and France.

    French President was met at the airport by the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Elchin Efendiyev and other officials.

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  • Why does US need Trans-Caspian pipeline?
    24.04.2015 22:03
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Apr 24

    By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

    The US expresses full support for the EU in the implementation of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline construction project, US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz told reporters. The matter rests in laying a 300-kilometer pipeline through the Caspian Sea from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan. In this case, Baku could serve as one of the key re-exporters of the Caspian gas while Turkmenistan could receive the reliable and solvent European market.

    As it is known, in case of this project implementation, Europe's dependence on Russian supplies could be reduced, while the monopoly of Gazprom OJSC on the energy market of the Old World and the problems with the Ukrainian transit, occurring especially in winter, would be in the background.

    The European Commission, as reported by news agencies, filed a formal accusation against Gazprom on April 22 for violation of the EU's competition rules.

    According to RIA Novosti, since early September 2012, the European Commission has been investigating Gazprom in three possible cases of violation of the EU rules.

    The EU has suspected the Russian holding of limiting free supplies to the union countries by means of dividing the gas markets, preventing supply diversification and setting unfair prices.

    Obviously, the realization of the projects for diversifying the energy flows from the Caspian region corresponds to the strategic interests of the West.

    Earlier in an attempt to prevent the advancement of a similar project for building a pipeline from Turkmenistan to Turkey via Iran - the West was very wary of Tehran's nuclear program, Washington also voiced this position.

    The US showed interest in the Trans-Caspian project in the 1990s. The US Export-Import Bank, Overseas Private Investment Corporation and others were ready to finance the Trans-Caspian project and provide its political risk insurance.

    The PSG Corporation, which included such US companies as the General Electric Capital Structure Finance Group and Bechtel Enterprises, took the lead in the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline project that time.

    In accordance with the worked out feasibility study of the project, it was planned to construct 715 kilometers of the pipeline from Turkmenistan's Shatlyk field (in the country's east), 300 kilometers - through the Caspian Sea, 408 kilometers - through Azerbaijan's territory, 200 kilometers - through Georgia and 320 kilometers through Turkey to the city of Erzurum.

    Edited by CN

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  • Iran, P5 1 start drafting on sanctions removal: Araqchi
    24.04.2015 21:57
    Representatives of Iran and the P5 1 group have held intense talks in the Austrian capital in the third day of their latest round of negotiations over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, Press TV reported.

    The talks in Vienna are aimed at drafting the text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) according to the parameters set through a mutual understanding reached in the Swiss city of Lausanne on April 2.

    In the morning, Iran's deputy foreign ministers Abbas Araqchi and Majid Takht-e Ravanchi met with their Russian and Chinese counterparts.

    At the same time, experts from negotiating parties held a concurrent meeting. The expert meeting was focused on the mechanism for removal of anti-Iran sanction.

    Later in the afternoon, Iranian deputy foreign ministers sat for negotiations with representatives of three European countries, followed by another meeting with the US Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman and EU political director, Helga Schmid.

    Following afternoon meeting, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for legal and international affairs, Abbas Araqchi, told Press TV in Vienna that the US negotiating delegation gave the Iranian nuclear team "very useful" explanations.

    Noting that drafting has begun on the issue of sanctions, Araqchi added that the US team "gave us explanations [about removal of sanctions] which were very useful."

    The Iranian deputy foreign minister said the negotiating sides have made steady, but slow progress, adding, "We are working on a dispute settlement mechanism for possibility of violations."

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  • Pentagon cannot account for $1.3 billion of Afghan aid: Probe
    24.04.2015 21:21
    The Pentagon cannot account for $1.3 billion of an emergency funding which was directly routed to US military officers in Afghanistan for critical reconstruction projects, an internal report reveals, Press TV reported.

    The missing money amounts to 60 percent of all such spending under the Commander's Emergency Response Program which meant to bypass bureaucracy and speed up the reconstruction of urgently-needed infrastructure damaged in more than 13 years of US war in Afghanistan, The McClatchy reports.

    A yearlong investigation by John F. Sopko, the US special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, has found that the Pentagon could not provide financial information about 6 in 10 dollars of $2.26 billion it has spent as part of the program between 2004 to 2014.

    The inspector general divided the Pentagon spending in Afghanistan into 20 categories covering areas such as transportation, education, agriculture, water and sanitation and health care.

    But the largest category with 5,163 projects came under a 21st category which Sopko termed "unknown." By contrast, all other 20 categories covered a total of 4,494 projects.

    About 70 percent of the $100 billion the United States has spent on Afghan projects so far has gone through the Defense Department, with the rest distributed by the US Agency for International Development and other departments.

    The Pentagon has refused to comment on the findings of the inspector general's probe. However, US Central Command, which oversees US military operations in Afghanistan and 19 other countries, suggested that some of the money was redirected from reconstruction to other more urgent war requirements, including counterinsurgency.

    The command did not explain why the funding earmarked for Afghan reconstruction would go to counterinsurgency which does belong to any of the categories defined by the Pentagon under the emergency program.

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  • Kyrgyzstan looks for solution to economic problems in Eurasian Union
    24.04.2015 20:13
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    Kyrgyzstan wants to solve its economic problems through joining the Eurasian Union, Russian expert, Editor-in-Chief of National Strategy Issues magazine of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Ajdar Kurtov told Trend by phone April 24.

    Kurtov pointed out that Kyrgyzstan is quite a poor country and is not very rich in natural resources. What natural resources it has are not enough for the national economy to properly function and the budget of the country to grow, he said.

    Kyrgyzstan has for a long time lived at the expense of re-export of Chinese goods to neighboring countries, according to the expert. But recently, after the formation of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, this re-export started to decline.

    "Due to the fact that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have formed a customs union and began to impose order on its borders together, the possibility of re-export through Kazakhstan to Russia began to shrink dramatically," the expert said.

    The remaining markets for re-export of Chinese goods are limited, Kurtov said. Uzbekistan keeps its border closed to Kyrgyzstan, he said. And Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries in the CIS, the purchasing power of the population is at a low level, which means that it cannot absorb the large flow of Chinese goods.

    As a result, Kyrgyzstan has to refocus its previous approaches to the economy and agree to negotiate about joining the Customs Union, Kurtov said.

    "Although it was hard, because a significant social stratum of the population, dealing with re-export of Chinese goods has formed for more than 20 years of independence, the largest markets in Central Asia, engaged in trade have formed, and this business involved hundreds of thousands of people," he said. "It is very difficult to change their affection to the case overnight. But the Kyrgyz authorities did it, because otherwise they would have to prepare for the loss of revenue."

    Joining the Eurasian Union for Kyrgyzstan is, in the first place, important to reduce the outflow of the population, which today is very high, according to Kurtov.

    After Kyrgyzstan's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, Russian and Kazakh investments can be made in this country, since the conditions for doing business can be beneficial there. There is a very liberal attitude to business and minimal taxes in Kyrgyzstan.

    Moreover, the labor force in Kyrgyzstan is much cheaper than in Russia and Kazakhstan and even in Belarus.

    Kurtov said that the market of the Eurasian Economic Union is very large, therefore, placing enterprises, especially, those related to the local raw materials in Kyrgyzstan, can allow to successfully export these goods to the Eurasian Union markets and get considerable amount of profit.

    "If the customs barriers for the Kyrgyz goods are lifted, Kyrgyzstan can get benefits in the agricultural sector, clothing industry and in many other spheres as well and this will give impetus to its economic development," he said.

    Kyrgyz people will get an opportunity to work in their homeland rather than going abroad for work.

    "I believe that if there is an alternative - to earn less but stay in the homeland, with family or live in a foreign country and be subject to administrative troubles by the law enforcement agencies - many will choose the first option," the expert said.

    Kyrgyzstan's accession to the Eurasian Union will expand the union's market, which will have a positive impact on its activity.

    "Regional associations related to economic integration become successful, when a certain market capacity is achieved," he said. "It is believed that this association will be more successful if the market capacity reaches about 200 million people."

    The Eurasian Union does not have such a capacity for the present, he added. "There will be progress in this issue with Kyrgyzstan's accession to the union."

    Kurtov said that this is only a theoretical model and currently, it is difficult to predict how it will be put into practice.

    He added that Kyrgyzstan could go through quite a long period during which its citizens will have to adapt to the new rules, conditions for working and doing business.

    Kyrgyzstan plans to join the Eurasian Economic Union in May.

    Edited by CN


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  • KazTransGas investment to increase its financial risks - SP
    24.04.2015 19:16
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    Standard amp; Poor's Ratings Services has affirmed its 'BB ' long-term corporate credit ratings on Kazakh gas utility company KazTransGas (KTG) and its 100 percent owned gas pipeline operator Intergas Central Asia JSC (ICA), said the message of the rating agency Apr.24.

    The outlook is negative.

    The agency has also affirmed the 'BB ' rating on the senior unsecured debt of ICA.

    "The rating action reflects our view that KTG has a stand-alone credit profile (SACP) of 'bb', has a moderately strategic status in the KazMunayGas (KMG) group, and enjoys a "moderately high" likelihood of timely and sufficient extraordinary government support from the government of Kazakhstan," said the message.

    Samp;P assumes, however, that in case of financial stress, any extraordinary support to KTG would likely come directly from the government. Therefore, the company's corporate credit rating on KTG on its SACP plus uplift for potential government support, capped at the rating level of the parent company.

    Samp;P equalizes the ratings on ICA with those on KTG, reflecting the overall creditworthiness of the KTG group. The consolidated approach reflects the companies' close integration, KTG's 100 percent ownership of ICA and other major subsidiaries, financial guarantees on much of the group's debt issued by ICA and KTG, large intragroup cash flows, and an absence of effective subsidiary ring fencing.

    The agency's view of KTG's SACP as 'bb' on its "fair" business risk profile, "intermediate" financial risk profile, and "negative" financial policy.

    KTG's "fair" business risk profile is supported by the stable and regulated nature of the gas transportation business and ship-or-pay terms until the end of 2015 in the gas transportation contract with Russian energy major Gazprom.

    It is constrained by the company's exposure to high country risk, heavy dependence on Gazprom in its gas transportation and sales activities, an aged asset base, potential competition from alternative gas export pipelines transporting Central Asian gas, and untransparent retail gas tariff regulation in Kazakhstan.

    KTG's financial risk profile is "intermediate," in the company's view, supported by moderate debt levels and resulting in the ratio of debt to EBITDA not higher than 3x and funds from operations (FFO) to debt of at least 30 percent in our base-case projections for 2015-2016. It is constrained by continued ambitious planned investments in gas transmission and distribution, rising cash flow volatility, and exposure to foreign currency risk.

    However, the foreign currency risk is mitigated to some extent because much of KTG's revenues are US dollar denominated. The agency assigns a "negative" financial policy modifier because it thinks the financial policy framework allows KTG to take a more leveraged position than it currently expects, primarily on the back of higher investment needs.

    The negative outlook mirrors that on KTG's immediate parent, KMG. In accordance with the company's group rating methodology, Samp;P currently caps the rating on KTG by the rating on KMG, so a negative rating action on the parent would lead to a similar rating action on KTG, all else being equal.

    Samp;P thinks pressure on KTG's credit profile also could result from a more aggressive financial profile than it currently anticipates. That would include weakened credit ratios (notably debt to EBITDA rising above 3x) due to any unexpected financial underperformance, extensive reliance on short-term funding, or KTG's increased capital expenditures requiring significant external borrowing and leading to leverage above the agency's expectations. For instance, this might occur if KTG increased capital expenditures because of a greater need to invest in gas distribution assets or start new large investment projects. The ratings could also come under pressure as a result of any indications of negative interference from KMG, including, but not limited to, inducement to pay excessive dividends.

    "If we revised down our assessment of KTG's SACP by one notch, it would lead us to lower the long-term rating to 'BB', provided that the sovereign long-term local currency rating and the likelihood of extraordinary financial government support remained the same," said the agency.

    "If we saw signs of weakening state support, we might consider revising down the likelihood of extraordinary government support for KTG," according to the Samp;P. "Under our criteria for GREs, we would have to revise the likelihood of extraordinary government support down to "moderate" from the current "moderately high" to result in a downgrade of KTG. This might be a result of increased substantial privatization risk, negative interference track record, or reshuffling of government priorities in its support initiatives."

    Ratings upside is currently limited by the ratings on the parent. The agency could revise the outlook to stable only if it revises the outlook on KMG to stable.


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  • US supports Trans-Caspian gas pipeline
    24.04.2015 19:05
    The United States expressed support for the European Union in the construction of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline.

    US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Washington fully backs the plans for Caspian gas as an alternative fuel source in Europe.

    The European Commission has put forward very sensitive objections in the field of energy security, which relate to market regulation and the diversification of fuel supplies to Europe, he added.
  • Fitch affirms AccessBankв's credit rating at investment grade level
    24.04.2015 19:05
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24


    Fitch Ratings has affirmed AccessBank's Long Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) with lsquo;BBB-' - "outlook stable" at "Investment Grade" level.

    The Bank's international credit rating was upgraded by Fitch at the end of 2014 from lsquo;BB ' to lsquo;BBB-'. AccessBank remains the local bank with the highest credit rating and the only bank rated investment grade in Azerbaijan.

    "The affirmation of the Bank's investment grade rating lsquo;BBР'-' confirms the high stability and the sound business model of AccessBank which is of particular importance in today's environment where most economies in the former CIS region are experiencing challenging situations," said Michael Hoffman, CEO of AccessBank, on the rating affirmation.

    Below is the full rating list:

    Long term IDR: affirmed at lsquo;BBB-'; outlook "Stable"

    Short term IDR: affirmed at lsquo;F3'

    Viability rating: affirmed at lsquo;bb-'

    Support rating: affirmed at lsquo;2'

    AccessBank was established in 2002 by Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, EBRD, IFC, KfW, a German consulting company LFS Financial Systems GmbH and AccessHolding. AccessBank provides loans to micro and small businesses and has a wide network of over 40 branches in Azerbaijan employing more than 2,000 people.

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  • Former Polish president issues statement on regional conflicts
    24.04.2015 18:59
    Former President of Poland Aleksander KwaЕ›niewski, who will visit Azerbaijan to attend the third Global Open Society Forum, has issued a statement on the conflicts going on in the region, APA reports.

    The statement says: "Today is very anxious period for Europe and Asia. The economic crisis in the European Union is slowly coming to an end, but the Eurozone is still facing internal problems. Europe needs reforms to restore the stability and tries to achieve further development of the economic co-ordination. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has turned into a more complicated problem than the fall of the Berlin Wall. Moreover, military even political conflicts, which are not seen in Middle East for decades, flare up in recent times as well. Therefore, I am looking forward to the third Global Forum.

    Baku is an ethnic and ancient city inhabited by the sovereign people of different nationalities. This is the best place to discuss a number of problems. I hope that remaining true to the traditions, positive inspiring ideas will be expressed and accepted at the forum".
  • Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Minister visits NATO Headquarters
    24.04.2015 18:54
    On April 22-23, a delegation led by Azerbaijani Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel General Kemaleddin Heydarov visited the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom Belgium.

    On the first day of the visit the delegation met with Ms. Melanie Schultz van Haegen, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Emergency Situations told APA.

    The parties expressed their satisfaction with the growing relations between the two ministries on a variety of areas, and discussed issues of the implementation of the provisions in "The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of management of water resources between the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands", which was signed in Gabala on 6 November 2014.

    Later, the delegation, led by K. Heydarov, paid a visit to a lock and dam complex on the outskirts of Hagestein city and then visited the Centre For Water Management (RWS), which is an information center for the water system of the Netherlands, in Lelystad city.

    Following the visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the delegation led by Heydarov paid an official visit to the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

    K. Heydarov met with NATO Secretary General's Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia James Appathurai, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Operations Stephen Evans and NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow.

    The NATO officials said Azerbaijan is a strong and reliable partner for NATO, expressing their satisfaction with the current level of the relations between Azerbaijan's Ministry of Emergency Situations and the relevant structures of the organization and praising the ministry's regularly sending its employees to the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC).

    Noting the importance of cooperation with NATO within the Civil Emergency Planning structures, K. Heydarov underlined that this cooperation is of importance to Azerbaijan.

    Moreover, the parties exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.
  • Azercellв's representative stressed womenв's role in ICT during her speech at the international conference
    24.04.2015 18:50
    International Girls in ICT Day conference was held in Azerbaijan on April 23 in the framework of global events dedicated to the 150th anniversary of International Telecommunications Union. The conference took place at ADA University. The event, attended also by the deputy-minister of the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies Iltimas Mammadov, was organized by Femmes Digitales '" Azerbaijani ICT womenв's club. The club established during Bakutel-2014 conference is primarily aimed at supporting the realization of the goal of encouraging more females get involved in ICT sector in Azerbaijan. Focused on improving womenв's involvement in ICT, the conferene was aimed at increasing the awareness on long-term career opportunities in ICT for women, supporting effective cooperation between public and private sectors with the objective of creating digital jobs nationally and exchanging experience among participants. The conference brought together the representatives of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, EU representative office in Azerbaijan, OSCE, ADA University, AMCHAM and Azerbaijan ICT womenв's club. Azercell Telecom LLC was represented at the event by Khavar Babazade, honored engineer, head of Transmission network section under Technologies Department and Process development consultant, who also acted as the director of Technologies Department at the company. Khavar Babazade gave a speech on ''Womenв's role in ICT'' at the conference. It should be noted that Azercell realized a number of projects under her supervision, including the installation of 3G and 4G networks, network delivery in metro stations, maintenance of uninterrupted network during Eurovision-2012 held in Baku. Khavar Babazade stressed the importance of bringing more female specialists to ICT sector.

    Azercell Telecom has always supported the development of professional personnel in ICT field. Career path of Khavar Babazade, honored engineer, known for her achievements in ICT in our country continues to be the best example of womenв's success in this sphere.

    For more information please apply to

    Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996 and since the first years sustains a leading position on the market. Azercell introduced number of technological innovations in Azerbaijan: GSM technology, advance payment mobile services, GPRS/EDGE, 24/7 Customer Care, full-time operating Azercell Express offices, mobile e-service ''ASAN imza'' (ASAN signature) and others. With 51% share of Azerbaijanв's mobile market Azercellв's network covers 99,8% of the countryв's population. Currently, the number of Azercellв's subscribers reached 4,6 million people. In 2011 Azercell deployed 3G and in 2012 the fourth generation network '" LTE in Azerbaijan. The Company is the leader of Azerbaijanв's mobile communication industry and the biggest investor in the non-oil sector. Azercell is a part of TeliaSonera Group of Companies serving 186 million subscribers in 17 countries worldwide with 27,000 employees.
  • Olympic champions lead Team GB at Baku 2015
    24.04.2015 18:49
    Great Britain published a list of 153 athletes who will compete at the Baku 2015 European Games. They will compete in 13 different sports from 12-28 June.

    "It's fantastic to be able to announce the athletes who will be competing for Team GB at Baku 2015," Britain's Chef de Mission, Mr. Mark England, said. "It's a great opportunity for many of them to test themselves against Europe's best, gain crucial multi-sport Games experience or build on their road to Rio 2016."

    "I'm also delighted to see such a large team from Great Britain heading out to Baku - our largest travelling delegation since the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games '" and I'm sure it'll be a hugely proud moment for each of them."

    Boxer Nicola Adams won the London 2012 gold medal at 51kg and also has three World Championship silver medals.

    Jade Jones is the first Briton to ever win a Taekwondo gold medal, topping the57kg weight class at London 2012.

    Another successful London Olympian to secure a spot at Baku 2015 is Ed McKeever, who won the K1 200m Canoe Sprint gold medal in 2012. The 31-year-old also captured K1 200m gold at the 2010 World and 2010 and the European Championships.

    "I am proud to have been selected as part of Team GB again, this time at the European Games," McKeever said.

    "This is a key competition for us just eight weeks out from the World Championships, which is a qualification event for Rio. Most of the world's top canoe sprint athletes come from Europe, so I am really looking forward to some fast racing and a chance to see how preparations are going."

    Other British athletes of note are silver medal-winning judoka Gemma Gibbons and Alice Schlesinger, three-time world triathlon champion Helen Jenkins and taekwondo Olympic bronze medallist Lutalo Muhammad.

    Here is the British team:

    Archery: Naomi Folkard, Nicky Hunt, Amy Oliver, Kieran Slater

    Beach Volleyball: Chris Gregory, Jake Sheaf

    Boxing: Nicola Adams, Savannah Marshall, Sandy Ryan, Lisa Whiteside

    Canoe Sprint: Lani Belcher, Rachel Cawthorn, Hayleigh Mason, Angela Hannah, Emily Lewis, Louisa Sawers, Jonathan Boyton, Christopher Calvert, Andrew Daniels, Liam Heath, Ed McKeever, Timothy Pendle, Jon Schofield, James Sytan

    Diving: Matthew Dixon, Millie Fowler, Millie Hafferty, Ross Haslam, James Heatly, Jordan Houlden, Matty Lee, Shanice Lobb, Lydia Rosenthall, Katherine Torrance, Lois Toulson

    Fencing: James Honeybone, Richard Kruse, Marcus Mepstead, Benjamin Peggs, Alexander Tofalides, Aliya Itzkowitz, Corinna Lawrence, Natalia Sheppard

    Acrobatic Gymnastics: Jennifer Bailey, Ryan Bartlett, Hannah Baughn, Cicely Irwin, Josie Russell

    Aerobic Gymnastics: Ella Augier, Sophie Goves, Chloe Farrance, Olivia Farrance, Kayleigh Silva

    Artistic Gymnastics: Brinn Bevan, Frank Baines, Tyesha Mattis, Kelly Simm, Rebecca Tunney, Nile Wilson

    Judo: Sarah Adlington, Frazer Chamberlain, Sally Conway, Kelly Edwards, Benjamin Fletcher, Megan Fletcher, Gemma Gibbons, Gemma Howell, Owen Livesey, Ashley McKenzie, Colin Oates, Natalie Powell, Alice Schlesinger, Nekoda Smythe-Davis

    Shooting: Elena Allen, Jeremy Bird, Brad Davis, Mike Gilligan, John Hammond, Amber Hill, Charlotte Kerwood, Tim Kneale, Abbey Ling, Ed Ling, Jen McIntosh, Steve Scott

    Synchronised Swimming: Phoebe Bradley-Smith, Jorja Brown, Danielle Cooper, Jodie Cowie, Emma Critchley, Lara Hockin, Esme Lower, Genevieve Randall, Hannah Randall, Rebecca Richardson

    Swimming: Charlie Attwood, Layla Black, Emma Cain, Kyle Chisholm, Amelia Clynes, Georgia Coates, Madeleine Crompton, Luke Davies, Darcy Deakin, Tom Derbyshire, Tom Fannon, Hannah Featherstone, Luke Greenbank, Holly Hibbott, Joe Hulme, Cameron Kurle, Joe Litchfield, Jarvis Parkinson, Duncan Scott, Rebecca Sherwin, Daniel Speers, Laura Stephens, Abbie Wood, Martyn Walton

    Table Tennis: Paul Drinkhall, Liam Pitchford, Kelly Sibley

    Taekwondo: Max Cater, Mahama Cho, Jade Jones, Charlie Maddock, Lutalo Muhammad, Ruebyn Richards, Bianca Walkden

    Trampoline: Katherine Driscoll, Laura Gallagher, Luke Strong

    Triathlon: Gordon Benson, Thomas Bishop, Philip Graves, Helen Jenkins, Jess Learmonth, Heather Sellers

    Water Polo: Dani Brazier, Isabelle Dean, Hannah Edwards, Sophie Jackson, Fleur Kennedy, Verity McCoy, Mhairi Nurthen, Lara Partridge, Hayley Price, Kathy Rogers, Grace Rowland, Lucy Shaw, Beth Ward
  • Prime Minister adopts new decision regarding drivers
    24.04.2015 18:45
    The Cabinet of Ministers has disseminated an information.

    Changes in the "Exemplary position of the rule in the public inspection of vehicles and their trailers" were made.

    According to Oxu.Az, a decision in this regard was adopted by Prime Minister Artur Rasizade.

    Thus, according to the changes while passing technical inspection a certificate attesting the insurance of passengers of vehicles engaged in passenger traffic in accordance with the law "On compulsory insurance" will be required along with the certificate on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles.
  • Azerbaijan`s tourism potential highlighted in Rome
    24.04.2015 18:44
    Azerbaijan's tourism potential has been highlighted in Rome.

    The Italian capital of Rome has hosted a conference entitled "Tourism as a bridge between Azerbaijan and Italy" organized by the Council on State Support for Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan and Classis-Project organization.

    The conference highlighted Azerbaijan`s tourism potential, and participants discussed projects aimed at developing tourism sector in Azerbaijan, and also explored ways of expanding cooperation between the two countries.

    Speakers hailed the growth in the number of flights on the route Baku-Milan-Baku and Baku-Rome-Baku as a manifestation of good cooperation.

    The conference featured presentation of "Mysterious Azerbaijan" web portal and "Via della seta" ("Silk Road") magazine.
  • Buy your tickets for Baku 2015 at selected McDonalds stores across Baku
    24.04.2015 18:40
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24


    Baku 2015 is delighted to announce that tickets for the European Games, which takes place from June 12 to June 28, are now available from selected McDonalds stores across Baku.

    McDonalds, the Official Retail Food Services Provider of Baku 2015, is hosting ticket booths at three of its city centre stores in Neftchiler, Fountain Square and Ahmadli, giving people the chance to buy tickets and experience the biggest event in Azerbaijan's history.

    Commenting on the launch of the ticket booths, Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer, Baku 2015 said: "Tickets sales are going very well and we're delighted that this support from McDonalds will help ensure more people will have the opportunity to experience Baku 2015."

    "Across the country you can really feel the level of excitement grow as we approach the Opening Ceremony on June 12," he said.

    "The people of Baku are really getting behind the Games and we were delighted that a number of our test events, last weekend, took place in front of full crowds."

    The Baku 2015 European Games will feature over 6,000 athletes, who'll compete in 20 events at arenas across the city.

    In addition to McDonalds, tickets can also be purchased online at or at one of a number of ticket sales points across Baku, details of which can be found at or by dialling 2015 - the spectator information centre.

    Baku 2015 is the first ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent which will take place from 12 - 28 June 2015.

    There will be a total of 20 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes from across Europe will be representing their nations over 17 days of competition.

    Twelve of the sports will offer qualification opportunities for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Those sports include Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Judo, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Volleyball and Wrestling.

    Tickets for Baku 2015 can be purchased directly from the booths, or bought online at Online purchase confirmation receipts can then be exchanged at any of the city ticket outlets at the following locations: Park Bulvar, 28 Mall, Metro Park, the Heydar Aliyev Palace on Bulbul Avenue, Azerbaijan Cinema on A. Alizadeh Street, Nizami Street at the corner with Bulbul Avenue, Freedom Square, and ASAN Service Yasamal on Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh Street, as well as at the Neftchilar, Ehmedli and Fountain Square McDonald's restaurants.

    Baku was awarded the Games by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in December 2012. The Baku European Games Operations Committee (BEGOC) will organise and run the Games in cooperation with the EOC.

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  • Issue of illegal economic activity in Azerbaijanв's occupied territories raised in OSCE
    24.04.2015 18:39
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

    By Anakhanum Khidayatova - Trend:

    The issue of illegal economic activity carried out in Azerbaijan's occupied territories was raised during the meeting of OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna, the press release from Azerbaijani embassy in Austria said April 24.

    Azerbaijani delegation at OSCE Permanent Council draw the attention of the OSCE to the illegal activities carried out in Azerbaijan's occupied territories with the involvement of nationals and legal persons of certain OSCE states.

    "Relevant authorities of Azerbaijan have drawn up the list of the companies involved in illegal economic activities in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and consider to take necessary legal and administrative measures in accordance with the international law and national legislation of Azerbaijan," the statement by Azerbaijani delegation said.

    The Azerbaijani side said that such illegal activities are used by the Armenian government to prolong the status quo in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and violate the rights of hundreds of thousands Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs who can't return to their homes.

    Azerbaijani delegation asked OSCE to take this into account and inform the citizens and companies of OSCE member states that any operations or cooperation related to the Nagorno-Karabakh region and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan are illegal in terms of the international law and Azerbaijani legislation.

    Moreover, the delegation requested the OSCE participating states not to allow imports/exports or sale of any product produced in the Nagorno-Karabakh region or other occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan. As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the US are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented the UN Security Council's four resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

    Edited by CN


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  • Azerbaijan imposes no restrictions on travels to Iran
    24.04.2015 18:37
    The issues of restrictions on travels are being regulated.

    Chairman of the State Customs Committee Aydin Aliyev has commented on the information in some media about the alleged restrictions on trips from Azerbaijan to Iran.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to APA that the chairman of the Committee said there are no restrictions on the customs checkpoints of the two countries.

    "On the contrary, the number of trips from Iran to Azerbaijan and back has recently risen. Over 3,000 people were recorded daily at the Bilasuvar customs point only during the Novruz holiday.

    These issues are regulated, no restrictions are imposed. There are also no restrictions to travels to Iran for the purpose of medical treatment", Aliyev said.
  • Azerbaijani Minister to attend 150th anniversary of the ITU
    24.04.2015 18:32
    A jubilee celebration on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on May 17.

    Azerbaijan at the event will be represented by a delegation headed by Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ali Abbasov.

    Moreover, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will take place in Geneva on May 25-29.

    The summit participants will be informed about the work done by the world countries in the direction of the development of information and communication technologies, Internet infrastructure and the information society. At this international event, Deputy Minister of Communications and High Technologies Elmir Velizadeh will also provide detailed information about the work done in Azerbaijanв's ICT field, achievements, innovations and future prospects.

    At the summit, panels will be arranged for each country to present their ongoing regional and international projects. In these panels, Azerbaijan will present the project Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) to the world community again in the international arena.

    As in previous years, this year ITU will choose the best projects for the development of the information society.

    Azerbaijan has submitted the project TASIM to participate in the competition.

    The project has already passed the first stage. The second stage will be held through online voting.
  • European Games in Baku to become a brand - Israeli Ambassador
    24.04.2015 18:30
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

    By Anahanum Khidayatova - Trend:

    Olympic Committee of Israel has been cooperating with the Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan for a long time, Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan Rafael Harpaz told Trend Apr.24, commenting on the upcoming First European Games in Baku.

    The two countries have been working closely in the field of sport for many years, he said.

    European Games in Azerbaijan will become a kind of brand and promote the development of sports infrastructure in the country, said Harpaz.

    He said that Israel will participate in the first European Games with a very strong team, consisting of 150 athletes. Harpaz said the number of athletes Israel will put up for the European Games is higher than the country's delegation at the Olympic Games in London.

    The diplomat said that the first European Games are very important for the Israeli athletes, as those who win in Baku, will have a chance to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

    The ambassador said that the first European Games will be broadcasted in Israel.

    Israeli media widely covers preparations for the first European Games in Baku, which will be a grand and successful event, according to Harpaz.

    Baku 2015 is the first-ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent, which will take place on June 12-28, 2015.

    There will be a total of 20 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes from across Europe will be representing their nations over 17 days of competition. Baku was awarded the games by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in December 2012.

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  • Turkey, world leaders remember Gallipoli battle centenary
    24.04.2015 18:28
    Turkey is marking the centenary of the Gallipoli battle these minutes.

    Turkey on April 24 hosts world leaders to commemorate the centenary of the World War I battle of Gallipoli, sending out a message of reconciliation -- and patriotic pride over one of the most dramatic Ottoman victories of the war

    Tens of thousands lost their lives on both sides in a grinding nine month battle between the German-backed Ottoman forces and Allies including Australian, British and New Zealand troops trying to break through to take Constantinople and knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war.

    Today, the fallen from both the Ottoman and Allied sides lie close together in separate cemeteries on the Gallipoli peninsula on the western edge of Turkey, in what has long been seen as a powerful symbol of reconciliation between former enemies.

    In recognition of this, Turkish President Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan hosts leaders of the World War I Allies, including 21 heads of state, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, New Zealand Premier John Key, as well as the heir to the British throne Prince Charles and his son Harry.

    ErdoДџan arrived in the western Turkish province of Çanakkale at 11:10 a.m. and the official ceremony began at 2:30 p.m.

    Prince Charles laid a wreath at the Gallipoli monument moment while Mehmet Görmez, the head of the Directorate for Religious Affairs (Diyanet), gave the first speech.

    Citing the prophets Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, Görmez prayed for all soldiers, Turkish and Allied, who fell in Gallipoli. He also asked for God's forgiveness for humanity's errors, including the latest migrant tragedy in the Mediterranean.

    Görmez's prayer was followed by a Christian prayer.

    Prince Charles was next on the rostrum. "We must remember the heroism and the humanity of those on both sides," he said in his address to the service.
  • Return of Iranian oil unlikely to budge OPECв's output cut stance
    24.04.2015 18:26
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 24

    By Aygun Badalova - Trend:

    The Gulf members of OPEC have so far been adamant that they will not cut production to support prices, despite calls from other members, especially Iran. There is no reason for them to change this stance once Iran resumes higher oil exports, Thomas Pugh, commodities economist at British economic research and consulting company Capital Economics believes.

    The recent deal between Iran and the West means that it is now very likely that substantial volumes of oil from Iran will return to the market, according to the economist's report, obtained by Trend.

    "The return of Iranian exports may actually reinforce OPEC's no output cuts stance, putting even more pressure on US shale producers, especially since the policy is showing signs of working," Pugh said in a report.

    What's more, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies will probably have little sympathy for their regional rival making them even less likely to cut Production, economist believes.

    "Nonetheless, the possible return of higher Iranian exports is likely to be heavily discussed at the group's next meeting on 5th June, Pugh said. There have already been rumours of a return to individual quotas, which were quietly dropped in favour of a target for total production in 2008".

    However, the group is already producing above its 30 million barrel per day (bpd) target. And even when the group did have individual quotas, these were largely seen as a floor rather than a ceiling, according to the economist.

    Pugh doubts that Saudi Arabia is going to cut its oil production to make room for Iran.

    "Therefore, if and when Iranian oil exports begin to come back to the market they should put significant downward pressure on prices. Indeed, this is one reason why we expect the price of a barrel of Brent to only be $60 by the end of this year," he said.

    OPEC members held a meeting in ministerial level November 27, 2014 to evaluate the global oil market and the falling trend of the oil price. Iran and Venezuela wanted to lower the Cartel's oil output and set a new ceiling level below the current 30 million bpd level.

    Tehran and P5 1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) reached a political framework for the ongoing nuclear talks on April 2.

    The sides are to reach a comprehensive deal by July 1, in which Iran would restrict its nuclear program to some extent as demanded by the powers, and in return, the international sanctions on the Islamic Republic's economy would be lifted.

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  • Parades to honor Gallipoli Battle start in Canakkale
    24.04.2015 18:25
    /By AzerNews/

    By Sara Rajabova

    Festive parades in honor of the victory in the Gallipoli Battle kicked off in Turkey on April 24, TRT Haber news channel reported.

    The centenary is expected to be the largest ever commemoration of the battle.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Presidents of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iraq and Qatarв's Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Bin Al Thani, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Prince Charles are among the participants.

    "Celebrating the victory at the battle of Gallipoli shows again that there is a culture in Turkey to forget the suffering caused by others onto us, for the sake of our common future," President Erdogan said in its statement on the celebrations.

    The world leaders will attend ceremonies throughout April 24 on the beaches where the Allied troops launched their attacks, only to be met by fierce Ottoman resistance that lasted until the evacuation of the last Allied troops in January 1916.

    Turkey hosts world leaders to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Gallipoli - WWI - sending out a message of reconciliation and patriotic pride over one of the most dramatic Ottoman victories of the war.

    The battle of Gallipoli, which took place during World War I, killed over 500,000 people.

    The Gallipoli campaign took place on the Gallipoli peninsula during the Ottoman Empire in between 1915 and 1916 by Entente countries, in order to capture the Turkish capital of Istanbul and open a sea route to Russia. The campaign was one of the greatest Ottoman victories during the war and a major Allied failure. In Turkey, it is regarded as a defining moment in the nation's history: a final surge in the defense of the motherland as the Ottoman Empire crumbled.

    Gallipoli was long a defining moment in Turkey's national consciousness. Young colonel Mustafa Kemal - later known as Ataturk - was its great hero. He went on to found the secular republic on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in 1923.

    Some 130,000 soldiers perished, 87,000 of them from the Ottoman side. The battle also involved Azerbaijani soldiers.

    In Turkey, the battle of Gallipoli is also called the ''gentlemenв's war.'' Turkeyв's officials have repeatedly said it was one of the bloodiest battles in the countryв's history, however, the warring sides never forgot about their humanity.
  • CBA rules out serious devaluation of manat
    24.04.2015 18:03
    /By AzerNews/

    By Gulgiz Dadashova

    The Central Bank of Azerbaijan does not expect a major devaluation of the national currency in case of stabilizing oil prices, said Alim Guliyev, the CBA deputy chairman.

    The Bank will continue to regulate rate of the manat, and one can already see stabilization in the market, Guliyev said at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on April 24.

    He noted that the Central Bank intends to use its reserves for further stabilization of the manat.

    Azerbaijan, the second-largest oil producer in the former Soviet Union region after Russia and Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan is the second-largest oil producer in the former Soviet Union region after Russia and Kazakhstan. Oil and gas make up 95 percent of Azerbaijanв's exports, over 65 percent of its state revenues, and 40 percent of its GDP.

    The CBA set the manat at 1.05 against the USD in February 2015, compared to 0.78 earlier. The move aims to strengthen ''international competitiveness,'' amid pressure on the countries finances from falling oil prices, according to the CBA.

    The Bank continues participating on the foreign exchange market of the country after the manat rate adjustment, Governor Elman Rustamov said in early April, explaining this by the still ongoing process of dollarization.

    ''We canв't restrain the population from keeping their funds in dollars. But we have sufficient amount of currency reserve to allow the population to convert their funds into dollars without any problem,'' he added.

    CBA says no money lack

    Loss resulting from the year-end revaluation of assets and liabilities in foreign currency and gold on the balance sheet of the CBA will be covered by its own capital reserves.

    This was announced at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee when discussing the amendments to the law "On the Central Bank of Azerbaijan".

    Under the amendments, in case assets fall below liabilities, the resulting lack of capital will be recovered after one financial year through the state securities.

    Following the formation of reserve capital and approval of the annual financial statement by an audit report, available balance of the CBAв's realized profit is transferred to the state budget.

    Under the law, the CBA capital consists of its share capital and capital reserves. The authorized capital of the Central Bank is set at 50 billion manats. Capital reserves in accordance with changes in the law should not be less than the authorized capital of the CBA and are formed by contributions from the profit for the year. So far, capital reserves were determined in the amount of 15 percent of the national currency issued into circulation.

    Since the beginning of 2015, foreign exchange reserves owned by the CBA, decreased by $4.29 billion (31.2 percent) - from $13.76 billion to $9.47 billion as of March 31.

    The decline in the CBA foreign exchange reserves has been observed since July 2014. Earlier, this happened slowly (around $20-50 million). But their volume has sharply reduced (more than $1 billion monthly) since December. This is associated with an increase in demand for dollar supply in the country.
  • Champions League: Barcelona v Bayern, Juventus v Real Madrid
    24.04.2015 18:03
    Barcelona have been drawn against Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-finals.

    The other last-four tie sees Juventus - in their first semi-final since 2003 - face Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid, the defending champions.

    The first legs will be played on 5 and 6 May, with the return matches a week later.

    In the Europa League, holders Sevilla face Fiorentina, while Rafael Benitez's Napoli are up against Ukraine's Dnipro.

    Bayern boss Guardiola won 13 trophies as a manager - including the Champions League in 2009 and 2011 - during four years at Barcelona.

    He has reached the Champions League semi-finals in each of his six seasons as a manager, four with Barca and now two with Bayern.

    Ancelotti will also be reunited with one of his former clubs, with the Italian having managed the Turin side from 1999 to 2001.

    The draw leaves open the possibility of a Barcelona v Real Madrid European Cup final, something which has never happened before. The arch-rivals are also battling it out for the Spanish league title this season.

    Real Madrid reached the last four by beating city rivals Atletico - in a repeat of last season's final -В thanks to Javier Hernandez's late goal.

    Bayern Munich thrashed Porto 6-1В at home to overturn a first-leg deficit and progress 7-4 on aggregate.

    Things were more straightforward forВ Barcelona, who beat Paris St-Germain 5-1В overall, andВ Juventus, who beat Monaco 1-0В over two legs.

    This season's final will be played at Berlin's Olympic Stadium on Saturday, 6 June.

    The Europa League draw leaves the possibility of an all-Serie A final. There have been four all-Italian Uefa Cup finals, but none since the tournament was rebranded in 2009.

    The first legs of the semi-finals will be played on Thursday, 7 May with the return matches a week later.

    The final is in Warsaw's National Stadium on Wednesday, 27 May.

    /By BBC/
  • Uzbekistan improves working conditions
    24.04.2015 17:40
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Apr. 24

    By Demir Azizov- Trend:

    Uzbekistan continues to work on improving national legislation and promotion of international standards of decent work, including the provision of supportive and safe working conditions, expansion of social protection, strengthening of social control and social partnership in guaranteeing the rights to decent working conditions.

    These provisions have been formulated following the international conference "The role of trade unions in ensuring citizens' rights to decent working conditions: the experience of Uzbekistan" held in Tashkent on April 22-23.

    The aim of the international conference is to study international experience, including the experience of Uzbekistan, in the development and implementation of measures aimed at ensuring the reliable protection of citizens' rights to decent working conditions.

    The conference was organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan with participation of several ministries, agencies, as well as the UN Development Fund and the International Labor Organization.

    The conference was attended by the members of Uzbekistan's parliament, members of the Senate, representatives of the state and public organizations, delegations of the International Labor Organization, International Trade Union Confederation, heads of the UNDP, EU, OSCE, UNICEF representative offices in the country, as well as the international experts from a number of countries.

    The conference participants stated that under the conditions of the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, the comprehensive practical application of the Decent Work Agenda of the International Labour Organization becomes very important. In this agenda, the decent work serves as the core of social, economic and environmental development, plays a major role in ensuring balance and social justice.

    The conference positively assessed the experience of some countries, including Uzbekistan in raising the status of the national institutions of the social dialogue, eliminating the discrimination in the sphere of labor relations and protection of employees' rights.

    The conference participants said that the effective measures are taken in Uzbekistan to protect the socio-economic interests and labor rights of employees and their families, to raise living standards of population and to protect labor.

    The country has accumulated significant practical experience in the development of social and labor institutions. Much has been done in such areas as improving the labor legislation, labor market regulation, professional training, pension system, social dialogue.

    The Uzbek leadership's decisions are being implemented for the development of small business, farms, home-based work, craftsmanship, the sphere of services, promotion of livestock production in private farms and the establishment of agricultural firms in rural areas. All this contributes to an increase in official employment of population and decent working conditions.

    It was stressed during the conference that the main employee rights, enshrined in the Constitution and laws of Uzbekistan, are fully deriving from the international labor standards.

    The signing of the lsquo;Decent Work Country Program for Uzbekistan (2014-2016)' by Uzbekistan and ILO in 2014 became an important step in the further improvement of the work.

    Uzbekistan's government has a general agreement with the Council of Trade Unions Federation, which unites over six million members in 14 industry trade unions, and the Trade and Industry Chamber.

    The agreement stipulates a set of measures to ensure the creation of decent working conditions for different categories of workers.

    The chairperson of the Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan, Tanzila Narbayeva, said at a final plenary session April 23 that the recommendations adopted by the conference will be presented to all interested international organizations, as well as ministries, departments and public organizations of Uzbekistan and other countries.

    Edited by CN

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  • No point to expect US influence to get stronger in Central Asia '" expert
    24.04.2015 17:30
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    There is no point to expect the US to have very successful policy in Central Asia in the next ten years, Luca Anceschi, lecturer at the British University of Glasgow said in an interview with Trend.

    The US doesn't come to this region with a new approach, said Anceschi, adding that the country has the same approach to this region as 20 years ago which turned out to be unsuccessful.

    The US has no stronger ties with Central Asian countries, because it was in Afghanistan for a long time, he said., adding that China and Russia have greater influences in Central Asia, since they both share borders with this region.

    Anceschi added that Russia and Central Asia are bound by historical and cultural links.

    Moreover, Russia has a desire to strengthen its political influence in the region, especially through the Eurasian Economic Union, he said, reminding that Kazakhstan has already become the member of this union and Kyrgyzstan also plans to join it.

    Furthermore, the expert said China's influence in the Central Asia is confined to the economy and investments in many projects that are being implemented there, adding that China has no political goals in this region.

    "But I think it is more important to look at what the states in the region do and want," said Anceschi. "Talking about only the great powers is not the most sophisticated way to understand what Central Asia really is about."

    The expert said he doesn't think the things will change much in the relations of Central Asian countries with Russia, China and the US until the current generation of leaders is in power in the region's countries.

    The factor that can have a significant impact on the Central Asia is the possible lift of West sanctions imposed on Iran, according to Anceschi.

    He added that if the West and Iran succeed to come to an agreement, the Central Asian countries will get a new opportunity for contacts on the international arena and ways for exporting energy resources.

    All this can strongly change the situation in the region, according to the expert.

    Edited by SI


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  • Intertek awarded pipe inspection contract for TANAP pipeline
    24.04.2015 17:30
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

    By Maksim Tsurkov - Trend:

    Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, was recently awarded a two-year contract by Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline to provide quality assurance, technical inspection and pipe testing services during manufacture of the line pipe in Turkey, said the message posted on the company's website.

    Igor Obodan, Regional Director of Intertek, said that securing this work further demonstrates the strength of Intertek's highly regarded technical services capabilities.

    "Our experienced group of inspectors and technical specialists headed by Dilek Yalcin, Director of Intertek Kalite Servisleri Ltd Sirketi, will support the client's commitment to quality and safety throughout this very important stage of the project," he said.

    Obodan added that the quality and integrity of the line pipe is vital for ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline as well as minimizing flow or contamination risks to the product that is delivered through it.

    "We look forward to working together with TANAP over the coming years," said the regional director.

    Dilek YalcД±n, Director of Intertek Turkey amp; Azerbaijan, said: "Intertek is proud to be awarded this significant and prestigious contract and we are pleased to contribute to the success of this highly strategic project."

    The TANAP project envisages the transportation of gas of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz field from the Georgian-Turkish border to the western borders of Turkey.

    TANAP's initial capacity is expected to reach 16 billion cubic meters of gas per year, with the possibility of increasing to 31 billion cubic meters per year in the future.

    The project's cost is estimated at $10-$11 billion.


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  • A meeting of BEGOC Integration Group
    24.04.2015 17:24
    The Integration Group of Baku 2015 Operation Committee of the first European Games (BEGOC) held a meeting.

    The event was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan, BEGOC Chief Executive Officer Azad Rahimov, BEGOC Chief Operating Officer Simon Clegg, representatives of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Special State Protection Service, State Border Guard Service, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) CJSC, Baku City Executive Authority, Baku Metro CJSC, Seaside Boulevard Office under the Cabinet of Ministers, Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and other officials.

    Speaking at the event, Minister of Youth and Sports, BEGOC CEO Azad Rahimov, informed about the work carried out on preparation for the competition and spoke about activities to be done ahead.

    BEGOC representative Panos Protopsaltis noted that special stripes intended for only usage of European Games participations will be drawn in the special routes of European Games. These stripes will be completed in late May. Other vehicles cannot use these stripes. Therefore, the subway will be only transport facility for all. Drawing of these stripes will be started from tomorrow. The citizens are recommended to use public transport, he said.

    BEGOC official noted that parking also will be controlled. According to him, switching of working time to the phased schedule will help traffic jam to be eliminated.

    ''High-capacity transport facilities will be entered the city at night. The transport facilities will have badges. This will also concern taxis. The metro does not go to all facilities where European Games will be held. Therefore, special centers will be established near eight metro stations to carry fans to the facilities'', he said.

    He also noted that only transport facilities with WAPP (BEGOC and police cars) can park in the special places.

    First Deputy Minister of Communications and High Technologies Iltimas Mammadov said in his speech that the work related to communications is at high level. Cabling work has already been completed. ''Special postage stamps concerning the 1st European Games have been issued: ''These stamps will be put into circulation from today. The stamps depict all kinds of sport. The stamps are now available at the post offices,'' he said.

    Price of stamps is AZN 0.20.
  • Turkish President extends condolences to Armenians
    24.04.2015 17:24
    "We are aware of the painful events the Armenian community underwent in the past, and we share your pain with sincerity"

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent to Deputy Armenian Patriarch Archbishop Aram Atesyan a letter of condolences in connection with the centenary of the events of 1915. The letter was read out at a ceremony held in the Mother Mary Church in Istanbul, Milliyyet reported.

    In his letter which begins with the phrase "Our valuable Armenian citizens", President Erdogan says he remembers with respect the innocent Ottoman Armenians who lost their lives during World War I and offer his deep condolences to their descendants.

    "I remember with sincere feelings the memories of the Armenian community, whose economic, social, cultural and political contributions to the Ottoman Empire and our republic we remember with respect, in every part of our lands. During World War I, which is one of the biggest tragedies of mankind, millions of people from many nations were launched into eternity within the Ottoman borders. I remember with respect the whole of the Ottoman citizens - regardless of their ethnic and religious identity - who lost their lives under similar circumstances, and I ask Allah to have mercy on them all. We are aware of the painful events the Armenian community underwent in the past, and we share your pain with sincerity. I would like you to know that our hearts are always open to descendants of the Ottoman Armenians living all over the world," the letter reads.
  • Elnur among favourites to win Eurovision
    24.04.2015 17:18
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    With less a month left before the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - to be held in Vienna, Austria this May, Azerbaijani contestant Elnur Huseynov has no time to waste as he continues his promo tour around Europe.

    The talented singer visited the Greek capital, Athens on April 22, where he spent a very productive day. On the Antenna TV channel he met with the Greek representative, Maria-Elena Kyriakou and perform his mystical contemporary ballad "Hour Of The Wolf".

    Elnur also gave an interview to ''MAD TV'' and ''MAD TV Albania''.

    Following the meetings, Elnur enjoyed the city, walking through Athens ancient streets.

    He also did not miss a chance to buy some gifts for his favorite cat. Elnur is big animal lover and a relentless animal rights advocate. So when he gets a chance to find something interesting for his pets, he certainly uses it.

    After the walk he gave an interview to ''Hello! Magazine!'' as well as ''Virus'' and '''' portal.

    After visiting Latvia, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece, he is going to go to Russia and Georgia.

    Austria will host the final of the 60th Eurovision on May 23. The semifinals of the international contest will be held on May 19 and 21. Elnur will perform his ballad under the 11th number in the second semifinal. The official slogan of the Jubilee 60th 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will be "Building Bridges".

    Meanwhile, bookmakers from different countries have already announced the names of the contestв's favorites. A popular video portal YouTube has also named those contestants who have a chance to win.

    Russian representative Polina Gagarina is leading among the first semi final participants in the number of views on YouTube, gaining more than three million views. Among the second semi final participants Elnur is expected to come on top - according to YouTube. His video clip scored more than one million views.

    Letв's remind that in 2008, Elnur appeared on ''the Eurovision Song Contest'' in Belgrade, together with Samir Javadzada, who brought the 8th place to Azerbaijan.

    Elnur has been working hard on his music career. Earlier in February this year the singer won the fourth season of one very popular TV show ''O Ses Turkiye'' (The Voice Turkey), setting up a record in the tele-voting history of the show by collecting over a million votes.
  • Russia to seek removal of arms embargo against Iran in nuclear talks
    24.04.2015 17:17
    Moscow will urge the lifting of an arms embargo against Iran during Fridayв's talks over Tehranв's nuclear program, the Russian deputy foreign minister says

    Sergey Ryabkov told reporters on Thursday that one of the priorities in Iran's nuclear talks is to ensure that all participants in the negotiations "recognize the foremost need to cancel the existing weapons embargo against Iran," Russia's news agency Tass reported.

    He also stressed the UN Security Council's exclusive role in bringing back sanctions against Tehran if the Islamic Republic fails to fulfill its commitments.

    The Russian diplomat's remarks come as representatives from Iran and the P5 1 group of countries are to resume intensive talks over Tehran's nuclear program in the Austrian city of Vienna on Friday.

    The two sides kicked off the latest round of negotiations aimed at drafting a final nuclear accord on Wednesday with a bilateral meeting between Iran and the European Union.

    Abbas Araqchi, the Iranian deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs, who leads the Iranian negotiating delegation, said on Wednesday that the issue of anti-Iran sanctions is among the key topics on the agenda of this round of talks.
  • Azerbaijani president arrives in Turkey for Canakkale battle victory festivities
    24.04.2015 17:12
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24


    Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev arrived Apr. 24 in Canakkale, Turkey to attend the festivities, to be held in this city, the Anadolu Agency reported Apr. 24.

    Turkey is today celebrating the centenary of the victory at the Battle of Canakkale.

    The Battle of Canakkale, which took place during the World War I, killed over 500,000 people. The Turks lost 57,000 people in the battle, which also involved the Azerbaijani soldiers.


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  • Iran defense minister in Turkey to honor 1915 events
    24.04.2015 17:11
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend:

    Iran's Defense Minister Hossein Dehgan met with his Turkish counterpart on the sideline of a ceremony of memory of Turkish citizens, who died during the 1915 events.

    During a meeting with the Minister of National Defense of Turkey Д°smet YД±lmaz, Dehgan said Thursday that the regional problems and crisis should re solved by regional countries themselves, IRNA reported Apr.24.

    According to this report, the sides urged more close cooperation in security, defense and military between two nations.

    The Battle of Canakkale, which took place during the World War I, killed over 500,000 people. The Turks lost 57,000 people in the battle, which also involved the Azerbaijani soldiers.

    In Turkey, the Battle of Canakkale is also called the "gentlemen's war." Turkey's officials have repeatedly said it was one of the bloodiest battles in the country's history, however, the warring sides never forgot about humaneness even under the war conditions.

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  • Azerbaijan's picturesque region Gadabay to be presented in Baku
    24.04.2015 17:06
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    As part of the project ''From the regions to the capital'' organized by Baku Culture and Tourism Department in order to familiarize Azerbaijanis as well as foreign tourists with countryв's rich culture and traditions, an event will be held at the Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre located on the Nizami street, 72.

    This time organizers have decided to devote the event to one of the country most picturesque regions - Gadabay. The event organized by Baku Culture and Tourism Department and Gadabay Culture and Tourism Department will be held on April 27.

    The main goal of such activities is to familiarize Baku residents as well as its tourists with Azerbaijan regions' socio-economic development, rich culture and traditions.

    Gadabay is very beautiful region with its fresh air, and spectacular nature. The region is surrounded with mountain forests and poppy fields. Near Gadabay there is Slavyanka village, which is famous for its famous healthy carbonated water sources as Narzan and Mor-Mor.

    The area called Shahzada is a place you must visit. The 18-20 height meters ice waterfall will cool your body in a hot summer day.

    The region is famous for its hand embroidery, carpet weaving, wood and metal carving.

    Monuments in Gadabay region are an integral part of the Azerbaijani culture, known here as Gadabay-Khojaly culture.

    Koroglu Castle related to the 18th century is a grandiose showplace of Gadabay region. The castleв's walls are one meter thick and the monument has a strategic location. Another must see place in the region is Giz Galasi also known as the Maiden Tower.
  • Russiaв's power at PACE may be nullified before Jan. 2016
    24.04.2015 17:05
    If the PACE members vote at the June session to completely nullify the Russian delegation's powers, the decision will be effective until the January 2016 session, the PACE President Anne Brasseur told RIA Novosti Apr. 24.

    In late January 2015, PACE adopted a resolution, which deprived the Russian delegation of a number of important powers, including the right to vote, due to the situation in Ukraine until April.

    The Russian delegation, in response, left the assembly until late 2015.

    Later PACE made a decision not to discuss the powers of the Russian delegation at the April session and moved the discussion to June.

    "I can't nip on ahead, and talk about the results, but if they speak out for a complete nullification of [Russian delegation's] authorities, this will last until the end of the PACE session, until January 2016," said Brasseur, answering a question about what should the Russian side expect in June.

    The assembly head also said that in late January 2016 "there will be a new session, during which the powers of all the national delegations will be again on the agenda ... for example, the powers of a delegation can be questioned."

    Answering a question about what will happen if Russia will no longer be present in the organization, Brasseur said it is needed to see the development of the situation in June.

    The PACE president also stressed that she believes it would be "a real mistake not to try to engage in dialogue."

    She explained that "therefore the parliamentary diplomacy is important, which is why it is needed to meet, to speak, to try to understand each other."

    "Up to this point, until January, we succeeded in this, in spite of all the differences between us. Now we don't meet, we are not talking. We don't keep in contact at the moment, which I regret," Brasseur said in conclusion.

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  • Anne Brasseur does not use word 'genocide'
    24.04.2015 16:59
    Anne Brasseur: I could not use the term 'genocideв' since it is not CoEв's official position.

    PACE President Anne Brasseur on Friday met with journalists permanently accredited in the Council of Europe to report about the outcomes of the PACE spring session.

    As for the establishment of a Subcommittee at the Monitoring Committee on conflicts in the CoE countries, Mrs. Brasseur stressed the importance of creating such a committee.

    "Every committee has the right to make an independent decision. Regretfully, I will not comment on such issues as the PACE president. All I can say is that our assembly is largely in need of such a subcommittee. Because there are so many conflicts in CoE countries," she said.

    Mrs. Brasseur spoke of the commemorative events on the 100th centenary of the "Armenian genocide" during the PACE session but said the term "genocide" was not uttered at the CoE. "Of course, I could not use the term "genocide" since it is not an official position of the Council of Europe," she added.

    As regards the declaration signed by PACE deputies on the issue, Mrs. Brasseur said the document is the decision of the assembly and is only the position of the deputies who signed it.

    "I hope after the commemoration and elections in Turkey and some time later, the sides will come together and build their future in peace and tranquility," she stressed.
  • Military medicine sector on rise in Azerbaijan
    24.04.2015 16:51
    /By AzerNews/

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    The military medicine sector is rapidly growing in Azerbaijan as part of a versatile development of the armed forces, said a top military official in Azerbaijan.

    Assessing the current condition of the military medicine sector in a meeting with the delegation headed by Head of Turkish Military Medical Academy Gulhane, General Omar Pac, Defense Minister, Zakir Hasanov said the health of soldiers was of a crucial importance in terms of combat readiness and overall performance.

    "Every military doctor should realize that the health of personnel is a factor which has a great impact on the army's combat readiness and in general the military training capability," Hasanov said drawing attention to the rising significance of the military medicine sector in the army.

    "To this end, the role of military doctors serving in the armed forces is irreplaceable and indisputable, particularly in the light of our soldiers' readiness to liberate the occupied lands," Hasanov added.

    Hasanov appreciated President Ilham Aliyev's constant care and attention in view of achieving successes in the military medicine sector.

    As for the cooperation in medical field with Turkey, the minister praised the continuous support of the brotherly country in education, exchange of experiences and other issues.

    The sides also viewed the first Simulation Centre, established at the Military Medicine Faculty of Medical University for training and workshops, as well as the training laboratory, computer lab, library, and a complex of dormitories.Hasanov also touched upon the tense situation along the line of contact between Armenia and Azerbaijan armies and the enemy's attempts to carry out sabotage attacks.Being confident of the army's versatile progress, Hasanov reaffirms periodically the Azerbaijani armed forcesв' readiness to carry out any order from the Supreme Commander, adding that Azerbaijani soldiers will justify the people's trust in them come what may.

    Azerbaijan's leadership is now attaching a great deal of attention and importance to its army building measures as part of its state policy amid the unresolved territorial conflict with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

    The Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent regions of Azerbaijan are currently under Armenia's occupation following a sudden and insidious aggression by this smallest South Caucasus country in the early 1990s. While Yerevan continues to justify the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijan's territory by backing the separatist puppet regime in Nagorno-Karabakh, Baku and international organizations have worked hard to end the conflict in peace.

    International decision makers unequivocally recognize the occupied lands as part of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and the United Nations Security Council adopted four resolutions urging Armenia to pull its troops out of Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Nonetheless, the former and incumbent rulers in Yerevan turned down calls for peace, being true to Armenia's belligerent nature.
  • EANA conference participants informed of Baku 2015
    24.04.2015 16:49
    Participants of the conference of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) in Sofia, Bulgaria, have been informed of the inaugural European Games to take place in Baku this June as Director General of AZERTAC Aslan Aslanov addressed the event, SIA informs with reference to the AzerTac.

    Titled ''News Agencies and Strategies for Digital First Partnerships, Diversity, Technology, Marketing'', the conference is co-organized by the EANA and Bulgarian News Agency (BTA). ''As you know, the inaugural European Games will take place in Azerbaijan on June 12 '" 28, 2015. And AZERTAC is the official host news agency of the Games.'' ''We plan to ensure photo and video news coverage of the Games. And we can provide news from this high-profile sporting event to our partners in EANA,'' he said. Mr Aslanov highlighted the activities of AZERTAC. ''AZERTAC has expanded its presence in social networks in recent years, getting a wider audience. Given the rapid development of online news in Azerbaijan, the agency has prioritized the expansion of its Internet audience. AZERTAC's subscribers include newspapers and magazines among others, but their audience is many times littler than that of online sources. With online video news consumption continuing to increase, AZERTAC is gradually improving its video news service. AZERTAC has its own video service covering both local and global news. AZERTAC's footages are often broadcast by local television channels, and we also receive requests from some European broadcasters.''

    Head of Multimedia Products at Spain`s EFE news agency Jorge Lopez made a speech on ''New frontiers for news agencies. Life without media and how to build an audience''. Director General of Romanian AGERPRES news agency Alexandru Giboi spoke of social media and marketing.

    The two-day conference wrapped up.
  • Pakistanis killed in Syria battle buried in Iran
    24.04.2015 16:28
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend:

    Five Pakistan citizens who were killed in Syria battle were buried in Iran's holly Qom city on Thursday, Tasnim News Agency reported Apr.24.

    Before that, IRNA had reported two weeks ago that the bodies of other seven Pakistanis who were killed in Syria were buried in Iran.

    The bodies of six Iranians who were killed in Syria also were moved to Iran over the last three days and were buried.

    Iran claims it supports Syrian regime with just advisory help and Syrian President Bashar Assad said April 20 in an interview with France 2 that "We invited Hezbollah, but not the Iranians hellip; they (Iran) have not sent any force. ... There are no Iranian troops in Syria".

    Last month the bodies of 10 Afghans who were killed in Syria battle were also buried in Iran's Qom city.

    The Wall Street Journal reported last May that Iran has been recruiting thousands of Afghan refugees to fight in Syria, offering $500 a month and Iranian residency to help the Assad regime beat back rebel forces.

    There are about one million Afghani refugees in Iran.

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  • Turkey honors memory of all who died in 1915 events, says Erdogan
    24.04.2015 16:16
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 24

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Turkey honors the memory of all the citizens, who died during the 1915 events, said a message on the 1915 events, posted on the website of the country's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Apr. 24.

    The message quoted Erdogan as saying that all the nations, living in the Ottoman Empire, were affected during the 1915 events.

    "The celebration of the Canakkale battle victory once again shows that there is a culture in Turkey to forget, for the sake of the common future, the suffering caused to us," read the message.

    The Battle of Canakkale, which took place during the World War I, killed over 500,000 people. The Turks lost 57,000 people in the battle, which also involved the Azerbaijani soldiers.

    In Turkey, the Battle of Canakkale is also called the "gentlemen's war." Turkey's officials have repeatedly said it was one of the bloodiest battles in the country's history, however, the warring sides never forgot about humaneness even under the war conditions.

    Edited by SI


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  • Central Bank never prohibited manat loans
    24.04.2015 16:16
    ''Today all resources of the banks are in dollar".

    The Central Bank of Azerbaijan did not set any instructions to the commercial banks regarding the issue of loans in manats.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to APA that the statement came from deputy chairman of the board of the Central Bank Alim Guliyev at a session of the Milli Majlis committee for economic policy in response to the question from MPs Vahid Ahmadov and Ali Mesimli "Why do banks issue loans in dollars?"

    "Today all the resources of the banks are in dollars. After devaluation the population changes its manat deposits in banks for dollars. Today the resources of the banks are in dollars. Therefore, the banks offer loans in dollars to minimize their risks.

    However, as the relations between the banks and the customers are regulated by contracts, the banks cannot make their customers to borrow in dollars", the deputy chairman said.
  • Iran calls drafting nuclear agreement progressive
    24.04.2015 16:15
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend:

    Iran says drafting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action's (JCPA) details progresses well, but slowly.

    Iran's top nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi told Fars News Agency April 24 that Iran's priority is clarification of the method of lifting sanctions over this country with details.

    He said the US and EU have made "good clarification" on the framework of eliminations of sanctions. The drafting of JCPA started April 22.

    The first round of nuclear talks, after reaching a political agreement on April 2 has been held between Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi and Deputy EU Foreign Policy Chief Helga Schmidt in Vienna since Wednesday.

    The talks continued Thursday and it is expected that Iran and the US delegations as well as Iran and P5 1 will hold a meeting on April 23.

    The talks are to be held for three days (April 22 to April 25). The meetings are aimed at drafting an agreement to be signed by June 30.

    Iran and the world powers reached a framework agreement on April 2, which envisions a final deal by the said deadline.

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  • Azerbaijani wrestlers claim 12 medals
    24.04.2015 16:14
    Azerbaijani wrestlers have claimed a clutch of 12 medals, including 6 golds, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes in the 5th International Rumi Children's Sports Games in Konya, Turkey.

    Gold medals came from Tural Asgarov, Mammad Ahmadov, Turan Bayramov, Abdulkhalid Guluzade, Turan Bayramov and Vahid Alizade.

    Along with Azerbaijan, the tournament brought together wrestlers from Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Macedonia and Turkey.
  • Parking rules during Baku-2015 European Games announced
    24.04.2015 16:14
    ''Employees of state bodies and companies located near the special parking zones will not have badge''

    Parking rules during Baku-2015 European Games have been announced.

    Baku City Executive Power spokesperson Khalid Alekberov told APA-Economics that the citizens living around the sport objects will have badges during the European Games: "The citizen can move through that place with his/her car without stopping. The citizens can park their cars in the parking lines in accordance with the rules provided by the relevant executive authority. The main aim is to achieve parking by drivers within the certain rules. Cars of those who don't obey these rules will be evacuated".

    He noted that the citizens can get badges from Housing and Communal Services Departments: "The badge will be given from May 15 and posted on windshields of cars. They badges are not renewed in case of useless and losing".

    Alekberov added that employees of state bodies and companies located near the special parking zones will not have badge: "If that body or company has parking area, they can use it, otherwise we recommend them to use public transport".

    He also noted that all motor roads and public transport will operate as always, no street and avenue will be restricted.
  • German President used the term of "Genocide"
    24.04.2015 15:57
    President of Germany Joachim Gauck has called the 1915 events "genocide".

    President Joachim Gauck said it is clear today that "the fate of the Armenians is exemplary for the history of mass destruction, ethnic cleansing, expulsions and genocides which marks the 20th century in such a terrible way."

    Germany's Parliament will debate a motion using the same words on Friday, a formulation that the government has backed after consultations with lawmakers and Gauck's office.
  • Armed attack on Turkish PMв's spouse prevented
    24.04.2015 15:56
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.24

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    An armed attack on Turkish prime minister's spouse Sare Davutoglu has been prevented, Milliyet newspaper reported Apr.24.

    Reportedly, the police have detained the armed person who attempted to attack during the opening of courses for reading Quran (holy book of Islam) in the Afyonkarahisar province.

    No other details of the incident have been reported.


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  • Mstislav Rostropovich Festival to see prominent musicians
    24.04.2015 15:52
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    The name of one of the greatest cellists and conductors of the 20th century, Mstislav Rostropovich is known by many people. Baku is going to host the 8th International Mstislav Rostropovich Festival on May 17-24.

    This festival follows an established tradition of excellence, presenting internationally renowned soloists and orchestras.

    A grandiose performance by the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra named after Uzeir Hajibeyli will open the ceremony at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic - named after Muslim Magomayev. Its Artistic director and chief conductor is Rauf Abdullayev.

    Olga Rostropovich, the daughter of Mstislav Rostropovich and the artistic director and president of the Mstislav Rostropovich Foundation, thanked President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva for their support.

    ''We are grateful to the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, President Aliyev and Mehriban Aliyeva for their big support and their dedication to honor the name of my father,'' she said commenting on the event.

    The festival will see the performance of many prominent music figures including famous Italian conductor Riccardo Muti, who will be accompanied by Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini.Over the past years, the festival has hosted the world's best symphony orchestras, choirs, and world-known soloists. Its programmes have been distinguished by their richness and variety, offering premiГЁres of new compositions, musical rarities, and works in different genres.

    The Festival has also promoted the dГ©buts of exceptionally gifted young musicians. Acclaimed by public and critics alike, the Mstislav Rostropovich Festival has acquired within a very short time an enviable international reputation, and today is recognized as one of the most important musical events.The festival is jointly organized by the Mstislav Rostropovich Foundation and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

    Rostropovich was born in Baku, Azerbaijan during the Soviet Union era in 1927. He was of mostly ethnic Russian ancestry, and his father was partly Polish.

    Rostropovich was internationally recognized as a staunch advocate of human rights, and he was awarded the 1974 Award of the International League of Human Rights.

    A five-time Grammy Award winner, he has become one of the West leading conductors. For 17 seasons, he was the permanent conductor and artistic director of the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, which was included in the list of one of the best American orchestras. Rostropovich appeared regularly in the Berlin Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as well as London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic.
  • Drug smuggling prevented
    24.04.2015 15:32
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    The National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan prevented smuggling of over 32 kilos of drugs into the country from Iran.

    The ministry reported on April 23 that nine people, including Azerbaijani citizen Abbasov Gabil, suspected of smuggling were arrested during the operations. The police found 200 grams of heroin, up to two kg of opium as well as more than four kg of hashish and more than seven kg of dried marijuana during a search of the menв's car.

    As a result of other operations up to 10 kg of opium were found, involving three Azerbaijani citizens -- Agayev Alikram, Tahir Ahmadov and Umud Nuriyev. The police estimated that all three conspired to smuggle drugs from Iran.

    Recently, the Ministry arrested suspects - Etibar Asadov, Togrul Hasanov, Anar Aliyev and Anar Najafov who wanted to smuggle four kg of opium and the same amount of dried marijuana to Azerbaijan from Iran.

    More than 1.5 kg of marijuana was found in Melikov Vurgun, who also was engaged in smuggling activities on the same route.

    In 2014, a smuggling of some 44kg of drug we into the country re prevented, while in 2012, the number of drug intercepted stood at 368kg. A total of 212.5 tons of narcotic plants were burnt by police. As a result some 1,824 people were arrested.
  • Alim Guliyev: No serious devaluation expected in manat if oil price stabilizes
    24.04.2015 15:32
    ''The Central Bank will direct current reserves to solution of this issue''.

    "No serious devaluation is expected in manat if oil price stabilizes", said the First Deputy Governor of the CBA Alim Guliyev at the meeting of Economic Policy Committee of Azerbaijani Parliament.

    According to him, dollar-euro relations influence exchange rate of manat: "However, no serious devaluation is expected in manat if oil price stabilizes. The Central Bank will direct current reserves to solution of this issue".
  • OIC condemns "elections" in Nagorno-Karabakh as illegal
    24.04.2015 15:24
    /By AzerNews/

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemned the upcoming fallacious "parliamentary elections" to be held in Azerbaijan's occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region.

    OIC Secretary General, Iyad Ameen Madani said the planned polls are "illegal" and "violate UN resolutions".

    Relying on the rulers in Yerevan the separatist authorities in Nagorno-Karabakh are going to play hardball against Baku by holding fictitious "parliamentary elections" on May 3, 2015.

    "The international community should condemn this process and recognize it as illegitimate," Ameen Madani said.

    He reaffirmed the constant principled position of the OIC that supports Baku's efforts to fetch a peaceful settlement in its territorial conflict with Armenia.

    The relevant international resolutions and respect for the principles of territorial integrity of states alongside the inviolability of internationally recognized borders should come as a basis for the resolution process, believes Ameen Madani.

    The OIC has joined the long list of countries standing in opposition to Armenia's aggressive and unlawful stance against Azerbaijan. Already the European Union, Iran, Palestine, Turkey, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Italy, and Switzerland have criticized the illegal puppet regime in Nagorno-Karabakh for creating tensions in the wake of the ''elections''.

    In response to the puppet regime's election scam, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry earlier in February called the upcoming "parliamentary elections" in Nagorno-Karabakh illegitimate, underscoring it as a deliberate move aimed at deteriorating peace talks and preventing any breakthrough in the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

    Moreover, the Azerbaijani authorities announced that they would interpret any step taken by the puppet regime in these territories as an act of aggression on another country's territory.

    Armenia's armed invasion into Azerbaijan's legal territory resulted in a severe conflict pushing the two neighboring countries into a bitter territorial dispute over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which Armenia-backed separatists seized from Azerbaijan in a bloody war in the early 1990s.

    Despite Baku's best efforts, peace in the occupied lands remains a mirage in the distance as Armenia refuses to comply with international law.

    Baku proposed a Great Peace Agreement project to work jointly on the conflict's settlement. Yerevan refused of course to seize such peace opportunity, preferring instead to support the occupation.
  • Kyrgyz president accepts PMв's resignation
    24.04.2015 15:23
    Kyrgyzstan's President Almazbek Atambayev accepted Joomart Otorbayev's resignation as the prime minister, TASS reported citing the information policy department of the president's office on Apr. 24.

    "The president signed the lsquo;Decree on the resignation of the prime minister and the republic's government," said the department.

    Based on this document, the entire cabinet is considered to have resigned from now on.

    "The persons, who were serving as the prime minister, the first deputy prime minister, deputy prime ministers, government members and administrative department heads, should continue serving as government members and administrative department heads in accordance with the previously held posts until the formation of a new government," read the decree.

    The document comes into force upon signature.

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  • Azerbaijani wrestlers win 6 European medals
    24.04.2015 15:10
    Azerbaijani sambo wrestlers have brought home a clutch of 6 medals, including a gold from the European Youth and Junior Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia.The gold medal came from Rashad Dunyamaliyev in the 52kg weight category,AzerTac state news agency reported.Namig Abbasli at 56kg gained silver medal, while Eyvaz Bakhshiyev and Elvin Jalilov scooped bronze medals of the tournament in the 48kg and 70kg divisions respectively.

  • GUAM holds 10th meeting of Working Group on Transport
    24.04.2015 15:10
    On April 22-23, 2015, the 10th Meeting of the Working Group on Transport took place in Kiev, Ukraine, AzerTag reports.

    The meeting involved delegations from GUAM member states and representatives from the GUAM Secretariat, the organization's headquarters in Kiev informed.

    The sides listened to presentations by participants, offering information on developments in the transport field within GUAM member states. The parties discussed issues related to establishing new projects and cooperation programs, based on the Development Concept for the GUAM Transport Corridor.

    The participants of the meeting were also informed about the development of "The Baltic Sea - Black Sea international Transport Corridor".

    As a result of discussions, the parties decided to hold a "GUAM-Transit-2" specialized conference to improve the legal and regulatory framework on the tariff policy aimed at attracting transit cargo flows for the international transport corridors passing through the territory of GUAM countries.

    The next meeting will be held in the second half current year.
  • Magnus still on top, Caruana saves sixth Shamkir Chess' round
    24.04.2015 15:05
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    The world grandmasters left behind the sixth round of the Shamkir Chess 2015 International Tournament, dedicated to Azerbaijan's late grandmaster Vugar Gashimov.

    The first game of the sixth day of the competition was held on April 23 in between current world champion Magnus Carlsen and Dutch Giri Anish. Even though both players tried to outmatch and outmaneuver each other, it became rather evident that a draw would have to be declared.

    Eventually the players agreed to a draw.

    ''I think Anish really likes his plus score against me. Heв's entitled to that,'' Magnus said following the game.

    Another match saw Rauf Mammadov play White against Vishy Anand. The first move of the game caused the audience to hold its breath. However, the game ended with a draw.

    Commenting on his game Rauf said ''Although I played with White it is always difficult to play with Anand. I think a draw is not a bad result.''

    The Indian GM said the game was not spectacular, and turned out to be ''gray''. ''Mammadov defended well. In general the game was ordinary. There was little chance to really move ahead.''

    After Magnus Carlsenв's quick draw, the game in between Wesley So and Azerbaijani Shahriyar Mammadyarov developed into a chance for So to join Norwegian GM in the Shamkir Chess lead.

    Talking about his strategy moving forward Wesley said, ''My last two games were not my best results, but I just have to deal with it. There are three games left against very good opponents and I have Black in two of those games, so Iв'll have to defend well."

    Azerbaijani GM called So a ''headache'' of his rivals, adding that playing with such a strong player is not an easy thing to do.

    The game in between English Adams Michael and French Vachier-Lagrave Maxime lasted to move 59th. B

    Answering on question on whether or not he ever felt he could win Adams said, ''At some stages I was making a bit of progress but around the time control we seemed to come to a bit of an impasse. It seems to be impossible to keep the major pieces on in any sensible way.''

    He associated a reason for the draw with the rest day ''It was quite a busy free day, actually!''

    When everyone expected to see the sixth roundв's fifth draw - the game in between Fabiano and Kramnik -, Fabiano managed to outplay Kramnik and claim victory.

    Carlsen now leads by half a point, with 4.5 going into the final three rounds, following by Wesley with 4.0 points. Anand is on the third place on the table with 3.5 points, leaving behind Mammadyarov and Caruana with 3.0 points each. Kramnik, Giri, Mammadov, Maxime have 2.5 points respectively, while Adams closes the table with 2 points.

    The seventh round of the tournament will be held on April 24.

    Anand Viswanathan (2791)- Adams Michael(2746)Mamedyarov Shakhriyar (2754) - Mamedov Rauf (2651)

    Caruana Fabiano (2802) - So Wesley (2788)

    Carlsen Magnus (2863) - Kramnik Vladimir (2783)

    Vachier-Lagrave Maxime (2762) - Giri Anish (2790)

    The fund price of the tournament which will last until April 26 stands at €100,000. A day of rest is set for April 22.
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