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Ways to Help Underachieving Boys Succeed in School
11.02.2013 09:04
Re "The Boys at the Back," by Christina Hoff Sommers ("The Great Divide" series, Sunday Review, Feb. 3):

The way to deal with boys' underachievement in school is not through "boy friendly" policies like more recess, single-sex classrooms and male teachers but through strong academic climates and clear, consistent information about occupations and the educational pathways that lead to them.

After years of research for our forthcoming book, "The Rise of Women: The Growing Gender Gap in Education and What It Means for American Schools," Thomas A. DiPrete and I found that in schools where academic effort is expected and valued, boys compete for high grades and more often achieve them. Such schools reduce gender gaps and promote healthy, multifaceted gender identities for both boys and girls.

Boys also perform better when teachers and parents help them understand how their future success is linked to their efforts in middle and high school.

Rather than remaking schools in ways that reinforce gender stereotypes, we need schools that set high expectations for student achievement and treat students as individuals.


Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 6, 2013

The writer is a professor of sociology and director of graduate studies at Ohio State University.

To the Editor:

Even in the late 1950s, educators sensed that girls had advantages over boys. They're verbal, orderly, quiet, submissive and cooperative.

Boys? Polar opposites: outgoing, active, loud and unable to sit still. More boys in detention, in special education and suspended. And of course, all the teachers were women!

As a fifth-grade teacher, I found that one solution was a brisk, vigorous outdoor activity session right before lunch. If someone got restless or acted out, all I said was "save that for outside."

The results were amazing. Three boys who had suffered stomach cramps and needed medical attention refused to go to school. Their mothers fought with them every day. But in my class they raced to school. Couldn't wait to get there.

Girls benefited, too. Two who had no friends suddenly bonded with each other, then with classmates. For the first time, girls invited them to birthdays and sleepovers. One had been receiving psychiatric help and medication. Her mother later told me that she no longer needed either.

There are certainly solutions to "boys at the back." Letting boys be boys is one of them.


Hazlet, N.J., Feb. 6, 2013

The writer is a retired public-school teacher.
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  • Unsteady weather to continue in Azerbaijan
    27.11.2014 14:10
    The unsteady weather in Azerbaijan will last till late November.

    Senior hydrologist of the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Asif Verdiyev told APA that the weather is expected to be cloudy and occasionally rainy in Baku and Absheron peninsula on November 28. North wind will blow. The temperature will be 3hellip;5 C at night and 5hellip;7 C in the daytime.

    On November 28, intermittent rain is expected in Azerbaijan's regions, sleet and snow in mountainous and sub-mountainous regions. Precipitation will intensify and it will be foggy in some places. West wind will blow and occasionally intensify in some areas.

    The temperature will be 0hellip;5 C at night, 5hellip;10 in the daytime and in mountains -5hellip;-10 C at night, -2hellip;3 C in the daytime.
  • New realistic barbie doll
    27.11.2014 13:49
    Believe it or not, folks, a normally-proportioned Barbie doll has finallyВ hit the market. The doll, called Lamilly, was createdВ in the image of the average young American woman '" fuller, rounder, with acne, cellulite, stretch marks, and more!

    Lammily is the brainchild of artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, who had always been frustrated with the unrealistic proportions of Barbie dolls. One day, he decided to create a fun, appealing doll with natural makeup and a casual wardrobe.

    ''I feel that, right now, dolls are very 'perfectв' looking, when, in real life, few of us have perfect skin,'' he told reporters. ''So, why not give dolls a 'real treatment?в' Things like acne, stretch marks, and cellulite are a natural part of who we are.'' Lamm wanted little girls to get used to the idea that these things are normal and not 'flawsв' to be ashamed of.He began by scaling the measurements of an average 19-year-old woman and incorporated them into the dolls features. He also added a specialised sticker pack, allowing kids to add 'marksв' to their dolls '" right from tattoos and scars to moles and grass stains.

    Once he had a Lammily prototype ready, Lamm ran a highly successful Kickstarter campaign through which he crowdfunded $501,000 to manufacture the dolls. Each doll now retails at $24.99, with a $6 sticker pack and fashion options that will be available from January.

    Lammilyв's identity is also customizable, as each doll comes with a passport В that can be filled out with a unique full name and country of birth. Lammily has movable legs and detailed, separate toes that support action, so she actually stands flat on her feet, unlike Barbieв's permanent 'high heeledв' mode.

    You know, people were saying this whole project was a joke from the beginning, so I have no doubt some people will take it as a joke,'' Lamm commented. ''But I hope there are enough people who believe what I believe. I think 25 to 30 percent will think the stickers are stupid and the rest will think itв's good.''

    Lamm is confident that this is the doll that people have been waiting for. And he might not be wrong, afterall. He filmed a video of school kids reacting to realistic dolls and their responses are quite heartening. Most girls said they like her, while others observed that sheв's cool. Many second graders even went as far as to say: ''She looks like my sister.''

  • Korean Premier pays respect to national leader Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani heroes
    27.11.2014 13:45
    Baku, November 27, AzerTAc

    A Korean delegation led by Prime Minister Jung Hong-won has today visited the Alley of Honors to lay flowers at the tomb of Azerbaijan's national leader, founder and architect of modern Azerbaijani state Heydar Aliyev.

    They also put flowers at the grave of prominent ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva.

    The delegation then visited the Alley of Martyrs to commemorate Azerbaijani heroes who gave their lives for the country's independence and territorial integrity.

    Korean PM laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame monument.
  • Azerbaijani, Czech speakers to meet in Prague
    27.11.2014 13:04
    Milli Majlis speaker Oqtay Asadov is to leave for a two-day official visit to Prague on 4 December, sources in the Czech embassy told on Thursday.

    Czech ambassador to Azerbaijan Vitezslav Pivonka said earlier that the meeting will be held on the initiative of the speaker of the Czech parliament Jan Hamaacute;ДЌek who is heading the parliamentary group of friendship with Azerbaijan.

    Over the past years since the opening of the Czech embassy in Baku, significant progress has been attained in development of the bilateral ties. The exchange of visits on different levels is held between Baku and Prague on a regular basis.

    The Azerbaijani-Czech relations develop in many spheres including political dialogue, economic cooperation, as well as ties in the sphere of education, tourism and culture.

    Today the mutual trade between the two countries is about $2.5bn. However, the ambassador repeatedly said that he will spare no effort to reach a 10% growth in trade.
  • Iran develops new projects to revive Lake Urmia
    27.11.2014 12:59

    By Sara Rajabova

    Iran has been struggling with the shoaling problem of the biggest lake in the country for several years.

    The government has been working on various measures to revive the lake with launching different projects, but the efforts havenв't borne the desired results.

    The Iranian government continues to take measures on tackling the shoaling problem of the Lake Urmia that is experiencing its worst drought condition for many years.

    Ghorban Ali Saadat, the Head of the Iranian province of West Azerbaijan has recently said Iran has prepared a package of proposals to restore the Lake Urmia.

    ''According to these proposals, the lake can be brought back to the condition of 10 years ago. The package of the proposals has been prepared by scholars from several countries,'' Saadat said on November 25 at a meeting with Azerbaijani journalists on a visit to Iran,В TrendВ Agency reported.

    The area of Lake Urmia is the third largest salt water lake on earth, which has 6,000 square kilometers surface. During the migrations of birds, the lake becomes their temporary home. Over 70 percent of Lake Urmia's water has dried up. The level of water has been declining since 1995.

    The lake's drying up has an impact on the flora and fauna of the region. Experts on environmental issues say that the measures taken by the Iranian government are not enough to save the lake.

    Iranian President, Hassan Rouhanihas set up a working group for saving Lake Urmia called the Committee for Urmia Lake Restoration.

    Saadat said the scholars from Russia, Canada, Japan, the U.S. and European countries, who carried out the necessary research for restoring of the shoaling Aral Sea, were invited to Iran. There have been several meetings attended by them on the issue.

    ''Their proposals were considered and studied, and afterwards a package of proposals was prepared in six months in accordance with the recommendations,'' he said, adding that the package consists of 25 proposals, each of which includes certain paragraphs.

    The Iranian government has allocated a huge amount of money to solve the problem.

    Earlier, KioumarsDaneshjou, Head of the Water Resources Department of West Azerbaijan Province said the administration allocated 3.7 billion rials (about $139 million based on official rate of 26,600 rials per $1) to implement projects aimed at revival of Lake Urmia for current fiscal year started on March 21.

    The shoaling problem of Lake Urmia is a matter of concern not only for the Iranian government, but also other countries and international organizations of the world.

    UN Resident Coordinator Lewis in October 2013 proposed ways to prevent the death of the world's largest saltwater lake, the Lake Urmia.

    Lewis warned in his report that the slow death of the Lake Urmia signals a warning for the future.

    ''Funds were allocated for realization of several projects as part of the package of proposals. Under the package of proposals, it is necessary to transform the system of agriculture near the lake,'' Saadat said.

    He further noted that it is necessary to switch from the traditional irrigation system to the efficient one.

    ''There are small ponds and reservoirs near the Lake Urmia, and we are trying to direct their waters into the lake. This will also help its recovery,'' Saadat added.

    Touching upon the possibility of implementing the project for transferring water from the Caspian Sea and Araz River to Lake Urmia, he noted that first it is necessary to define the chemical composition of these waters more exactly.

    ''The waters of the Caspian Sea have a high content of sulfates, while there is much sodium chloride in the waters of Lake Urmia and their interflow can create even more problems,'' Saadat said.

    An investment agreement worth around 875 million Euro for the transition of Araz Riverв's waters to the Lake Urmia was signed in Iran in July 2013.

    Under this project, Iran plans to resolve the water shortage problem in eight cities and 81 villages.
  • Azerbaijanв's banking system capital grows 15% in 10 months
    27.11.2014 12:55
    As of 1 November 2014 the overall capital of the banking system of Azerbaijan made AZN 3,893,500,000.

    lsquo;This is a 2.6% growth over 1 October', says a report posted on the official website for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

    In January-October, the capital of the banks rose by 14.9%, while experiencing a 20.5% growth over a year earlier.
  • Nalbandian: It seems that 90% of participants are Azerbaijanis
    27.11.2014 12:50
    The Armenian FM made a lecture in Stockholm on 26 November.

    The lecture on lsquo;Problems of security in the South Caucasus' was held at the International Institute of Peace Problems Research.

    After the speech, the activists of the Youth Organization lsquo;Sweden-Azerbaijan' Rasul Majidov, Allahverdi Verdizade, Aysel Yusubova and Mahira Mukhtarova asked four questions to the Armenian minister.

    It was noted that Azerbaijani lands have been occupied by Armenia for already more than 20 years and the UN, OIC and other international organizations demand unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani lands, while recognizing Armenia as an aggressor country.

    The activists informed the event participants about the tragedy of 26 February 1992 in the city of Khojaly which was razed to the ground in one night, the cruel murder of 613 civilians including 63 children, 106 women, 70 elderly people and learned Nalbandian's opinion on this issue.

    The responses of the minister who was caught in an uneasy state were destructive and full of lies. The Armenian minister voiced concern about such process of the event.

    It was clear that the Armenian minister was annoyed with the questions and the phrase lsquo;it seems that 90% of participants are Azerbaijanis' was another proof of the hard situation he was caught in.
  • Presentation of ''Baku-2015'' first European Games held in Paris
    27.11.2014 12:30
    Baku, November 27, AzerTAc

    Presentation of "Baku-2015" first European Games took place in Paris.

    Azerbaijan's First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Chairperson of the European Games Organizing Committee Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremony.

    Held with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Azerbaijan's Embassy in France, the ceremony was attended by representatives of public and political circles of this country, as well as persons of culture and sports. The guests first viewed the exhibition comprised of bronze statues by Azerbaijani sculptors devoted to "Baku-2015". Over 20 works related to various types of sports by Azerbaijani sculptors were displayed at the exhibition called "We Together". The guests were also presented various publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation about Azerbaijan, including booklets devoted to the first European Games.

    The host of the event said the fact that the first European Games will be held in Baku is a sign of international interest towards Azerbaijan.

    Chairperson of the European Games Organizing Committee Mehriban Aliyeva Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony.

    Then, participants of the ceremony watched a documentary devoted to "Baku-2015". The film provides information about the preparation works for the first European Games and other actions associated therewith. It is informed that the first European Games will be held in 21 places. To this end, new arenas are being constructed in the city, and existing facilities are renewed and brought to a condition ready for the Games. In addition to the Baku Olympic Stadium designed for 65 thousand onlookers, preparation works are also carried out at the Olympic Village to accommodate 7300 people.

    Minister of City, Youth and Sport of France Thierry Bayard expressed his pleasure of the presentation of "Baku-2015" first European Games in Paris: "France has been showing great attention towards these Games. Relations between our countries in the sphere of sport is extending as time goes on. France will be represented in these Games on the highest level."

    Member of the French National Assembly, twice Olympic champion David Douillet delivered a speech at the ceremony: "Holding of the European Games requires great efforts, and I believe the Organizing Committee will worthily cope with this task". David Douillet said the European Games, which promote humanism, peace and such other ideas, will improve Azerbaijan's positive image further".

    At the end of the event, the State Chamber Orchestra of Azerbaijan named after Gara Garayev performed with a concert programme.
  • Azerbaijan to establish protecting walls against Armenian bullets
    27.11.2014 12:19

    By Sara Rajabova

    The constant shelling by the Armenian armed forces of the border villages and settlements near the contact line of troops, forced the Azerbaijani government to build some protecting walls to save the lives of people against Armenian violence.

    The frequent ceasefire violations by the Armenian armed forces have caused serious damages to homes and farms in these villages and left many injuries and deaths. Almost, every house in those villages has suffered from the Armenian bullets.

    Specially, the schools and other educational centers are under the constant danger. There are growing concerns over the life of children. The Armenian armed forces deliberately target the children. Because of the restless shelling, the children cannot go to schools or even play in yard of their homes.

    Therefore, the Azerbaijani government has developed new measures to protect its citizens from the dangerous and damaging shelling by the Armenian forces.

    The protecting walls will be built in all villages located near the frontline to protect the schools and kindergartens from the enemy bullets. Several times, the schools in the areas located near the contact line were forced to be closed as a result of ceaseless firing. The works on building the walls around the schools and kindergartens have already been started, the local media reported.

    The construction work has been carried out in Aghdam village of Azerbaijanв's Tovuz region. The protecting walls of the school in this village are almost completed.

    Gasim Hajiyev, who leads the construction works, said: ''Schools and kindergartens are the open target of the Armenian bullets. The protecting walls for the schools are being built in the village. Also, another retaining wall that was built around the kindergarten of the village will be completed soon."

    Besides, the houses in this village damaged by Armenian bullets are also being rebuilt.

    Shamsi Yusifov, a villager said his home now in an emergency condition as a result of the constant shelling by the Armenian armed forces since 1991.

    Gulmira Rzaguliyeva, another villager said: ''During the shooting, the shells hit my house. As a result of the shelling, a part of my house has fallen and it is now in a very poor condition.''

    Also, Azerbaijan plans to build some protecting walls for the houses located close to the enemy positions.

    As a result of Armenian troopв's violence, the residents of these settlements have gone through great difficulties. The frequent ceasefire violations by Armenian armed forces have hampered their daily lives.

    The residents of these villages earn their life by farming. However, the ceasefire violations make it impossible to work on their lands, take their cattle for grazing, as well as use the water of the rivers originating from Armenia. The Armenian armed forces frequently wound the villagers in their homes or on their farms, as well as take them hostage.

    In September, 15-year-old Javid Mammadov was taken hostage by Armenian soldiers near the village of Chayli in Azerbaijan's Tartar region.

    They also injured three children while they were playing in their homes' yard.

    The Armenian forces even donв't hesitate to kill the innocent children. On March 8, in 2011, nine-year-old Fariz Badalov was shot in the head by an Armenian sniper while playing in the courtyard in Aghdam region. The international organizations condemned this brutal action of Armenian invaders.

    In July of the same year, 13-year-old Azerbaijani girl Aygun Shahmaliyeva fell victim to the Armenia`s inhumane and immoral policy in the Alibayli village of Azerbaijan`s Tovuz region, which borders Armenia. Aygun tragically died as a result of the explosion of a toy with an explosive device, which the Armenian side deliberately dropped into the river flowing to the village.

    Earlier, in 1994 two children were killed as a result of explosions of some toys that they found in Tovuz River.

    The precarious cease-fire between Azerbaijan and Armenia was reached after a lengthy war that displaced over a million Azerbaijanis. It has been in place between the two South Caucasus countries since 1994. Since the beginning of the hostilities, Armenian armed forces have occupied over 20 percent of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territory, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.
  • Oil prices fall in world markets
    27.11.2014 12:05
    Baku, November 27, AzerTAc

    The price of oil has continued to fall in the world markets.

    On the New York Stock Exchange NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) cost of the US Light crude oil has fallen $0,40 to stand at $73.69.

    Price of British Brent crude oil at the London ICE (InterContinental Exchange Futures) has decreased $0,58 to trade at $77.75.

    The Department of Marketing and Economic Operations of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) informed that, a barrel of Azeri Light crude oil decreased $0,06 to stand at $80.20
  • Russian lawmakers suggest banning some foreign organizations in Russia '" media
    27.11.2014 12:04
    State Duma deputies propose to blacklist some foreign organizations to ban their activities in Russia, the Izvestia newspaper said on Thursday.

    Legislators suggest that the Prosecutor-General's Office and the Foreign Ministry compile the list with assistance of law-enforcement authorities, ITAR TASS reports.

    If an organization is declared non grata, its funds and property will be blocked and its staff members will be banned from entering Russia.

    The blacklist may include a number of foreign non-governmental organizations.
  • Azerbaijani banks see 23% rise in deposits - CBA
    27.11.2014 12:00
    As of 1 November 2014 the overall volume of banking deposits of individuals and legal entities raised by the credit organizations of Azerbaijan made AZN 14,826,700,000.

    According to the report posted on the official website of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the depository base of the banks grew 2% in October.

    It has risen 18.8% since the early year and 23.1% over the year earlier.

    Deposits in national currency-manat made AZN 7,485,100,000 by results of 10 months of which 2,405,500,000 are on-demand deposits, while AZN 5,079,600,000 are fixed deposits.

    In turn, deposits in hard currency made AZN 7,341,500,000 (AZN 1,764,500,000 and 5,577,000,000 respectively).

    In 2013 the depository base of Azerbaijani banks grew 16.6%.
  • Bathonea excavations shed light on Istanbulв's history
    27.11.2014 12:00
    The Bathonea excavations that have been continuing in the KüçükГ§ekmece lake basin for five years fill a gap in Istanbulв's chronology by revealing traces from 2,000 B.C.

    The head of the excavations, Associate Professor Ећengül AydД±ngün said the first years were spent on cleaning, researching, mapping and geophysical work, while diggings started as of 2011-2012, Hurriyet Daily reports.

    AydД±ngün said the ancient ports and a lighthouse that were found during the first years proved that the region was a big port. "Walls, long roads to the sea, avenues and docks were found on the coasts," she said.

    AydД±ngün said large structures, squares, churches and a palace complex became evident over time, and the excavation team had reached a large cistern on which names like Konstantin and Konstans were written. The cistern is believed to have dated back to the Byzantine era.

    She said they were particularly excited when they found Hittite statuettes from as far back as 2,000 B.C., as well as ceramic pieces from the same period.

    "With the early Hittite findings, we found contemporary Cypriot ceramics in small pieces. We now think Istanbul was livelier than we had thought back in the beginning of 2,000 B.C. We also see the traces of international maritime trade staring from this period. Further data will clarify this," she said.

    AydД±ngün added that teams from universities in Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and Poland have joined the excavations so far, including architects, geologists, marine scientists, anthropologists and geophysicists, as well as archaeologists.

    Thousands of pieces to be assembled

    This year's works at the site are focused on laboratory work, rather than in the excavations field. "We have worked on assembling unearthed pieces. Each piece of material is evaluated individually. It will continue until the end of the year. We have some 50,000 pieces of ceramics, waiting in boxes to be assembled. We have delivered a few thousand completed ceramics to the museum so far," AydД±ngün said.

    "Thanks to the pieces we found during excavations, we started filling the gaps in Istanbul's historical chronology. We previously learned about the city's Neolithic age in excavations at YenikapД±, Fikirtepe and Pendik. We knew about 6,000 B.C., but we did not have an interim period. We did not know about the Istanbul of the Hittite era or early Bronze Age. These excavations shed light on this era, and are exciting for the scientific world," she said.

    "We have excavated level by level. Each level gives us different information on each era. The information will become more serious in the next levels ... The Ephesus, Bergama, Troy and Alacahöyük excavations lasted 100 years and the Kültepe excavations took 60 years. This place will take even longer; it will take a few more generations, but my students will continue digging," AydД±ngün said.

    She added that underwater work could not be conducted because the Küçükçekmece Lake was too dirty. "About 90 percent of the water is filled with sewage, nuclear and industrial waste. It is difficult to see [in the lake], so our underwater team could not work. Maybe there is a sunken ship like in YenikapД±, because we have found many broken pieces on the shore. There are also ceramic pieces from the Roman era, suggesting that maritime trade took place. When the lake is cleaned properly, we will be able to know more," AydД±ngün said.
  • Armenian opposition prepares impeachment for Sargsyan
    27.11.2014 11:49
    Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan may face an impeachment.

    Armenian parliament deputy, member of the opposition Armenian National Congress Nikol Pashishyan said that the text of the draft resolution of the parliament 'On impeachment of Serzh Sargsyan who occupies the position of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan' is ready.

    "The text will be made public on Friday after editorial and correctional works", Pashishyan wrote on his Facebook page.

    He earlier stated the plans to address the four opposition political parties of the parliament to obtain the required 44 signatures and start the urgent discussion of the issue, Armenian media report.
  • Armenian media admit occupation of Azerbaijani lands
    27.11.2014 11:45

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    Five Armenian helicopters attending illegal military drills in the occupied Azerbaijani territory are still waiting for an opportunity to return their base as Azerbaijani army keeps its airspace under full control.

    "The airspace over the occupied Azerbaijani lands is strictly controlled by the Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Forces of Azerbaijan," Armenian news portal reported.

    On November 12, an Armenian combat helicopter with three pilots on board deliberately violated Azerbaijan's airspace and attempted to fire at the position of the Azerbaijani army. It was immediately targeted by Azerbaijani soldiers and scattered down on an area in 500 meters of frontline.

    Armenian authorities claimed that the chopper was engaged in military drills. But the video footage of the incident captured the scene as the shooting occurred when two Armenian MI-24 helicopters clearly breached Azerbaijan's airspace.

    The source added that one of the attack helicopters, which was in a combat pair with the chopper downed by the Azerbaijani army, was seriously damaged when the crashed helicopter exploded in the sky over the occupied lands of Azerbaijan.

    The lands which Armenia keeps under its occupation for almost 25 years, are the historical and legal territory of Azerbaijan.

    Armenian authorities pushed all limits to mask the illegal engagement of its combat helicopters in military exercises in the Nagorno-Karabakh, internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan. Defense Ministry of the post-Soviet country accused Azerbaijani side of shooting a civilian chopper. The brand and technical specifications of the helicopter proved it was a Russia-made attack helicopter, which is called "flying tank" due to its armored body and heavy armament.

    Three Armenian soldiers, killed on a helicopter crash during a provocative flight over Azerbaijan's airspace, were buried in Yerevan on November 25.

    While whole Armenia acclaimed them as "national heroes", local media acknowledged the reality, calling the helicopter's crash site occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

    Pope Pole VI has said: "If you want peace, work for justice." Azerbaijan has repeatedly said the peace is the first option to settle the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. While Azerbaijan remains loyal to peace negotiations, Armenia is continuing provocations impeding justice to win.
  • Azerbaijani Kelaghayi enters UNESCOв's list
    27.11.2014 11:40

    By Nigar Orujova

    Azerbaijani national woman headscarf, Kelaghayi, has been included into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Azerbaijanв's Permanent Delegation to UNESCO posted in its official Twitter page.

    The ninth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritageis examining 41 nominations for the list with 950 participants in Paris on November 24-28.

    ''Azerbaijani Kelaghayi is now in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,'' the delegation tweeted.

    Azerbaijanв's traditional art and symbolism of Kelaghayi was proposed to be added into the UNESCO list by Azerbaijanв's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva and the countryв's Culture and Tourism Ministry.

    The joint activity of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation headed by Mehriban Aliyeva and the Ministry resulted in conformation of Kelaghayi art as one of the most important example of the culture, customs and traditions, national and spiritual values of the Azerbaijani people.

    Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Sevda Mammadaliyeva expressed gratitude to the members of the committee and emphasized that the inclusion of Kelaghayi art in the UNESCO list will help the development of this art in the country.

    Kelaghayi is Azerbaijani women's national headscarf made from fine and soft silk in a four-cornered shape. It is an integral part of women's national costume in Azerbaijan.

    Kelaghayis differ from each other in terms of their color tints and sizes and social status. Unmarried girls cover their heads with kelaghayis of bright colors, such as yellow, pink, gold or purple, while dark colored kelaghayis are for older women.

    There are special regions of the country famous for kelaghayis production including Ganja, Shamakhi, Sheki, and Nakhchivan, and Basqal settlement of the Ismayilli region. Currently, there are special dynasties that continue the tradition of kelaghayi making.

    The trend of wearing traditional scarves has already reached modern Azerbaijan.

    Intangible cultural heritage list consists of living cultural traditions, including oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, or the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts.

    At present, the Representative List includes 281 elements. Besides Kelaghayi, the list also includes performance art of Mugham, Azerbaijani ashug art, performance on national music instrument tar, Novruz holiday, the Azerbaijani carpet.
  • Azerbaijani Mugam singer to give concert
    27.11.2014 11:35

    By Amina Nazarli

    The solo concert titled ''Remember'' of Azerbaijani Mugam singer, honored artist Konul Khasiyeva will be held in the International Mugam Center at 20:00 on December 16.

    Khasiyeva has prepaid a new concert program, which will also include folk songs. Her compositions touch the soul of every audience, affect the most cherished in the heart strings and plunge into the world of folk music.

    The cost of ticket is 38, 45, 75 and 100 manats. International Mugam Center is located at Neftchiler prospect, Boulevard.

    Azerbaijani Mugham, a unique musical and poetic phenomenon, was created on the basis of historical and cultural traditions that have existed for centuries. It is one of Azerbaijan's most valuable monuments of the material and spiritual culture and the greatest achievement of Azerbaijani people's musical and poetic art.

    Azerbaijan is proud of its national music. It has been able to preserve it during the hard times of the Soviet Union, when national art forms were out of favor. However, people gave their lives to save this form of art. It was even sent into space as a worthily sample of musical creativity of the world civilization.

    Nowadays, Azerbaijan encourages the art of Mugham through holding international festivals and competitions. The International Center of Mugham was built in the form of tar in Baku in 2008.
  • First lady attends presentation of first European Games in Paris
    27.11.2014 11:34
    The presentation of the inaugural European Games Baku 2015 was held in Paris on 26 November.

    The event was attended by the first lady of Azerbaijan, president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, chairman of the European Games Operating Committee Mehriban Aliyeva.

    The presentation, organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation with the support of the Azerbaijani embassy to France, involved representatives of sociopolitical circles, culture and sport figures of France.

    The exhibition 'We are together' featuring over 20 works of Azerbaijani sculptors dedicated to Baku 2015 was held as part of the event.

    Various books of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation about Azerbaijan were also presented to the guests.

    The first lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva spoke at the presentation.

    The event continued with the performance of the Azerbaijan state chamber orchestra named after Qara Qarayev.

    The event participants further watched the film about the inaugural European Games featuring the preparations for the upcoming event, the sport facilities created in our country and so on.
  • Village in Jalilabad flooded
    27.11.2014 11:24
    Rainy weather caused a number of problems in Jalilabad region.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to ANS TV that the Garayar river flowing via Sabirabad village flooded the houses and sowing areas along the river bank.

    According to Sabirabad village resident Azay Mammadov, the river flooded all the houses and they could not do anything.

    Village resident Kamaladdin Hamidov noted that currently his house and 5-6 tonnes of potato which he bought are under water.

    Water pumps are currently set in the area. Intensive rains have increased water level in Micharchay river, too.
  • Italy may lose some €3.7 billion in anti-Russian sanctions
    27.11.2014 11:14
    Italyв's economy could lose around €3.7 billion ($4.6 billion) due to the European Union sanctions against Russia, says a study published by the Bocconi University, one of Europe's top 10 business schools.

    he study, unveiled for the participants of the opening Russian-European economic forum in Milan on Thursday, reflects the influence of tensions in the international relations on the Italian exports, ITAR TASS reports.

    "The sanctions impact and respectively, the lack of growth increases the loss on exports to Russia in the amount estimated at around euro;3.7 billion over two years (2014-2015) with exports to Russia forecast to fall 17% in 2014 and 21% in 2015, what accounts for 0.5% of Italy's total annual exports," the document says.

    The Italian experts estimate that the country's exports to Russia in the first six months of 2014, fell 8.9%, year-on-year. The analysis also takes into account the effect of Moscow's embargo on agricultural goods (worth euro;161 million llast year).

    "Judging from the cost of the exported goods in 2013, which were embargoed by Russia, and suggesting that these sanctions will continue until natural expiry, we believe that the loss over two years (2014-2015) could reach euro;188 million," the study says.

    The damage from only the lack of exports growth from Italy to Russia, if taking into account the growth rates over two years prior to the crisis, will reach around euro;1.7 billion in 2014-2015, the experts say, adding that this is explained that the growth is not observed amid the uncertainty.

    The Milan forum focuses on investment in Russia in modern geopolitical conditions and IPO on the Russian market, as well as prospects of developing Russian-European relations amid new economic and political environment.
  • South Korean PM arrives in Baku
    27.11.2014 11:04

    By Aynur Jafarova

    South Korean Prime Minister Jung Hong-won embarked on an official visit to Azerbaijan on November 26.A guard of honor was lined up for the prime minister at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport decorated with the national flags of the two countries.He was welcomed by Azerbaijanв's Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmadov and other officials.

    The relations between Azerbaijan and South Korea cover many areas, in particular, politics, economics, culture and other fields.

    Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in March 1992. In 1997 Azerbaijan's Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) signed an agreement on business cooperation and business promotion.

    The two countries have signed over 40 agreements.

    Korea exports to Azerbaijan mainly automobile and plastic and electronic products while the South Caucasus republic exports oil, aluminum and copper products to Korea.

    Korean companies are involved in the project on intellectual management of transport and construction of Yevlakh-Ganja highway and are also interested in the projects on petrochemical parks in Azerbaijan.

    There is a great potential for cooperation in the tourism sector as well.
  • Pope set to visit Turkey under security clampdown
    27.11.2014 10:54
    Pope Francis is set to visit Turkey on Nov. 28 to meet with Turkish politicians and religious leaders under strict security measures.

    Addressing the crowds in his weekly speech at St Peter's Square on Nov. 26, the leader of the Catholic Church asked "the faithful" to pray for his upcoming journey to Turkey, which he said is "a visit that promotes the fruits of peace, sincere dialogue between religions and harmony in the Turkish nation", Hurriyet Daily reports.

    Ankara, the first stop on the cleric's tour, has been put under a tight security clampdown ahead of his three-day visit, which begins tomorrow.

    Around 1,000 police officers are expected to be deployed along the roads that will be used by Pope in Ankara for his single day in the capital.

    Overall, up to 2,700 police will be on duty, while dozens of riot control vehicles will be deployed to several parts of the city.

    An Ankara court has also issued a general search warrant for the routes that will used by the Pope, allowing the police to freely carry out search and control procedures for four days.

    Pope Francis is scheduled to touch down in Ankara at 1 p.m. local time (10:00 GMT) on Nov. 28, and to depart from Istanbul at 4:45 p.m. (13:45 GMT) on Nov. 30.

    He will be the fourth pope to visit Turkey.

    During his three-day visit, the spiritual leader of the world's 1 billion Catholics will meet President Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan and Turkey's top Muslim cleric, Mehmet Görmez.

    The Supreme Pontiff will hold a Holy Mass at the Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Istanbul and privately meet Istanbul-based Greek Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Eastern Orthodox churches.

    The Pope is also expected to visit the mausoleum of Turkey's founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Ankara, the Hagia Sofia museum in Istanbul, and the Sultan Ahmet (Blue) Mosque in Istanbul.
  • Azerbaijani-Czech economic-trade relations discussed
    27.11.2014 10:45
    Prague, November 27, AzerTAc

    Azerbaijani Ambassador to the Czech Republic Farid Shafiyev met the country's minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomir Zaoralek to discuss development of the economic and trade relations.

    Minister Lubomir Zaoralek said the Czech Republic is interested to participate in the projects on construction and transport sector of Azerbaijan. Regional security and a range of other issues concerning bilateral relations were also discussed at the event.

    Touching upon the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Minister stressed the importance of a peaceful resolution of the problem.
  • Pro-Kurdish PM calls on Turkish president to apologize for 'Armenian genocide'
    27.11.2014 10:29
    A pro-Kurdish PM has called on Erdogan to apologize for fictional 'Armenian genocide'.

    Deputy from the pro-Kurdish Democratic Peoples' Party Sebahat Tunjel suggested country's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to apologize officially for the so-called 'Armenian genocide'. reports with reference to that she substantiated her scandalous proposal with the need to achieve public accord and reconciliation in Turkey.

    In case the parliament approves the initiative, the proposal will obtain a status of a bill which, among others, envisages announcement of 24 April as the day of national mourning in Turkey.
  • Foreign Ministry: Armenia has no reason to talk about peace
    27.11.2014 10:25
    "If Armenia ends the occupation, the millitary incidents will not occur."

    Armenian regime lost its influence on the people of the country and perceived as frivolous partner in the world due to the failure of its foreign and domestic policy and is now trying to justify itself, using lies and slander in the face of Nalbandian.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to APA that the statement came from acting spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev, commenting on the speech of Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

    According to Hajiyev, the biggest threat to peace and security in the region is military occupation and aggression of this country against Azerbaijan, as well as the militaristic policy of the Armenian dictatorship: "Armenia which committed the military aggression and ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, including Khojaly tragedy against another state, carrying out the terror at the state level, has no reason to talk about the peace and present itself as a civilized country. Armenia, in accordance with the UN Charter and the norms and principles of international law, is directly responsible for the occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan. Armenia makes false claims about the peaceful settlement of the conflict, but it has not taken any steps to withdraw its troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories. On the contrary, in contrast to the obligations under the Conventional Forces in Europe and the Vienna Document, it is concentrating military equipment and personnel in the occupied territories. Military exercises, which were attended by 47,000 personnel and more than 3 mln pieces of military hardware, are another proof of this. Apparently, having no idea of such logical categories, as cause and effect, Nalbandian, mostly justifies himself. In accordance with these categories, due to the occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, there are snipers on the front line and military incidents still occur. Thus, if Armenia ends the occupation, there will be no need for snipers and military incidents will not occur."

    Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Azerbaijan's position in the negotiations has always been clear and resolute: "Unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan's position is based on the UN Charter and the norms and principles of international law and the Helsinki Final Act. The essence of the negotiation process is to insure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan on the basis of international law. Armenia is a party that simulates the negotiations, commitments and violates them, and views the negotiations as "gambling", which corresponds more to the criminal circles. "

    Hajiyev noted that Azerbaijan has the right to self-defense in accordance with the UN Charter, that is to increase its military budget in accordance with the growing economic performance and the country's GDP. "Military spending in a such poor country like Armenia, with 4.5 % of GDP, describes the level of militarization of the country. For Armenia, in which over 40% of the population lives in poverty and which is faced with a mass migration due to the socio-economic problems, it is a national tragedy. Speaking of bellicose rhetoric of Nalbandian, it is apparent that his president called Armenian youth to war with neighboring states, coupled with statements that he will occupy another 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory and uses ballistic missiles against civilian targets. "

    According to the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Armenia's military dictatorship, took part in the Khojaly genocide: "But, realizing their potential before the power of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, Armenia resorts to lies and slander. Arranged "theatre" with allegedly carrying out "special operation" demonstrated the helplessness of the Armenian regime and an unsuccessful attempt aimed at restoring the lost influence in their own society. Due to the deepening disaster Armenian regime should realize their responsibility for abandoning lies and self-deception and take real steps to resolve the conflict. "
  • SOFAZ considers all risks while investing abroad
    27.11.2014 10:25

    By Aynur Jafarova

    Azerbaijanв's state oil fund SOFAZ takes into account all possible risks while planning to invest in various financial instruments abroad, in particular in the Russian market which is going through a difficult period.

    SOFAZ made the statements commenting on the possible impact of the progressive devaluation of the Russian ruble and the stock market decline on the fund's revenues from assets management in Russia during the third quarter,В TrendВ Agency said.

    SOFAZ owns a real estate in Russia, and is one of the shareholders of VTB Bank.

    As part of its new investment policy, pursued since 2012, SOFAZ purchased Gallery Actor, a mixed-use office and retail complex located on Pushkin Square in Moscow for $133 million.

    SOFAZ owns a 2.95 percent stake in VTB Bank, the second largest bank of Russia. The cost of this acquisition amounted to $500 million.

    ''Despite the fact that there are significant changes in the value of shares of VTB Bank on the background of the recent events, we would like to note that in accordance with the investment policy of the fund, such investments do not pursue short-term speculative purposes, but are provided for long-term goals. Along with SOFAZ, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund (4.59 percent), Qatar Investment Fund (2.95 percent), U.S. Blackrock Fund Advisors (1,24 percent), and other significant structures are among the shareholders of VTB,'' the fund noted.

    Before investing in various financial instruments, SOFAZ conducts serious analysis of all possible risks, including financial ones. Along with a thorough examination of the overall credit profile of the issuer, its solvency in the long term, the level of sustainability of external shocks in the short and medium term, the fund seriously considers the factor of systemic importance of the structure in the country and the region in this process.

    ''Investments in Russia, as well as in other countries, are under constant control and study,'' SOFAZ stressed.

    SOFAZ, an entity that accumulates and manages Azerbaijan's oil and gas revenues, was established in 1999 with assets worth $271 million.

    The main purposes of the fund are accumulation of funds and placement of assets abroad to minimize negative impacts on economy, prevention of the 'Dutch disease', ensuring savings for future generations, and maintaining the current social and economic standards in the country.

    SOFAZ assets are placed partly in securities, money market instruments (deposits, bank accounts).
  • Armenia violates ceasefire with Azerbaijan 47 times
    27.11.2014 10:24
    Armenian Armed Forces violated ceasefire 47 times in various directions of the frontline throughout the day, said Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, APA reports.

    Armenian armed units fired on the positions of Azerbaijan in Alibeyli village of Tovuz region from their posts in Aygepar village of Armenia's Berd region and on the Azerbaijani positions in Gizilhajili village of Gazakh region from their posts in Berkaber village of Ijevan region.

    Armenians also fired on the positions of Azerbaijani Armed Forces from their posts near Shuraabad,Yusifjanli, Marzili, Sarijali, Bash Gervend, Kengerli, Novruzlu and Shikhlar villages of Aghdam, Kuropatkino village of Khojavand region, Ashagi Seyidahmedli and Ashagi Veyselli villages of Fuzuli and nameless uplands of Goranboy, Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions.

    The enemy was silenced by retaliation fire.
  • Iranian director's short film nominated for Oscar
    27.11.2014 10:09
    A film by an Iranian director has been initially shortlisted for the best Live Action Short Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

    Parvaneh, the 25-minute short film by Talkhon Hamzavi, is one of the 10 motion pictures selected from a 141 qualified short films in this Oscar Awards category, Press TV reports.

    Parvaneh narrates the story of an Afghan girl who has entered a refugee camp in Switzerland, but when she comes to know about her father's poor health condition in Afghanistan, she decides to send the whole money she had illegally earned in the foreign land to her family. She is forced to go to the city of Zurich, but due to not possessing a valid passport, she finds herself unable to follow her initial aim. Meanwhile, she meets a girl named Emily, and the rest of the story is determined by their friendship.

    Hamzavi, who is currently living in Switzerland, has produced her film in German language. She had formerly participated in various foreign film festivals with Parvaneh, and in 2013, won the silver medal for the best foreign film at Student Academy Awards. Her film was forwarded to the Oscars from the country of her residence. She was born in 1979 in Tehran, and migrated to Switzerland when she was 7. She obtained her Master of Arts in film-making from the University of Zurich.

    All the 10 qualified short movies were viewed for the first round of voting by the Academy's Short Films and Feature Animation Branch Reviewing Committee at Los Angeles screens. Based on the regulations, three to five movies will ultimately be opted as the major finalists at the upcoming Academy Awards. Four cities of Los Angeles, London, New York, and San Francisco will host the branch screenings in December.

    Nominees in all 24 categories of the 87th Annual Academy Awards will be announced on January 15, 2015, in Samuel Goldwyn Theater, and the Oscars Ceremony will be held on February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

    Iran has officially addressed Reza Mirkarimi's Today to represent the country this year. A Few Cubic Meters of Love, the Iranian-Afghan film directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi, is also nominated by Afghanistan to compete at the upcoming Academy Awards.
  • Former President GГјl says he favors parliamentary over presidential system
    27.11.2014 09:44
    Speaking at a panel at Londonв's Chatham House think tank, Turkeyв's 11th President Abdullah GГјl said that although he favored the parliamentary system over the presidential system, the most important issue for states is a ''system of checks and balances.''

    "Everybody knows that I consider the parliamentary system to be more appropriate, but of course you cannot say the presidential system is undemocratic. What's important is the system of checks and balances. Could we say the U.S. is not democratic [because it's a presidential system]? Its checks and balances and institutions are in place. As long as democracy in a country is ensured, it is the nation's choice whether the presidential system or the parliamentary system is appropriate," he said, at the panel titled "Reflections on Turkey and the Wider Region" on Nov. 25, Hurriyet Daily reports.

    Gül, who was awarded the 2010 Chatham House Prize, served as Turkey's president from 2007 to 2014 and stepped down from the presidency in August, after the new head of state was elected by popular votes for the first time in the country's history. Former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoДџan was elected as the Turkey's 12th president and will stay in power until 2019.

    Answering questions at the London-based international affairs think tank, Gül also said he believed there was "unfair focus" in the foreign media on Turkey's contribution to the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    "Turkey is the place to which about two million people came after fleeing Syria. This should not be ignored," said Gül, adding that Turkey also expected more financial assistance for taking care of the huge numbers of Syrian refugees.

    Responding to a question about a possible independent Kurdish state in Iraq, Gül said he believed a proclamation of independence by the Kurdish region in Iraq would "further push the region to instability." He described the dropping of the referendum question from the agenda as a "positive development" and added that it was pleasing to see recent moves to solve the disagreements over oil and gas in Iraq.

    While in London, Gül also attended the publicity meeting of his biography, "Abdullah Gül and the Making of the New Turkey," written by Gerald MacLean. He said he was happy that the book had been published, describing it as "not only a biography but also a comprehensive analysis of Turkey's new history."
  • Iranian Vice-President on Iran-Azerbaijan relations
    27.11.2014 09:23
    Iranian Vice-President Esв'haq Jahangiri has hailed the Iranian and Azerbaijani presidents` commitment to develop bilateral cooperation.

    "Political will demonstrated by the presidents of Iran and Azerbaijan will pave the way for the strengthening of cooperation between our countries," he told Azerbaijan`s Deputy Prime Minister, chairman of the State Committee for Refugee and IDP Affairs Ali Hasanov, who is visiting Tehran, AzerTag reports.

    Mr. Jahangiri expressed confidence that the Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister`s visit will be a success. "I believe that the discussions held during the visit will serve the best interests of our peoples, and contribute to the development of the bilateral relations in all areas."

    Mr. Hasanov said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani`s recent visit to Baku is highly praised in Azerbaijan. "Important issues were discussed and agreements signed during this visit."

    Mr. Hasanov also touched upon the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, describing it as Azerbaijan`s most painful problem".

    He thanked the Iranian government for providing assistance to Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs.

    The Deputy Premier hailed recognition of Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity by Iran.
  • Media: USA hampers Spektr-UF international space observatory project
    27.11.2014 09:18
    The US State Department prevents from implementing an international project for creating the Spektr-UF space observatory.

    The statement came from director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Shustov.

    The US State Department imposed the ban on supplies to Russia of radiation-resistant components, which are used in radiation recording instruments. The ban affected the contract on producing radiation detectors that Russia had signed with E2V of the United Kingdom, Shustov said.

    "The British are manufacturing a radiation detector themselves, but wiring lsquo;harness' of radiation-resistant components is produced with the use of American parts," he said.

    "They [the British] failed to get permit for export of these parts to Russia. They tell us that they will be able to produce the necessary parts themselves, but they asked to extend the contract for 1.5 years," Shustov said.

    The Spektr-UF project is led by Russia and also involves foreign countries, including Spain and Germany. The Izvestia newspaper writes that earlier, the observatory was expected to be launched in 2016. At present, Shustov said the launch could be postponed to 2020.
  • Ukrainian journalist, who visited Karabakh, apologizes to Azerbaijan
    27.11.2014 09:13
    The Ukrainian journalist, author of the project '15 republics' aired on 1 1 TV channel Dmitriy Volkov who paid an illegal visit to the Nagorno Karabakh region of Azerbaijan as part of the program apologized for his action.

    Volkov wrote this in comments to the article on this topic posted on Oxu.Az.

    "Do not touch the channel, Kolomoyski (1 1 belongs to the governor of Dnepropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine, famous businessman Igor Kolomoyski) and, even so more, the entire Ukraine.

    All complaints should be addressed to me. I am the author. I was just travelling and showing what I saw and heard. If I've hurt someone, I am sorry. I did not want. I have respect for all peoples on the planet. Do not yield to the provocations of online keyboard cowboys - 1 1 was not supporting powers during Maidan.

    Our journalists (me as well) were repeatedly injured by Berkut's representatives. Azerbaijan is a wonderful country. We had friends there and we communicate with them. But at the same time, the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan did not respond to any of our request. But Armenians did", the journalist said.
  • Show dedicated to 200 days before the first European games held in Baku
    27.11.2014 09:02
    A show dedicated to 200 days before the first European games "Baku-2015" was held in Baku.

    The logo and official mascots "Baku-2015" were shown on the Maiden Tower via laser effects and a video about the games was demonstrated.

    Director of the Commercial Department of the Operations Committee "Baku-2015" Charlie Vicheratna said that the event devoted to the presentation of symbols of the Games, APA reports. According to him, such events will be held regularly in the future. Vicheratna also noted that the preparatory work for the European games "Baku-2015" are at a heightened pace.
  • Korean Premier arrives in Azerbaijan for official visit
    27.11.2014 08:58
    Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Jung Hong-won has today embarked on an official visit to Azerbaijan.

    A guard of honor was lined up for PM Jung Hong-won at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport decorated with the national flags of the two countries, AzerTag reports.

    The Prime Minister was welcomed by Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Ahmadov and other officials.
  • Defense Ministry holds mobile board meeting on frontline
    27.11.2014 08:57
    The Ministry of Defense held an extended mobile board meeting on the finals of 2014 at one of the military units on the frontline.

    Deputies of the Defense Minister, commanders of the Armed Forces and different troops, heads of the Ministry of Defense general headquarters, services and units have attended the meeting, APA reports quoting the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    Subjects such as reforms at the Armed Forces, combat readiness, defense system, its all-sided provision and organization were discussed at the meeting.

    Minister of Defense Zakir Hasanov addressed about the finals of combat readiness of the Armed Forces for 2014 and duties on 2015 education year.

    Commanders, high ranked officials also had speeches on activities in 2014. The Minister of Defense gave relevant instructions on increasing combat readiness of the Armed Forces.

    At the end, decision draft of the board meeting was discussed and approved.

    According to the order of the Defense Minister, servicemen, distinguished at the armed forces, were granted with medals, certificates of honor and other valuable gifts.

    Today, the participants visited the training center in one of the units on the frontline.
  • TAP issues Invitations to Tender for compressor stations
    26.11.2014 21:50
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) has issued its next Invitations to Tender (ITT) for compressor stations in Greece and Albania. TAP is issuing two separate ITTs - one for Greece and one for Albania.

    In Greece, the ITT will cover the provision of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of one compressor station at Kipoi.

    In Albania, the ITT is for the provision of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of one compressor station at Fier, and one metering station at Billisht. The metering station is designed to measure natural gas coming from the Greek section of TAP.

    Design and specification for the compressor stations is in line with TAP's initial capacity of 10bcm per annum - gas transported from Shah Deniz II to Europe - with a possibility to expand that capacity up to 20bcm per annum.

    Construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline is planned to begin in 2016. TAP's highest elevation will be approximately 1800 meters in Albania and the pipeline will, on its route, cross many roads and rivers.

    TAP plans to award the contracts for compressor stations in the second half of 2015. The next Invitation to Tenders that will be issued by TAP are for the procurement of turbo compressor units for the compressor stations in Greece and Albania, and for the procurement of large diameter ball valves for Greece, Albania and Italy. TAP plans to issue these ITTs within the fourth quarter of 2014.

    TAP's Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors will also be responsible for further securing additional subcontractors to implement specific parts of the contract assignment. This could create additional employment and business opportunities, thereby contributing to economic prosperity in the countries that TAP will cross.
  • Rabita Baku survive match ball to avenge last yearв's semi-final blow
    26.11.2014 21:40
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    The lsquo;Match of the Week' on schedule for the second round of action in the prelims of the 2015 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League - Women lived up to everyone's expectations as Rabita Baku and Dinamo Kazan fought for five sets and the home heroines eventually avenged their defeat from last year's semis with a terrific come-from-behind 3:2 victory (22-25, 23-25, 28-26, 25-21, 15-9). Rabita Baku even survived a match ball for the team from Tatarstan but eventually outclassed their opponents in the fourth and fifth sets.

    Actually Rabita had started the match with the right pace leading the way by 21:17 in the first set but after losing focus and a series of mistakes, the guests from Russia were able to flip the charts around to take the opening set by 25-22. The second set followed the same plot thereby resulting in a 2:0 lead for Dinamo Kazan that looked well en route to their second straight victory in the competition. However, some excellent play by Thai setter Nootsara Tomkom who had joined the actions halfway through the second set propelled Rabita's comeback; Tomkom found the right chemistry with Katarzyna Skowronska-Dolata as well as with Cuban-born Yoana Palacio who - together with USA's middle blocker TeTori Dixon - drove Rabita's comeback and fierce resistance in the final stages of the third set.

    Rabita pressured their opponents from the early phases of the fourth set leading by as many as six points at 13:7 and even though the hosts suffered some more ups and downs, they nevertheless were able to close the set at 25-21 to call for the tie-break. The score was levelled at 8 all there but Rabita then broke away on excellent serving by Tomkom and via the spikes killed by Palacio, who now goes also by her married name, Mahmudova. She was the one who recorded the final point of the match thereby making sure Rabita is back on track after a difficult start of the season which also included a 0:3 defeat to Poland's Chemik Police in the first round of the Champions League.
  • Barcelonaв's Lionel Messi becomes Champions Leagueв's all-time top scorer
    26.11.2014 21:10
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    Lionel Messi has become the all-time leading scorer in the Champions League after scoring a hat-trick for Barcelona in their Group F clash at Apoel Nicosia.

    Messi moved level with the former Real Madrid striker Raul's tally of 71 goals with a brace in Barca's previous match at Ajax, and on Tuesday he claimed sole ownership of the record.

    The Argentina forward was denied early on by Rafael Urko but there was nothing the Apoel goalkeeper could do in the 38th minute when Messi stuck out his right foot to deflect Rafinha's shot into the net to make it 2-0 after Luis Suarez had opened the scoring. Messi found the net twice more in the second half to bring his total to 74.

    Messi also became the Primera Division's record goalscorer at the weekend, with his hat-trick in the 5-1 victory over Sevilla moving him onto 253, breaking Telmo Zarra's 59-year-old mark of 251.
  • Azerbaijan and Italy: great potential for agricultural cooperation
    26.11.2014 20:46
    Rome, November 26, AzerTAc

    "There is great potential for the development of relations in the field of agriculture between Azerbaijan and Italy", Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture Heydar Asadov stated as he gave interview to the Italian news agencies ANSA and AGI. He hailed the current state of the country's agricultural sector, noting that as a result of purposeful work there has been progress in ensuring food security and meeting consumption demands for qualitative food products.

    Providing an insight into the rapid development on the agricultural sector in Azerbaijan, the Minister noted that foreign investors are showing great interest in the relevant sector. "Along with the development of the energy sector, the development of non-oil sector is a priority for the government", he added.

    Highlighting the prospects of development of relations between Azerbaijan and Italy in the field of agriculture, Mr Asadov stressed significance of "Milan Expo 2015" exhibition to demonstrate Azerbaijan's potential in this sector. "There are circles of important activities in Azerbaijan that may attract Italian investors. The agricultural sector has great potential to develop relations with Italy as well as in other fields, he said.

    Maqsud Dadashov

    Special correspondent
  • US Congressmen call on Barack Obama to support Azerbaijan
    26.11.2014 20:35
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    US Congress members Al Green, Leonard Lance, Mike Fitzpatrick, Pete P. Gallego and Scott Perry have addressed letters to President Barrack Obama calling on him to support Azerbaijan.

    In their letters, the congressmen express their support of "a continued partnership between the United States and Azerbaijan".

    They say that since regaining its independence in 1991 Azerbaijan has become a key ally to the United States in a strategically important region. "As American foreign policy is challenged by hostile nations across the globe, it is imperative that the U.S. continues to cooperate with our loyal allies. Located in a critical location between Europe and Asia Azerbaijan has aided the US in the fight against terrorism and in energy security efforts. Following the attacks on September 11, Azerbaijan was among the first countries to offer the United States unconditional support in the Global War on Terror."

    They say that as an active participant in NATO's Partnership for Peace program, Azerbaijan has made steadfast contributions to NATO and coalition efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The congressmen say: "In addition to supporting U.S. security interests in the region, Azerbaijan's strong relationship with the U.S. has largely been forged through the opening of Caspian energy sources for development by American companies, which has also allowed the country to emerge as an essential partner in global energy security. Since 1994, Azerbaijan extensively developed its energy resources. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline has become a vital part of delivering Caspian Sea resources to the U.S. and our allies in Europe and serves as a prime example of the development of the South Caucasus region."

    They hail Azerbaijan`s "leading efforts" to open up the Southern Gas Corridor, which will make important contribution to European energy security.

    "Azerbaijan has successfully rebuilt its economy, reduced poverty to 5 percent, gained the distinction of having one of the most rapidly developing economies globally, achieved multifold increase of its gross domestic product. Azerbaijan now accounts for 80 percent of the region's economy, and has become one of the United States' largest partners in the South Caucasus region."

    "Azerbaijan also has a long history of ethnic and religious tolerance. It is a secular country with a predominantly Muslim population that has been home to vibrant Christian and Jewish communities for over a millennium. Azerbaijan continues to be a role model in this regard for many other Muslim nations."

    The congressmen call on President Barrack Obama to support the partnership between the U.S. and Azerbaijan.
  • Google invest in new anti-shake spoon aimed to help Parkinson's sufferers
    26.11.2014 20:30
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    Google has decided to fund a new spoon designed to aid those who suffer from Parkinson's and other conditions that cause body tremors.

    Lift Lab was bought by Google in September and the tech giant has invested heavily in the development of their anti-shake Liftware Spoon.

    The Liftware was first released by the Lift Lab in September 2013 and it claims to reduce the effects of shaking by up to 76 per cent.

    According to the company, hundreds of complex algorithms are used to sense exactly how a hand is moving, and these send messages to the spoon to ensure adjustments are made so that the spoon stays balanced.

    Google jumped onto the project in September this year, and have since assisted in its development.

    Currently, there are over 10 million people in the world suffering from Parkinson's and Essential Tremor disorder, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin's mother. It is hoped the new spoon can help alleviate some of the problems these people face.
  • Ex-Israeli attorney general urges EU to recognize Palestine
    26.11.2014 20:25
    Former Israeli attorney general Michael Ben-Yair has calledon theparliament of the European Union to officially recognize the state of Palestine. Ben-Yair, in apiecepublished Friday in the EUobserver, an independent online newspaper that covers political life throughout the European Union, said that Israel has imposed an "apartheid regime" on Palestinians in the West Bank and asserted that"the Palestinian peopleare entitled to a state. "Political Zionism sought to find a solution to the persecution of Jewish people by establishing a state to renew Jewish political lifehellip; [and] sought to actualize its national-historical affiliation with the land of Israel mdash; not at the expense of another nation," Ben-Yair wrote.The European Parliament isdue toconvene on Thursdayin Strasbourg, France, and vote on a bill recognizing a Palestinian state. Although the bill's wording has yet to befinalized, it is believed that itwill likely recognize a Palestinian state along 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital. Over 700 Israeli artists, celebrities and professionals mdash; including former military officers, ambassadors, and Knesset membersmdash; have signed apetition urging the European Union parliamentarians to support the bill. The French parliament will vote on a similar bill onFriday or on December 2, the following Tuesday. The outspoken former attorney general, who served in the position from 1993-1996, also said that political Zionism did not "strive to establish a state within the borders of the biblical lsquo;Promised Land,'" nor did it seek to control holy sites, including the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a revered structurein the West Bank city of Hebron believed to mark the burial site of six of the seven patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish religion.
  • ''Power to women, progress to the society'' conference starts in Baku
    26.11.2014 19:55
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    Within the "Sixteen-day" active campaign, a conference titled "Power to women, progress to the society", devoted to the campaign against women's violence started in Baku.

    Chairman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children, Hijran Huseynova stressed that the society must unite in the fight against women's violence.

    She said that prevention of violence against women is one of the important issues of the modern period.

    "Today, this global problem concerns Azerbaijani society as well. We hope that improving the welfare of the population, further improvement of national and spiritual values in the family, as well as active propaganda carried out in regions of the country as part of the successful Azerbaijani economic development will lead to a successful solution to this problem," Huseynova noted.

    She also underlined that prevention of violence means strengthening of family institution as well as development of the country. "It is necessary to provide women subjected to violence with psychological, medical and legal assistance. It is also important to reintegrate them into the family and society," the chairperson said.

    Huseynova added that lack of awareness among women about their rights paves the way for further problems. "To prevent violence against women it is needed to protect their rights and create equal terms with men," she stated.

    Addressing the event, vice-president of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Pamela Patten, the UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan Antonius Broek, the Charge d'Affaires of the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan Derek Hogan, the deputy interior minister Oruj Zalov spoke around the topic.
  • Azerbaijan to install card payment system in buses next year
    26.11.2014 18:39

    By Amina Nazarli

    Azerbaijan will install card payment system in public transport buses in Baku from March 1, 2015.

    ''All necessary measures are being implemented,'' said Musa Panahov, Deputy Transport Minister.

    The deputy said that the Ministry is working hard to complete to issue plastic public transport cards till March 1.

    ''I can confidently say that the implementation of the e-payment system will be finished before the European Olympic Games scheduled for 2015 in Baku,'' Panahov said.

    He added that these cards further will also be used in subway, catering and taxi.

    ''Besides the transport cards, travel payment will also be possible via bank cards. In this regard, the work is underway,'' he noted.

    Panakhov also spoke about the travel cost in public transport buses. He said that transition to the new card system or purchase of new buses will not affect the cost of travel payment.

    ''The issue of the growth in the travel payment is usually among the most asked questions. However, this issue has not been raised yet,'' he stated.

    Transition to the single card payment system was forecasted in Baku from May 2013, but was repeatedly delayed.

    The card payment system is being implemented within an intellectual transport management (ITM) system, which was launched in December 2011. The ITM system costs more than $95 million. After full commissioning, it will be controlled from a center in Baku.

    Panahov further said the Ministry intends to tighten the fight against public transport busesв' drivers to ensure the safety of passengers.

    He said that the issue of safety of public transport passengers is very important. To this end, the Ministry implements some measures regularly. However, the goal of complete prevention of road accidents at all has not been achieved yet.

    The deputy added that those public transport drivers, who violate the laws, are strictly punished. For the last years, 17-18 bus drivers have been fired.

    Panakhov stated that in order to increase the quality of services in public transport, a campaign called Baku Bus has been already established.

    Baku Bus campaign was founded by the Baku Executive Power. Some 150 Crealis CNG branded buses were purchased from French ''Iveco'' company, which meet the latest environmental standards (Euro 6). Working via gas, they are also provided with GPS system.

    Parking machines

    Panahov also spoke about one of the most important issues of traffic jam for the city residents. Parking machines has been recently installed in some Baku streets to regulate the process of proper parking and timely departure of vehicles.

    He said that the decision of installation of parking machines, as part of the measures to improve the street parking is a very well thought plan.

    ''The system is going on now and will continue in future. Some shortcomings may be at the initial stages. However, we think that this is a good measure to prevent traffic jam in the city,'' the deputy noted.

    Department Head at the Baku Executive Power Hasan Abdullayev said that a new system of payment via parking machines will be applied in Baku next year.

    He said that the new system is almost ready and it has been already tested successfully

    ''Besides cash payment, drivers can pay via SMS and plastic cards. Drivers can use plastic cards from January, while SMS system will be available from January-February of next year,'' the department head said.

    Abdullayev noted that the payment cards have already been ordered. ''They will be issued step by step, starting from the city center. Installation of counting systems in park machines has been already begun, as well,'' he said.

    After application of the new system drivers will be notified about the parking with vacant places via electronic scoreboard and special programs, uploaded in smartphones.

    New electric train Baku-Sumgayit

    The Transport Ministry is working on the project of launching electronic train on Baku-Sumgayit route, Panakhov stated.

    He said this is big project requiring a high amount of money. That is why discussions on various financing options are underway.

    The deputy minister expressed hope that this issue will be solved soon.

    The need for electric transport between Baku and Sumgayit comes because of the huge passenger flow in this direction.
  • Baku hosts International Youth Cooperation Forum
    26.11.2014 18:30
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    Within the project"Visegrad 4Eastern Partnership: Opportunities and Prospects" carried out by "Common Sense" Youth Organization, an International Youth Cooperation Forum was held in Baku.

    International Youth Cooperation Forum is aimed to enhance collaboration among the youth of Eastern Partnership and Visegrad 4 countries with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The forum is organized by "Common Sense" Youth Organization.

    The opportunities of youth in terms of cooperation will be discussed in International Youth Cooperation Forum with the participation of Eastern Partnership (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine) and the Visegrad 4 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) and the presentations on programs will be showed to youth and youth organizations as well. Representatives of Visegrad Fund and experts of European Union Executive Agency will be invited to the forum. Those experts will give presentation about the programs of European Union and about the opportunities of Visegrad fund for Azerbaijan. Representatives of Eastern Partnership and Visegrad 4 countries from local Embassies and other officials will attend on the first day of the forum. The forum will be lasted with the group works on following days. Group works and info sessions will be organized within the framework of forum. Projects on cooperation will be prepared with the participation of youth organizations in forum.

    The newly "Erasmus " program of Youth Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international "Visegrad" Fund and European Union, was presented on the first day of the forum.

    The members of Young Friends of Nature Organization were active at the event, for many group activities and discussions on environmental projects and initiatives carried out.

    The projects created within the forum will be improved and presented to the funds for the purpose of funding and implementation.
  • Moscow not planning to nationalize foreign companiesв' assets in Russia
    26.11.2014 18:17
    Russia has no plans to nationalize the assets of foreign companies in the country, Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukayev said on Wednesday after meeting with German businessmen.

    "Of course, we have no such plans," Ulyukayev said, in comments to media reports that Russia could introduce "blacklists" and nationalize the assets of German companies, ITAR TASS reports.

    Speaking after the meeting, organized by the Stuttgart chamber of commerce and industry, Ulyukayev said such issues are the "echo of the notorious law on compensations from Western sanctions."

    VTB CEO Andrey Kostin said at the meeting, the German companies expressed concerns that Russia could nationalize the assets of foreign companies, including those from Germany, in response to Western sanctions.

    Kostin said the business in Germany, Moscow's most active trading partner, is currently facing problems over financing the exports to Russia while "the Chinese have no such [difficulties]."

    Germany's state-owned KfW development bank and other banks have refused to help in view of sanctions introduced not only by the European Union, but also the United States, he said.
  • President Ilham Aliyev hold meetings
    26.11.2014 17:59
    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received the credentials of the newly-appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of the Philippines Maria Rowena Mendoza Sanchez.Ambassador Maria Rowena Mendoza Sanchez reviewed the guard of honor.The diplomat handed his credentials to President Ilham Aliyev.President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev then had a conversation with the Ambassador.Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Maria Rowena Mendoza Sanchez conveyed greetings on behalf of President of the Republic of the Philippines Benigno Aquino III to the head of state. Highlighting friendly relations between the two countries, the Ambassador noted with pleasure that the two nations share common values.Hailing the development of bilateral ties between Azerbaijan and the Philippines, President Ilham Aliyev said there were good opportunities for the expansion of relations on various fronts, including political, economic, humanitarian and other spheres.The head of state expressed his gratitude for the greetings of President Benigno Aquino III and asked the diplomat to communicate his greetings to the President of the Philippines.


    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received the credentials of the newly-appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Guatemala Herbert Estuardo Meneses Coronado.Ambassador Herbert Estuardo Meneses Coronado reviewed the guard of honor.Herbert Estuardo Meneses Coronado handed his credentials to President Ilham Aliyev.President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev then had a conversation with the Ambassador.The head of state noted that there was good potential for the development of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Guatemala. Saying that the two countries were successfully cooperating within international organizations, President Ilham Aliyev stressed the necessity of exploring opportunities for the expansion of bilateral bonds in various areas, including economic one.The head of state expressed confidence that the Ambassador would contribute to the development of these ties.Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Herbert Estuardo Meneses Coronado conveyed greetings on behalf of President of the Republic of Guatemala Otto Fernando Perez Molina to the head of state. He noted that the President of his country attached great importance to developing bilateral relations with Azerbaijan. The Ambassador said he would spare no efforts to contribute to the development of ties between the two countries during his diplomatic tenure.The head of state expressed his gratitude for the greetings of President Otto Fernando Perez Molina and asked the diplomat to communicate his greetings to the President of the Republic of Guatemala.
  • Azerbaijan, Korea to mull military-technical cooperation
    26.11.2014 17:53
    Military and military-technical cooperation are among priority issues to be discussed as a part of the visit of South Korea's Prime Minister to Azerbaijan, APA reports.

    The delegation includes senior officers of South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA).

    The meeting between the delegation and First Deputy Prime Minister, Yagub Eyyubov will focus on the issues of involvement in prospective projects in military-technical sphere. The Korean delegation will also present a number of technologies.

    Korean companies were also represented in ADEX-2014 held in Baku in September this year. Korea pays more attention to the cooperation with Azerbaijan in the fields of defense industry and military shipbuilding, naval industry.

    South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won will today arrive in Azerbaijan on an official visit.
  • Ilham Aliyev holds several meetings
    26.11.2014 17:39
    President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has held several meetings.

    On 26 November, President of Azerbaijan received credentials of new ambassadors of Philippines - Maria Rovena Mendosa Sanches, Guatemala-Herbert Estuardo Meneses Coronado, Thailand-Tharita Charungvata and New Zealand-Johnathan Andrew Kar.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to the official website for the president that during the meeting the heads of states and the diplomats discussed the development of friendship and cooperation, economic ties, as well as cooperation within the framework of international organizations.
  • Turkey asks for discount in Russian gas purchase
    26.11.2014 17:18
    Turkey asked Russia to grant a discount on gas to the country, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz said.

    In turn, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Moscow and Ankara have confirmed their interest in increasing the supply of gas through the "Blue Stream" to 3 bn cubic meters per year, reports with reference to RIA "Novosti".

    Earlier, Turkish Ambassador in Moscow Umit Yardym said that his country intends to significantly increase the purchase of Russian gas.

    In addition, it was reported about the upcoming working visit of President Vladimir Putin to Turkey. It is assumed that one of the key topics of the meeting will be co-operation in the field of energy. The announcement of Putin's visit was preceded by a complaint of the Turkish side on reduction of the daily supply of natural gas from Russia from 42 mln cubic meters to 28 mln.

    Meanwhile, on October 1, 2014 Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz agreed to load the "Blue Stream" pipeline and increase its capacity from 16 to 19 bn cubic meters per year as soon as possible.

    Turkey is the second largest market for Gazprom after Germany. In 2013, Gazprom exported 26,6 bn cubic meters of gas to Turkey. Russian gas supplies to Turkey are carried out via "Blue Stream" gas pipeline and Trans-Balkan gas pipeline.
  • Azerbaijan expresses protest to Ukraine
    26.11.2014 17:04
    Azerbaijani Embassy in Ukraine has expressed protest to this countryв's Foreign Ministry regarding "15 republics" program aired on "1 1" TV channel on November 23, 2014, the embassy told APA.

    According to the embassy, "1 1" channel tried to cast a shadow over socio-political system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, achievements the country gained in the years of independence, distorted the causes of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and praised occupying Armenia and the separatist regime in Nagorno-Karabakh.

    The embassy noted that broadcasting such a bespoke and biased program against the Republic of Azerbaijan that supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, voted for this country in the UN General Assembly, is committed to the principles of friendship and strategic partnership, rightly caused dissatisfaction among tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis living in Ukraine. The embassy also expressed hope that Ukraine becoming a victim of separatism and foreign intervention won't turn a blind eye to attempts that serve to support separatism and occupation.

    "A letter of protest has already been sent to the abovementioned TV channel, as well as journalists Konstantin Andriyuk and Dmitry Volkov, who without the consent of the Azerbaijani state made trips to the Azerbaijani lands, which are under the occupation of Azerbaijan and in where the separatist regime not recognized by any state, including in Ukraine exists, will be declared "persona non grata"," the embassy noted.

    The embassy stated that Ukraine's 1 1 TV channel undermines friendly relations and strategic partnership between the countries, asking to put pressures on the TV channel and reproach the journalists, who insulted and slandered the Republic of Azerbaijan and its citizens.
  • Baku hosts meeting of ''KOOMET'' Regional Metrology Organization
    26.11.2014 16:35
    Baku, November 26, AzerTAc

    Quality Forum of "KOOMET" Regional Metrology Organization and the next meeting of the technical committee have started in Baku. Experts of the Institutes of Metrology from 12 countries take part at the meeting.

    According to Standardization, Metrology and Patents State Committee, Chief of the committee Oktay Abbasov told about the reforms and projects carried out in this area.

    The participants were informed about the activity of the reference laboratories in Azerbaijan. General Manager on Quality of Physical-Technical Institute in Germany Andreas Odin underlined the necessity of laboratories accordance with the requirements of the international standard and application of quality management system.

    The meeting also heard the lectures on checking the quality management system of metrology institutes and other topics.

    Seminars and presentations on quality management system will be held within the three days events.
  • Baku urges CoE commissioner to ensure rights of refugees, IDPs
    26.11.2014 16:30
    By Sara Rajabova

    Azerbaijani official called on Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks to ensure the protection of the rights of Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs.

    Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hikmet Hajiyev toldВ TrendВ Agency that during the latest visit of Muiznieks to Azerbaijan, all conditions were created to hold meetings at various levels, however, he didnв't fully take advantage of this opportunity.

    Hajiyev made the remarks commenting on the statement of Muiznieks, who demanded the release of arrested human rights defenders in Azerbaijan.

    Hajiyev noted that each of the persons named by the commissioner is charged with concrete criminal offenses.

    ''Alongside with other charges, LeylaYunusova is also charged with treason. The charges brought against Anar Mammadli on which the court has already issued a decision, are related to tax evasion,'' Hajiyevsaid.

    He also added that the interference in the work of the judicial system is a violation of the fundamental principle of the Council of Europe. He, however, noted that Muiznieks was given an opportunity to meet with the persons under investigation.

    ''Under the mandate of the Council of Europe commissioner for human rights, Muiznieks should ensure the protection of over a million Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs, who have been deprived of their fundamental rights envisaged in the European Convention on Human Rights,'' Hajiyev said.

    The bloody war, which flared up in the late 1980s due to Armenia's territorial claims against its South Caucasus neighbor, left without home over a million of civilians of Nagorno-Karabakh and the regions adjoining it, as well as the regions bordering with Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

    They are temporarily settled in more than 1,600 settlements across 62 cities and regions of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijanis who were displaced from their homes as result of the brutal war were forced to live in refugee camps, tents and wagons in very difficult conditions.

    Hajiyev further said the Article 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights envisages the obligation to respect human rights and the Article 2 states that everyone has the right to live.

    ''We expect that Muiznieks will put pressure on Armenia under the mandate and demand it to return the Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs to their native lands,'' Hajiyev added.

    As a result of the military aggression of Armenia, over 20,000 Azerbaijanis were killed, 4,866 are reported missing and almost 100,000 were injured, and 50,000 were disabled.

    The UN Security Council has passed four resolutions on Armenian withdrawal from the Azerbaijani territory, but they have not been enforced to this day.
  • NATO resolution highlights Azerbaijanв's territorial integrity
    26.11.2014 16:29

    By Sara Rajabova

    Azerbaijanв's territorial integrity and sovereignty issue has been included into the NATO resolution.

    Malahat Ibrahimgizi, an MP and member of the Azerbaijani delegation to NATO PA toldВ TrendAgency that the article on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan has been added to the resolution on ''NATO Reassurance and Support to Partners'', adopted at the 60th annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, held in The Hague on November 24.

    Ibrahimgizi said the Armenians tried to prevent the introduction of this article in the resolution. But despite their efforts, as a result of the arguments of the Azerbaijani side, this resolution was adopted.

    She went on to add that the Armenians have also tried to add an article on "self-determination of minorities" to the resolution, but the Azerbaijani delegation was able to prevent this attempt.

    The delegation said at the meeting that the Armenians have once realized self-determination, and the other delegations rejected this article, according to Ibrahimgizi.

    Armenia occupied over 20 percent of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territory, including Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent regions, after laying territorial claims against its South Caucasus neighbor that caused a brutal war in the early 1990s. Long-standing efforts by U.S., Russian and French mediators have been largely fruitless so far.

    As a result of the military aggression of Armenia, over 20,000 Azerbaijanis were killed, 4,866 are reported missing and almost 100,000 were injured, and 50,000 were disabled.

    The UN Security Council has passed four resolutions on Armenian withdrawal from the Azerbaijani territory, but they have not been enforced to this day.
  • Iran MPs give confidence vote to new science minister
    26.11.2014 16:29
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhaniв's new nominee for the minister of science, research and technology has won a vote of confidence from lawmakers.

    Mohammad Farhadi was voted into office in an open confirmation hearing session on Wednesday. Farhadi had been nominated in a letter to Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani a week earlier, Press TV reports.

    Out of 235 MPs who cast their votes, 197 lawmakers voted for the proposed minister, 28 voted against and 10 abstained.

    An otorhinolaryngologist, Farhadi is the head of Iran's Red Crescent Society.

    He served as the Minister of Health in the cabinet of former President Mohammad Khatami.

    Farhadi is the fifth nominee proposed by President Rouhani for the minister of science, research and technology.

    On November 18, Iranian lawmakers voted down the nomination of Fakhroddin Ahmadi Danesh-Ashtiani, the fourth candidate to be proposed for the post.

    On October 29, Iranian lawmakers also rejected Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, Rouhani's third nominee for the position.

    Back in August, Iran's parliament voted former minister Reza Faraji-Dana out of office in an impeachment session.

    Rouhani's first choice, Jafar Mili Monfared, was given a vote of no confidence by the MPs over his alleged ties to the 2009 post-election unrest.
  • March demanding release of Azerbaijani hostages takes place in Baku
    26.11.2014 16:09
    APA reports that the march was attended by members of KLO and relatives of D.Askerov and Sh.Guliyev.

    Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) held a protest in front of the UN office in Baku with the requirement to assist in the release of Shahbaz Guliyev and Dilgam Asgarov taken hostage by the Armenian armed forces in the occupied Kalbajar.

    The action began with a procession from the Alley of Martyrs to the Azerbaijani representation of the United Nations. Police stopped the procession. Only four participants were allowed to approach the building.

    The purpose of the action was to attract the attention of the UN and other international organizations to the fate of our fellow citizens who were taken hostage. The action participants voiced slogans "Down with the UN!", "Down with the Minsk Group!", etc.

    The resolution of the action was presented to the Baku office of the UN.
  • Heavy rains hit Azerbaijan's southern region
    26.11.2014 15:45

    By Amina Nazarli

    The heavy rains falling in Lankaran, the south region of Azerbaijan on November 24-25 have left widespread devastation.

    More than 1,000 homes have been flooded in Lankaran as well as in its various villages and towns.

    People and some livestock of Lankaranв's villages have been evacuated.

    Rescuers of the Regional Emergency Center and the State Service for Water Rescue evacuated 38 people and 30 sheep and goats, as well as 10 cattle from Gekshaban village.

    Houses and gardens in the Girdani village of Lankaran region were also hit by flood. In Havzava village, 20 houses were left without electricity. Majority of agricultural products have been spoiled.

    All the necessary measures are taken to eliminate the consequences of heavy rains.

    Meanwhile, snow fell in Azerbaijan again covering mountain villages in Sheki region.

    The weather will be rainy in Azerbaijani regions for November 26. Sleet and snow, fog in some places are also expected.

    In Baku and Absheron Peninsula, cloudy weather with rains and winds will dominate. The temperature will be 4-6 at night and 6-9 during the day.
  • Young Azerbaijani citizen goes missing in Turkey
    26.11.2014 15:44
    A young Azerbaijani citizen went missing in Turkey, says a notice posted on the Interpolв's website, APA reports.

    His brother also disappeared in the summer of 2013.

    According to the notice, 23-year-old Azerbaijani citizen Imanov Elchin Bakir oghlu went missing in Hatay city, Turkey.

    Elchin's elder brother Imanov Hazi, 26, also disappeared in Hatay in the summer of 2013. Interpol reported about his disappearance in the summer of 2014.

    The international search is underway to find the missing brothers.
  • 14 fighter jets brought into service in Russiaв's Crimea air regiment
    26.11.2014 15:30
    An air regiment based at airfield Belbek near Russiaв's Crimean federal city of Sevastopol was replenished with 14 warplanes.

    Ten fighter jets Sukhoi Su-27 SM and four fighter jets Su-30 M2 flew to the air regiment from southern Russia's Krasnodar territory on Wednesday, ITAR TASS reports.

    The air regiment in Belbek will operate a total of 24 warplanes and six training combat aircraft. First training flights will start on December 1.

    The 62nd air regiment of fighter jets, which is incorporated in the 27th combined air squadron, is based at the Belbek airfield.
  • Azerbaijani, Turkish Ashiqs perform in Baku
    26.11.2014 15:15

    By Amina Nazarli

    As part of the Days of Turkish Culture, a concert titled ''Competition between National Poets'' was held in Azerbaijani State Music Theatre named after Rashid Behbutov in Baku on November 25.

    Addressing the event, Deputy Director of the Policy Department of Culture and Tourism Ministry Fikrat Babayev stressed the importance of holding Turkish Days in Azerbaijan.

    He noted that such projects play a big role in strengthening relations between fraternal countries. ''The both countries respect Ashiq art, which is an integral part of our ancient culture. I hope that the concert, which has brought Azerbaijani and Turkish Ashiqs together, will please all the music lovers,'' the deputy said.

    Talking about the importance that Azerbaijani government attaches to the Ashiq art, Babayev recalled the second International Ashiq Festival held on November 12-17.

    He also added that holding such events is among the further aims of Azerbaijan, as it serves as a bond among the Turkish world.

    Speaking at the event, Culture and Information Officer of Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan Seyid Ahmad Arslan underlined that the two countries has common language, religion and culture and Ashiq art as a sample of common culture has been developing regularly.

    Following, the Ashiqs performed at the concert. Firstly, Azerbaijani Ashiqs showed their talent. Then Gultakin Buludoglu and Baheddin Yildizoglu performed Ashiq songs.

    Battles of Gadabay Ashiqs made the event more interesting. The concert was welcomed by applause.

    Also, the ''Colors from Turkey'' exhibition was also held in the Baku Museum Center on November 25 as pat of the Days of Turkish Culture.

    During the exhibition, Turkish art masters demonstrated their skills: artistic metal stamping, painting of ceramic products and the art of embroidery. Moreover, Turkish artists demonstrated their talents in the process of creating paintings in the ''Ebru'' art.

    The Days of Turkish Culture will go on in the capital of Azerbaijan till November 27.
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