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Arshin mal alan by great Uzeyir Hajibeyli conquers Los Angeles
08.09.2013 22:09
Los Angeles has hosted the premiere of Arshin mal alan (The Cloth Peddler), a world-known operetta by great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli.

The operetta was performed by an all American team and produced by famous director Michael Schnack. Actors had diligent rehearsals for several months. They said the toughest thing to do was to learn to sing in Azerbaijani.

James Judd, who played the musical comedy`s main character, Asgar, said it took them a long time to learn the words of arias.

Asha Lindsey, who played Gulchohra, said she learned a lot about Azerbaijan`s history and culture, as well as Islam when she played in Arhshin mal alan for the first time seven years ago. "I have many Azerbaijani friends. I can tell much about this unique country. I know very well what my character wants. If Gulchohra lived now, she would have been very brave," Lindsey added.

Michael Schnack said the Americans have a different approach to tradition, especially in an artistic sense. "Younger generations in America are open to changes. One of the reasons why Azerbaijan is of such interest to Americans is that the West was once strongly influencing this country."

Hundred years ago helped by oil tycoon and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, Uzeyir Hajibeyli presented his brainchild to the world. Symbolically, hundred years later this masterpiece of Hajibeyli is staged in the USA with the support from the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCA), a major actor on the global energy market. The Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism greatly contributed to organizing the event.

It was Los Angeles where in 1937 Armenians attempted to plagiarize this masterpiece by great Hajibeyli.

Azerbaijan`s Consul General Nasimi Aghayev said California is home to 1.5 million Armenians, with most of them living in Los Angeles. "The Armenian lobby is carrying out active propaganda against us. In order to prevent this we must make the truths about Azerbaijan known to the American society, and we are doing this. And the best way to do this is to promote Azerbaijan`s reach cultural legacy," said the Consul General.

The musical comedy was played to a full house at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, one of the premier opera houses of the world also famous for hosting Oscar Awards ceremonies in 1970-90s. An audience of 3,000 people enjoyed this comic and romantic story of love full of songs and humor for about two hours. The performance received a standing ovation.

Following the performance the guests who came to watch it were exchanging their impressions. Some said they enjoyed the music, while others were amazed by the setting and the national costumes.

Kalma Blumber, a Los Angeles resident, said: "It`s fantastic. Amazing music, unique costumes, a very impressive story. I`ve discovered much about Azerbaijan, its history. It`s a sensation."

Austrian Consul in Los Angeles Liliana Popova said: "Great, breathtaking music. My brother is a pianist. He worked with a symphonic orchestra in Baku, and I have many recollections of that time. And I`m very happy today. I`m really amazed by today`s performance."

Jim Kerkman, a Los Angeles resident, said: "It`s a remarkable event that opens the door for us to the beautiful East in a true sense of the word."

The Cloth Peddler conquered Los Angeles, which is considered the movie capital of the world and is home to Hollywood. But to amaze Hollywood is no easy task.
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    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that negotiation was the only way to final settlement of Iran's nuclear issue.Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with the newly-appointed accredited ambassador of Iceland to Tehran Gonar Pulsen who had called on him to submit his credentials, Iran'...
  • 22 killed in Baghdad bomb attack
    23.07.2014 07:53
    At least 22 people were killed and 45 others wounded in a car bomb explosion in the capital Baghdad on Tuesday, a source from the Interior Ministry said, Xinhua reported.

    A suicide bomber blew up himself at a checkpoint in a Shiite- majority district of Kadhimiyah area, north of Baghdad, killing 22 people and injuring 45 others, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

    Iraq has been witnessing some of the worst violence in years. Earlier on Tuesday, Iraqi security forces killed about 117 insurgents in a series of battles with the Sunni militant groups across Iraq, as the government forces were trying to take back the lands seized by rebel fighters recently.

    More than one month ago, armed Sunni insurgents, spearheaded by the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant, launched a surprise offensive on Iraqi security forces. The group has captured a large part of the country's northern and western territories.

    Terrorist attacks and violence have killed 5,576 civilians and wounded more than 11,666 others in Iraq in the first half of this year, according to a report released on Friday by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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  • Qassam brigades says hit Israeli F-16 over Gaza
    23.07.2014 05:53
    The Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas, said early Wednesday that its fighters have managed to hit an Israeli F-16 warplane over the Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reported.

    "Our air defense unit managed at 19:40 local time [16:40 GMT] to target and hit an [Israeli] F-16 with a surface-to-air missile over Deir al-Balah city in central Gaza, as the plane was preparing to strike a target," the brigades said in a brief statement.

    The statement gave no further details, and the Israeli army is yet to comment.

    Meanwhile, an Israeli policeman was injured on Tuesday during clashes with Palestinian protesters in the occupied East Jerusalem, the Israeli police said.

    According to the police, the injured policeman was hit by a stone and was moved to hospital with slight wounds.

    Clashes were reported in several areas across the holy city, including Shuafat, Isawiya, and Jabal Mukabbir districts, the police said.

    The Palestinian protesters hurled stones, Molotov cocktails and fireworks at the police troops, leaving a police vehicle damaged, the police added.

    The brigades in earlier statements had announced that it shot down three Israeli drones in separate incidents over Gaza since the Israeli army commenced a wide-scale military operation against the Palestinian enclave earlier this month.

    Since July 7, Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip with fierce aerial bombardments with the ostensible aim of halting rocket fire.

    At least 635 Palestinians have been killed - mostly civilians - and more than 4000 others injured in Israel's ongoing offensive, now in its third week.

    According to official Israeli figures, 28 Israeli soldiers and two civilians have been killed since the hostilities began.

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  • Over 100 candidates to compete for Iraqi presidency
    23.07.2014 03:52
    More than 100 candidates are vying for the Iraqi presidency as lawmakers prepare to choose the nation 's new leadership, and build an inclusive government while the country is severely divided by sectarian rifts and grappling with an ongoing Islamist insurgency, Xinhua reported.

    "Over 100 people nominated themselves for the presidency in a legitimate competition and all the candidates have submitted their resumes," newly-elected Speaker Salim al-Jubouri told a news conference in Baghdad on Tuesday.

    Iraq's power-sharing consensus stipulates that the president should be a member of the Kurdish minority, while the speakership is reserved for a Sunni Arab and the prime minister for a Shiite.

    The agreement has been supported by the leading Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political parties, though it has not been incorporated in the country's constitution.

    It now seems that most of legislators, who belong to the leading political blocs, are likely to respect the power-sharing agreement by choosing a Kurdish candidate as the new Iraqi president.

    Though Kurdish leaders have not revealed their final decisions, they are expected to name their candidate in the coming days. Media reports indicate Fuad Masoum, head of the Kurdish Alliance in Iraq's parliament, and Barham Salih, deputy secretary general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, were among the candidates nominated.

    The announcement came days after parliament's election of Speaker Salim al-Jubouri. The country's constitution requires a new president to be chosen 30 days after the speaker is elected.

    Around two weeks after the new head of state is elected, the bloc with the most lawmakers will nominate a prime minister that will be responsible for forming a new government.

    Early in July, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki refused to withdraw his candidacy despite wide-ranging criticism for his domestic policy and the mishandling of the Sunni onslaught, and, because of his stubbornness, a political deadlock is well expected.

    With the country's ever deepening security crisis, forming a new and inclusive unity government is more vital for Iraq than ever as Iraq's leaders struggle to counter the Sunni Islamist insurgency that has snatched large swathes of the country from the central government's control.

    Iraq has been witnessing its worst violence in years. Well over a month ago armed Sunni insurgents, spearheaded by the Islamic State, an al-Qaida breakaway group, launched a surprise offensive that stunned the world as the militants captured large part of the country's northern and western territories after Iraqi security forces fled their posts, abandoning their military equipment and leaving behind thousands of civilians.

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  • Netanyahu urges Kerry to resume Israel-bound flights
    23.07.2014 03:38
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to intervene to resume U.S. flights to Israel, Anadolu Agency reported.

    Sources in Netanyahu's office said that the Israeli Premier urged the top U.S. diplomat to intervene to resume U.S. flights to the self-proclaimed Jewish state.

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) earlier told U.S. airlines to halt flights to Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport for up to 24 hours over the ongoing violence in the Palestinian territories.

    Several European airlines have also suspended flights to Ben-Gurion Airport, including Lufthansa Airlines and Air France, after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck the area.

    Israel's Transportation Ministry said that it was trying to reverse the decision to suspend flights to Israel.

    "Ben-Gurion Airport is safe and completely guarded and there is no reason whatsoever that American companies would stop their flights and hand terror a prize," it said in a statement.

    Violence has engulfed the Palestinian territories since July 7 when Israel launched a military offensive in the Gaza Strip with the ostensible aim of halting rocket fire.

    At least 635 Palestinians have been killed and more than 4000 injured in the ongoing Israeli attacks, now in the third week.

    Gaza-based resistance factions, meanwhile, have continued to fire rockets at Israeli cities in response to the relentless Israeli attacks.

    Thirty Israelis, mostly soldiers, have been killed since hostilities began.

    Israel's military operation, dubbed "Operation Protective Edge," is the self-proclaimed Jewish state's third major offensive against the densely-populated Gaza Strip - which is home to some 1.8 million Palestinians - within the last six years.

    In 2008/9, over 1500 Palestinians were killed in Israel's three-week-long "Operation Cast Lead."

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  • President: IranЛ€s medical help is not allowed to reach Gaza
    23.07.2014 02:18
    President Hassan Rouhani, by referring to barbaric attacks of Israil against defenseless and innocent people of Gaza Strip, said that unfortunately IranЛ€s medical help has not been allowed to reach Gaza Strip, IRNA reported.

    He made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian athletes here on Tuesday evening.

    The president added Iran is ready to accept Palestinian injured in hospitals here.

    Rouhani added Iranians are very sad because of ruthless massacre of Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

    They are invading Gaza by all type of weapons from land, sea and air and killing children, women and the elderly, said President Rouhani.

    Л€I hope that oppressed Palestinians can be victorious in their unequal fight and I have no doubt that the invaders would be defeated again,Л€ concluded President Rouhani.

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  • FM: Azerbaijan was successful in strengthening cooperation with EU
    23.07.2014 01:21
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 23

    By Seba Agayeva - Trend:

    Availing itself of the Eastern Partnership tools, Azerbaijan has been successful in strengthening cooperation with EU based on my country's development agenda and priorities, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov said at fifth meeting of the foreign ministers of member countries of the EU "Eastern Partnership" in Brussels.

    He also added, as an active contributor to the implementation of Vilnius Summit Declaration, Azerbaijan made considerable efforts to bring in more of the EU best practices and standards. We acknowledged the mobility of our citizens in a well-managed and secure environment as an important element of the Eastern Partnership and, therefore, we signed Mobility Partnership, Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements. The last two agreements due to enter into force in the coming months will promote business and cultural contacts between our citizens, as well as help efficiently address migration issues.

    "Another remarkable development in our Euro-integration process has been the signature of the Protocol on Azerbaijan's participation in EU programs, which was inked during the June visit of Mr. Jose Manuel Barrosso, President of the European Commission, to Azerbaijan. This framework document will give Azerbaijani institutions and citizens a greater access to EU programs ranging from education and research to culture, arts and science. We look forward to increasing cooperation between Azerbaijani institutions and relevant EU agencies in capacity building and promoting exchange of expertise in key domains", minister said.

    Minister added that Azerbaijan is planning to host a high-level Ministerial Conference on the neighborhood policy of the Council of Europe in Baku in November 2014.

    "As a country located at the crossroads of two continents, which enjoys strong historical relations with European and Asian countries, Azerbaijan intends to support Europe's endeavours to ensure more secure and prosperous neighbourhood. The Conference will provide a valuable forum for exploring the avenues for a long-term engagement with the countries covered by the neighbourhood policy through strengthened political dialogue", Mammadyarov said.

    According to him, another important event that the Azerbaijani chairmanship intends to organise within the EU - Council of Europe cooperation is the celebration event of the European Heritage Days, which is the joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission. The event scheduled for early October in Baku is meant to give additional impetus to the objectives of the Heritage Days and raise further awareness of the need and importance to protect cultural heritage.

    "Speaking about the upcoming future, I would like to inform you that Azerbaijan will be glad to host the next informal meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Energy of the Eastern Partnership in Baku on 8-9 September of this year", minister said.

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  • Azerbaijan urges EU to end illegal trading practices of Armenia in occupied territories
    23.07.2014 01:11
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Seba Agayeva - Trend:

    Azerbaijan urged the EU to end illegal trading practices of Armenia in occupied territories.

    "It came to our attention that goods produced by Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and other occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan have been allowed to enter the EU market under various fraudulent labels in contradiction to the rules of origin and the commitments undertaken by Armenia in the World Trade Organization agreements", Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov said at fifth meeting of the foreign ministers of member countries of the EU "Eastern Partnership" in Brussels.

    He also added that it is a clear case of violation by Armenia of its WTO obligations.

    Azerbaijani FM called upon European partners to undertake all measures to prevent such distortive steps by the Armenian side.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

    As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the U.S. are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented four U.N. Security Council resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

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  • Relatively strong quake shakes in Iranian Kerman province
    23.07.2014 00:03
    A relatively strong quake measuring 5 on Richter scale shook Menojan in mid-south province of Kerman on Tuesday evening, IRNA reported.

    According to the report of seismography center affiliated to Tehran University Geophysics Institute, the tremor occurred at 19:52 hours local time (16:22 hours GMT) and its epicenter was at 45.57 degrees latitude and 50.27 degrees longitude and in depth of 7.8 kilometers underground.

    There is no immediate report on possible casualties or damage.

    Menojan is located 423 kilometers far from Kerman city, capital of the province.

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  • 21 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan's Aghdam region
    23.07.2014 00:03
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 23


    Today, 21 years pass since the occupation of Azerbaijan's Aghdam region by Armenia.

    Armenian invaders occupied the major part of the Aghdam region on July 23, 1993. The Armenian aggressors seized around 882 sq km of 1,094 sq km territory of Aghdam, one city and 80 villages. Some 128,000 people have become internally displaced persons with 17,000 of them being adults.

    As a result of occupation of Aghdam, Azerbaijan underwent a material damage worth of $6.179 billion. The damage only to the region's agriculture is estimated at 992.8 million AZN. Over 6,000 people died during the fights in Aghdam.

    At present, the population growth of Aghdam is 10 percent. IDPs of Aghdam have been settled in Azerbaijan's 59 regions.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan. As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the U.S. are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented the U.N. Security Council's four resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

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  • Zarif: Iran ready to accept Palestinian injured in its hospitals
    22.07.2014 23:58
    Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran is ready to accept Palestinian injured in its hospitals, IRNA reported.

    Speaking in inter-parliamentary troika meeting of Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries (PUIC) about situation in Palestine and military invasion of Gaza Strip, Zarif said,Л€I hope the meeting, which has been held to reach tactics to confront the Zionist regime in its invasion of Gaza, will be able to find practical tactics to end such tragic human disaster in Gaza Strip.Л€

    He pointed out that the Israil since more than two weeks ago by ignoring human principles and international laws and human rights principles by using the most advanced weapons had started invasion of Gaza by land, sea and air.

    Zarif said that a large number of victims are children, women and adults and the Gaza Strip, because of its blockade, is facing with an intensive crisis for lack of medicine, medical services and relief aids.

    He continued that continuation of the situation will bring a catastrophe in the area, which surely would not be acceptable for the world community.

    Zarif stressed that in such situation a big responsibility is on the shoulders of world community and related international organizations, especially the UN Security Council and High Commission for Human Rights as well as all supporting bodies of peace-loving countries to prompt cease of Israil invasion of Gaza and removing blockade of the area and reopening all passing points and creation of a sustainable mechanism for dispatching international humanitarian aids for Gaza Strip.

    IranЛ€s senior diplomat added that Iran is fully ready to send humanitarian aids such as relief equipment, medicine and foodstuff to Gaza, immediately, but because of blockade it is not possible.

    He praised initiative and efforts of Islamic inter-parliamentary union secretariat and Majlis in holding such important meeting and wished success for the meeting.

    Zarif continued that IranЛ€s Foreign Ministry and Government are fully ready for every kind of cooperation with PUIC in direction of an effective move to cease immediately the invasion of Israil and full removal of blockade of Gaza Strip and help to hero nation of Palestine.

    At the end of this meeting on Tuesday afternoon, TurkeyЛ€s parliament Speaker Jamil Chichek proposed one day national mourning in Islamic states to be declared and IranЛ€s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, in this concern, offered the day to be declared on next Friday, which is World Day of Quds, and participants in the meeting supported the idea.

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  • Azerbaijani FM discussed ways of resolving of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
    22.07.2014 23:34
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Trend:

    Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov has met with the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, along with participation in the fifth meeting of the foreign ministers of member countries of the EU "Eastern Partnership" in Brussels, said in statement of Foreign Ministry.

    During the meeting the sides discussed the principles well known to the public, as well as ways to accelerate the process of resolving of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the basis of statements voiced by co-chairs.

    It should be noted that the presidents of the co-chair countries in their speeches repeatedly noted the unacceptable of status quo.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

    As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the U.S. are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented four U.N. Security Council resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

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  • World War I planes still flying 95 years later
    22.07.2014 22:53
    Of the 55,000 planes that were manufactured by the Royal Army Corps during World War I only 20 remain in airworthy condition. Six of these belong to The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire, England '" making it the most complete collection of original airworthy WWI aircraft in the world.

    Above, Shuttleworth Collection pilot Rob Millinship, poses next to a Sopwith Pup before an air demonstration of the rare WWI aircraft on July 21 in Biggleswade, England.
  • NASA names building for Neil Armstrong
    22.07.2014 21:38
    NASA honored one of its most famous astronauts Monday by renaming a historic building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

    It now bears the name of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon when the Apollo 11 mission landed there 45 years ago.

    Armstrong, who died in 2012, was remembered at a ceremony as not only an astronaut but also as an aerospace engineer, a test pilot and university professor. Michael Collins, who orbited the moon as Armstrong took his historic steps on July 20, 1969, said he had a "powerful combination of curiosity and intelligence" along with an intuitive grasp of the complexities of flight machinery.

    "Neil probably liked hangars better than office buildings, but he was certainly good in either venue," Collins said.

    NASA renamed the Operations and Checkout Building, also known as the Oamp;C, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been the last stop for astronauts before their flights since 1965. It was also used to test and process Apollo spacecraft. Itв's where the Orion spacecraft is now being assembled to send astronauts to an asteroid and later to Mars.

    The renaming ceremony included remarks by Apollo 11 crew member Buzz Aldrin and backup mission commander Jim Lovell.
  • Media outlets face new tasks in current reality, top official says
    22.07.2014 21:38
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

    Today, Azerbaijan is the only country where journalists are provided with apartments at the state's expense, Head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Public and Political Issues Department, Ali Hasanov said.

    He made the remarks at the event dedicated to the 139th anniversary of the National Press Day in Azerbaijan on July 22.

    "As is known, a separate building with around 156 apartments was built for journalists in accordance with the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev 'On measures taken to strengthen the social security of the Azerbaijani press workers' dated July 22, 2010," Hasanov said.

    "The ceremony of opening this building took place on July 22, 2013 with participation of President Aliyev and the fully renovated apartments were handed over to journalists. On the same day, the president laid the foundation of a new building with 250 apartments for media representatives".

    Hasanov went on to add that numerous measures taken over the past years, have significantly affected the development of media, contributed to increase in their number and improving the quality of information.

    "To date, over 5,000 media outlets have been registered in corresponding state structures in Azerbaijan. Around 40 daily, over 200 weekly and monthly media outlets, more than 20 news agencies, about 300 active Internet resources, over 50 TV and radio channels, tens of printed press distribution companies operate in the country," Hasanov stressed.

    "President Aliyev constantly wonders about the problems of the media, he meets with journalists and takes necessary steps for media's comprehensive development," he noted.

    Hasanov added that it's not accidental that the representatives of the Azerbaijani media highly appreciated the attention and care of Ilham Aliyev and presented him the 'Friend of journalists' award twice - in 2010 and 2013.

    He went on to add that Azerbaijan has become a dynamically developing modern country with strong influence in the international arena; a country where the democratic reforms are getting even more intensified.

    "The media outlets, as well as the national press face new tasks in the current reality. As President Aliyev pointed out in his speeches, today, the Azerbaijani media should play a more effective role in creating a modern society, strengthening the national unity and tolerance, developing the democratic consciousness, preserving and promoting national and moral values," Ali Hasanov noted.

    "By effectively using the global information space and the opportunities created by the modern information and communication technologies, Azerbaijani media should expand the area of activity, be recognized in the international arena and bring the Azerbaijani realities to the world community."

    At the same time, preserving its historical values, the traditions of the Ekinchi newspaper, journalism should be guided by the principles of professionalism, objectivity, impartiality, high national consciousness and patriotism, according to Hasanov.

    Hasanov congratulated journalists with the 139th anniversary of the National Press and wished them good heath and success in their work.

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  • Soler-Espinoza stops Danka Kovinic at Baku Cup 2014
    22.07.2014 21:09
    Danka Kovinic of Montenegro, who moved to the third round after winning such strong rivals as Julia Kohen (USA) and Aleksandra Panova (RUS) during the qualifying matches, could not go any further.

    She met Silvia Soler-Espinoza of Spain and was not able to seriously resist her opponent.

    The Spanish player, who is the No 73 seed in the world, won the first set against Kovinic 6-2. Despite Kovinic`s efforts to change the score in her favour, she was unsuccessful.

    Soler Espinoza won also this set 6-4 and made the score 2-0. This will bring her to the 1/8 final. Her next rival will be the winner of the last year "Baku Cup" Elina Svitolina of Ukraine.
  • Experts from West to consult Georgian Prosecutorв's Office
    22.07.2014 20:58
    Tbilisi, Georgia, July 22

    By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:


    World famous prosecutors have arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia at the invitation of the country's prosecutor general Giorgi Badashvili.

    The invited guests are the former senior prosecutors of the United States, Israel, and Yugoslavia, according to Georgian Prosecutor General's Office.

    "The Prosecutor General's Office plans to create a group of consultants from the invited experts in order to maximally study their experience and recommendations. It is important in terms of improving the international standards for investigating the cases of former senior officials and for the transparency of the process," the Prosecutor General's Office said.

    Edited by CN

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  • ISIS claims seizure of one more SOCAR tanker in Syria
    22.07.2014 20:56
    Nizameddin Guliyev: SOCAR has no petrol station in Syria, this automobile does not belong to the company

    Baku. Hafiz Heydarov - APA. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has issued a statement on seizure of one more petrol tanker owned by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).

    ISIS militants have also released the photo of the automobile.

    Spokesman for SOCAR Nizameddin Guliyev told APA-Economics that this information is false.

    "SOCAR resolutely declares that it has no petrol station in Syria, this automobile does not belong to the company. The car number also raises suspicion. Such events happened previously. Then it was stated that some groups sometimes use the brands of well-known companies, including SOCAR in their provocations. The recently released photos can be regarded as such attempts," Guliyev said.

    According to the previous information spread by Syrian mujahideen, the automobile owned by SOCAR had been seized. Spokesman for SOCAR Nizameddin Guliyev told APA that the logo on the automobile is faked.

    "We do not have business in Syria, this automobile can not belong to us. When the photo is enlarged, it can be seen that this logo is faked. SOCAR's logo was faked in other countries, too, it was prevented. Such cases show that SOCAR's prestige is high and its logo is counterfeited and used," he said.
  • Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja
    22.07.2014 20:55
    Iraqi government air strikes killed 19 people, including children, in Falluja on Monday and Tuesday, a health official in the militant-held city said.

    The Iraqi army has been shelling Falluja, 70 km (44 miles) west of Baghdad, for months, trying to drive out Sunni militants from the group now known as Islamic State. The insurgents, backed by discontented local Sunni tribal leaders, overran the city in January, Reuters reported.

    Ahmed al-Shami, spokesman for the Falluja health office - the local arm of the health ministry - said the 19 dead included women and children and that Falluja hospital had also received 38 wounded people since Monday evening.

    Residents of Falluja and the nearby town of Garma said helicopters fired artillery and dropped three barrel bombs on Falluja and two on Garma.

    Barrel bombs - powerful makeshift weapons made from high explosives, cement and metal parts packed into oil drums, usually dropped from helicopters - have gained notoriety in the region because of their use in neighboring Syria by President Bashar al-Assad's forces to flatten buildings in rebel-held area.

    Scores of people have died since January in what residents describe as massive indiscriminate bombardment. In May, witnesses in Falluja and a mid-level security officer in Anbar province said barrel bombs had been dropped on the city.

    The government denies indiscriminate attacks, saying it targets insurgents, but a mid-level security officer in Anbar province has previously confirmed that barrel bombs have been dropped on Falluja.

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's military spokesman, Lieutenant General Qassim Atta, was not immediately available to comment on this week's attacks.

    Some 560,000 people have fled Anbar province - the large area of western Iraq where Falluja is located - since the Islamic State takeover in January, according to New York-based humanitarian organization, the International Rescue Committee.

    Islamic State took a further vast swathe of northern territory last month that caused large numbers of government soldiers to desert their units and run for their lives, shifting the main battleground in a civil war pitting the Shi'ite-led Baghdad government against a well-equipped Sunni insurgency.

    Maliki's office said on Tuesday he had met Sunni tribal leaders from several provinces where the conflict is raging. Anger with Maliki's government has encouraged some Sunni armed groups to stick with the hardline Islamic State despite ideological differences, officials and tribal leaders say.

    The conflict, which threatens to break up Iraq along ethnic and sectarian lines, has killed almost 5,600 civilians this year, according to the latest United Nations figures.

    In the town of Abu al-Khaseeb, south of the predominantly Shi'ite city of Basra, gunmen broke into a Sunni mosque on Tuesday during prayers, killing the preacher and kidnapping four men who were praying, police sources said.

    The body of one of the kidnapped men was found dumped on the side of a road near the mosque, the sources said.

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  • U.S. Delta airlines cancel all flights to Israel indefinitely
    22.07.2014 20:53
    Delta Air Lines is canceling all flights to Israel until further notice, citing reports that a rocket landed near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, AP reported.

    A Delta Boeing 747 from New York was flying over the Mediterranean headed for Tel Aviv on Tuesday when it turned around and flew to Paris instead. Flight 468 had 273 passengers and 17 crew on board.

    US Airways, which has one daily flight from Philadelphia, canceled that flight Tuesday and the return trip from Tel Aviv. United Airlines, which has two flights daily to Israel out of Newark, N.J., did comment immediately on the status of those flights.

    Airlines and passengers are growing more anxious about safety since last week, when a Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

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  • Envoy says Gaza cease-fire draft circulating UN
    22.07.2014 20:53
    The Palestinian U.N. envoy says a draft U.N. resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip will be formally circulated to the Security Council, AP reported.

    Riyad Mansour told reporters before the Security Council's monthly meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Mideast on Tuesday that the resolution would be given to all 15 council members later Tuesday. It was endorsed by the Palestinians' supporters last week.

    A draft dated July 18 and obtained by The Associated Press calls for "an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire, including the withdrawal of Israeli occupying forces from the Gaza Strip."

    It also calls for "all necessary measures to ensure the protection of civilians, including the immediate cessation of military reprisals, collective punishment and excessive use of force against the Palestinian civilian population."

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  • Kerry urges Hamas to end conflict, has 'constructive' Egypt talks
    22.07.2014 20:43
    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged Hamas on Tuesday to pursue a negotiated end to its conflict with Israel after what he said were constructive talks with Egyptian officials about their ceasefire proposal, Reuters reported.

    After meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whose country has mediated in the Arab-Israeli conflict in the past, Kerry said there was still "work to do" to try to resolve conflict in which more than 600 people have died.

    "Hamas has a fundamental choice to make and it is a choice that will have a profound impact for the people of Gaza," Kerry told reporters in a joint appearance with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shukri.

    "The Egyptians have provided a framework and a forum for them to be able to come to the table to have a serious discussion together with other factions of the Palestinians."

    Hamas has already rejected the Egyptian initiative, saying the plan ignores its demands for the release of prisoners and for a more comprehensive lifting of an economic blockade on the Gaza Strip.

    Egypt is deeply suspicious of Hamas because it is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist movement toppled by then army chief Sisi last year. Hamas has complained that Cairo froze it out of talks on the ceasefire proposal.

    Cairo says it has consulted with all Palestinian factions.

    Kerry, who earlier in the day met separately with Shukri and with Arab League chief Nabil el-Araby, stressed that after any ceasefire was achieved the parties would need to grapple with the underlying issues in their conflict.

    "Just reaching a ceasefire, clearly, is not enough," he said. "It is imperative that there be a serious engagement, discussion, negotiation, regarding the underlying issues and addressing all of the concerns that have brought us to where we are today."

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  • Sorana Cirstea defeated the semi-finalist of the last year
    22.07.2014 20:39
    No 1 seed of "Baku Cup 2014" finished the first match as a winner.

    No 29 seed in the world, No 1 seed of the tournament Sorana Cirstea of Romania faced Ons Jabeur of Tunisia who participates in the tournament upon a wild card.

    24-year-old Cirstea demonstrated dominance in the match against her 20-year-old rival. Despite the Romanian player faced serious resistance of her opponent time to time did not leave any room for surprises.

    Cirstea won both sets 6-3 and rose to the 1/8 final with the match score 2-0. She will face Stefanie Voegele of Switzerland in the next round.

    We recall that last year Ons Jabeur could move forward as high as the semi-finals.
  • President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the Jafar Jabbarli park after reconstruction
    22.07.2014 20:35
    President of theRepublicofAzerbaijan Ilham Aliyevhas reviewed theJafar Jabbarli park after the reconstruction work as part of his visit to Khizi.

    The measures towards the socio-economic progress of regions have been dramatically increased using the revenues gained as a result ofthestrengtheningofthe country's economy.Among these measures, a special place is occupied by the creationorreconstruction of parks, alleysand recreation centers. TheJafar Jabbarli park in Khizi is one of the parksthat wasreconstructedto modern standards.Its reconstructionis of particular importance bothsocially and morally. Thepark pays tributetoAzerbaijan`s famous playwright Jafar Jafarli, who was born in Khizi.

    These measures prove that the Azerbaijani governmenthasalways respectedthe memoryof outstanding personalities and carried out great work to ensure thefuture generations` awareness oftheir activities.

    The head of state laid flowers at a monument to Jafar Jafarli erected in the park.

    The Azerbaijani President was informed about the landscaping and construction work in the park. It was noted that comprehensive conditions had been created in the park,which covers an area of5,800 square meters, for the recreation oflocalresidents. Green areaswerelaid out.Even the smallest detailsweretaken into account during the reconstruction work, and thanks to this thepark has become one of the most beautiful places in Khizi. The conditions created here demonstrate the scale of landscaping and construction work carried out in the district in general. Conditions created in this park named after outstanding playwright Jafar Jabbarli, who had great servicesin terms of thedevelopment oftheAzerbaijanitheatre art, open wide opportunities forthe effective organization of recreationforboth local residents and guestsof the district.
  • President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the Heydar Aliyev Center in Khizi
    22.07.2014 20:31
    The Heydar Aliyev Center has opened in Khizi.

    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the center.

    Important work is being done and vital projects are being implemented in the regions of our country including Khizi in order to memorialize national leader Heydar Aliyev who has exceptional services in overall development of our country and strengthening the statehood of Azerbaijan. The Heydar Aliyev Center, which was newly built in the center of the region, is an example of deep respect for the national leader. The center houses photos and items reflecting the life and activity of the national leader and spanning different periods. It has photos, books and other items reflecting the measures to improve the image of Azerbaijan in an international arena, prevent the civil war in our country during first years of independence thanks to the purposeful policy of the great personality, lift the economy out of deep crisis and put it on the growth path and build up the strong military. The Heydar Aliyev Center, which is of great importance for popularizing Azerbaijanism philosophy of national leader Heydar Aliyev, ensuring participation of the Azerbaijani citizens in large-scale projects related to the fate of their homeland, nation and people as part of ongoing processes in the world, making them determined to realize their dreams and intentions, reflects the modern realities of Azerbaijan too.

    The Head of State cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the Heydar Aliyev Center.

    It was informed that the construction of the center began in April 2013. The area around the building was largely developed and rebuilt. A bust of the national leader was mounted in the foyer of the center, which is unique for its interior. The center has many historical documents on the life and activity of national leader Heydar Aliyev. The photos dating back to childhood, youth, student years of the national leader as well as to both soviet and independence periods are welcomed with great interest. These pictures reflect various aspects of the national leader`s rule in Azerbaijan during the Soviet era and years of independence. In addition, there are books documents and other items related to the national leader in the center. The photo stand reflecting President Ilham Aliyev`s visit to Khizi also arouse great interest. The Heydar Aliyev centers across the country began to host marriage ceremonies for youngsters. It was noted that the center is scheduled to arrange registration of acts of civil status and this kind of ceremonies.

    Latest achievements in urban development were used in construction of the center. There are an exhibition hall, a cafe, lounges and other auxiliary rooms. Interesting paintings are displayed in the open exhibition hall. The center will house a library, a kitchen, folk art studios, music and sculpture circles. These circles enable the youth to master the secrets of various arts, and effectively spend their free time. A computer room, painting and design studios, a virtual classroom here are very interesting in terms of their modernity. Every opportunity was created for organizing the events at the high-level related to the political and social events and big days. It is scheduled to conduct socio-political and cultural events in the 230-seat event and small conference halls including open classes to popularize rich heritage of national leader Heydar Aliyev. People can use a 3D cinema hall and a shooting gallery here.

    After getting familiarized with the Heydar Aliyev Center, the head of state met with the general public.

    Honored teacher Khatira Shahgaldiyeva thanked President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of the residents of the district.

    Then a picture was taken.
  • Second player from Azerbaijan also defeated in "Baku Cup 2014"
    22.07.2014 20:29
    Nazrin Jafarova says good-bye to the tournament.

    No 62 seed of the world, 21-year-old Jana Cepelova faced 16-year-old Nazrin Jafarova from Azerbaijan in the Centre Court of the Baku Tennis Academy.

    Nazrin Jafarova, who participates in the tournament upon the wild card similarly to the last year, could not seriously resist her strong rival.

    Nazrin won only one service in the first set, but that was not enough to win the set and she lost it 1-6. Cepelova did not leave any chance for Nazrin in the second set and won 6-0, thus making the overall score 2-0.

    The next opponent of Cepelova who therefore is in the 1/8 final will be Pualine Parmentier from France.

    We mention that another representative of Azerbaijan Zuleykha Safarova was defeated during the qualifying games on the first day of the tournament by Aleksandra Sasnovic of Belarus 0-2 (2-6, 1-6).
  • President Ilham Aliyev reviewed 25 newly-built private houses in Khizi
    22.07.2014 20:25
    President of theRepublicofAzerbaijan Ilham Aliyevhas reviewed 25 newly-built private houses in Khizi.

    Azerbaijanis one of the few countries where the government builds houses for those whose houses were destroyed in natural disasters. Twenty-five houses were under the threat of collapsingas a result of natural processes in the city ofKhizi. The new houses were built for the owners of the damaged houses under the instructions of the head of state. The work was carried out in a short period of time and with goodquality.Such measures once again prove that it is the human factor that lies at the heart of the policy pursued by the government ofAzerbaijanunder President Ilham Aliyev. These are real results of the activities of the head of state who said: "I will be the president for every Azerbaijani." These projects are part of what the Azerbaijani government is doing to improve the citizens` social welfare and living conditions. This also shows Azerbaijan`s economic power and potential.

    It was said that previous houses of the residents of the new community became unserviceableas a result of exogenous processes, including enormous precipitation, landslides and landslips.

    All conditions were created in the two-storey four-room houses. Each house has its own land plotof seven hundred square metres.
  • Doctor secretly filmed patients
    22.07.2014 20:24
    A leading US medical school will pay $202.7 million to patients of a gynaecologist who secretly photographed and videotaped them in his office, lawyers say.

    At least 8,500 women are part of a class action involving the Johns Hopkins University and physician Nikita Levy, who took his life in February 2013.

    Levy, a longtime women's community health physician on Johns Hopkins' staff, used a camera hidden inside a pen, among other surveillance devices, to secretly record his patients.

    There were also allegations of "boundary violations", lawyers said.

    In a statement, lawyers Jonathan Schochor and Howard Janet said a proposed settlement of $202.7 million had been approved by the Baltimore City Circuit Court.

    "When learning of Dr Levy's behaviour, our clients were extremely distraught. They felt a great breach of faith and trust. They felt betrayed," the lawyers for the plaintiff said. "Now, with this proposed settlement, we can begin the process of healing our community." Levy committed suicide in his home two weeks after the allegations against him first surfaced. He was 54.

    He left a farewell letter to his wife as well as computer hardware, which, according to police at the time, contained an "extraordinary amount of evidence."

    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is widely regarded as one of the top medical schools in the United States.
  • U.S.- Azerbaijan Journalism Academy Graduation Ceremony held
    22.07.2014 20:18
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Sabina Ahmadova- Trend:

    The graduation ceremony of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Journalism Academy has been held on July 22.

    The academy was founded in 2007 as a joint project of the Chingiz Mustafayev Fund and the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan.

    President of the ANS Group of Companies, Vahid Mustafayev congratulated the graduates.

    The U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan, Richard Morningstar started his speech by recognizing Azerbaijan's journalist Chingiz Mustafayev.

    "Chingiz Mustafayev is a remarkable journalist considered a role model by Azerbaijani journalists and by journalists worldwide," the ambassador stressed.

    The ambassador congratulated the graduates and wished them success.

    "I hope you will be committed to analyzing complex events and presenting to your audiences the facts they need to better understand a frequently confusing world," he said.

    Morningstar went on to add that free and independent media play a vital role in every society.

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  • President Ilham Aliyev reviewed a new office building of the Khizi District executive authority
    22.07.2014 19:35
    President of theRepublicofAzerbaijan Ilham Aliyevhas familiarized himself with the new officebuilding of the Khizi District executive authority.

    The construction work carried out in the regions on orders and instructions of President Ilham Aliyev is conducted in accordance with the strategy on the development of each district. The buildings under construction impart beauty to the regions.

    The creative and landscaping work continuing in all the regions today contributes to the comprehensive development of our country. In this respect, the activities carried out in Khizi District deserve specialattention. Conditions created in the new building of the district executive authority confirm that the improvement of the public administration system in the country is the focus of constant attention.In addition,the building constructedin a modern architectural style makes the district particularly beautiful. The building is provided with thenecessary equipment and systems. All rooms in the building are equipped in accordance with modern requirements.

    The President was informed that the construction of the building began in April 2013 and was completed in July this year. A bust ofnational leader Heydar Aliyev was installed in the lobbyof the building. There are photo stands describing themultifacetedactivities of national leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev aimed at the progress of our country. The photos reflecting the participation of President Ilham Aliyev in the events held in Khizi in various years cause a great interest.

    The head of state also familiarized himself with the conditions created in the rooms. All rooms are equipped in accordance with modern requirements.They have all the technical conditions for using modern management techniques. This opens up broad opportunities for better organization of the work of the executive structure and for productive activities ofthe staff of the district executive authority. Through the operational control room citizens can establish a direct video link with officials of the executive authority regarding problems ofconcern without coming to the office building. All representative offices of the district executive authority are already connected to the network. All conditions have been created in the auditorium for holding high-level events. The building has a library, meeting and conference rooms, administrative and other rooms. The building of the executive authorityalsogives the citya new appearance. In the territory where the building is located, major landscaping work has been carried out and a modern lighting system has been installed.

    President Ilham Aliyev gave instructions and recommendationsonprovision ofhigh-quality servicesto the population.
  • New actions under Alliance to Fight Avoidable Blindness campaign held in Benin and Chad
    22.07.2014 19:23
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22


    AIDA Agency within the frame of strategic cooperation with Islamic Development Bank has jointly carried out humanitarian actions under the Alliance to Fight Avoidable Blindness campaign in Benin and Chad in June 2014.

    A total of 11,640 persons with problems in their eyesight have benefited from free eye examinations out of which 506 persons in Benin and 835 persons in Chad have undergone surgery and had their sight restored, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry told Trend.

    These humanitarian actions, where AIDA agency participated, were highly appreciated by the governments of both countries and were extensively covered by the local media.

    Edited by CN

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  • Hackers hijack Kenya Defense Ministry's Twitter account
    22.07.2014 19:18
    ackers hijacked the Twitter accounts of Kenyaв's Ministry of Defense and its spokesman, sending out tweets Sunday and Monday about corruption and starving children.

    ''The #Kenya Ministry of Defence is under new management: #Anonymous,'' the hackers said, protesting corruption, immunity, tribalism and insecurity.

    ''So much poverty in Africa while you are wasting money in guns,'' the hackers posted, along with pictures of emaciated children and a series of anti-government tweets.

    The hackers gave their account as@Anon_0x03 and said the accounts were hacked by Internet ''hacktivist'' group Anonymous.

    They posted the stylized cartoon of Guy Fawkes associated with Anonymous and its slogan ''We are legion.''

    The accounts were hacked late Sunday. By Monday afternoon, the ministry spokesman, Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, had deleted the impostersв' tweets from his account, declaring he had control of it again. But the hackersв' tweets remained on the main Ministry of Defense account.
  • French president to visit Kazakhstan
    22.07.2014 18:58
    Astana, Kazakhstan, July 22

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    Secretary of State of Kazakhstan, Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has met with France's Ambassador to this country, Francis Etienne at Acorda (residence of Kazakhstan's president).

    "The two sides had discussions on preparations for the official visit of French President Francois Hollande to Kazakhstan, scheduled for the second half of 2014," Kazakh presidency said on July 22.

    During the meeting, they also discussed various aspects of the bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and France, as well as the collaboration in the military technical sphere.

    Edited by CN

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  • Vesna Dolontc is undefeatable in Baku: one more victory
    22.07.2014 18:39
    The matches of the day 3 have started in "Baku Cup 2014".

    The first match of the day brought together Vesna Dolontc of Serbia and Kseniya Gaydarzhi of Russia.

    Dolontc who won Ukrainian Alyona Fomina and Russian Alla Kudryavtseva in the qualifying matches has proven that her presence in the main draw is not incidental.

    25-year-old Dolonc who is No 162 seed in the world left no chance to her 19-year-old rival, No 1040 in the world to surprise her.

    Dolontc demonstrating a confident and prevailing performance won the firsts set 6-0 and the second 6-2 making the score of the match 2-0.

    The next rival of Dolontc in 1/8 final will be Israeli Shahar Peer.
  • Turkmenistan, Slovenia sign package of intergovernmental documents
    22.07.2014 18:28
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, July 22

    By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

    Turkmenistan and Slovenia held negotiations at high level and signed a package of intergovernmental agreements, a source close to the negotiations told Trend.

    The talks took place within the framework of the official visit ( on July 22-23) of Slovenian President Borut Pahor to Turkmenistan.

    The prospect of the Slovenian companies` activities, including in the field of pharmaceuticals, telecommunications technologies and supply of various equipment will be discussed during the visit.

    Amid noticeably intensified dialogue of the Turkmen government with the EU countries in recent years, the visit of the Slovenian head of the state demonstrates the interest of the Slovenian side in full cooperation with Turkmenistan which has great prospects for economic growth and huge resource potential, the Turkmen Dovlet khabarlary state news agency reported.

    "Neutral Turkmenistan" newspaper writes that a separate theme is cooperation in the fuel energy complex and the transport sector, where there are all opportunities for joint participation in the global energy and transport projects in both countries which possess favorable geographical position.

    It is also planned to hold bilateral meetings these days between the heads of different ministries and departments of Turkmenistan with the representatives of business circle of Slovenia.

    The Turkmen government said that on July 23, the Slovenian president will visit the city of Turkmenbashi, where he will be familiarized with the operation of oil refineries, international seaport and the "Avaz" national tourist zone.

    The diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1993.

    Edited by CN

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  • Kazakhstan refuses to issue 20,000- tenge bills in near future
    22.07.2014 18:08
    Astana, Kazakhstan, July 22

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    It is not planned to issue 20000 tenge bill in Kazakhstan in the near future, head of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Kairat Kelimbetov said at a press-conference.

    "We [NB] decided that the issue of the 20,000 tenge bill is premature yet," he said.

    At the same time, he noted that the decision will be formed depending on the situation in the coming years.

    "But, there will not 20,000 tenge bills in the near future, and accordingly there will not be my signature on the new bill," Kelimbetov said.

    The banknotes in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 tenge are in circulation in Kazakhstan.

    Edited by CN

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  • Situation in Ukraine Unacceptable, Counterproductive, Destabilizing - Putin
    22.07.2014 18:03
    Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that scenarios in the developing crisis in Ukraine are unacceptable, counterproductive and destabilizing the situation in the world.

    "If we return to similar scenarios, as a whole, as I have already said, then this is absolutely unacceptable and counterproductive. This is destroying the modern world and order. Undoubtedly, such methods in regard to Russia won't work," Putin said during a Security Council meeting.

    "Our people, our citizens of Russia won't let that happen and they will never accept [this]," he said.

    At the moment Ukrainian authorities are carrying out a military operation in the east of Ukraine, fighting against the supporters of independence of southeastern regions, who refused to acknowledge the new government appointed after the coup back in February.

    Thousands of Ukrainians flee from the war-stricken regions to Russia seeking refugee status.

    The European Union and the United States imposed sanctions against several Russian officials and companies over the Ukrainian crisis. Moscow responded with its own sanctions, releasing a list of US citizens banned from entering Russia.
  • Experienced Franceska Schiavone exceeded Kurumi Nara
    22.07.2014 17:59
    One more favourite says good-bye to "Baku Cup 2014".

    No 4 seed of the tournament, No 38 seed of the world Kurumi Nara of Japan faced No 75 seed of the world Franceska Schiavone of Italy in the Centre Court of the Baku Tennis Academy.

    Schiavone who participated in multiple championships during her career, could even won Grand Slam in France Open in 2010 and was No 4 seed of the world, taught her rival how to play tennis.

    The Italian player gave her rival hard times with her sharp and precise strikes and won both sets 6-2.

    Svchiavone won the match 2-0, so will play in the 1/8 final. Her opponent will be the winner of the match between Julia Glushko (ISR) and Katerina Bondarenko (UKR).

    Nara Kurumi has become the second favourite leaving the tournament after Heather Watson.
  • Yahoo to buy analytics startup Flurry
    22.07.2014 17:58
    Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O) will buy mobile analytics startup Flurry to beef up a fast-growing mobile advertising business that still lags Google Inc's (GOOG.O) and Facebook Inc's (FB.O) in scale.

    Six-year-old Flurry uses analytics to help target ads at consumers by monitoring activity on more than half a million apps on some 1.4 billion mobile devices around the world, Yahoo said in a statement on Monday.

    The startup provides information to help marketers and brands more easily reach their desired audiences, Yahoo said.

    Yahoo did not cite a price tag, but a source familiar with the matter said the Internet company is paying several hundred million dollars. Tech blog re/code earlier reported that rough amount.

    Flurry will operate much as before after the acquisition closes, and its team will remain in their current locations, Yahoo added.

    Yahoo is trying to revitalize a stagnant online advertising business as Chief Executive Marissa Mayer marks her second anniversary at the Internet company.

    The former Google executive has revamped many of Yahoo's Web products but its ad sales are still weak while rivals such as Google and Facebook continue to post strong, double-digit revenue growth.

    Like its rivals, it has been investing in its mobile advertising platform, as users increasingly access the Internet from smartphones and tablets. Its mobile advertising revenue more than doubled in the second quarter.

    But mobile advertising typically commands lower rates than online. Revenue in Yahoo's display advertising business decreased 8 percent to $436 million in the second quarter.

    The average price per ad decreased 24 percent, while the number of display ads sold increased 24 percent.
  • Forest area on fire in Lerik region of Azerbaijan
    22.07.2014 17:56
    Lerik. Agaddin Babayev - APA. Forest area is on fire in Piran village of Lerik region.

    Deputy Head of Lerik region executive power, chairman of the region's emergency situations commission Habil Sadigov told APA's south bureau that the fire covered about 2ha area of local forestry.

    As the fire-extinguishers were unable to be driven up to the scene, tractors and other heavy equipment as well as employees of local organizations and residents were involved for extinguishing the fire.

    Large holes were drilled for preventing the fire from spreading.

    Spokesperson for the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Irada Ibrahimova told APA that the fire broke out in the area of municipality and then moved to the highlands.

    She said that the fire covered the area of about 2 hectares and necessary measures are being taken for extinguishing the fire.
  • One of the tournament`s favourites defeated
    22.07.2014 17:55
    One more match finished in the third round of "Baku Cup 2014".

    No 7 favourite of the tournament, 57th seed in the world Heather Watson of UK was defeated by Kristina Mladenivic of France.

    The French player won 6-2 the first set of the match that was taking place with the tense struggle of the participants. In the second set Watson started playing better and won the set 6-3 and made the score 1-1. Hence, that was all she could do. Mladenovic taking over again won the third set 6-0 and became the winner of the match 2-1.

    Her rival in the 1/8 final will be Donna Vekic from Croatia.
  • Saudi to open $530bn bourse to foreigners
    22.07.2014 17:55
    Saudi Arabia plans to open its stock market, the Arab world's biggest, to direct investment by foreign financial institutions in the first half of next year, the market regulator said on Tuesday.

    The opening of the Saudi market, capitalized at about $530 billion, is one of the most keenly awaited economic reforms in the world's biggest oil exporter. The bourse would be one of the world's last major exchanges to begin welcoming foreign money, Reuters reported.

    "The market will be open to eligible foreign financial institutions to invest in listed shares during the first half of 2015, with God's permission," the Capital Market Authority said in a statement.

    Saudi authorities want to open the stock market to create jobs, diversify the economy beyond oil and expose local firms to more market discipline. They have been preparing the reform for years and have completed most technical preparations.

    But the government has delayed implementing the reform, apparently concerned about causing volatility in the market as well as the political sensitivity of allowing foreigners to build large stakes in top Saudi companies.

    Currently, foreigners are limited to buying Saudi stocks via swaps involving international banks and through a small number of exchange-traded funds, which are relatively expensive and inconvenient options.

    Foreigners are at present believed to own no more than about 5 percent of the Saudi market, and to account for a smaller fraction of stock trading turnover.

    Potential foreign interest in Saudi stocks is huge, because of the country's strong economy - the International Monetary Fund on Monday raised its forecast for Saudi growth this year to 4.6 percent - and the presence of some of the region's top blue-chip firms.

    These include Saudi Basic Industries Corp, one of the world's largest petrochemicals groups, and National Commercial Bank, the kingdom's largest lender, which plans an initial public offer of shares later this year that could be worth $4 billion to $5 billion.

    "This is a massive move for Saudi and for the region," said Rami Sidani, head of Middle East investments at Schroders, a top European fund manager, which already has about $250 million invested in Saudi Arabia through indirect means.

    He added that the country "will definitely attract massive inflows".

    The Saudi market index jumped 1.6 percent in early trade on Tuesday in response to the news, bringing its gains so far this year to 16 percent.

    Foreign investors are estimated to own about 15 percent of other, much smaller stock markets in the Gulf such as Dubai. If foreigners raise their ownership of Saudi Arabia to that level, it could mean an inflow of some $50 billion into the country.

    In practice, Saudi authorities are expected to use a tight regulatory framework to ensure that inflows are much slower. The CMA said it would publish next month draft regulations for the reform; there would then be a 90-day public consultation period.

    Proposals circulated by Saudi authorities to the financial industry in the past have indicated Saudi Arabia will follow a model similar to China, Taiwan and some other major emerging markets in opening its bourse.

    Qualified foreign investors, awarded licences based on factors such as the amount of their assets under management, would be given quotas for their investment in the market, while there would be ceilings for foreign ownership of companies.

    Under one set of proposals, foreign institutions would need to have at least $5 billion of assets under management globally to obtain licences; each institution could own no more than 5 percent of a Saudi firm, and all foreigners combined could own no more than 20 percent.

    A senior Saudi banker, declining to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue, said he expected only a "handful" - perhaps 10 - investment licences to be awarded initially, and that authorities would then grant more licences gradually as they monitored the impact on the market.

    Because it is closed to direct foreign investment, the Saudi market has been excluded from major international equity indexes compiled by companies such as MSCI, even as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were upgraded earlier this year.

    Opening the Saudi bourse would be expected to lead eventually to its inclusion in such indexes, helping to make the Gulf a mainstream destination for international investors. Sidani estimated Saudi Arabia could ultimately account for around 3 to 5 percent of MSCI's emerging market index.

    "This is a potential game changer for the region - a very important milestone that people have been waiting for," said Salah Shamma, co-head of regional equities at U.S. fund management giant Franklin Templeton.

    Following regulatory reforms in the past couple of years, the Saudi market is one of the most stable and tightly regulated in the Middle East, fund managers say. It has avoided the wild swings seen in recent months in markets such as Dubai.

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  • Kerry, aides checked by security at Egyptian presidential palace
    22.07.2014 17:54
    Egyptian security officers checked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his top aides with a metal detector as they arrived for a meeting on Tuesday with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, an unusual screening for a senior State Department official.

    Foreign officials usually extend every courtesy to Washington's top diplomat, Reuters reported.

    Footage taken at the Egyptian presidential palace and seen by Reuters showed an official briefly raising a handheld metal-detecting wand to the lower part of Kerry's jacket before waving him through for the meeting, which is to discuss how to stop the two-week conflict between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip.

    More than 500 people, the vast majority Palestinians, have died in the fighting.

    Kerry appeared for only a few seconds in the footage, which showed his senior aides walking through a stationary metal detector and being checked with a handheld wand. At least one was asked to empty his pockets.

    The aides included Kerry's deputy chief of staff Jonathan Finer, senior adviser David Thorne and spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

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  • Yemen's al Qaeda wing seeks to set up 'emirate' in east
    22.07.2014 17:54
    Yemen's al Qaeda wing has ordered men and women in the east to obey its strict interpretation of Islamic law, saying it aimed to set up an emirate in the remote area, local media and a resident said.

    The announcement by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) will stoke concerns about the territorial ambitions of militant groups weeks after al Qaeda offshoot Islamic State declared its own caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq, Reuters reported.

    AQAP - one of the most active branches of the global militant network - has been shifting its operations to Yemen's eastern Hadramout province after the army, backed by U.S. drones, helped drive it out of southern strongholds this year.

    The impoverished country neighboring the world's biggest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, is also facing southern separatists, northern rebels and political turmoil that surged after 2011 protests unseated president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    Leaflets in AQAP's name have been distributed in shops, streets and villages in rural Hadramout over the past two days, Saleh Barzeeq, a shop owner in Seiyoun, told Reuters, confirming media reports.

    "These leaflets warned women from going to shops or going out without being accompanied by a mahram [male guardian,]" he said by telephone.

    According to local media, one statement read: "AQAP warns male and female Muslims in Wadi Hadramout that they must adhere to the laws of Islamic Sharia after the debauchery that we have seen in the souks."

    "We warn all women that they have to adhere to the Sharia-enforced hijab and [wear gloves] ... men must not enter women's souks unless strictly necessary ... Whoever violates this, will have to bear punishment," it said, according to the report in al-Ayyam newspaper.

    Reuters has not seen a copy of the leaflet.

    The statement also forbade women from taking part in any sports and declared the measures would pave the way for setting up an Islamic emirate in Wadi Hadramout, Barzeeq added.

    Women in traditionally conservative Yemen already generally wear full veils that covers their face and body and in rural areas especially, keep a low profile. The constitution says Islamic law, sharia, is the source for all legislation though the state does not enforce all parts of it.

    Another statement circulated on social media that was attributed to Ansar al-Sharia, al Qaeda's local name, warned "all the corrupt officials in Hadramout who have stolen and looted citizens' properties ... that we will enforce God's law on them, which is cutting off their hands, after we kidnap and discipline them."

    In May, suspected al Qaeda militants raided Seiyoun city in Hadramout, and targeted the main military posts, the local police headquarters, bank branches and the airport, in an attack that left 27 people dead.

    AQAP in 2011 declared a number of Islamic "emirates" in southern towns, exploiting a security vacuum during the protests.

    The army drove them out a year later. But during their tenure, residents said al Qaeda woke people at dawn to pray and chopped off the hands of thieves.

    Yemen and the West are concerned about the growing ambitions of militant groups in the region.

    Earlier this month, U.S. national security sources said bomb makers from the Nusra Front, al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, and AQAP were believed to be working together to try to develop explosives that could avoid detection by airport screening systems.

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  • Azerbaijanis to vie in Armenia
    22.07.2014 17:53
    The European championship in archery has kicked off in Armenian city of Echmiadzin.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to that the opening ceremony of the European championship in archery was held at the Ara and Aytsemnik sport club. Azerbaijani sportsmen are also represented there.

    Leyla Fazulova, Olga Senyuk, Svetlana Semyonova, Alexei Korpin, Taras Senyuk and Roman Vengerov will represent Azerbaijan in the European championship.
  • Azerbaijan announces receiving investment projects for Khizi region development
    22.07.2014 17:44
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Zulfiyya Gurbanova - Trend:

    The National Entrepreneurship Support Fund under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economy and Industry has begun receiving the investment projects on the priority areas of Khizi region development from the entrepreneurs, the ministry said on July 22.

    A business forum dedicated to issuing preferential loans to entrepreneurs was held in Khizi region of Azerbaijan on July 17, according to the report.

    The discussions were held with entrepreneurs to efficiently use the existing economic potential of the region.

    The process of receiving the entrepreneurs' proposals was found expedient to finance investment projects for the creation of small livestock and bee farms (including honey production enterprises), small enterprises producing cheese, plastic windows, and doors.

    The entrepreneurs may apply to the fund through authorized credit organizations beginning from July 22 in accordance with the rules of using the funds of the national fund. At the request of the entrepreneurs, small projects can be fully financed through concessional loans.

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  • Apple Patents Behavior Recognition Technology For Future iPhones
    22.07.2014 17:35
    Future iPhones may be so smart that they will be able to recognize their owners.

    Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) may adopt behavioral recognition technology on its mobile devices, which would allow its smartphones and tablets to analyze their owner's behavior as well as aspects of their environment and use this knowledge as a security measure.

    The Cupertino, California-based company filed a patent for a feature called "Generating notifications based on user behavior," which was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

    The technology tracks locations, motion sensor data and input gesture patterns, according to Apple Insider. It can also detect a user's speech patterns, how they hold and handle their phone and their browsing habits to determine the identity of the user. If the smartphone cannot verify its owner the user will have to authenticate the device with a passcode.

    Michela Menting, a security analyst at ABI Research, gave International Business Times an example of how this behavioral recognition might work. If a user goes to Facebook first 90 percent of the time and then checks email secondly, a reversal of that normal pattern of usage or tapping the screen a little bit differently the device will ask for security authentication such as a PIN, a password or a fingerprint scan.

    Menting says the benefit of behavioral recognition technology is that it's nonintrusive. "You just do what you normally do with your phone and when its someone other than you the phone will kick up and say, lsquo;you're not [the owner] so put in the password so that I know its you,'" she said.

    Since smartphones are constantly receiving input from their users, the behavioral recognition feature groups similar behaviors rather than analyzing each individual behavior. This truncates the amount of information processing the feature has to undertake. All the learned information is stored on a database within the device.

    Additionally, the feature employs numerous sensors and tracking mechanisms, but users with privacy concerns can program the database to ignore various identifiers like location.

    Behavioral analysis is a trend being adopted by many companies. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) showcased its own behavioral recognition feature at its I/O conference in June. The feature, called personal unlocking, similarly uses various user cues to authenticate a smartphone's owner.
  • Some two billion barrels of oil shipped from Ceyhan terminal
    22.07.2014 17:29
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Emil Ismayilov - Trend:

    Turkey's Botas International Limited (BIL) has shipped around two billion barrels of oil from the Ceyhan port since June 2, 2006 until the present.

    BIL started operating the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline in Turkey in 2001.

    The 2,600th tanker has been dispatched from the Ceyhan terminal, according to a message posted on the official website of Botas International Limited.

    BTC's total length is 1,768 kilometers, including a 443 kilometer long section running through Azerbaijan, a 249 kilometer long section in Georgia and a 1,076 kilometer long section in Turkey. The construction of the pipeline started in April 2003 and was filled with oil on May 18, 2005.

    BTC Co. shareholders include BP (30.1 percent), AzBTC (25 percent), Chevron (8.9 percent), Statoil (8.71 percent), TPAO (6.53 percent), Eni (5 percent), Total (5percent), Itochu (3.4 percent), Inpex (2.5 percent), ConocoPhilips (2.5 percent) and ONGC (2.36 percent)

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  • P5 1 group sought to extend Geneva accord for years, Iran says
    22.07.2014 17:29
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that the P5 1 group had sought to extend the Geneva accord for years, but Iran managed to persuade them to extend the accord by just four months.

    An Iranian MP quoted Zarif as saying the P5 1 group was sensitive about the number of centrifuges in Iran and said that it will supply fuel for Bushehr power plant, but the Iranian side insisted it will produce nuclear fuel itself, the Mehr news agency reported on July 22.

    Zarif had emphasized that the nuclear negotiators are acting fully in line with the Supreme Leader's guidelines and the wish of Iranian people and the MPs.

    Iran and the P5 1 group of countries agreed to extend their nuclear negotiations for another four months.

    The two sides inked an interim accord in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 23, 2013.

    The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi said on July 7 that "Iran needs 190,000 separative work units (SWU) of uranium enrichment capacity to produce the required annual fuel for the Bushehr NPP," echoing remarks by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Salehi further brought up countering examples, saying that if Iran used its most advanced centrifuges, which are capable of producing 24 SWU per machine, Iran would merely need some 7,000 centrifuges to meet the requirements of its Bushehr power plant.

    Virtually all centrifuges currently operated by Iran are of the IR-1 type, and only have a SWU capacity of 0.76-1.2 per machine.

    After Khamenei's remarks on July 7 that Iran needs 190,000 SWU for uranium enrichment, the figure became the main topic in Iran's nuclear case.

    On July 16, The Iranian legislators in a statement appreciated the country's negotiators in nuclear talks with the P5 1, and meantime stressed that any final deal with the six world powers should endorse Iran's use of enough centrifuge machines to produce its needed 190,000 enrichment capacity for fueling Iran's power and research reactors.

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  • YARAT to host Hiding Maps lecture
    22.07.2014 16:55
    By AzerNews

    YARAT Contemporary Art Space will hold a lecture in YAY Gallery on July 25.

    The lecture called "Hiding Maps" will cover hitchhiking and alternative ways of traveling as a means to reflect upon our own society and get a first-hand experience of it.

    Two young artists from Barcelona, Aniol Macau and Francesc Ruiz Abad, will deliver lecture during the event.

    Aniol Macau and Francesc Ruiz Abad are involved in a six-month project/travel by hitchhiking. During the project, they join different drivers wherever they are going.

    The journey has no clear destination and during the trip they will produce a substantial analog archive of interviews, audio landscapes, drawings, documentary photography and small sculptures.

    One of the stops during their trip is Baku, where the two artists will speak about hitchhiking, their old projects and how traveling had influenced their works.

    The event will be held at 7 p.m. at YAY Gallery Kichik Gala str., 5 (Icherisheher, near ItalianВ 
  • В«Baku Cup-2014В» : Mladenovic en huitiГЁmes de finale
    22.07.2014 16:51
    Demi-finaliste agrave; Istanbul la semaine derniegrave;re, de retour dans le Top 100, Kristina Mladenovic confirme agrave; Bakou. La Française a battu Heather Watson en trois manches (6-2, 3-6, 6-0), mardi au 1er tour. Prochain match contre Donna Vekic, qui a pris le meilleur sur Olga Savchuk, issue des qualifications (7-6 [6], 6-0).
  • President Ilham Aliyev reviewed reconstruction work at the Heydar Aliyev Park in Khizi
    22.07.2014 16:50
    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has reviewed reconstruction work at the Heydar Aliyev Park as part of his visit to Khizi.

    The strategy towards socioeconomic development carried out in the country has seen a transformation of the regions and their appearance. Proper attention is being paid to the construction of parks and alleys as part of the construction work in cities and districts of the country. Redevelopment of the Heydar Aliyev Park in Khizi District is of special importance. Located in the center of the district, this culture and recreation park has been completely revamped. The park serves to ensure high-level recreation of local residents.

    Head of Khizi District Executive Authority Khazar Aslanov informed the head of state about the landscaping and construction work in the park.

    It was noted that redevelopment and construction work has been carried out to ensure effective organization of local people's recreation and leisure in the park, which covers an area of 3.6 hectares. Special attention has been paid to aligning national architectural traditions with the elements of modern architecture. Many trees and ornamental flower shrubs have been planted and a lawn sown in the park.

    The landscaping and construction work has brought about serious changes in the organization of people's rest. Special attention is being paid to the construction of new and reconstruction of the existing parks, which makes cities and districts more beautiful. This suggests that the construction work is carried out in the districts in a continuous and comprehensive manner.

    President Ilham Aliyev was informed about a project on the redevelopment of the central part of the city of Khizi.

    It was noted that Khizi Grand Hotel to be built under the project would meet highest standards.
  • Early to make statements on causes of crash of Malaysian airliner, says Russian ambassador
    22.07.2014 16:43
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Emil Ismayilov - Trend:

    It is too early to make statements on the causes of the crash of the Malaysian airliner in Donetsk, Ukraine, according to Russia's ambassador to Azerbaijan, Vladimir Dorokhin.

    "A terrible tragedy in Donetsk resulted in the death of innocent people. International experts should reveal the cause of this tragedy. Currently, it is early to make statements about the causes of the tragedy and about who is guilty. This can only escalate the situation," the ambassador told reporters on July 22.

    He went on to add that the process of revealing the causes of the crash has already begun.

    "Experts are working at the crash site; the 'black boxes' have been recovered and I hope that we will get a really objective and clear picture of what happened and why this happened. A corresponding statement will be made afterwards," the diplomat stressed.

    On July 17, it was reported that the Boeing 777 (MH17) of Malaysia Airlines crashed in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. MH17 was carrying out flights between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur.

    At the time of the air disaster there were 298 people on board the plane. All of them died.

    On July 21, 31 bodies and 21 body fragments of the plane's passengers were discovered and packed [in body bags] according to standards on the site of the Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 777 airliner crash, UNIAN reported.

    A total of 282 bodies and 87 body fragments were found at the crash site. Some 251 bodies and 66 body fragments are stored in refrigerated rail cars.

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  • Iran optimistic about nuclear talksв' success
    22.07.2014 16:39
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that negotiation was the only way to final settlement of Iran's nuclear issue.

    Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with the newly-appointed accredited ambassador of Iceland to Tehran Gonar Pulsen who had called on him to submit his credentials, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported on July 22.

    Iran is optimistic about the success of the talks, Rouhani said, adding that the Iranian nation was only after safeguarding its inalienable nuclear rights.

    Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council- the US, France, Britain, Russia and China - plus Germany have agreed on the extension of talks until November 24 with a view to achieving a permanent deal that would end the decade-old dispute over Iran's nuclear energy program.

    President Rouhani voiced readiness for cooperation with Iceland within the frameworks of international regulations.

    He further termed cooperation among world nations and governments as necessary for tackling international problems.

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  • Iraq Christians flee Mosul after militant threats
    22.07.2014 16:38
    Iraqi Christians have been fleeing from the northern city of Mosul in the wake of threats from Islamic State militants who took the city in a blitz offensive last month, AP reported.

    The militants have called on the Christians to convert to Islam and have tried to impose their own strict interpretation of Sharia law.

    Most Christians opted to flee to the nearby self-rule Kurdish region or other areas protected by Kurdish security forces.

    Zaid Qreqosh Ishaq was among those who escaped with his family. He told The Associated Press on Tuesday that they fled with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

    The family took refuge in the Saint Joseph Church in the northern Kurdish city of Irbil. The governor there, Nawzad Hadi, has pledged to protect the Christians.

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  • Turkish PM ErdoДџan bids farewell to party group at Parliament
    22.07.2014 16:35
    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan bid farewell to his parliamentary group during his address on July 22.

    He said it would be his last group meeting if he is elected president next month, Hurriyet Daily reports.

    "I have addressed you from this desk for 13 years," ErdoДџan said in an emotional speech, adding that his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was "witness to a historic struggle."

    "If my nation elects me [as the president], another friend will address you from this desk in the new legislative session," he said. "The heart of this hall and this desk will keep beating only for justice and the nation."

    His speech was repeatedly interrupted by slogans chanted by the visitors watching the meeting.

    The weekly party group meetings at Parliament have always been important in Turkish political life, but under ErdoДџan's rule they have transformed into a typical routine of harsh mutual slamming between the government and the opposition parties.

    ErdoДџan will compete with former Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) head Ekmeleddin Д°hsanoДџlu, who was appointed as a candidate by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), and Selahattin DemirtaЕџ, the co-leader of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), in the first round of the elections on Aug. 10. If none of the candidates achieve one more than the 50 percent of the votes, a second round will take place on Aug. 24.
  • Syrian opposition coalition dissolves interim government
    22.07.2014 16:35
    The Western-backed National Coalition of Syrian opposition members said on Tuesday it had voted to force out its "interim government" and form a new one within a month, Reuters reported.

    Attempts to form a viable government-in-exile for Syria's opposition have been hamstrung by rivalries between its backers and among its members as well as by its inability to establish itself inside Syria.

    The National Coalition is designated as the main body representing the opposition by the United States and other major powers but it has little influence over rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

    The group said in a statement on Tuesday it was dissolving its interim cabinet to "create new ground for work on the basis of moving the government into the interior as soon as possible, and employing Syrian revolutionary capabilities".

    The coalition's interim Prime Minister Ahmed Toumeh and other ministers would continue as caretakers until the new government was formed, it said. Nominations would be open for two weeks and a new government formed within 30 days.

    The dissolution of the government comes two weeks after the group elected Hadi al-Bahra, a U.S.-trained industrial engineer, to replace its president, Ahmad Jarba, after he served his maximum two six-month terms.

    Both Bahra and Jarba have close ties to Saudi Arabia, one of the main backers of the rebels trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    Bahra had also been chief negotiator at U.S. and Russian-sponsored peace talks in Switzerland, which stalled after two rounds in January and February.

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  • U.S. co-chair of OSCE MG concerned about any loss of life on Azerbaijani-Armenian border
    22.07.2014 16:35
    В "We are concerned about any loss of life on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border and the line of contact," the U.S. co-chair of OSCE Minsk Group, James Warlick told Trend.

    He commented on the capture of Azerbaijanis by Armenians in Azerbaijan's occupied Kalbajar region, as well as the reports by the Armenian media about the murder of one Azerbaijani.

    "The number of incidents and resulting deaths and injuries is also a setback in our efforts to work with parties to find a lasting peace".

    "The U.S. and the Minsk Group co-chairs are committed to helping the sides find a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. There is no military solution to this conflict," Warlick stressed.

    He went on to add that the co-chairs look forward to meeting with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov and Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian in Brussels on July 22 to discuss the next steps towards solution of the conflict.

    "We hope that both presidents will accept the invitation to a summit in Paris. We witnessed that progress is possible when the presidents met in Vienna last November and believe that a continuation of that discussion is an important step in progress towards peace. The co-chairs and the U.S. stand ready to help in any way we can," the U.S. co-chair said.

  • Circumstances of Azerbaijani civilian's killing by Armenians made public
    22.07.2014 16:35
    The details of murder of Azerbaijani civilian in direction of Terter district by Armenians have been made public.

    Oxu.Az reports referring to ANS TV that resident of Tartar district Mubariz Aliyev went to the village to fishing on July 18 afternoon. An official of the Tartar police department brought the news about Mubariz's who did not return home at night to his family. In the morning the police went to the area where Mubariz was killed to pick up the body, but were caught by fire from the opposite side.

    Then the employees of the Tartar District Police Office went to the spot along with Shusha police officers.

    The body was taken from the spot by local police.

    It was handed over to his family after examination at the morgue of the Central Hospital of Tartar.
  • 20 members of one family killed in Gaza
    22.07.2014 16:28
    A hospital was shelled, killing and injuring staff and patients, and up to 28 members of one family died in an air strike as Gaza endured another day of relentless bloodshed on Monday.

    As heavy shelling and fighting on the ground continued, John Kerry, the US secretary of state, arrived in Egypt to seek a ceasefire that Barack Obama declared was needed immediately: "We don't want to see any more civilians killed," the US president said.

    Kerry had been authorised to do "everything he can to help facilitate a cessation of hostilities", said Obama. The remarks were a sign that international diplomacy had been galvanised by weekend carnage in Shujai'iya.

    Kerry is to meet key players in the region and on Tuesday held talks with the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. The UN security council has called for an immediate ceasefire.

    Kerry pledged that the US would provide $47m (ВЈ28m) in humanitarian aid to help Palestinians. He said: "Only Hamas now needs to make the decision to spare innocent civilians from this violence."

    Israel was undertaking an "appropriate and legitimate effort" to defend itself but the consequences were of deep concern, Kerry said.

    In Deir al-Balah in central Gaza, al-Aqsa hospital became the third to be struck in the 14-day conflict when three shells slammed into the intensive care unit, surgical and administrative areas. Five people were killed and 70 wounded, including about 30 medics, according to Gaza health officials. Ambulances tried to evacuate patients but were forced to turn back by continued shelling. Israel has claimed that Hamas hides weapons in hospitals.
  • Operation against Gulen movement in Turkey carried out without informing Justice Ministry
    22.07.2014 16:28
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 22

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag hasn't been informed about the operations carried out against the Gulen movement.

    The country's Prosecutor General's Office is carrying out the operations without informing the Justice Ministry, Haber7 TV channel quoted Bozdag as saying on July 22.

    Over 70 policemen have been detained as a result of the operation being held in Turkey against the supporters of the Fethullah Gulen movement.

    Currently, the operation is being conducted on 200 addresses in the city of Istanbul.

    The former Istanbul Police Department Intelligence Bureau chief Ali Fuat YД±lmazer is among the detained.

    The personnel purges against the supporters of Fethullah Gulen were resumed in Turkey's defense and law enforcement agencies on July 22.

    Gulen, the founder of the Hizmet public movement, as well as, the Turkish Journalists and Writers Foundation, are accused of being involved in a huge wiretapping scandal by the Turkish government.

    Following the case, Prime Minister Erdogan accused Gulen and representatives of his movement of standing behind the wiretapping of the phone conversations.

    Erdogan also stressed that the Gulen movement, which he earlier called a "parallel structure", proved with its anti-state activities that it is not a religious movement but a politicized and illegal structure.

    Turkish PM called on Gulen not to intervene in Turkey's internal affairs and accused the U.S. of supporting him.

    A criminal case has been initiated in Turkey against Fethullah Gulen for his coup attempt and espionage against Turkey.

    Earlier, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Gulen will be extradited from the U.S., adding that Turkey has launched the legal procedure for extradition of Gulen.

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