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Rovnag Abdullayev: Caspianв's gas potential is great and there will occur need for additional gas corridors
28.06.2013 16:48
By selecting TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline), Azerbaijan has taken its important steps to become European energy supplier, said the President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Rovnag Abdullayev.

Abdullayev noted that the idea on delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Europe will not be limited only with Shahdeniz project: "Azerbaijan has gas reserves approved in the 2 trillion cm. TAP project will change European energy map."

He stressed that Azerbaijan will participate in other energy projects of Europe: "Caspianв's gas potential is great and there will occur need for additional gas corridors."

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  • Armenian armed forces violate ceasefire over 40 times a day
    26.07.2014 10:44
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26By Ilhama Isabalayeva - Trend:Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire with Azerbaijan 41 times in different locations of the contact line between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops last night, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported on July 26.Armenian Armed Forces opene...
  • ''The Economist'' publishes article about Azerbaijan Summit 2015
    26.07.2014 10:24
    ''The Economist'' magazine has issued an article titled ''Azerbaijan Summit 2015: Growth and development opportunities in a nation in transition''.The article reads: "Rapidly shifting geopolitical trends have placed Azerbaijan in the heart of a region exposed to multi...
  • Armenians attack Tovuz region: 2 civilians injured
    26.07.2014 09:24
    The situation has became strained on the contact line of Azerbaijani and Armenian troops.Armenian Armed Forces fires on the positions of the Azerbaijani troops in Alibayli village of Tovuz continuously throughout the day, local residents told APA. Azerbaijani armed forces responded fires adequately....
  • Golden Grand Prix Final wrestling tournament officially opens in Baku
    25.07.2014 22:17
    An official opening ceremony of the Golden Grand Prix Final international wrestling tournament commemorating Azerbaijan`s national leader Heydar Aliyev has today been held in Baku.The event started with a concert program.Addressing the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Isma...
  • President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the newly-built office building of the Ministry of Finance
    25.07.2014 20:16
    President of theRepublicofAzerbaijan Ilham Aliyevhas reviewed the newly-built officebuilding of the Ministry of Finance.Azerbaijanis strengthening its position among developed countries. Reforms are being deepened in all spheres in the country year after year. The growth of the country`s economic po...
  • FINCA Azerbaijan holds events in its Gabala and Ismailli branches
    25.07.2014 20:07
    FINCA Azerbaijan non-bank credit organization held the opening ceremony of new branch office in Gabala region on July 23, 2014. New modern office that meets all the requirements of FINCA standards along with providing comfortableness for clients will also ensure high quality service provision.Gabala...
  • Diaspora organizations urge release of Azerbaijani hostages
    25.07.2014 17:40
    By AzerNewsAzerbaijan's diaspora organizations has addressed to the European organizations in connection with taking hostage of Azerbaijani citizens by the Armenian armed forces in occupied Kalbajar region.The European Azerbaijanis Congress (EAC) and the Coordination Center of Azerbaijanis in Ge...
  • Family members of Azerbaijani hostages taken by Armenians addressed to Russian President
    25.07.2014 16:58
    The Azerbaijanis (Shahbaz Guliyev, Dilgam Asgarov) who were taken hostage in Kalbajar occupied region of Azerbaijan by Armenians separatists. The copies of the passports of Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyevв's wife Albina Veselova confirm that they are citizens of Russia, SIA reports.Dilgam As...
  • Vugar Hashimov memorial kicks off in Baku
    25.07.2014 16:12
    An international Under-12 chess tournament commemorating Azerbaijani grandmaster Vugar Hashimov has started in Baku.Participants in the opening ceremony included Vice-Presidents of Azerbaijan Chess Federation Mahir Mammadov and Faig Hasanov, and vice president of Georgian Chess Federation Zurab Azma...
  • Azerbaijanв's film ''Nabat'' to be shown in Venice festival
    25.07.2014 15:56
    The Azerbaijani film "Nabat" shot by director Elchin Musaoglu at the Jafar Jabbarli Studio will be shown at the 71st International Venice Festival to run August 27 through September 6.The film will be demonstrated within the "Orrizonti" (Horizons) out-of-competition program.Starring are Fatemeh Mota...
  • Turkey's policy is not directed against Jewish people
    26.07.2014 11:54
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Turkey's policy towards Israel is not directed against the Jewish people, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on July 26, Turkish TV channel Haber7 reported.

    "There are certain forces willing to present Ankara's strict policy towards Israel's aggression against the Palestinians as anti-Semitism, which is impossible in Turkey," he said.

    Erdogan stressed that the Jews live in Turkey and they are all citizens of the country.

    "The Jews in Turkey are under state protection as other citizens," Erdogan added.

    Currently, some 22,000 Jews live in Turkey, according to the official statistics.

    The protests against Israel's hostilities in the Gaza Strip began in various cities of Turkey.

    "Turkey will not remain silent while Israel carries out military aggression against the Palestinian people," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier.

    "Some Western countries turn a blind eye to Israel's actions," he added. "This testifies to the fact that they are also supporters of military aggression against the Palestinians."

    Moreover, Erdogan likened Israeli actions against the Palestinians with the Nazis' actions against the Jewish people.

    Erdogan said that Israel spreads terrorism in the region.

    Some 10,000 Palestinians held an action of protest in Ramallah against Israel's hostilities in Gaza on the morning of July 25.

    Three people were killed and 30 were injured during the clashes between Israeli soldiers and the Palestinians.

    It is reported that the Israeli military used tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators.

    The protests against Israel's hostilities involving MPs from the ruling and opposition parties have been recently held in Turkey.

    More than 884 Palestinians were killed during the 'Enduring Rock' operation which started on July 7.

    It is reported that the Israeli army lost 45 servicemen during the hostilities.

    Some 5,840 people were wounded.

    Moreover, some 208 children and 101 women were killed during Israel's military operations in Gaza. Over 1,779 children and 1,112 women were wounded.

    Some 80 Israeli servicemen were killed and more than 300 were wounded during the military operations.

    Israel has recently agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a short-term truce from 7:00 local time on July 26, the U.S representatives said in Cairo on July 25.

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  • Turkey widens fight against tobbaco products consumption
    26.07.2014 11:49
    Turkey will impose new bans on consumption of tobacco products from January 2015, Turkish Haber7 TV channel reported on July 25.

    The country's parliament will review the new draft law on tobacco products in October 2014, according to the TV channel.

    The new bans on the consumption of tobacco products will be imposed in accordance with the state program on fighting against smoking.

    Starting from January 2015, all tobacco products will be packed up into black packages to make them less attractive for consumers and the brands of tobacco products will be encoded, the TV channel said.

    At the same time, smoking in parks and restaurant courtyards will be banned from January 2015.

    Turkey has imposed bans on smoking in public places since 2008 and the fine for smoking in public and enclosed places is 88 Turkish liras.

    Around 45.205 million Turkish liras are spent on purchasing tobacco products in Turkey per year, according to the statistical data.

  • ITC hails economic achievements of Azerbaijan
    26.07.2014 11:46
    Arancha Gonzalez,Executive Directorof theInternational Trade Centre(ITC) in his meeting with Ambassador Murad Najafbeyli, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the UN Office and other international organizations at Geneva hailed the economic achievements of Azerbaijan, expressed gratitude for development assistance and increasing contributions to the development initiatives of the United Nations structures.

    Arancha Gonzales said Azerbaijan has become a country with the most quickly developing economy in the world.

    ITC head has highly assessed the macro-economic stability and structural changes in the country, its exemplary results to be attracted to the direct foreign investments, as well as constant and stable progress.

    Gonzales said the International Trade Centre has every potential and stands ready to support the country's economic development goals in all sectors, including agriculture and tourism, information-communications technologies, construction and transport, as well as export promotion. He called on close cooperation between Azerbaijan and ITC.

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) is a subsidiary organization of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and provides trade-related technical assistance.

    Founded in 1964 with the headquarters in Geneva, ITC has been established for the purpose of assisting the export promotion efforts of the developing countries by providing them with information on export markets and marketing, and to help them develop their export promotion services and train the personnel needed for these services.
  • Turkish scientists visit Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory
    26.07.2014 11:45
    Turkish scientists have visited the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory.

    Turkish employees of the Kandilli Observatory of the Bogazici University Dogan Kalagut, Suleyman Tunc and Ali Pinar have visited the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after Nasreddin Tusi in Azerbaijan, AzerTag reports.

    The Turkish scientists were informed about the activity of Observatory.

    The Azerbaijani scientists discussed cooperation prospects in implementation of joint researches with their Turkish colleagues.
  • Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway route starts in Turey
    26.07.2014 11:35
    A new high-speed railway line, which connects Ankara and Istanbul, was put into operation in Turkey on July 25, Turkish TRT Haber channel reported on July 25.

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other officials attended the opening of an Ankara-Istanbul new high-speed railway line, extending for 533 kilometers.

    The construction project was implemented in two phases. The first stage is the construction of the Ankara-Eskisehir railway line, the second - the Eskisehir-Istanbul line construction.

    The first phase of the project was completed in 2009.

    When using the new high-speed railway, students, servicemen and people older 60 will have up to a 20 percent discount, while children under 12 years old - up to 50 percent.

    It is expected that after commissioning the new high-speed rail line, the travel time from Ankara to Istanbul will drop to 3.5 hours. Currently, the trip time from Ankara to Istanbul is seven-eight hours by bus and 40 minutes by plane.

    Under the 2023 Vision program [celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey], the country has increased the investments in the development of transport sector.

    Turkish State Railways said in January that it will invest almost half of its 2014 budget (1.8 billion liras) in the projects for development of high-speed trains in the country.

  • Two foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan
    26.07.2014 11:27
    Baku-APA.Two soldiers of the NATO-led coalition or International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) were killed in Afghanistan on Thursday, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

    "Two International Security Assistance Force service members died as a result of an enemy forces attack in southern Afghanistan today," the ISAF statement said.

    The statement gave neither the nationalities of the victims nor the details about the incident under the ISAF policy.

    The latest casualties bring the number of foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan to 53 this year.

    Nearly 50,000 NATO-led coalition troops, down from the peak of 130,000 in 2010, are stationed in Afghanistan, and the United States plans to trim its forces to less than 10,000 next year.
  • Islamic State of Iraq and Levant poses no threat to Iran
    26.07.2014 11:14
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Temkin Jafarov - Trend:

    Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist organization poses no threat to Iran, Iran's defense minister, Gen. Hossein Dehqan said on July 26, Iranian news agency Д°SNA reported.

    "The members of this terrorist organization are mercenaries," he said. "After they commit crimes in Syria, they infiltrated into Iraq. The terrorists of this organization want to instill fear in the region."

    Dehqan stressed that the Iraqi people will soon destroy this terrorist organization.

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  • Burning issues forces Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on back burner for U.S.
    26.07.2014 10:59
    By Claude Salhani - Trend:

    There is a need to renew efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict once and for all, said US ambassador to Azerbaijan, Richard Morningstar, at a farewell event on July, 24, in Baku.

    Words well spoken, indeed. But are they backed up?

    All parties concerned are in favor of finding a resolution to this thorn in the side of the Caucasus - a situation of no war and no peace - that is placing the region in eternal limbo.

    "Peace would bring substantial benefits to people across the region and ensure Azerbaijan's prosperity into the future," said the American diplomat.

    Indeed, peace, naturally, would be beneficial for Azerbaijan, of that there is no doubt. The country is doing quite well on the economic front, and revenues from oil and natural gas are being well invested, a detail that did not escape the attention of French President Francois Hollande during his trip to Baku about a month ago.

    During a meeting with the French community in a downtown hotel, Mr. Hollande praised Azerbaijan and its president, Ilham Aliyev, for investing wisely in the country by developing its infrastructure.

    If anyone one side might be opposed to a settlement of the problem it must be the Armenians. Why? Because a settlement, in so far as the Azerbaijanis are concerned, can only mean the return of their land, a solution that Armenia will certainly oppose, as they will come out of this agreement minus the land they began to capture in 1992.

    But this is why the talks are complicated because this is not an all-sum game. These are negotiations in which each side will have to make concessions. For Armenia it may mean having to give up land in exchange for peace with its neighbor, and improve relations with other Turkic-speaking countries who support Azerbaijan.

    Such as Turkey, a major player in the region.

    As mentioned above, this is a negotiation in which every side will need to cede something. In Azerbaijan's case they can offer Armenia two things: peace and financial incentives. The first will create trade and tourism--and all the jobs associated with the industry--between the two South Caucasus countries and the second will help Armenia, which is currently in dire economic straits.

    The two member countries of the Minsk Group, the United States and France, two countries with large Armenian communities, can offer Yerevan financial support and security guarantees. This will render Armenia less dependent on Russian support, which it is wholly and unhealthily relying upon at the moment for just about everything.

    But before we even venture into that domain, there would be the need to bring the two parties together at the presidential level in order to get the ball rolling, at least in the first set of meetings.

    However, Ambassador Morningstar's bosses in Washington, the folks on Pennsylvania Avenue as well as those at Foggy Bottom are currently preoccupied with far more burning issues -- quite literally burning -- in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

    In Iraq the Maleki government is fighting for its life as Islamists from the group calling itself the Islamic Caliphate are edging closer to the capital Baghdad every day.

    The leitmotif for much of the violence in the Middle East, the conflict opposing Palestinians and Israelis is turning tragic with Gaza now under severe bombardment for 17 days. The death toll keeps mounting, according the respected daily newspaper Haaretz more than 770 Palestinians have been killed and 32 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives in the fighting.

    Not to mention the civil war raging in Syria, the precariousness of the political situation on Libya, the nuclear talks with Iran and the civil war in Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and pro-government troops, with the severe consequences that have resulted such as the downing of the Malaysian Airways jet.

    It goes without saying that the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh comes pretty low on the US diplomatic totem pole.

    U.S. diplomats in Baku told Trend that there was "nothing really new" in the ambassador's speech. No new policy, no new initiative. But the ambassador was reiterating the U.S. position on the issue. In other words it was really more of the same. A diplomat's going away speech, as it should be; Polite, concise and without much meat on the bones.

    It is understandable that with the clock running out on the ambassador's tenure in Baku (he leaves next week), there is little that he can accomplish other that to leave the Azerbaijani people with a little hope for a just resolution of the conflict.

    Claude Salhani is a political analyst and senior editor with
  • Over 884 Palestinians killed during hostilities in Gaza Strip
    26.07.2014 10:59
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Over 884 people were killed during the entire period of Israel's hostilities in the Gaza Strip, the Turkish news agency Anadolu said on July 26.

    Some 5,840 people were wounded.

    Moreover, some 208 children and 101 women were killed during Israel's military operations in Gaza. Over 1,779 children and 1,112 women were wounded.

    Some 80 Israeli servicemen were killed and more than 300 were wounded during the military operations.

    Israel has recently agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a short-term truce from 7:00 local time on July 26, the U.S representatives said in Cairo on July 25.

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  • Weekly review of Azerbaijani currency market
    26.07.2014 10:49
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Ilaha Mammadli - Trend:

    The official rate of AZN to the U.S. dollar set by the Azerbaijani Central Bank (CBA) consolidated by 0.0001 points (0.01 percent). The average rate was established at 0.78428 AZN to 1 U.S. dollar.

    Official rate of AZN to 1 U.S. dollar:

    July 14


    July 21


    July 15


    July 22


    July 16


    July 23


    July 17


    July 24


    July 18


    July 25


    Average weekly


    Average weekly


    As a result of last week's exchange, the stock exchange price of the Azerbaijani AZN to the U.S. dollar, established based on results from the Baku Inter-bank Currency Exchange (BICEX), remained unchanged. The average rate was set at 0.7829 AZN to 1 U.S. dollar.

    Deals concluded last week at BEST comprised: July 21 - $5.773 million, July 22 - $3.98 million, July 24 - $2 million. No deals were concluded on July 23 and 25.

    Exchange rate of AZN to 1 U.S. dollar:

    July 14


    July 21


    July 15


    July 22


    July 16


    July 23


    July 17


    July 24


    July 18


    July 25


    Average weekly


    Average weekly


    No deal was concluded with USD/AZN T 1 and T 2 due to lack of appeals made by dealers. Appeals on EUR/AZN and RUB/AZN were not made by banks in BEST.

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  • Armenian armed forces violate ceasefire over 40 times a day
    26.07.2014 10:44
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Ilhama Isabalayeva - Trend:

    Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire with Azerbaijan 41 times in different locations of the contact line between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops last night, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported on July 26.

    Armenian Armed Forces opened fire at the Azerbaijani side at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located in the nameless heights and villages of Kokhanebi, Alibayli, Qizilhajili and Aghdam of the Tovuz region from the positions, located in the nameless heights and villages of Chinari, Aygepar and Mosesgeh of Armenia's Berd region and at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located in the village of Alibayli of the Tovuz region, from the villages of Mosesgeh and Aygepar of Armenia's Berd region from 21:30 to 01:50.

    Azerbaijani Armed Forces also took fire from the positions located near the villages of Chilabyurt, Geyarkh, Qizil Oba of the Terter region, Yusifjanly, Marzili of the Aghdam region, Horadiz of the Fizuli region, Mehdili of the Jabrayil region, Tapqaraqoyunlu of the Qoranboy region and at the nameless heights in the territory of the Khojavend and Goygol regions.

    The opposing side was silenced with return fire.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

    As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the U.S. are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented four U.N. Security Council resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

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  • Azerbaijan's Gakh is perfect place to hide from summer heat
    26.07.2014 10:29
    By AzerNews

    It is hot in Baku. Is not it? Now it is the time is to resume our journey around cool Azerbaijani regions. Ilisu village in Gakh is our next destination.

    You may ask, what is interesting about the village? To get your answer, it is enough to imagine a shagged mountainous settlement with crystal clear air and chilly springs, historical places, amazing landscape and mouthwatering cuisine. You are right. This is just another outstanding village of Azerbaijan.

    You can reach Ilisu from Gakh, one of the ancient regions with a rich history, located some 400 km northwest from the capital Baku. The mountainous village located at 1,400-1,600 meters above sea is bordering Russia near Dagestan.

    Regardless of seasons, Ilisu is the best place to get rid of the stress of the big cities. Embraced by mountainous forests on all sides, the place is famous for its heavy rains and bright rainbows in spring and summer.

    Actually, Ilisu is a state nature reserve that covers an area of 54,000 hectares and is home to hundreds of plants, animals and birds, some of which are included on the Red Book.

    Favorable natural conditions make the place a perfect destination for mountain climbing and hiking, fishing and hunting. You can also make a tour of the neighborhoods on horseback.

    Just one kilometer away from the village, you can find the picturesque Ulu waterfalls, a must-see place for anyone visiting Ilisu. Professional climbers can risk and mount Jinligala's top on the edge of an abyss, which has access only from one side.

    There are hundreds of mineral water springs and deep and fast mountainous rivers there. Even the name Ilisu means the abundance of hot water springs. The sulfur-containing thermal mineral water is of therapeutic importance and many people came here especially to undergo treatment.

    I hope you are healthy enough to study ancient places around the village. There are 11 registered historical monuments in Ilisu and on mountaintops, 10-meter high Sentry fortress of 14th century, the Shamil fortress and Chingala, but they are difficult to get access on during summer.

    There are three Russian forts in Ilisu, one on top of the mountain and two in the village.

    The emblem of the village, Sumug fortress, is a four-storey defense tower commanding a great view of the surrounding areas. The place may seem familiar to you if you have seen the Soviet and Azerbaijani action film "Don't be afraid, I am with you" because some scenes of the film were shot here.

    The 17th century Great Bridge over the Kurmuk River was built when Ilisu was a capital of a sultanate. Egg-yolk was used as solidifier of the bridge and for this reason the bridge is believed to be still in usable condition.

    In the center of the village, you can find a two-storey Ilisu fortress built in 19th century. Local people call it Burjgala and it is still in a decent condition and can be toured.

    Another page in the history of the proud village is Ilisu's Great Mosque that was built in 1700. One of the most valuable local monuments is 4 meters high and has no minarets.

    As you can see, this small village with its one single street has seen different times. It is now enjoying a calm countryside life. You can also visit nearby villages and historic places while staying here as they are all compactly located.

    If you could not book a local hotels, guests house and pension before your visit, do not get upset, as locals would kindly suggest their houses to tourists, which will acquaint you with the village even more.

    You could not avoid tasting local cuisine after drinking cold spring water here.

    Bear in mind that there are lots of cuisines which are filling. There are 35 pasta dishes in Ilisu, greens, dairy products and honey on the tables here. You can spoil your fitness here, as the mountain air will make you hungry all the time. Nevertheless, try Surhullu and Girs, the most popular pasta dish mainly eaten in cold weather.

    I hope you can visit such a nice place soon. If you have questions about the places, please feel free to write to me at nigar@azer
  • Turkish PM ErdoДџan accuses Israel of blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza
    26.07.2014 10:29
    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan has accused Israel of preventing the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan has accused Israel of preventing the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, in his latest verbal salvo against Tel Aviv, as the death toll from the military campaign in Gaza rises to more than 845 people, Hurriyet Daily reports.

    "The barbaric massacre that Israel has launched in Gaza is going on at full speed. The United Nations is silent about the massacre; furthermore, it is encouraging Israel," ErdoДџan said on July 25, delivering a speech in the Central Anatolian province of EskiЕџehir during the inauguration of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway line.

    "You see those mothers, don't you? There are almost 800 martyrs in Gaza. At the moment, we are having difficulty in sending even humanitarian aid. We shall send medicine and food, but it [Israel] is trying to prevent even that. But we will reach out to there sooner or later," he added.

    In Cairo on the same day, after holding several meetings with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Egyptian officials aimed at ending the conflict, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an immediate "humanitarian pause" in the fighting in Gaza, lasting through the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

    ErdoДџan, meanwhile, also suggested that an "immoral" smear campaign had been launched against him both inside the country and abroad, attempting to portray of him as an anti-Semite.

    "They are conducting an immoral campaign by distorting our remarks both inside and abroad and trying to show us as anti-Semitic. But I am perhaps the first prime minister in the world to say that anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity," he said.

    He also added, however, that European officials had so far been reluctant to label Islamophobia as a crime against humanity in the same way as anti-Semitisim.

    The remarks came only a day after a Jewish American group asked ErdoДџan to return an award it gave him in 2004, accusing the Turkish leader of "dangerous rhetoric" and "inciting violence against the Jewish people."

    In an open letter to ErdoДџan on July 24, Jack Rosen, the president of the American Jewish Congress, said the Turkish prime minister had become "arguably the most virulent anti-Israel leader in the world."

    ErdoДџan, who is campaigning to be elected president next month, has spoken out strongly against the ongoing military operations in Gaza, accusing Israel of committing "genocide" and "barbarism surpassing Hitler."
  • ''The Economist'' publishes article about Azerbaijan Summit 2015
    26.07.2014 10:24
    ''The Economist'' magazine has issued an article titled ''Azerbaijan Summit 2015: Growth and development opportunities in a nation in transition''.

    The article reads: "Rapidly shifting geopolitical trends have placed Azerbaijan in the heart of a region exposed to multiple external influences and pressures. However, the nation has remained largely immune to these, choosing instead to remain economically and politically nonaligned. The government continues to focus on its strategy of economic diversification and development plans and appears open to collaboration with multiple partners.

    Investment relations with Turkey - the government-owned entities continue to make strategic acquisitions across Europe and beyond.

    Despite challenges arising from plateauing energy revenues, Azerbaijan's external investments have been bolstered by one of the world's largest trade surpluses. The country is one of the largest foreign investors in Turkey and government-owned entities continue to make strategic acquisitions across Europe and beyond."
  • Islamic Development Bank allocates three million euros for water project in Iran
    26.07.2014 10:19
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) allocated a 2.92 million euro loan for a water project in Iran's north-eastern Golestan Province.

    Iran's economy council has approved the loan and the implementation of the project will start after the energy ministry's approval, managing director of the province's Water Company, Iraj Heidarian said, the country's official IRNA news agency reported on July 26.

    Commenting on the issue, Heidarian said that the project includes completing Negarestan dam and constructing water channels to transfer water from a dam to 29,000 hectares of agricultural lands.

    The IDB has paid more than three billion euros to Iran for implementing its projects so far, of which 70 percent were spent on dam building, water and wastewater projects of the energy ministry.

    The Islamic Development Bank is a multilateral development financing institution which was founded in 1973 by the Finance Ministers at the first Organisation of the Islamic Conference (now called the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation).

    There are 56 shareholding member-states. Iran holds some 9.32 percent of the bank's share.

    The purpose of the bank is to foster the economic development and social progress of member- countries and Muslim communities both individually and jointly in accordance with the principles of Shariah i.e., Islamic Law.

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  • Dorokhin: Letter sent by Dilgam Asgarovв's family to be considered carefully
    26.07.2014 10:19
    The Embassy confirmed the receipt of a letter from family members of the Azerbaijanis taken hostages by Armenians in Kalbajar.

    The Embassy of Russia in Azerbaijan has confirmed the receipt of a letter from family members of Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev takes hostages by Armenians in occupied Kalbajar region.

    The letter will be considered carefully, the Embassy told APA.

    "Indeed, a letter received from Asgarov's family in the name of the ambassador, claiming that he is a citizen of Russia and was detained during the incident in Kalbajar. The letter will be considered carefully and respondent", the embassy says.

    It was also confirmed that A.Veselova, a citizen of Russia, addressed to the consular section of the embassy for helping in searching his husband, Azerbaijani citizen Shahbaz Guliyev. Veselova was given the necessary explanations.
  • SOCAR starts building a platform for work at offshore field Bulla Deniz
    26.07.2014 10:14
    The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has started construction works at stationary offshore platform No 6 on the Bulla Deniz field.

    According to the SOCAR, two jackets and one intermediate section at Zikh shipyard were fabricated for this work, Fineko/ reports.

    Another 8 jackets and 10 sections are being made at BOS Shelf shipyard. The beginning of offshore work is scheduled for August.

    The platform area will be 3,940 sq m.
  • Armenian reconnaissance groupsв' attempted contact line crossing prevented
    26.07.2014 10:09
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26

    By Ilhama Isabalayeva - Trend:

    The Armenian reconnaissance and sabotage groups attempted to cross the contact line between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces on the territory of Aghdam and Goranboy regions last night, the Azerbaijani defense ministry said on July 26.

    The Azerbaijani Armed Forces noticed this and prevented a diversion. While suffering losses, Armenian reconnaissance groups retreated.

    No Azerbaijani serviceman was killed, according to the report.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

    As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the U.S. are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented four U.N. Security Council resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

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  • Crime rate decreases in Kazakhstan
    26.07.2014 09:59
    Astana, Kazakhstan, July 26

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    The rate of registered crimes decreased by 5.5 percent (from 177,896 to 168,132) in Kazakhstan in the first half of 2014 compared to the same period of last year, chairperson of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor's Office Saule Aytpayeva said on July 25.

    "The rate of all categories of crimes decreased," she said at a press conference in Astana. "So, the rate of the most heinous crimes decreased by 24.3 percent (from 1,461 to 1,106), heinous crimes - by 25.7 percent (from 19,072 to 14,172), insignificant crimes - by 7.6 percent (from 21,984 to 20,305)."

    The share of the most heinous crimes is 0.7 percent (1,106), heinous - 8.4 percent (14,172), insignificant crimes - 12.1 percent (20,305) in the structure of crimes.

    "The majority of committed crimes fall to the moderate crimes," she said. "Moreover, the level of committed murders is being declined, according to the statistics. A 22.6 percent decrease (from 584 to 452) was observed."

    A 49 percent decrease is observed in robbery (from 913 to 466) and pillage by 27.9 percent (from 9,846 to 7,101).

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  • Iran offers long-term tax breaks for Italian car industry investors
    26.07.2014 09:44
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 25

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    Iran will offer investment incentives for Italian carmakers, if they invest in the country's car industry, senior Iranian official announced.

    Deputy industry minister, Valiollah Afkhamirad said that the incentives include long-term tax breaks and visa-free travel, Iran's Mehr news agency reported on July 25.

    Afkhamirad made the remarks during a meeting with an Italian trade delegation in Tehran.

    He called the Italian carmakers to restore their former position in Iran's car industry, underlining that the country's investment laws offer special privileges for foreign investors in particular in free trade zones.

    "Iranian carmakers have provided fertile ground for boosting cooperation with other countries, after the gradual removal of sanctions," Afkhamirad said, adding that Iran and Italy can benefit from constructive cooperation in the automotive field.

    He also emphasized that cooperating with Iran, provides opportunity for Italy to access the Central Asian markets.

    In an interview with Trend in December ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Italy, Jahanbakhsh Mozaffari said Italy can become Iran's major partner in car manufacturing industry.

    Iran's automotive industry has started to revive thanks to suspended western sanctions on the country's carmakers.

    Western countries suspended certain sanctions against Iran as the Geneva nuclear deal came into force on January 20. Iran was permitted to import materials for its auto manufacturing sector as a result of the nuclear deal implementation, which has led to sharp increase in the country's auto exports in recent months.

    Iran exported 10,744 sedans during the last Iranian fiscal year (ended on March 20, 2014), with some 4,231 of that amount only exported in the latest Iranian month.

    The country exported $27 million of sedan cars only in the last calendar month which is even more than half of the total yearly export value.

    Iran produced 655,551cars in the first eleven months of last fiscal year.

    The country produced 989,110 cars in 2012, which made it Asia's eighth largest car manufacturer. Iran's automobile output faced a 40 percent decrease in 2012 due to sanctions. The country was Asia's 5th largest car manufacturer in 2011, with a total output of 1,648,505.

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  • NATO PA plenary session to be held in Georgia
    26.07.2014 09:34
    Tbilisi, Georgia, July 26

    By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

    A plenary session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) will be held in Georgia.

    "This is a very important event for the alliance," president of the NATO PA Hugh Bayley said.

    "Some 600 people from the partner-countries will attend the meeting," Bayley said after a meeting with Georgian First Deputy Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani. "This is a great forum, which is of great importance for the NATO further development. Georgia's participation in such a meeting is the greatest event. I am glad that your country has agreed to this proposal."

    A plenary session of the NATO PA will be held in Georgia in 2017.

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  • Israel agrees to 12-hour Gaza ceasefire
    26.07.2014 09:34
    Israel has agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire in fighting with militants in the Gaza Strip to start at 8 a.m. (1 a.m. EDT) on Saturday, a military spokeswoman said, Reuters reported.

    The spokeswoman said that during the brief truce, troops would keep searching for tunnels used by militants and that the military will "respond if terrorists choose to exploit this time to attack Israel Defense Forces personnel or fire at Israeli civilians."

    "Gaza civilians who have been requested to vacate from their residents are to refrain from returning," the spokeswoman said.

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  • President Ilham Aliyev congratulates Azerbaijani people on occasion of Ramada
    26.07.2014 09:29
    President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of Ramadan Holiday, APA reports.

    The congratulation letter reads:

    Dear countrymen!

    I congratulate you and all our compatriots living in different parts of the world on the occasion of Ramadan Holiday and deliver my sincere wishes. The month of Ramadan, in which the holy Koran was heaven-sent, invites mankind to charity, equality, moral perfection, refines ideas, spirit of the people.

    National and religious ceremonies, as well as Ramadan holiday is marked solemnly by the state every year. State-religious relations, religious faith of the citizens are regulated in accordance with national legislation and international legal norms. One of key priorities of state policy is to protect and develop mutual respect, belief of separate religious and sects and multicultural values. I'd like to especially underline that now, representatives of all nations and religious are living kindly in our country, where the Soviet regime banned freedom of belief and honor timely.

    These days, our society live with the joy of holiday. Those how passes the month of fasting willingly, they pray for welfare of the world and our country and martyrs died for motherland. On this holy month, which is the month of mercy, compassion and equality, I share all your benevolent prayers and wish your families happiness and your homes abundance and prosperity.

    May Allah accept your fasting!'
  • Armenians attack Tovuz region: 2 civilians injured
    26.07.2014 09:24
    The situation has became strained on the contact line of Azerbaijani and Armenian troops.

    Armenian Armed Forces fires on the positions of the Azerbaijani troops in Alibayli village of Tovuz continuously throughout the day, local residents told APA. Azerbaijani armed forces responded fires adequately.

    As a result of intensive firing 2 Tovuz region residents Farid Aliyev,15 and Anya Alasgarova, 52 injured. The injured were taken to Tovuz Region Central Hospital.

    The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has confirmed the fact of intensive breach of ceasefire.

    According to the Defense Ministry, Armenian troops have violated ceasefire and after that Azerbaijan Armed Forces responded adequately. There is no casualty from Azerbaijan Armed Forces.
  • Burger bandits caught on camera
    25.07.2014 23:24
    Three nude thieves have been captured on CCTV cameras stealing burgers from a southwest Florida eatery.

    Police said the unclad beef bandits got away with some 60 hamburgers from Doc's Beach House in Bonita Beach at the weekend.

    Security cameras captured the thieves - two completely naked, and a third wearing only his underwear - as they ransacked the restaurant's kitchen.

    Police released the CCTV footage in an attempt to track down the suspects, who they described as being in their late teens or early 20s.

    The men also took bacon and peppers from the eatery's coolers, but never attempted to steal cash, Doc's general manager, Lou Bangert, told TheNews-Press.

    The thieves also left a trail of red peppers on the beach, police said. Doc's waitress, Nancy Sansevieri, dubbed the trio "dumb, dumber and dumbest".

    Mr Bangertsaid the restaurant has been robbed of cash in the past, but he has never seen anything like this in the eatery's 27-year history.

    "When I saw the security footage, I said: 'How is this guy not wearing any clothes?'

    "Then I said: 'Wait, it's not just one. There's three naked.' That's what makes this funny."
  • Mystery of Porcelain dolls solved
    25.07.2014 22:50
    Investigators in California say they've solved a strange case involving porcelain dolls being left on the doorsteps of girls they hold an eerie resemblance to.

    At least eight families received the dolls in the Talega community of San Clemente, with all of the girls targeted around 10 years old.

    Families began filing police reports about the dolls as early as June 16. Initially, police didnв't have a crime to investigate. But as the mystery grew '" and as the families learned of the other dolls '" authorities began examining the dolls and meeting with the impacted families, trying to find patterns.

    According to a press release issued late Thursday by the Orange County Sheriffв's Department, the investigation focused on a woman who attends church with many of the families who found the dolls.

    ''Investigators made contact with the female adult who admitted to placing the porcelain dolls on the porch of the various residences in the community. Investigators have concluded that her motivation was out of goodwill and that she intended it as a kind gesture,'' the press release states.

    ''There will be no further investigation of this case.''
  • Sanctions fail to cut Iran gas output: EIA
    25.07.2014 22:25
    The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has acknowledged that international sanctions have failed to stop Iran's natural gas production growth, PressTV reported.

    "Despite repeated delays in field development and the effects of sanctions, Iran's natural gas production is expected to increase in the coming years," EIA said in a recent report.

    It said Iran contributed some five percent to the world's dry natural gas production in 2012, the year the United States and the European Union toughened sanctions against the country's energy sector.

    The report added that Iran's natural gas production reached 8.2 trillion cubic feet (tcf) in 2012, up three percent from 2011.

    Despite the sanctions, it said, Iran's natural gas production has kept growing in recent years.

    "Iran's gross natural gas production will increase to 10.6 tcf in 2020," the EIA report said.

    The agency stated that development of the giant offshore South Pars gas field is the "most significant energy development project in Iran."

    The gas field, shared with Qatar in the Persian Gulf, is estimated to contain 14 trillion cubic meters of gas and 18 billion barrels of gas condensate.

    At the beginning of 2012, the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Iran's oil and financial sectors with the goal of preventing other countries from purchasing Iranian oil and conducting transactions with the Central Bank of Iran.

    On October 15, 2012, the EU foreign ministers reached an agreement on another round of sanctions against Iran.

    The sanctions have been partially relieved since Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China - plus Germany clinched a landmark interim nuclear deal in November 2013.

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  • Azerbaijan, Russia to hold joint exercises in Caspian Sea - PHOTO
    25.07.2014 22:23
    Baku. Rashad Suleymanov '" APA. S-001 patrol ship of the Coast Guard of the Azerbaijan State Border Service (SBS) has sailed to the port of Makhachkala.

    The ship crew led by Deputy Head of the Coast Guard of the SBS Hajiali Hajialiyev will attend the joint exercises of Azerbaijani and Russian border-guards on the protection of marine biological resources to be held in the Caspian Sea on July 24.

    Russia's two ships of Brilliant project and two military boats will sail on the open sea along with Azerbaijan's ship.

    The agency reports that Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan plan to sign an agreement on the protection of marine biological resources in September, 2014 in Astrakhan.
  • Golden Grand Prix Final wrestling tournament officially opens in Baku
    25.07.2014 22:17
    An official opening ceremony of the Golden Grand Prix Final international wrestling tournament commemorating Azerbaijan`s national leader Heydar Aliyev has today been held in Baku.

    The event started with a concert program.

    Addressing the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Ismayil Ismayilov spoke of the government's attention to sports in the country. He also highlighted achievements of Azerbaijani athletes. Ismayilov noted that Azerbaijan would host the first European Games in 2015.

    President of FILA Nenad Lalovic thanked the Azerbaijani government for the excellent organization of the tournament.

    First Vice President of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation, member of FILA Executive Committee Namig Aliyev also made a speech at the opening ceremony, and wished the athletes success.

    The tournament brings together nearly 400 wrestlers from 35 countries.
  • Swiss tennis player reaches semi-final at Baku Cup 2014
    25.07.2014 22:01
    Swiss tennis player Stefanie Voegele has progressed to the semi-final of Baku Cup 2014 after defeating Israeli Shahar Peer.

    The match between 24-year-old Voegele who is ranked 72nd in the world and 27-year-old Peer who is ranked 90th, lasted 2 hours and 9 minutes.

    Voegele won the first set of the match that was taking place in a very tense and heated struggle. Nevertheless, Peer dominated during the second set. As a respond to the defeat in the first set, the Israeli player won the second set by 6:2 and made the score 1-1.

    In the last set where the winner was identified, Stefanie Voegele demonstrated her superiority again and could get necessary points for the victory. The Suisse player won the third set 6:4 thus making the overall score 2-1.

    The opponent of Voegele who is in the final thanks to this victory will be No 2 seed of the tournament Bojana Jovanovski of Serbia.
  • Azerbaijan, Turkey discuss bilateral relations
    25.07.2014 22:00
    Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Ogtay Asadov has met a Turkish delegation led by Bolu Mayor Alaaddin YД±lmaz to discuss bilateral ties between the two countries.

    Asadov hailed Azerbaijan-Turkey relations, describing them as "unbreakable friendly and brotherly". He said the two countries had always backed each-other, and wished Turkey success in upcoming presidential elections in the country.

    The sides also spoke of the role of Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party in development of the country. They also stressed the necessity of boosting cooperation between the two countries` municipalities.

    Yilmaz hailed the ongoing development processes in Azerbaijan and the rich infrastructure system created in the country.

    They also discussed other issues of mutual concern.
  • Last moments of couple in mystery death crash
    25.07.2014 21:19
    Police investigating the deaths of a couple hit by a car on a busy road have released images taken shortly before they died as they continue to look for witnesses.

    Nonita Karajevaite, 24, was struck by the vehicle on the A47 in Terrington St John, Norfolk, on Sunday.

    Her fiance Tadas Zaleskas, 26, was hit by the same car. Police are treating Ms Karajevaite's death as suspicious after witnesses alleged she was pushed into oncoming traffic.

    Officers are hoping the photographs, which include CCTV images captured around an hour before the incident, might help jog the memory of any potential witnesses who may have seen them walking on the grass verge of the eastbound carriageway at around 2.15pm.

    The couple seen on CCTV while at the local Worzals Farm Shop

    Shortly before the collision - at about 1.20pm - the couple had stopped at Worzals Farm Shop in Walpole Highway. They had separately asked someone to call police.

    They were walking barefoot towards King's Lynn on the busy dual carriageway at the time of the crash.

    Mr Zaleskas was a factory worker in March, Cambridgeshire, and Ms Karajevaite - a part-time beautician - also worked in a factory in nearby Wisbech. Both were originally from Lithuania and lived locally.

    The pair had separately asked someone to call police.

    Detective Chief Inspector Paul Durham, who is leading the enquiry, explained: "We now believe that prior to her arriving at Worzals, Nonita was wearing black trousers with a black and white patterned round-neck cardigan.

    "She was also wearing yellow-framed designer sunglasses and was barefoot.

    "It is thought that, when she got to the layby on the A47 probably, due to the weather, she had taken off her cardigan and rolled up her trousers, which gave them the appearance of leggings.

    "A key focus on this enquiry is anyone who may have seen the couple as they made their way along the A47 so, with this new information in mind, I'd be keen to hear from anyone who may have seen Nonita to come forward."

    On Wednesday, one lane of the eastbound carriageway was closed while officers carried out a detailed search of the grass verge, recovering items of clothing, documents and a pair of sunglasses, believed to belong to the couple.
  • Azerbaijanв's Amrahbank starts campaign on money transfer
    25.07.2014 21:01
    Baku, Azerbaijan, July 25


    Azerbaijan's Amrahbank JSC and Zolotaya Korona money transfer system are holding joint campaign entitled 'Send money-get souvenir'.

    The clients sending money via Zolotoya Korona money transfer system will get various souvenirs as presents, Amrahbank JSC said on July 25.

    The campaign that started on July 21 will continue until the end of the gift fund.

    Established in 1993, Amrahbank is one of the oldest and leading commercial banks of Azerbaijan. It offers wide range of retail and corporate banking products and services such as opening of current and deposit accounts, plastic cards, clearing operations, consumer and business loans, local and international money transfers, documentary operations, trade finance, etc.

    International Investment Bank based in Bahrain is the strategic shareholder Amrahbank since 2008.

    Currently, the banks has 21 branches and one sub-branch. The bank's branch network covers the capital and regions such as Sumgait, Lankaran, Tovuz, Bilasuvar, Barda, Ganja and Masalli.

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  • Kazakhstan sees increase in number of road accidents
    25.07.2014 20:55
    Astana, Kazakhstan, July 25

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    Around 8,608 road accidents have been recorded in Kazakhstan in the first six months of 2014, Saule Aitpaeva, the chairman of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of Kazakhstan Prosecutor General's Office said on July 25.

    She underscored that the number of recorded road accidents has increased by 1.7 percent compared to the same period of 2013.

    "The majority of the road accidents have occurred in Almaty - 2,425, South Kazakhstan region - 1,408, Almaty region - 799, East Kazakhstan region - 580 and Zhambyl - 549," Aitpaeva noted.

    The committee head went on to add that the road accidents resulted in 1,015 deaths and 10,911 more being injured.

    The major part of the road accident victims fell to the Almaty region - 198 people, South Kazakhstan region - 159 people, Zhambyl - 90 people, East Kazakhstan region - 71 people and Almaty - 60 people.

    Edited by CN

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  • Salaries of Georgian servicemen likely to increase
    25.07.2014 20:55
    Tbilisi, Georgia, July 25

    By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

    Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania expressed intentions to increase the salaries of the country's servicemen during the committee hearings at the parliament on July 25.

    "I would like to inform you that the allowances of the servicemen have been increased by 25 percent and we intend to maintain this trend in the future as well," Alasania said expressing confidence that the country's MPs will also support him on this issue.

    He went on to add that the budget of Georgian Defense Ministry may increase from 2015.

    "We intend to increase the ministry's budget by 11 percent and I hope that all MPs will support us on this issue," Alasania stressed.

    Edited by CN

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  • One Dead, Over 500 Hospitalized in Japan Due to Abnormal Heat
    25.07.2014 20:51
    One person died and 561 were hospitalized in Japan due to abnormal heat wave, NHK reported Thursday.

    The record of 37.4 Celsius was registered in the southeast of the country, while the temperature in Shizuoka prefecture in central Japan reached 37.2 Celsius. In Tokyo the heat peaked at 35.2 Celsius.

    According to the local Meteorological Agency, in 559 out of 927 weather observation stations the temperature has risen over 30 Celsius.

    Last week, three died and 3179 were hospitalized in Japan due to the extreme heat.
  • Georgiaв's integration into NATO discussed in Tbilisi
    25.07.2014 20:49
    Tbilisi, Georgia, July 25

    By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

    Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has met with President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Hugh Bayley and discussed Georgia's integration into the alliance.

    They touched upon the formats of Georgia's rapprochement with NATO and the progress achieved by the country in this process, as well as the situation in the region, press service of Georgian government told Trend.

    Garibashvili reaffirmed that the integration into NATO is one of the priorities of Georgia's foreign policy.

    A delegation of NATO Parliamentary Assembly arrived in Georgia on July 24.

    Edited by CN

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  • Ulyanovsk regional sector of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress hosts Iftar party
    25.07.2014 20:40
    Ulyanovsk regional sector of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress has hosted an Iftar party. The event brought together nearly 100 Muslims.

    Prior to the event, the Congress presented Azerbaijani children with bags and school equipments.

    Speaking to the event, vice-governor of Ulyanovsk Mikhail Sichev hailed the participation of the regional sector of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress in charitable events.

    Addressing the event, chairman of the Ulyanovsk regional sector of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress Islam Huseynov expressed gratitude to governor of Ulyanovsk Sergey Morozov for his international and interreligious policy.
  • Man shoots burglar who said she was pregnant
    25.07.2014 20:39
    A Long Beach man allegedly fatally shot a fleeing, unarmed burglar Tuesday night despite her telling him she was pregnant. An investigation is now underway by Long Beach police into whether the shooting was justified or a criminal act.

    "All of a sudden, I heard these high-pitched gun shots and I hear some screaming after that," neighbor Kevin Franklin said.

    The screams came from 28-year-old Andrea Miller, a reported intruder who would die before the night was over, shot by one fed-up homeowner.

    Thomas Greer is the 80-year-old resident who tells police he shot her. He said he came home around 8:55 p.m. to find Miller and an accomplice, 26-year-old Gus Adams, burglarizing his house near Terrylynn Place and Country Club Drive.

    There was a violent face-off, according to Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell.

    "They jump on him, as he describes, and they beat him with fists, and then throw him, body slam him, basically, on to the floor," McDonnell said. The female continued to strike him, while the male suspect walked over to Greer's safe, attempting to break into it.

    Greer tells police he shot at them inside and outside the house but only struck Miller as she fled through the garage and into an alley. She died at the scene; the male suspect fled, but was later arrested.

    Investigators are looking into a statement that Greer told the media, that the woman pleaded not to shoot her because she was pregnant. Miller was not visibly pregnant, the L.A. County Coroner's Office will determine whether or not she was pregnant.

    The Long Beach Police Department says they have reports of two previous break-ins at Greer's home on Country Club Drive. And Greer says there was a third incident that he did not report. Neighbors say the saw Greer's growing frustration.
  • Shift workers 'face type 2 diabetes risk'
    25.07.2014 20:30
    Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts, a large international study suggests.

    The findings, published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, indicated men and those doing rotating shifts were at highest risk.

    It is thought that disruption to the body clock affects waistlines, hormones and sleep - which could increase the risk.

    Diabetes UK said shift workers should eat a healthy balanced diet.

    The disease can lead to blindness, increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as damaging nerves and blood vessels - dramatically increasing the risk of a foot needing to be amputated.

    Studies in sleep laboratories have shown that making people snooze at the wrong time of day led to the early stages of type 2 diabetes developing within weeks.

    Now an analysis of data from 226,652 people strengthens the link with type 2 diabetes.

    In the UK, 45 out of every 1,000 adults have some form of diabetes, with the vast majority being type 2.

    The study, by researchers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, showed shift workers were 9% more likely to have type 2 diabetes.

    But in men, the figure was 35%. And for people chopping and changing between day and night shifts, the risk increased by 42%.

    The researchers said: "The result suggests that male shift workers should pay more attention to the prevention of of diabetes.

    "Given the increasing prevalence of shift work worldwide and the heavy economic burden of diabetes, the results of our study provide practical and valuable clues for the prevention of diabetes."

    Possible explanations include shift work disrupting sleeping and eating patterns. One idea is that eating late at night makes the body more prone to store the energy as fat, increasing the risk of obesity and in turn type 2 diabetes.

    James Gallagher explores whether eating against the body clock can make you fat

    The increased risk in men could be down to changes in levels of male hormones, it has been suggested.
  • President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the newly-built office building of the Ministry of Finance
    25.07.2014 20:16
    President of theRepublicofAzerbaijan Ilham Aliyevhas reviewed the newly-built officebuilding of the Ministry of Finance.

    Azerbaijanis strengthening its position among developed countries. Reforms are being deepened in all spheres in the country year after year. The growth of the country`s economic power is accompanied by the expansion of social and infrastructure projects.

    Finance, tax and banking sectors have played a special role in the ensuring of Azerbaijan`s socio-economic achievements in the past years.

    Despite ongoing economic and financial crisis in the world continuous socio-economic development is being ensured inAzerbaijanas a result of a comprehensive and well thought-out policy. Azerbaijan`s strategic currency reserves grow, the rate of our national currency is stable, the world`s leading rating agencies increase our country`s credit ratings. The law "On budget system" which was adopted several years ago, is being improved on a constant basis. The treasury system meeting international standards has been built in the republic. Thanks to a successful socio-economic and appropriate budget and tax policy,budget revenues have grown 16-fold in the last 12 years. Asin all structures, successive measures have been taken to strengthen material and technical infrastructure of the Ministry of Finance, modernize all administrative offices under the Ministry and ensure their effective activities in recent years. New officebuildings have been constructed for 35 district and city financial departments of the Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury Agency`s five treasury departments for Baku, buildings of 17 local financial agencies have been revamped and supplied with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. Under instructions of the head of state,attention is paid to wide application of electronic services for ensuring modern and flexible management, increasing transparency and eliminating elements encouraging corruption in the activity of the Ministry of Finance. In general, the staff of the Ministry of Finance, who carries out its activity based on President Ilham Aliyev`s saying "a civil servantis the people`s servant",spares no effortto fulfill the task of bringing its work to international standards and present day requirements.

    Finance Minister Samir Sharifov briefed President Ilham Aliyev about conditions provided in the new officebuilding.

    It was noted that the previous building of the finance ministry built in the 1950s was in poor conditionand was not up to modern requirements. In accordance with the head of state`s instructions to reorganize work places to modern standards, the newbuilding for the Finance Ministry was built in one of the most beautiful and historical places of the capital. The building was constructed in line with the city`s modern appearance as well as national and original architectural style. Every condition was created here for the ministry`s central administration, its two state agencies and three state services. Major landscapingand development work was done in the area around the new building.

    A bust ofnational leader Heydar Aliyev was placed at the mainentrance. The conference hall of the building is unique for its modernity. Information and communication technologies based on the latest scientific and technical novelties were widely applied here. The ministry`s museum, whose expositions are notable for their richness, shows the roadAzerbaijan's financial system has coveredin stages. The museum showcases the country's ancient banknotes, first actions to shape the modern financial sector, the development path passed by the country's financial system during national leader Heydar Aliyev`s leadership,reforms implemented in recent years under President Ilham Aliyev, novelties applied in the budget, treasury, insurance and other fields, the finance ministry`s international relations.

    The Head of State toured the conference, meeting and working rooms.

    The fact that the finance ministry`sdepartments and subordinate organizations will be located in the newbuilding together with the central administration will allowcentralized andeffective management and increasing employeeaccountability and efficiency.

    The ministry`s library is distinct in the rich collection and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.

    The head of state watched a short video on the path of development passed by the finance ministry in recent years, complex reforms, and the new officebuilding.

    Then, President Ilham Aliyev was shown information systems of financial accounting management for the state-funded organizations and treasury. It was noted that the single automated financial accounting system for the state-funded organizations, treasury management information system ensuring centralized, electronic and operations management of state budget funds, all state expenditures, treasury accounts, as well as actual expenditures control were created at the ministry.

    The head of state was informed about the hallmark control machine in which sophisticated technologies were used.

    After getting acquainted with the building of the finance ministry, President Ilham Aliyev wished its staff every success.

    In conclusion, a photograph was taken.
  • FINCA Azerbaijan holds events in its Gabala and Ismailli branches
    25.07.2014 20:07
    FINCA Azerbaijan non-bank credit organization held the opening ceremony of new branch office in Gabala region on July 23, 2014. New modern office that meets all the requirements of FINCA standards along with providing comfortableness for clients will also ensure high quality service provision.

    Gabala branch with 11 staff members is currently providing 1,500 active clients - small and medium business operators with different loan products.

    On the same day, Ismailli branch of FINCA Azerbaijan that has been operating since 2007 in the region celebrated one of its achievements - reaching 10 million loan portfolio goal. Both of the events were attended by senior officials of the organization and various bank representatives, clients and Ivanovka dance group of Ismailli region.

    Ismailli branch - the leader in Central region for the amount of its loan portfolio awarded the client who had a role in the achievement of this goal and three more clients with the longest period of cooperation.

    Along with this, within the framework of the '1/150.000th client in each branch' campaign being implemented in 65 branches of the organization clients from Gabala, Ismayilli and Aghsu branches were also awarded with special gifts.

    At present, Ismailli branch with its 35 staff members is providing more than 6,000 active clients with financial services.
  • Georgia launches third phase of NATO professional development program
    25.07.2014 19:49
    Tbilisi, Georgia, July 25

    By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

    NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) has moved to the third phase.

    Solemn event was held on the occasion with the participation of Georgian Deputy Minister of Defence Tamar Karosanidze, according to the report of the ministry.

    She stressed importance of the program in her speech at the event.

    Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia William Lahue, representatives of non-governmental organizations and Diplomatic Corps accredited to Georgia attended the presentation of a new phase of the program.

    This part of the program aims at the implementation of system reforms in the public sector and supporting realization of priorities of Georgia with regard to NATO. Special attention will be attributed to security sector as well. The following stage of the PDP Program envisages the recommendations based on assessment of the second phase.

    Special programs and practical consultations on the improvement of professional skills of public servants are planned to be held.

    Edited by CN

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  • Jordanians demonstrate in support of Gaza, Hamas
    25.07.2014 19:40
    Thousands of Jordanians took to the streets of Amman and other cities Friday to support Hamas and condemn Israel's offensive in Gaza, where more than 800 Palestinians have been killed, AFP reported.

    Around 2,000 people demonstrated in central Amman after Friday midday prayers, chanting: "We sacrifice our blood and souls for you, Gaza," in support of Hamas' armed wing the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades.

    "Bomb and destroy Tel Aviv!" chanted protesters waving flags of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and holding banners that read "Stop the barbaric aggression on Gaza" and "The resistance represent us."

    Similar demonstrations were held in the northern cities of Zarqa and Irbid as well as in the south, in Karak.

    More than 800 Palestinians have been killed in Israel's offensive in Gaza, launched on July 8 in response to Hamas militants firing rockets into Israel.

    Jordan has repeatedly demanded that Israel stop its "brutal aggression" and "targeting civilians" in Gaza.

    The kingdom, which has a 1994 peace treaty with Israel, is home to more than two million Palestinian refugees, as well as large numbers of Jordanians of Palestinian origin.

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  • Air Canada flight delayed by rockets over Tel Aviv
    25.07.2014 19:39
    An Air Canada flight from Toronto was forced to circle the Tel Aviv airport before landing Friday after rockets were fired over the Israeli capital, an airline spokeswoman said, AFP reported.

    "Eight kilometers away from landing at the Tel Aviv airport this morning, the pilots of Flight AC84 were ordered into a standard holding pattern by Israeli air traffic control," Air Canada spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur said.

    The aircraft was asked to continue circling overhead "until the airspace was deemed secure," before landing safely, she said.

    As a result the flight was delayed 10 minutes, she added.

    Earlier Hamas said it had targeted the airport, while the Israeli army confirmed that it intercepted two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

    On Tuesday, missiles fired at the airport had forced the cancellation of several American and European flights.

    Flight AC84 was Air Canada's first flight to Tel Aviv since the airline joined others in suspending trips to the city. It later departed for Toronto at 2 pm local time.

    "The security of our passengers and of our crew is our top priority," said Arthur. "And we will continue to monitor the situation."

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  • New edition of draft constitution to be submitted to Georgian parliament in 2015
    25.07.2014 19:39
    Tbilisi, Georgia, July 25

    By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

    The new edition of the draft constitution will be submitted to the Georgian parliament on March 1, 2015.

    Georgian State Constitutional Commission was to submit the draft constitution to the parliament on September 1, 2014, however, some amendments were made to the parliament resolution and the submission of the draft constitution was postponed to March 1, 2015, a source in Georgian parliament told Trend.

    A number of questions arose while working out the new edition of the draft constitution and certain provisions by the working group of the commission, which requires additional time for discussing them, therefore the time of the submission was postponed, Georgian parliament said.

    Edited by CN

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  • Eating chocolate can help you live longer
    25.07.2014 19:32
    Who loves chocolate, who swears by the sweet, salt and savory taste, ladies who reserve it for special occasions, bad days, bad breakups and dessert, and ladies who just want to eat more chocolate: listen up because your day is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

    Dark chocolate prevents diabetes;

    A report that appeared in ACSв'Journal of Agricultural amp; Food Chemistryfound that because eating dark chocolate actually means youв're eatingless, youв're naturally preventing your risk of getting type-2 diabetes.

    Led by Andrew P. Neilson, researchers identified that cocoa (the most basic ingredient in chocolate) is one of the richest in flavanol.

    In order to prove it, they fed groups of mice according to different diets. They found that the mice who were fed dark chocolate were able to keep their weight down because compounds likeoligomeric procyanidins (PCs),which works as an antioxidant,appear in dark chocolate.

    Dark chocolate will make you thinner;

    In a 2008 study performed at the University of Copenhagen, researchers part of the Faculty of Life Sciences found that chowing down on dark chocolate fills you up much faster than snacking on milk chocolate, which means youв'll feel satisfied much faster and eat way less of it. This, by default, keeps you looking and feeling thin and trim no matter what time of year or month it is.

    To confirm their hypothesis, researchers asked guys to fast for 12 hours before the chocolate-eating experiment began. One group was given milk chocolate and the other, dark.

    When the two groups were offered 100g of chocolate, everybody went to town. Fast forward to two hours later, the 16 men involved in the study were offered pizza (andwhoturns down pizza? No one, thatв's who).

    Turns out that the men in the dark chocolate group ate 15 percent less pizza than their milk chocolate counterparts.

    Dark chocolate keeps your emotional stress down;

    Which basically means you can bank on never having to worry about crying at the office, so long as youв've got a stick of dark within armв's reach.

    A 2009 clinical trial published in ACSв'Journal of Proteome Researchput the ''chocolate cure'' to task to determine whether or not there was any benefit to snacking on dark chocolate when youв're sad.

    Dark chocolate can prevent sunburns;

    Want to spend more time in the sun without turning a rosy shade of lobster red? Though it seems counterproductive (who wants to eat chocolate before stripping down and getting into a bathing suit?), eating chocolate in preparation for a day at the beach is basically the best thing for your skin.

    Performed in 2009, the study, published in theJournal of Cosmetic Dermatology, found that dark chocolate offers ''significant protection against harmful UV effects of the sun,'' which basically means that dark chocolate prevents sunburn, premature aging and even proactively prevents skin cancer.

    The London-based researchers noted that people who ate 20 grams of dark chocolate up to 12 weeks in advance were able to stay in the sun for twice as long as their counterparts without getting burned.

    Darkchocolate keeps your blood pumping ;

    Just so weв're clear, you need blood to live. In order to live, blood needs to flow freely. In order for blood to flow freely, it canв't be held back by buildup in your arteries. So if you want to live and look good, you need to eat dark chocolate.

    A study released just ahead of Valentineв's Day at Loyola Medicine earlier this year found that dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 percent prevents plaque buildup in your arteries because itв's super rich in flavoniods. And when your blood is pumpinв' freely, we can all agree thatв's an attractive thing..
  • Azerbaijani FC Neftchi into 3rd qualifying round of UEFA Europe League
    25.07.2014 19:11
    Azerbaijani football club Neftchi Baku have progressed to the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europe League after defeating Slovenian Koper 3-2 on aggregate.

    Despite losing to Koper 2-1 in Baku, Neftchi beat the Slovenian club 2-0 in the second game of the second qualifying round.

    Neftchi`s goals came from Mirhuseyin Seyidov and Carlos Cardoso.
  • Uzbekistan, South Korea discuss development of bilateral cooperation
    25.07.2014 19:09
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan, July 25

    By Demir Azizov- Trend:

    The implementation of the Uzbek-South Korean agreements, reached following the high-level negotiations, was discussed between the representatives of the two countries' foreign ministries, Uzbek Foreign Ministry said.

    During the negotiations, the two sides focused on the implementation of the agreements signed during the state visit of South Korean President Park Geun-hye to Uzbekistan from June 16 to June 18.

    During the state visit of South Korean president to Uzbekistan, the two counties agreed to continue the political dialogue, intensify the cooperation in the spheres of information technologies, solar energy, agriculture and education.

    Following the negotiations, the presidents signed a joint declaration to further develop and intensify the strategic partnership between the two countries.

    Meanwhile, they signed a framework intergovernmental agreement on loans from the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) for 2014-2017, a memorandum of understanding in the bilateral investment cooperation and other documents.

    During the business forum and a cooperative exchange that were held during the visit of South Korean president, the business representatives of the two countries signed a number of documents on cooperation worth of over $2.4 billion.

    The trade turnover between Uzbekistan and South Korea stood at $2.12 billion as of 2013.

    Edited by CN

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  • Eguchi had to stop her great performance
    25.07.2014 18:52
    The first match of frac14; finals in singles has been played on the sixth day of "Baku Cup 2014.

    Misa Eguchi, the Japanese player who started playing in the tournament from the qualifying round has demonstrated a spectacular performance.

    Eguchi defeated such strong opponents as Nicole Melichar (USA) and Amandine Hesse in qualifying matches, No 3 seed of the tournament Magdalena Ribarikova (SVK) in 1/16 finals, and Urszula Radvanska (POL) in 1/8 finals.

    This time the rival of Misa Eguchi who is No 183 in the world, was a stronger player than her previous opponents - No 2 seed of the tournament, the winner of "Baku Cup 2012" Bojana Jovanovski.

    Despite Eguchi lacked behind her opponent due to all indicators, she could demonstrate a worthy struggle against her rival in the first set of the match that lasted 2 hours 11 minutes. The Japanese player broke 4 services of her opponent, won the set 6:4 and made the score 1-0.

    Eguchi started the second set also with a superiority and broke 2 services of Jovanovski thus leading in points 5:2. Nevertheless, since then Jovanovski revived and made a comeback in the match. She started winning points one after another and could hardly win the second set which lasted till the tie-break 7:5.

    Thus, the winner of the match was identified in the third set. In the third set taking place with the equality of parties each player struggled for each point till the end. The resolute performance of Eguchi facing a strong opponent resulted in frequent applauses of spectators.

    Notwithstanding with all these, Jovanovski restored her dominance thanks to her experience and started "forcing" her opponent to make mistakes after the points were 3:3. Thus, Bojana Jovanovski finished the set 6:3 and the match 2-1. She will play in semi-finals.

    Her opponent in the match for passing to the final will be the winner of the match between Stefanie Voegele (SUI) and Shahar Peer (ISR).
  • Final stage of Golden Grand Prix wrestling tournament kicks off in Baku
    25.07.2014 18:42
    The final stage of the Golden Grand Prix international wrestling tournament commemorating Azerbaijan`s national leader Heydar Aliyev has today started in Baku.

    In the freestyle event, Azerbaijan`s hopes will be pinned on 21 wrestlers, while in the Greco-Roman event, the national team will be represented by 20 wrestlers.

    In the women`s event, Azerbaijan`s squad includes Maria Stadnik, Kamala Aliyeva, Anjela Dorogan, Patimat Bagomedova, Irina Netreba, Yuliya Ratkevich, Nadya Sementsova and Gozel Zutova.

    The tournament will bring together nearly 400 wrestlers from 40 countries.

    The tournament will be held at "Sarhadchi" Sports Olympic Center and will last 3 days. The matches will be aired live on Idman Azerbaijan TV channel.
  • Duo of Panova and Watson is in final at Baku Cup 2014
    25.07.2014 18:41
    The first finalist has been identified in doubles of Baku Cup 2014.

    Aleksandra Panova of Russia and Heather Watson of UK faced the No 1 duo of the tournament Oksana Kalashnikova (GEO) and Olga Savchuk (UKR).

    Panova and Watson who eliminated two strong duos from the tournament, demonstrated a magnificent performance in the semi-finals.

    In the first set that lasted till the tie-break, the duo of Panova and Watson could make the points 7-5 despite it was very hard for them to reach this result. Nevertheless, they won the second set with ease.

    They broke the attacks of their opponents in the second set and won it by 6-2 and finished the match 2-0. They will play in the final.

    Their opponents will be known after the match that will be held between Raluka Olaru (ROU)/ Shahar Peer (ISR) and Franceska Schiavone (ITA)/Stefanie Voegele (SUI).
  • Media: U.S. to load Azerbaijani Railways line and BTK with military supplies
    25.07.2014 18:29
    U.S. will load CJSC "Azerbaijan Railways" and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars which is currently under construction with military supplies.

    According to Russian sources, the "Caucasian corridor", which developed by the U.S. military to evacuate their property (military equipment, weapons, equipment and supplies) from Afghanistan, will contribute to this.

    "The Caucasian corridor runs from Afghanistan via Heart to Kushka in Mary (Turkmenistan), and then by rail to the port of Turkmenbashi on the Caspian Sea to Baku ferry transportation and subsequent delivery to Batumi (Georgia) or Turkey", Russian sources indicate.

    According to them, storage stations will be created all along the route.

    " At least 2200 pieces of equipment and containers will follow through tje "Caucasian corridor " montly from autumn of 2014 until the end of 2016," Russian experts say.

    The ferry terminal in the new Baku International Sea Trade Port in Alat settlement 65 kilometers south of Baku will be put in operation by autumn 2014. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway begins operation in 2015, and recently CJSC "Azerbaijan Railways" and Georgian colleagues revived the lettered container train Baku-Poti-Baku.
  • Black boxes from Taiwan air crash investigated
    25.07.2014 18:22
    Investigators are examining wreckage and flight data recorders for clues into a plane crash on a Taiwanese island that killed 48 people.

    Stormy weather and low visibility are suspected as factors in Wednesday's crash of the twin propeller ATR-72 operated by TransAsia Airways.

    Local media reported Friday that the plane's cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder had been sent to the main island of Taiwan for analysis.
  • Ziya Mammadov receives citizens in Ujar
    25.07.2014 18:22
    Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov held the next reception at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Ujar on 25 July.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to AzerTag that the appeals of more than 30 residents of Ujar, Goychay, Aghdash and Zardab were heard at the reception attended by heads of the relevant structures of the Ministry.

    The appeals of the residents who met the minister individually were most related to the transport problems in the regions, repair and construction of highways of the republican and local concern, rural roads, repair and construction of bridges, employment, etc.

    Most problems were solved on the spot, relevant instructions were given for solution of others.

    And the issues not related to the Ministry of Transport were registered for submission to relevant bodies.

    The residents expressed satisfaction with the created conditions, attention and care for them and thanked President Ilham Aliyev for the initiative of holding such receptions in the regions.
  • Azerbaijan to refuse using BRDM scout cars
    25.07.2014 18:21
    Soviet-made armored vehicles will be replaced with Turkish Cobra.

    The Azerbaijani Armed Forces will launch a new program to replace Soviet-made BRDM-1 and BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance/patrol vehicles by up-to-date armored vehicles, governmental sources told APA.

    Armored vehicles of several countries were tested within the program. In the end, Cobra 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle produced by the Turkish Otokar was chosen. Being in the armament of the Azerbaijani Border Guards and Interior Troops, Cobra vehicles have successfully passed tests, showing a high level of maneuverability.

    By available information, the Azerbaijani Government instructed the Ministry of Defense Industry to establish a production unit of the abovementioned vehicles in the country to meet the army's demand. The ministry is carrying out works for producing new armored vehicles.

    If the negotiations succeed, an agreement on the production of Cobra vehicles in Azerbaijan is expected to be signed in ADEX-2014 to be held in Baku in September.

    A protocol of intent signed between Azerbaijan's Ministry of Industry and Turkey's Undersecretariat for the Defense Industry in May, 2013 reflects the production of Cobra vehicles in Azerbaijan.
  • Armenia can't afford birth rate increase
    25.07.2014 18:05
    By AzerNews

    Armenia's previous government had adopted a program to encourage large families across the country as the fertility rate (births per woman) in the country stood at 1.6, far from the normal 2-2.1.

    Now it seems that the current government headed by Prime Minister Ovik Abramyan has ignored the previous government's decision.

    Abramyan has put on hold the program for an indefinite time due to financial hardship. Now, large families in the country are expressing outrage over the decision.

    Mother of 9 children, Lilit Khachatryan complained of the government's unexpected decision to local media. She said the decision will deteriorate the situation of her large family.

    Khachatryan said Abramyan is jeering at large families. "The previous government's program stipulated provision of large families with suitable apartments," she noted.

    "We were looking for an apartment for 10 days. Finally we found a 5-room apartment in Moscow where my husband works. The relevant state body was expected to transfer 12 million 930 thousand drams ($31,807)," she added.

    She went on to say that the body stopped the process after being informed that Armenian prime minister had delayed the program.

    Khachatryan underlined that she was suspicious about the continuation of the program since Abramyan took office. "But the officials assured that the changes in the government will not affect the governmental program on large families," she noted.

    While adopting a governmental program for 2014-2017 Abramyan said the government could not accept proposals that required large financial resources. It seems the program on encouraging large families was among these proposals.

    The number of Armenia's population was 3 million 011.9 thousand as of July1 decreasing by 15,000 in the first three months of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

    Furthermore, some 45.000-50.000 people annually leave Armenia.

    Putting on hold the program on the background of the mass migration outflows and unpleasant demographic situation will undoubtedly lead to the reduction of the population's number in Armenia.
  • 296 people declared wanted over Armenian terrorist attacks against Azerbaijanis
    25.07.2014 18:05
    296 people have already been declared wanted over the terrorist attacks and other grave crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis.

    Azerbaijan's Military Prosecutor, Lt Gen of justice Khanlar Valiyev spoke at the meeting of the Republican Military Prosecutor's Office dedicated to the outcomes of the first half of 2014 and objectives for the future, APA reports.

    He stated that Khojaly, Garadaghli, Meshali, Baghanis-Ayrim tragedies, terror attacks and other grave crimes committed by the Armenian armed forces have already been investigated under the article #103 (genocide) and other articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic. Consequently, 296 people have been declared wanted. Investigation is underway.
  • China signs oil deal with Venezuela
    25.07.2014 18:00
    Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed a series of oil and mineral deals with Venezuela. They include a $4bn (ВЈ2.34bn) credit line in return for Venezuelan crude and other products. The agreements came on the latest stop of a four-country visit to Latin America.

    Mr Xi has already signed key deals in Argentina and Brazil. He has now departed from Venezuela and will visit Cuba next.

    In Argentina the Chinese leader agreed to an $11bn currency swap providing much needed money for the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Argentina has been locked out of the international capital markets since a default in 2001.

    Mr Xi also helped launch a new development bank alongside the other emerging powers of the Brics group - Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa - at a summit in Brazil.

    The new bank is intended to create an alternative to the Western-dominated World Bank.

    Chinese trade with Latin America has grown rapidly. It is now the second-largest trading partner in Argentina and Cuba, and has been Brazil's largest since 2009.

    China is the second-largest market for Venezuelan oil after the United States.
  • U.S. Department of State calls Turkish FM '˜key figureв'
    25.07.2014 17:49
    Spokesperson for U.S. State Department Marie Harf called Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu a "key figure" in achieving a truce between Israel and Hamas. reports citing the HurrД±yet newspaper that M.Harf explained the reasons for which Washington has active contacts with Ankara on the subject of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

    "Turkey has some contacts with Hamas and can achieve what we cannot. We are confident that Davutoglu can put pressure on the situation and contribute to the truce", Harf said.
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