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Azerbaijan to render financial assistance to Afghanistan
17.01.2013 13:06
Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided $150 000 financial aid to Afghanistan within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UN Baku office told.

The funds allocated by the Azerbaijani government will be used for application of e-governance methods as a pilot. It is directly related with Azerbaijan`s successful e-governance experience.

"The future of Afghanistan has a special importance for both global security and stability; Azerbaijan actively supports the fraternal-Afghan people in solution of the country's problems," said UN Baku office.

President Ilham Aliyev`s speech made in May in the NATO Summit in Chicago also underlines this.
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  • President orders extra measures over construction of highway in Jalilabad District
    31.07.2014 20:23
    President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed an Order on extra measures related to the construction of the Alar-Tezekend-Uctepe-Aligasimli-Ceferkhanli highway in Jalilabad District.Under the presidential order, AZN 7 million was allocated to the Jalilabad District Executive Authorities from the s...
  • Oil prices fall in world markets
    01.08.2014 11:48
    The price of oil has continued to fall in the world markets.On the New York Stock Exchange NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) cost of the US Light crude oil fell $2.10 to stand at $98.17.Price of British Brent crude oil at the London ICE (InterContinental Exchange Futures) decreased $0.49 to trade...
  • Azerbaijan represented in Interregional Meeting of UNESCO National Commissions
    01.08.2014 11:06
    Representative of the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO Dmitriy Panin has attended the First Interregional Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO held in Astana, Kazakhstan.More than 110 National Commissions for UNESCO from all regions of the world came together in Ast...
  • AZERNEWS releases another print issue
    01.08.2014 11:01
    A new print edition of the AZERNEWS online newspaper was released on August 1.The new edition includes articles about significant reduction of the poverty level in Azerbaijan, country's Oil Fund's intention to buy Chinese Yuan, joint tournament in artistic, acrobatic gymnastics in Baku, the ...
  • Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: Ceasefire was violated 71 times within a day
    01.08.2014 10:56
    The ceasefire was violated 71 times in various directions of the frontline within a day.Ministry's press service told APA that Armenian armed units fired on the positions of Azerbaijan in the nameless uplands, Gizilhajili village of Gazakh region and Kohnegishlag village of Aghstafa region from ...
  • Israel, Hamas agree to 72-hour-truce as Gaza death toll keeps rising
    01.08.2014 05:25
    Israel and Hamas agreed in the early hours of Friday to a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire in their bloody conflict in the Gaza Strip, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon announced separately on Thursday.The ceasefire will begin at 8 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) on F...
  • Erdogan: Israeli genocide reminiscent of Holocaust
    01.08.2014 01:33
    Israel's perpetration of genocide against the Palestinians being carried out in Gaza is reminiscent of the Holocaust as Israel is acting with the same immorality as Adolf Hitler, Turkey's PM and presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared.Erdogan expressed his anger at a rally i...
  • Neftchi draw with Chikhura in first game of UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round
    31.07.2014 22:18
    Azerbaijani football club Neftchi Baku have been held to a goalless home draw by Georgian Chikhura in the first game of the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League.The return match will take place in Georgia on August 7.Neftchi progressed to the 3rd qualifying round after defeating Slovenian ...
  • European Golf Challenge Tour event kicks off in Azerbaijan`s Guba
    31.07.2014 22:08
    Azerbaijan Golf Challenge Open has started in Guba, Azerbaijan, marking the first time when the European Challenge Tour travels to the country.President of Azerbaijan Golf Federation, Anar Mammadov, who opened the tournament by making the first strike on the ball, told the opening ceremony that Chal...
  • IranЛ€s top nuclear negotiator denies any deal on Arak, Fordu nuclear sites
    31.07.2014 21:51
    IranЛ€s top nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi on Thursday denied any deal between Iran and G5 1 on Arak and Fordu nuclear sites, IRNA reported.AraqchiЛ€s denial came in response to the allegations made by US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman in the US Congress and und...
  • Neymar reveals return date
    01.08.2014 12:41
    Neymar has revealed that he will return to action in Barcelona's Joan Gamper Trophy pre-season clash against Leon on August 18.

    The Brazilian fractured his back during the World Cup quarter-final victory over Colombia and sat out the losses to Germany and Netherlands in the semi-final and third-place play-off.

    However, he is hoping to return to Barcelona for pre-season on August 5 before featuring in the annual Gamper game at Camp Nou.

    "Im slowly recovering from the injury. I'll get to Barcelona 100 per cent," he told reporters at a promotional event in Brazil.

    "I want to have a good season and I'm looking forward to helping my team-mates get good results. I also want to contribute to the Brazil team.

    "I'm confident of playing in the Gamper game on August 18."

    Neymar has since arrived in Japan to continue his recovery and work on personal commerical requirements.

    The Brazil international signed autographs for dozens of fans after his arrival in Tokyo prior to the press conference where his latest commercial venture was confirmed.

    The former Santos forward is hoping to be fit in time for Barcelona's opening Liga game of the season against Elche on August 24.

  • Death toll rises to 41, over 100 still missing in India
    01.08.2014 12:41
    At least 41 people were killed and over 100 remained missing in Wednesday's landslide which crashed on a village near Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra, local media reported Friday.

    The officials have pegged the figure of dead at 41 with over 100 others being trapped under the debris. The landslide hit some 40 homes in the village, leaving only mud, slush and debris, when people were sleeping on Wednesday. Some media reports said that part of a mountain had come down the village

    Heavy rain and strong winds slowed down the efforts to reach the engulfed thatch huts and brick houses in Malin village, about 80 km north of Pune, even though rescue teams worked through the night with floodlights and earth-moving machines. "We are trying our best, but with every passing moment the situation is taking a turn for the worse," said National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) commandant Alok Awasthi. "The hills are soft due to rains and deforestation."

    Prime Minister Narenda Modi on Wednesday termed as "saddening" the loss of lives in a landslide in Pune, and said Home Minister Rajnath Singh would be visiting the spot to take stock of the situation. Landslides are common in many parts of India during the monsoon from June to September.
  • USACC Organizes Briefing on Azerbaijanв's Technology Industry
    01.08.2014 12:31
    Te United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) held a breakfast briefing titled ''Azerbaijan`s Technology Industry-Building a Knowledge Society'' at the Microsoft Innovation amp; Policy Center. The event, sponsored and hosted by Microsoft, started with the opening remarks of Dorothy Dwoskin, Senior Director for Global Trade Policy and Strategy at Microsoft, who welcomed the participants and passed the stage to Susan Sadigova, Executive Director of USACC.

    Greeting the participants, Sadigova briefed the audience about the recent developments and vast potential in Azerbaijan`s ICT field by focusing on ''Azerbaijan 2020 '" Vision of the Future'' development concept, government incentives, investment opportunities, funding, satellite industry, High-Tech Park, TASIM, and other projects. Then she introduced and engaged the distinguished panel of speakers on a live video feed from Baku.

    The keynote speaker of the video conference briefing, Elmir Valizadeh, Deputy Minister of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan briefed the audience about the new goals and objectives the ministry aims to achieve, among which are the development of micro-, nano-, bio-, space and nuclear technologies, the introduction of high technology and transition to a fully operational information society.

    He then introduced Seymur Aghayev, CEO of High-Tech Park Azerbaijan who talked about the steps to be taken to ensure the transition into a knowledge-based economy. According to Mr. Aghayev, High-Tech Park is one of the three pillars of so-called ''Golden Triangle'' which will be built in Pirallahi island on 50 ha area and will house high-tech companies, Ramp;D centers, clean production facilities and provide further incentives.

    Aghayev was followed by Azer Bayramov, Deputy Executive Director of Azerbaijan State Fund for Development of ICT, who touched upon the main objectives of the Fund, such as the development and financial support of entrepreneurship, and attraction of local and foreign investments to the field. He elaborated on the financial instruments of the Fund for financing projects and the types of loans and grants available for entrepreneurs operating in ICT sector.

    Sevda Abdullayeva, Director of the Center for High Technology Research and Development, spoke about the High Tech Center which was established by the Azerbaijani government in 2009 for research and development in ICT sector. She stated that development of bio- and nano-technology are of highest priorities for the ministry and the government of the country as a whole.

    The next panelist, Ruslan Aliyev, Deputy Head of Sales and Marketing, Azercosmos, stressed the importance of launching the first Azerbaijani satellite, Azerspace-1 that covers Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and North Africa, and provides broadcasting, internet access, data transmission, creation of VSAT multiservice networks and communications. He especially highlighted the close cooperation with American institutions in the duration of the entire project.

    The panel was ended with the presentation by Zaur Hasanov, Director of Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) who spoke about the concept and foundation of TASIM project and its mission to improve regional and global connectivity, route diversification and improved disaster resiliency, bridging digital divide and contribution to MDGs. He reiterated the significance of this strategically important project for the immediate region as well as the participating countries, stating that American companies are welcome to explore the potential and take part in the project in various capacities.
  • Turkish opera singer comes to perform in Baku
    01.08.2014 12:30
    The Turkish well known opera singer Oya Ergun will perform at the Kapellhaus building of the German-Azerbaijan Cultural Association in Baku on August 2.

    Supported by the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan, the concert, ''Evening of Baroque Arias'', will be accompanied by renowned organist, Jamila Javadova-Spitzberg who lives in America.

  • Jane Goodall: Man's closest animal relatives face extinction
    01.08.2014 12:12
    The world's great apes face extinction within decades, renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall warned in a call to arms to ensure man's closest relatives are not wiped out.

    "If we don't take action the great apes will disappear, because of both habitat destruction as well as trafficking," Goodall told AFP in an interview in Nairobi.

    In the past half century, chimpanzee numbers have slumped from two million to just 300,000, spread over 21 countries, said Goodall, a British scientist who spent more than five decades studying chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe National Park.

    "If we don't change something, they certainly will disappear, or be left in tiny pockets where they will struggle from in-breeding," said 80-year-old Goodall, the first scientist to observe that apes as well as humans use tools.

    Experts predict that at the current rate, human development will have impacted 90 percent of the apes' habitat in Africa and 99 percent in Asia by 2030, according to a UN-backed report last month.

    Infrastructure development and extraction of natural resources -- including timber, minerals, oil and gas -- have devastated the prime habitat of apes and pushed chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans and gibbons closer to extinction.

    'We're Schizophrenic'

    For Goodall, the destruction is part of mankind's wider attack on nature.

    "If we don't do anything to protect the environment, which we've already partially destroyed, I wouldn't want to be a child being born in 50 years time," Goodall added.

    "We're schizophrenic: we've got this amazing intelligence, but we seem to have lost the power of working in harmony with nature."

    As well as a tragic loss, Goodall said the death of man's closet relatives would act as a stark warning sign of climate change and global warming.

    "If we lose them (apes), it is probably because we have also lost the forests, and that would have a totally devastating impact on climate change," she said.

    "Climate change is so evident everywhere. There are leaders who say they don't believe in climate change, but I can't believe they really believe that, maybe they are just stupid."

    All species of apes are listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), some critically so.

    "People are losing the connection to the natural world," said Goodall.

    "You'd think that the most intellectual creature on the planet would know better than to destroy its only home, but we are destroying the planet very, very quickly."

    But Goodall, who has set up volunteer conservation groups across the continent, urges people not to despair but to take action.

    "Climate change threatens every little part of the planet, and we can't stop that, but if we get together we can help to slow the effects," she said.
  • Russia may stop funding Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan
    01.08.2014 12:10
    Baku, Azerbaijan, August 1

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    Russian Finance Ministry plans to stop funding Baikonur Cosmodrome located in Kazakhstan as of 2016, Russian Izvestia newspaper reported on August 1.

    The financing of space industry in the draft federal budget for 2016-2018 sharply decreased in the last two weeks, a source in the Russian Federal Space Agency told Izvestia.

    Russian Center for Operation of Space Ground-Based Infrastructure which operates the cosmodrome confirmed the information about the problems in budget plans concerning Baikonur.

    In the previous versions of the draft budget the subsidies for Baikonur maintenance in 2016 were planned at 2.5 billion rubles, Sergey Lazarev, CEO of the Center for Operation of Space Ground-Based Infrastructure said. The last draft budget envisages zero subsidies.

    "In fact, this means the termination of funding entire groups of specialists at our main spaceport," he said.

    The Finance Ministry said that all the investments planned for Baikonur will be directed to Vostochny Cosmodrome which is under construction on Russian territory, Lazarev said.

    The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world's first and largest operational space launch facility. It is located in the desert steppe of Kazakhstan. It is leased by the Kazakh government to Russia (currently until 2050). Under the current Russian space program, Baikonur remains a busy space port, with numerous commercial, military and scientific missions being launched annually.

    Vostochny Cosmodrome is planned to be launched in 2015 in the Russian Far East.

    Edited by C.N.

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  • 9 of the world's best city beaches
    01.08.2014 12:06
    Stressed colleagues, traffic jams, pollution.

    We're all familiar with the undesirable qualities of city life.

    So thank the gods of urban planning for the occasional sandy edge.

    There are some cities where worker drones can strip off the suit and tie, jump into shorts or a bikini and enjoy a day with their toes in the sand without having to leave the urban perimeter.

    By talking with our well-traveled friends and colleagues, collating data from tourism authorities and using our own experiences, we've put together a list of what we think make up 9 of the best city beaches in the world.

    No doubt you've got your own.

    We'd love to hear about them in the comments.

    1. Ipanema Beach (Rio De Janeiro)

    2. Bondi Beach (Sydney)

    3. Waikiki Beach (Honolulu)

    4. Brighton Beach (UK)

    5. Barceloneta Beach (Barcelona, Spain)

    6. Jumeirah Beach (Dubai, UAE)

    7. Miami Beach (Miami)

    8. Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver, British Columbia)

    9. Clifton Beaches (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • 8 Azerbaijani servicemen killed
    01.08.2014 11:50
    Armenian reconnaissance and sabotage groups` attempt to cross contact line in two directions has been prevented, enemy units gave casualties in the fights and retreated

    The situation on the line of contact of the Azerbaijani and Armenian troops has escalated again.

    Armenian armed forces violated ceasefire in several directions last night and attempted to invade the territories which are under the control of Azerbaijani Army.

    8 Azerbaijani servicemen have been killed in the fights.

    Details of the incident are being specified.

    According to press service of the Defense Ministry, Armenian reconnaissance and sabotage groupsв' attempt to cross contact line in two directions has been prevented. The enemy units gave casualties in the fights and retreated.

    Unfortunately, Azerbaijani army also gave casualties.

    Ministryв's press service says that Azerbaijani warrant officer Almazov Isa Ziyad, 1977, drafted from Gazakh Region, was shot to death by enemy in the fights in Gazakh.

    Ministry of Defense presents condolences to family and relatives of martyr and wishes them patient.

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  • Lead in teeth can tell a body's tale, study finds
    01.08.2014 11:49
    Your teeth can tell stories about you, and not just that you always forget to floss.

    A study led by University of Florida geology researcher George D. Kamenov showed that trace amounts of lead in modern and historical human teeth can give clues about where they came from. The paper will be published in the August issue of Science of The Total Environment.

    The discovery could help police solve cold cases, Kamenov said. For instance, if an unidentified decomposed body is found, testing the lead in the teeth could immediately help focus the investigation on a certain geographic area. That way, law enforcement can avoid wasting resources checking for missing persons in the wrong places.

    "We can use this pollution signal to figure out where these people came from," he said.

    Lead is composed of four variants, called isotopes. The amount of those isotopes fluctuates in different rocks, soils and ores -- and, therefore, regions of the world.

    Mining and other pollution-causing activities release that lead into the environment, and it accumulates in children's bodies as they grow because kids inhale dust and ingest soil when they put their hands in their mouths.

    Tooth enamel, which develops during childhood, locks in the lead signals and preserves them.

    "When you grow up, you record the signal of the local environment," Kamenov said. "If you move somewhere else, your isotope will be distinct from the local population."

    Even different teeth can reveal certain facts.

    First molar enamel is finished forming by age 3, so it provides information about birth and toddler years. Incisor and canine enamel starts later and finishes around age 5, so it gives insight into early childhood. The third molar enamel does not start forming until age 8, so it indicates late childhood residences.

    Lead analysis can also tell what time period a body is from.

    Modern and historical teeth have different signals, according to the study. The natural composition of lead changed over the past century because of mining and the use of leaded gasoline, so there's a clear distinction between modern and historical human exposure.

    Using that information, archaeologists can identify early European bodies in New World areas.

    "You can go back in time, look at archaeological sites and try to reconstruct human migration," Kamenov said.

    But modern American teeth are like no others in the world, according to the study. Whereas available data for areas such as South America overlap with Europe, American teeth can be identified anywhere due to usage of ores with distinct isotope signals in the United States.

    "What's in the environment goes into your body," Kamenov said.

  • Oil prices fall in world markets
    01.08.2014 11:48
    The price of oil has continued to fall in the world markets.

    On the New York Stock Exchange NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) cost of the US Light crude oil fell $2.10 to stand at $98.17.

    Price of British Brent crude oil at the London ICE (InterContinental Exchange Futures) decreased $0.49 to trade at $ 106.02.

    The Department of Marketing and Economic Operations of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan said a barrel of Azeri Light crude oil decreased $1.465 to stand at $107.005.
  • 24 year old woman wins $66 mln lottery
    01.08.2014 11:47
    Kelsey Zachow is a 24-year-old single mother from Mt. Clemens, Michigan who worked two jobs to help support her family. Her boyfriend Billy Bartlett, also a single parent, has been out of work for a year now from his construction company. Clearly times haven't been good on Zachow and Bartlett. But when Zachow purchased a lottery ticket on Friday, June 13th, her luck changed forever.

    Zachow was informed 11 days after purchasing the ticket that she had won the $66 million dollar jackpot. Stunned, Zachow went straight home to tell her boyfriend, who became ecstatic as well. Zachow hired a lawyer and financial planner before collecting the money to ensure that she handles it wisely.

    Zachow opted for the lump sum of $27 million, and has some pretty fun plans for it. Cars, vacations and a new house are all on the mom's agenda. But Zachow also plans to use the money for college funds, both for her son and her boyfriend's child.
  • Armenian armed forces violate ceasefire over 70 times within 24 hours
    01.08.2014 11:47
    Baku, Azerbaijan, August 1

    By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

    The ceasefire on the Armenian-Azerbaijani contact line was broken 71 times in numerous positions during the last 24 hours, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on August 1.

    The armed forces of Armenia, located in the villages of Vozashen, Berkaber and Paravakar of Armenia's Ijevan region, fired at the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces located in the nameless heights and the villages of Gizilhajili of the Gazakh region and Kohnegishlag of the Aghstafa region.

    The armed forces of Armenia, located in the village of Aygepar of Armenia's Berd region, fired at the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces located in the village of Alibayli of the Tovuz region.

    The armed forces of Armenia, located in the villages of Dovekh and Voskevan of Armenia's Noemberyan region, fired at the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces located in the villages of Kemerli, Qushchuyarim of the Gazakh region.

    The armed forces of Armenia, located in the nameless heights of Armenia's Krasnoselsk region, fired at the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces located in the nameless heights of the Gadabay region.

    Moreover, the armed forces of Azerbaijan underwent fire from the positions located near the villages of Merzili, Yusifjanli, Shuraabad, Bash Gervend, Sarichali, Qaraqashli, Javakhirli, Kengerli of the Aghdam region, Ashagi Veyselli, Ashagi Seyidahmadli, Ashagi Abdurrahmanli, Horadiz of the Fizuli region, Chilaburt, Qeyarkh, Gizil Oba of the Terter region, Gulustan of the Goranboy region, Mehdili of the Jabrayil region and the nameless heights of Khojavend and Goygol regions.

    The opposing side was silenced with return fire.

    The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

    As a result of the ensuing war, in 1992 Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

    The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the U.S. are currently holding peace negotiations.

    Armenia has not yet implemented four U.N. Security Council resolutions on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

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  • Azerbaijani citizens charged with cooperation with Iranian intelligence agencies sentenced to life imprisonment
    01.08.2014 11:45 zali qandalli.jpg zali qandalli.jpg
    Baku Court on Grave Crimes has continued hearing on criminal case of Valiyev Hafiz Ramiz and Agamirov Agamir Novruz charged with betrayal of Motherland (Article #274 of the Criminal Code).

    APA reports both persons have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Both persons are charged with cooperation with Iranian intelligence agencies.

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  • No objective reasons for another devaluation of Kazakhstan`s national currency
    01.08.2014 11:44
    Astana, Kazakhstan, August 1

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    There is no objective reasons for another devaluation of the national currency in Kazakhstan, but it is necessary to prepare for it, well-known Kazakh financier Aidan Karibjanov wrote on his personal Facebook page.

    "There is no objective economic reasons for devaluation now. The main external factor is the state of the Russian economy and the sanctions against it. This affects us - but indirectly and with a time lag. It is necessary to be prepared for it. But at the moment the impact is rather emotional," he believes.

    The sanctions taken by the U.S. and the EU against Russia may still affect Kazakhstan, according to Karibjanov.

    "Serious factor is Russia, the entire Crimean- Donetsk thriller with increasingly repressive regime of Western sanctions. Not only economic experts, but everybody feels that it is very serious and crappy. All of this is subject to the discussion on the economic and political union and the integration of economics, etc. There is a sense of irreversible catastrophe," the expert said.

    The Russian economy has slowed down, and it is likely to be reduced in size by the end of the year, according to Karibjanov. And Ukrainian events served as a background for this.

    "This is bad, but it's not a disaster, it is not a stroke, but something like a permanent high-pressure: you will not die tomorrow, but if you are not treated, then sooner or later you will die. Western sanctions are severe, but the actual effect will be gradual, though imminent," he said.

    He replied affirmative to the question whether all of this will affect Kazakhstan.

    "Of course, it will. When the neighboring economy starts to "cool" in this way. But it will take time - months, even years. Despite the brilliance of what is happening in world politics, rapid changes are hardly possible," the expert wrote.

    Although Karibjanov notes that there are no fundamental prerequisites for the devaluation. "Rather, they exist, but not now. The prices for main export commodities - oil and metals - have not changed in recent months. The receipt of hard currency remained unchanged. The previous devaluation was oversized. However, predictions is thankless,"he said.

    Certain speculation was observed regarding the purchase of dollar by Astana`s exchangers on July 31. Lines appeared in front of exchangers on the evenings of July 30. In the morning, the rate of dollar (sale) amounted to 184.8 tenge. In the evening, the dollar began to be sold at 187 tenge in two exchange offices on Republic Avenue.

    At the same time, dollar`s rate was 183.05 tenge at the KASE exchange on July 31 and totaled 183.5 tenge on trading results in the evening.

    Recall that in February following the adjustment of the exchange rate of the national currency by the country`s National Bank, the rate of dollar reached 185 tenge. A month earlier, the head of the Kazakh National Bank Kairat Kelimbetov denied the rumors on the second wave of devaluation.

    Aidan Karibjanov ranked among the 50 most influential businessmen of Kazakhstan in 2012. He is the chairman of "Visor Holding" LLP, a major owner of "VISOR Capital" JSC and "TenizService" LLP through Waterford International Holdings Ltd. The company actively operates in Southeast Asia.

    Edited by CN

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  • AtaInsurance OJSC announced its financial results for the first 6 months of 2014
    01.08.2014 11:43
    AtaInsurance OJSC announced its financial results for the first 6 months of 2014. According to the information, premiums collected within 6 months of the current year totaled to 4,72 million manat. During the corresponding period of the year insurance payments equaled to 1.59 million manat. The authorized capital is 10.0 million manat in the current year, while the total amount of the assets is about 25,0 million manat. During the 6 month of 2014 the balance profit of AtaInsurance was 1.04 million manat.

    Ata Insurance company being Ata Holding Group of companies subsidiary has been operating in the insurance business since 2004. The company offers 22 voluntary and 4 mandatory types of insurance. Company is the founder and participant of the Compulsory Insurance Bureau. AtaInsurance OJSC has 6 branches and 6 representative offices.
  • Expert: Local developers resort to cunning to attract buyers
    01.08.2014 11:43
    Local developers resort to cunning to attract buyers.

    "The real estate market of Azerbaijan doesn't use common practice to use bonuses and gifts to attract customers. No incentive and promotional measures are recorded. However, our developers use certain tricks to attract customers. "

    Oxu.Az reports referring to "Echo" newspaper that the statement came from the independent expert in the field of real estate Rashad Aliyev.

    "The most common method is the creation of demand visibility. When a potential buyer is interested in real estate, the real estate agent says that some of the apartments have already been sold. Developers are trying to convince the buyer that if he would not buy an apartment now, then it will be too late.

    Or it is also happens that a potential buyer is shown the layout of the building, focusing on views from the windows of the apartment. People often trust this, but after a while it turns out that a new building constructed nearby covers the view. You can come across such moments in our market. The illusion of high demand is a certain psychological pressure, but this method can be called harmless, it's just a bluff. But the moments when the developer does not warn in advance that it will be built next to another building, are unpleasant and can cause inconvenience to customers. Often there are cases where developers draw attention of buyers to the playgrounds and various conditions created for the convenience of residents. In fact, they do not fulfill these conditions after commissioning the building", said the expert.
  • Turkey exerts efforts to achieve long-term truce in Gaza, FM says
    01.08.2014 11:31
    Baku, Azerbaijan, August 1

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Turkey exerts efforts to achieve a long-term truce in the Gaza Strip, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on August 1, Turkish news agency Anadolu reported.

    "The Turkish leadership is currently in talks on resolving the crisis in Gaza with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister of Qatar Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah," he said.

    On August 1, Israel agreed to a three-day humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip, previously announced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

    During his visit to India, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the parties agreed to a ceasefire from 8:00 on August 1.

    Previously, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Gaza confirmed consent of all factions of the Palestinian resistance for a 72-hour truce with Israel.

    More than 1,500 Palestinians were killed and 7,000 were injured as a result of Israeli hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

    Some 20 mosques and more than five hospitals were completely destroyed during the hostilities.

    The Israeli army lost 131 servicemen during the hostilities in Gaza, the Turkish agency Anadolu reported with reference to the military wing of Hamas movement. However, the Israeli authorities do not confirm this information.

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  • At least 27 people drown in Karachi
    01.08.2014 11:26
    At least 27 people have drowned in rough seas off Pakistan's southern Karachi cityover the last two days, officials saidThursday.

    Most of the deceasedwere youths who were picnicking on the beach along the Arabian Sea, Abdul Khalique Shaikh, a city police chief, told reporters.

    Thousands, mostly youths, flocked to the beach to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr on Wednesdayand Thursday despite warning from the Meteorological Office which forecast rough tides in the sea on the eve of the monsoon season.

    "We even detailed police force to prevent people from thronging the beach as the sea is very rough in these days. But, the people, mostly youths, did not pay heed to warnings,"Shaikh said.

    "We even detained many youths for violating the ban on swimming in the sea,"he added.

    Shaikh said that 23 bodies had been fished out, while lifeguards were engaged in rescue efforts to retrieve the remaining bodies, Shaikh said.
  • Deputy Chairman of YAP`s Youth Union to attend meeting of DEMYC Board of Directors and international conference
    01.08.2014 11:21
    Deputy Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party`s Youth Union, member of the partyв's Political Council Ramin Mammadov will attend a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) and an international conference to be held in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively.

    The event wills focus on topical political and economic issues, as well as the expansion of cooperation among DEMYC member countries, and implementation of joint projects.

    The Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) is the international umbrella organisation of the youth wings of Christian-Democratic, Conservative and like-minded parties of Europe. With currently now more than one million affiliates in its member organisations, DEMYC is one of the strongest political youth organisations in Europe.

    DEMYCв's aim is to further contacts and strengthen co-operation between its member organisations from different European countries and thereby to contribute to a united Europe.
  • July month of joy, stress, thrill for 60,000 in Azerbaijan
    01.08.2014 11:17
    By AzerNews

    The future of some 60,000 Azerbaijani students was decided in July as they sit for the entrance exam, graduating from secondary schools to universities.

    This year Azerbaijan's State Commission on Student Admission (SCSA) held the entrance exams for the first and fourth groups on July 12 and the second and third groups on July 20.

    Each year the SCSA holds entrance exams -- test examination -- for entrants who wish to study at Azerbaijan's prestigious universities and earn a bachelor's degree.

    The entrance exams are held in Azerbaijan's 11 cities, including Baku, Nakhchivan, Ganja, Sumgayit, Mingachevir, Sheki, Aghjabadi, Goychay, Shirvan, Lenkaran and Khachmaz. The exams start at 11 a.m. and last three hours.

    The entrant sitting for the exam familiarizes himself/herself with exam rules thanks to the guidebook prepared by the SCSA. The entrant should print the examination entrance card and take it with his/her identity card to the place where the exams are to be held.

    The entrants should remember that taking mobile phones, summaries and other supportive tools into the examination room is prohibited. Otherwise, they will be removed from the examination room and failed.

    After the completion of exams, the experts gather together and discuss various tests online on the Space TV. The entrants call and ask the experts various questions related with the exam and questions. The exam results are published on the SCSA website. The entrants can send a short message of their application numbers to 7727 to learn how many points they have scored.

    On July 12 some 28,955 pupils took the exam on the first and fourth groups, 17,703 of which were boys, and 11,252 were girls. On July 20, the SCSA held the entrance exam on the second and third groups for 31,326 pupils, some 13,824 of which were boys, and 17,502 were girls.

    The maximum point is 700. This year nine entrants gained these bright results.

    Azerbaijan ensures transparency of its universities' entrance exams by using IT and advanced monitoring measures.

    Azerbaijan was one of the first among the post-Soviet countries to reform the education system, after its independence in 1991.

    Back in 1992, as part of an educational reform, Azerbaijan introduced a general exam - test examination as entrance exam for universities. Later, the test exams were introduced at the master's level.

    State care to education

    Azerbaijan is one of the few countries, which implements educational programs covering spending on education, as well as living abroad.

    To date 2,612 students were sent abroad within the state program on education of Azerbaijani youth abroad in 2007-2015. Graduates of this program successfully continue their activities in the private and public sectors.

    The number of Azerbaijani students studying abroad at state's expense will reach to three thousands in the 2014-2015 academic year. This year a group of students selected by the Education Commission will continue their education in the Great Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Poland, France, USA, Italy, the Russian Federation and other foreign countries on Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, and PhD degree.

    One of the main conditions for participation in the state program is high academic performance.

    Since 2008 as of July 1, Azerbaijan's state oil fund SOFAZ allocated around 93 million manats since 2008 as part of this state program.

    Desirable specialties

    Each year the SCSA prepares the top list of desired specialties for each group. Last year 'Oil and gas engineering' of the Baku Higher Oil School, 'Finance' of Azerbaijan State Economy University, 'Azerbaijani language and literature' of Baku State University, and 'Therapy' of Azerbaijan Medical University were on the top of this list.

    On average, male entrants prefer technical specialties, including mathematics, engineering, economy and management, while female entrants choose humanitarian ones, in particular teaching and translating.

    Azerbaijan's top universities

    Also, each year the SCSA prepares the list of Azerbaijan's high-ranking universities.

    In 2013, the entrants who gained over 600 points entered Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku State University, Qafqaz University, The Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan, Baku Higher Oil School, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, Information Technologies University, Azerbaijan State Economy University, as well as Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

    This year's results will be announced in August. Wish all the entrants success and hope each of them will enter the desirable university and become a high-educated specialist!
  • Drought to force Iran to shut down agriculture
    01.08.2014 11:07
    Baku, Azerbaijan, August 1

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    A severe country wide water shortage across the Islamic Republic of Iran could result in the disappearance of the 3,000-year-old agriculture industry, an Iranian climate expert said.

    The drought will hit sooner or later, but it's the anticipation that Iranians are learning to cope with. Iran is currently undergoing through some tough economic times.

    "For the time being Iran's limited water reserves are strategic and agriculture is not an economic priority sector any more," Nasser Karami, Iranian physical climatologist who is an associate professor at the University of Bergen in Norway told Trend on July 31.

    Located in an arid zone, Iran is just one of the countries facing severe water problems, such severe droughts have plagued the country over the last 40 years. The drought of 1992-2002 caused a major blow to agriculture. There were quotas imposed for fresh water in several cities, including the capital Tehran.

    Karami explains that food security is an important issue for all countries having a stable agriculture sector for a country such as Iran is a serious priority, however under the current circumstances using limited vital water sources for the agriculture sector is not logical.

    Iran faces serious threat of loosing its water resources and changing into a desert because of the depletion of groundwater sources, the expert said.

    Producing any agricultural product in Iran costs several times more than its import, considering the real price of the water, he underlined.

    Iran's total annual water consumption is approximately 93 billion cubic meters, out of which about 92 percent is used in agriculture (86 billion cubic meters), 6.6 percent in municipality (6.18 billion cubic meters), and 1.2 percent in industry (1.12 billion cubic meters), according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO).

    Up to 70 percent of water used in the agriculture sector is being wasted, Iranian officials say.

    The country ranks first in the world for wasting water resources, Massoumeh Ebtekar, head of Environmental Protection Organization said on Jan 9. The out dated agriculture activities are the main culprit behind the current water crisis in Iran.

    Karami says that Iran has changed its previous traditional agricultural models which were tested over the last 3,000 years.

    New lands went under cultivation without considering its capacity, suitable crop types changed and the irrigation methods which were not suitable with the water reserves used, he explained.

    He went on to note that 650,000 deep wells were drilled in the country in recent decades which swallowed groundwater.

    In the last 30 years Iran consumed 70 percent of its groundwater reserves, which were collected in a million years, according to the expert. Up to 62 percent of water used in the country's agriculture comes from groundwater reserves, according to the FAO.

    While responding to a question about possible solutions, Karami said that it is too late to take efficient steps on the issue. However, he says that Iran has no choice other than to limit its agriculture sector to very strategic products as well as products with lowest water consumption level.

    "The main part of the Iran's agriculture sector should be shut down, because the country has entered a long-term period of drought," Karami said, adding that "in particular if we notice very low efficiency rate of water sources which are used in the sector."

    He also noted that the issue is beyond eliminating agriculture.

    "Drought is also destroying the country's wildlife and nature. Plains are changing to deserts. Habitats have disappeared in recent 30 years and the country has lost over 90 percent of its wildlife," Karami explained.

    He also expressed concerns about possible water-based wars between the country's different regions in the next decade.

    He said the officials should forget about the agriculture and pay attention to the water crisis, treating it as a national security issue, the expert added.

    Issa Kalantari, secretary general of Iran's House of Farmers and former agriculture minister, said last year that Iran's water crisis wass more of a threat to the country than "Israel, the U.S. or political infighting."

    Kalantari went on to say that if the water issue is not addressed, Iran could become a place where no one can live.

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  • Azerbaijan represented in Interregional Meeting of UNESCO National Commissions
    01.08.2014 11:06
    Representative of the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO Dmitriy Panin has attended the First Interregional Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

    More than 110 National Commissions for UNESCO from all regions of the world came together in Astana to look at ways of strengthening their efforts to promote the Organization's work and optimize their contribution to UNESCO's program, AzerTag reports.

    The meeting aimed to build capacities, enhance networking and promote best practices of National Commissions.
  • Israel accepts proposal for 72-hour
    01.08.2014 11:02
    Israel has accepted a proposal for a three-day truce with militant groups in the Gaza Strip, an official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said.

    "Israel has accepted the U.S./U.N. proposal for a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire beginning 8 a.m. (0500 GMT) Friday," said the official, who made the statement on condition of anonymity.
  • AZERNEWS releases another print issue
    01.08.2014 11:01
    A new print edition of the AZERNEWS online newspaper was released on August 1.

    The new edition includes articles about significant reduction of the poverty level in Azerbaijan, country's Oil Fund's intention to buy Chinese Yuan, joint tournament in artistic, acrobatic gymnastics in Baku, the peculiarities of the wedding ceremony in Azerbaijan, as well as about the land of longevity-Lerik region and etc.

    AZERNEWS is an associate member of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).

    The online newspaper is available at www.azer
  • Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: Ceasefire was violated 71 times within a day
    01.08.2014 10:56
    The ceasefire was violated 71 times in various directions of the frontline within a day.

    Ministry's press service told APA that Armenian armed units fired on the positions of Azerbaijan in the nameless uplands, Gizilhajili village of Gazakh region and Kohnegishlag village of Aghstafa region from their posts in Berkaber and Paravakar villages of Armenia's Icevan region, in the Alibayli village of Tovuz region from Aygepar village of Berd region yesterday and tonight.

    They also fired on the positions of Azerbaijan in the nameless uplands of Kamarli, Gushchuayrim villages of Gazakh region from their posts in the nameless uplands Dovekh, Voskevan villages of Noyemberyan region, in the nameless uplands of Gadabay region from the nameless uplands in Krasnoselsk region.

    Armenians also fired on the positions of Azerbaijani Armed Forces from their posts near Marzili, Yusifjanli, Shuraabad, Bash Garvand, Sarijali, Garagashli, Javahirli, Kangarli villages of Aghdam region, Chilaburt, Goyarkh, Gizil Oba villages of Tartar region Ashagi Veysalli, Ashagi Seyidahmadli, Ashagi Abdurrahmanli, Horadiz villages of Fuzuli region, Mehdili village of Jabrayil region, nameless uplands in Khojavend and Goygol regions.

    The enemy was silenced by retaliation fire.
  • New vehicle: From fiction to real life
    01.08.2014 10:55
    Baku, Azerbaijan, August 1


    This is the footwear that Batman and Flash Gordon would wear if they could. These are the gadgets you probably dreamt about when you were a child. Shoes you could wear like roller skates but that were jet propelled and that you could put on and zoom ahead at the speed of light? Not quite the speed of light but at a respectable speed of 12 miles per hour (19 kilometers), on a full charge of the lithium-ion batteries takes 1.5 hours.

    These are the RocletSkates, the latest in personal travel - the invention of Peter Treadway, the founder and chief technical officer of a California-based company. The RocketSskates is no toy and should not be underestimated as it has the potential of introducing massive changes in today's society. It's target audience are those who live at the intersection of "too-close-to-drive and too-far-to-walk."

    What Treadway did was bring something that was out of science fiction comic books into reality.

    The idea of being able to wear your transportation is something that's been brewing in me for a long time," said Treadway t the BBC. He conceived the skates seven years ago while working on his thesis at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, one of the world's foremost producers of transportation-design talent.

    The rubber-wheeled super skates may look simple but are indeed quite ingenious. They consist of the following specifications.

    Each skate features two 50w brushless motors, one inside each front wheel.

    Rear-mounted lithium-ion battery packs, which fully charge in 1ВЅ hours, power the motors.

    The skates "talk" to each other via microprocessors, so they both maintain identical speed, otherwise you may end up having one foot skating faster then the other.

    Futuristic, yes, but there are some realities related to physics, nature and gravity that one needs to keep in mind. For example top speed is estimated at 12mph, however, one needs to consider various factors such as the user's weight and wind speed and the terrain.

    The maximum rider weight is 275lbs (124 kilos). There are curtly three models.

    The R6 can travel six miles and run for 45 minutes on a full charge; the R8 tops out at eight miles and 70 minutes; and the R10 maxes out at 10 miles and 90 minutes. The three models retail for $499, $599 and $699 respectively. One definite advantage of these electric skates is possibility to wear almost any shoe you want. They also have mapping function which can track the route you have taken, which could be shared with friends. Moreover it is possible to find other RocketSkates on the live map.

    This invention could resolve traffic problems in densely populated cities. RocketSkates are ecologically clean and energy efficient and their usage will reduce emissions in the environment.

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  • Over 1,500 Palestinians killed in Gaza hostilities
    01.08.2014 10:51
    Baku, Azerbaijan, August 1

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    More than 1,500 Palestinians were killed and 7,000 were injured as a result of Israeli hostilities in the Gaza Strip, Turkish TRT Haber channel reported on August 1.

    Some 20 mosques and more than five hospitals were completely destroyed during the hostilities.

    The Israeli army lost 131 servicemen during the hostilities in Gaza, the Turkish agency Anadolu reported with reference to the military wing of Hamas movement. However, the Israeli authorities do not confirm this information.

    On August 1, Israel agreed to a three-day humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip, previously announced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

    During his visit to India U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the parties agreed about ceasefire from 8:00 on August 1.

    Previously, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Gaza confirmed consent of all factions of the Palestinian resistance for 72-hour truce with Israel.

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  • Statement issued on Azerbaijani human rights activist's arrest
    01.08.2014 10:50
    General Prosecutorв's Office and the Ministry of National Security (MNS) have issued a statement on the arrest of Leyla Yunus.

    Azerbaijani citizen Mirgadirov Rauf Habibulla oglu, who is now under preliminary investigation, was arrested as a suspect for a crime on 19 April 2014 as there were suspicions that he might have betrayed the Azerbaijani state by purposefully helping employees of the Armenian Republic's special service bodies with his espionage since April 2008, and was put in pre-trial detention with the decision of the Nasimi District Court under article #274 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the press service of General Prosecutor's Office told APA.

    It was discovered that Yunusova Leyla Islam, with the organization named "the Institute of Peace and Democracy", without legal registration, which she founded in and has been chairing since 2002, have several times organized visits of Mirgadirov Rauf Habibulla oglu to the Republic of Armenia from the Republic of Georgia together with Arif Yunus at the expenses of the funds she got alongside Shahnazaryan David Gurgenovich, Bagdasaryan Laura Seyranovna and others from international donor organiozations in the name of implementing joint projects on "people's diplomacy" between Armenia's Region Research Center and other NGOs and the funds that were transferred to the accounts of her husband Yunusov Arif Seyfulla oglu, who has been head of department of his organization, in the commercial banks operating in Azerbaijan by Karen Ohanjanyan from a bank in the UK in 2002 and by Armenian NGO "Journalistic Researches" from a bank in Yerevan for helping foreign intelligence to manipulating the persons after learning their personal qualities and making sure of their desire to make a good living. In some of those visits, Arif Yunusov was also present along with Rauf Mirgadirov to hold several meetings with representatives of the agencies controlled by former Armenian Minister of National Security David Shahnazaryan and special service bodies.

    At the same time, connecting different Azerbaijani citizens whose names are unknown at the moment to employees of Armenia's special service bodies to involve them in secret partnership to collect data on the areas of socio-political, industrial, energy, military and technical supply with the purpose of using them against the Republic of Azerbaijan, Leyla Yunus and Arif Yunus have fulfilled their duty on giving concrete instructions to them on propagating the importance of recognizing the sovereignty of the illegal regime in Nagorno-Karabakh in exchange for the return of our occupied lands. As a result, they have been able to transmit the scheme of military units, aerodromes strategically important state facilities with their photos to representatives of the enemy country's intelligence bodies.

    Moreover, Yunusova Leyla Islam, as a founder and director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy without legal registration, included false information that she is allegedly a director of the Society of Women of Azerbaijan for Peace and Democracy in the Caucasus, registered on March 27, 1996, in the official documents allowing to carry out transactions of accounts belonged to this Society, in Unibank OJSC on November 21, 2002, and obtained check books, submitting these documents to the bank. She provided the transfer of total AZN 167 1999, $620 878 and euro;263 745 to the bank accounts of this organization in accordance with the grant agreements signed with the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED), German Marshall Fund and other donor organizations in 2006-2014 and cashed these funds, breaching the requirements of the Law on Accounting of the Republic of Azerbaijan. She conducted illegal business activities, receiving AZN 526 943 on the unregistered grant agreements, and evaded taxes in amount of AZN 369 378 in accordance with tax legislation.

    At the same time, there are suspicious that Leyla Yunusova cashed $88 468 out of $88 910 transferred to the accounts of the Society of Women of Azerbaijan for Peace and Democracy in the Caucasus in Unibank OJSC by the National Endowment for Democracy, German Marshall Fund and OSI Assistance Foundation in 2009-2012, falsifying official documents. After depositing $71 000 of these funds to her saving accounts, she withdrew the collected $78 130 with total interests from her accounts on April 24, 2014 and transferred to the account of his husband Arif Yunus is that bank. Following this, Arif Yunus immediately transferred these funds to his personal account in Sberbank CZ bank based in the Republic of Czech.

    Leyla Yunus and Arif Yunus were repeatedly summoned to the investigation body, but they both avoided testifying without any valid reason. As a result, it was decided to forcibly take them to the investigation agency in accordance with the article No178 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

    Because of all of these reasonable suspicions, Leyla Yunus has been sent to pretrial detention under the articles #274, 178.3.2, 192.2.2, 213.2.2, 320.1 and 320.2 of the Criminal Code. Arif Yunus faced charges under the articles# 274 and 178.3.2 of the Criminal Code. Taking into account his state, it was decided to transfer him under police surveillance.

    Investigation is underway. The public will be provided additional information.
  • Situation strained on front
    01.08.2014 10:15
    Eight Azerbaijani sons have become martyrs.

    Intensive fire exchanged was observed on the contact line of troops between Azerbaijan and Armenia throughout the night.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to APA that Armenian armed forces violated ceasefire in several directions of the front trying to invade the territories controlled by Azerbaijan.

    Eight Azerbaijani army soldiers died as a result of extensive fire.

    Details of the incident are currently being clarified.

    By the information from the news service for the Defense Ministry, on the night of August 1, Armenian intelligence groups attempted to cross the contact line in the territory of Agdam and Terter regions.

    The enemy's attempt was revealed earlier and the diversion was averted.

    After the strong fire exchanged Armenians were obliged to retreat with huge losses. Unfortunately, Azerbaijani armed forces also sustained losses.

    By the information, Azerbaijani army ensign Isa Almazov born in 1997 died as a result of the fire exchange in the territory of Gazakh.

    The Defense Ministry expresses deep condolences to the martyrs' relatives and friends!
  • Kazakh Senate elections scheduled for Oct. 1
    01.08.2014 10:06
    Astana, Kazakhstan, August 1

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the decree on "Scheduling the elections of deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan for October 1, 2014", according to a statement posted on the Akorda website.

    "The elections of deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be scheduled for October 1, 2014 in accordance with subparagraph 2, Article 44 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Article 69 of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 28, 1995 "On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan"," according to the document. "This decree comes into force from the date of publication."

    It should be stressed that according to the law on "Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan", the nomination of candidates for deputies of the upper chamber of the Parliament begins on the day following the day of calling an election and ends one month before the election day. Thus, the nomination process will begin from August 2.

    There are some 47 deputies in the upper house of the Parliament, 15 of them are appointed by the president, 32 - maslikhats (local representative bodies). Senate deputies are elected for six years. Every three years, some 16 senators are reelected. The elections were held in 2011 for the last time.

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  • Azerbaijan to play against Russia
    01.08.2014 10:06
    The match will take place in September.

    The Azerbaijani National Football Team will hold another friendly match.

    Oxu.Az reports referring to ANS PRESS that according to the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan, the meeting will be held in preparation for the qualifying round of Euro-2016.

    The Azerbaijan National team will meet with one of the participants of the World Championship, which was held this year in Brazil.

    The match between Azerbaijan and Russia will be held on in Moscow on September 3.
  • Easier to prevent Nagorno-Karabakh conflict than to calm
    01.08.2014 10:01
    By Aynur Gasimova - Trend:

    Everyone in the world today faces news about the horrors in different parts of the globe. The world map has hot spots where people are killed every day.

    The literally burning Middle East, affected by the "Arab Spring" has recently experienced revolution and civil war and is a flash point of major news again in Gaza. This bloody confrontation has been observed for almost a month. It has resulted in more than 1,350 Palestinians and 56 Israelis killed so far. Nothing indicates the bloodshed will stop soon. Nor do hostilities stop in neighboring Syria and Libya and none of it inspires faith in the rapid stabilization of the situation in the region.

    A real civil war is being waged in the post-Soviet region too. The deep crisis in Ukraine, which has claimed hundreds of human lives, including Malaysian Airlines passenger plane shaken down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing 298 people, has continued more than six months.

    Even though the UN Security Council passed a resolution that called for bringing to justice those responsible for the plane crash and to cease hostilities in the crash area for the international experts to easily reach the crash site, the hostilities still continue.

    The world powers must pay attention not only to the current civil wars amid but simmering conflicts each of which can start again.

    Azerbaijan is such a country, where 20 percent of its territory is under Armenian occupation. If one views the chronicle from the contact line of the Armenian-Azerbaijani troops, the current status quo may soon be changed, and another heated conflict reignited in the region, which at this point can still be prevented. Murders of civilians on the frontline, Armenia's constant ceasefire violations, provocations, and attempts to discredit Azerbaijan continue. The Armenia side's attempt to present peaceful Azerbaijanis detained in Kalbajar region as "saboteurs" can be cited as an example.

    Armenian media reported that during the operation held on July 11 in the Shaplar village of the occupied Kalbajar region, one Azerbaijani citizen was killed and two other were taken hostage. They also reported the launching of criminal cases against the detained Azerbaijanis.

    Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry dismissed the Armenian media reports on any affiliation of the mentioned persons to the country's armed forces. The ministry stated that the occupied lands are the territories of sovereign Azerbaijan and a ban cannot be imposed on free movement of Azerbaijanis in these territories.

    These individuals did not violate the state border because the lands controlled by the illegal "fictitious" regime, are Azerbaijani territories recognized by the UN, the ministry said.

    Instead of trying to draw the attention of the international community to the processes on the contact line of the armies, Armenia would better be engaged in addressing its internal problems.

    The poor economic condition in Armenia, serious demographic problems, mass emigration from the country, continuous discord in the leadership are the problems that Armenia should address instead of attempting to divert the attention of the international community to the unacceptable status quo in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

    As distinct from Armenia, modern-day Azerbaijan is a country with a prosperous economy, a country which nobody wants to leave and where every citizens feel safe. Instead of pursuing a destructive policy, Armenia long ago should have returned Azerbaijan's occupied territories and made efforts to get out of its fragile economic crisis. Refusing to do so meets the interests of a handful of Armenian oligarchs, not those of the people.

    Unfortunately, Armenia continues to pursue its unconstructive policy and show its interest in maintaining the status quo in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and thus ignores the resolutions of the UN Security Council and international law.

    The international institutions need to realize that it would be as easy to prevent conflict than it is try to resolve the escalation of an already arisen confrontation. They should take into account that it is necessary to take measures to maintain peace in the region, while Azerbaijan's patience is not exhausted.

    The regions with 'frozen conflicts' and the international institutions should take into account that if a regional conflict is not resolved in a timely fashion, it can turn into a global-scale conflict that will claim many lives and undermine the stability in the region for a long time.

    Aynur Gasimova is Trend English News Service Head

    Claude Salhani -a political analyst and senior editor with
  • Aunt kidnapped nephew
    01.08.2014 10:01
    A Colorado woman has been convicted of abducting her newborn nephew in an attempt to pass him off as her own son.

    Kristen Smith, 31, was found guilty of kidnapping, which carries a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. The trial heard she tookKayden Powell from the Wisconsin home of a relative in February this year.

    Once police were alerted, she placed the four-day-oldin a plastic bag and left him at an Iowa gas station. Officers found Kayden alive and well after the boy spent more than a day in sub-zero temperatures.

    Smith, of Aurora, Colorado, had denied abducting the child. She testified that she had been given permission to take Kaydenby the boy's father.

    The parents, Smith's half-sister Brianna Marshall and her boyfriend, Bruce Powell, were supposedly going to join the accused a few days later in Colorado.

    But a federal prosecutor said during the trial's closing statements on Thursday that the defendant was a manipulative liar.

    No new parent would send a newborn away without nappies or formula, he argued. He also said a birth certificate application had been found in Smith's home that showed she planned to rename the boy Kaysin.

    Smith's defence lawyer had argued that his client had no need to steal a baby as she has four children and a stepchild of her own.
  • Taiwan gas blast kills 15, injures 243
    01.08.2014 09:50
    An explosion caused by a gas leak in the southern Taiwanese city Kaohsiung has killed 15 people and injured another 243, Taiwanese media reported on Friday.

    Smoke with a ''gas-like smell'' was seen coming out of drains in the streets before the explosion, Formosa TV and the China Times newspaper said.

    The blast ignited huge fires and overturned and destroyed cars. Reuters photographs showed a scene of devastation, including the body of a dead or injured child on the ground among the rubble.

    Rescuers formed a chain to pull the injured from a deep crater in the road.

    The media said some residents described it as having felt like the area was hit by a powerful earthquake.

    The Kaohsiung government has set up an emergency centre, with a plan to send soldiers in to coordinate the rescue operation, the media said. The death toll was likely to rise further, they added.
  • Kazakhstan not to increase fuel and lubricant prices
    01.08.2014 09:49
    Astana, Kazakhstan, July 30

    By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

    The prices for fuels and lubricants are not expected to be increased in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Oil and Gas Minister Uzakbai Karabalin said at a briefing in Astana on July 30.

    "I should stress that the price for petrol and diesel fuel will remain unchanged in Kazakhstan on August 1," he said. "Generally, I must say that the fuel and lubricant price adjustment is discussed monthly. The offers are announced as part of the meetings of the inter-ministerial committees, the Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies, the Ministry of Economy and the government as a whole. However, this does not mean that petrol rises in price monthly."

    "Petrol in Kazakhstan is cheaper than in the bordering countries, namely Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan," he said. "The same can be said for European countries."

    "Our fuel is one of the cheapest," the minister said. "Unfortunately, it is necessary to take into account the realities of the economic situation."

    "It is necessary to understand that Kazakhstan's economy can not be considered in isolation from the global economy," he added. "The situation on the market of oil products is clear evidence. The artificial containment of fuel and lubricant prices adversely affects it."

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  • Iran denies deal on limiting enrichment
    01.08.2014 09:25
    A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator has dismissed allegations of Iranв's consent to scale down its uranium enrichment program.

    "Any agreement about Arak or Fordow [nuclear facilities] is denied. No agreement has so far been reached about the issues under discussion [with six world powers], including these two sites, and the differences still remain," ISNA quoted Abbas Araqchi, who is also a deputy to the Iranian foreign minister, as saying, Press TV reports.

    He was reacting to July 29 remarks by the US lead nuclear negotiator Wendy Sherman to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about "tangible progress in key areas, including Fordow, Arak and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) access."

    "It [Iran] promised not to fuel or install remaining components at the research reactor in Arakhellip;. It allowed inspectors to have daily access at the Natanz enrichment facility and the underground plant at Fordow," said Sherman who is the deputy US secretary of state.

    Araqchi said, "The only criterion for the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the country's needs and throughout negotiations [with the world powers], decisions will be made only based on the country's needs."

    Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China - plus Germany are to resume their negotiations to discuss ways to reach a final agreement over Tehran's nuclear energy program in September.

    The right to enrich uranium, the Arak heavy water reactor and sanctions against Tehran are among the bones of contention between Iran and the six countries.
  • Azerbaijani submarines to be repaired in Croatia
    01.08.2014 09:12
    Azerbaijani submarines will undergo repairs in Croatia.

    Azerbaijani submarines have recently been sent to the shipyard of Croatian company Adria Mar, APA reports quoting Intelligence Online.

    Adria Mar provides repairs for ships constructed during the Soviet Union.

    The Azerbaijani Army is currently equipped with small size submarines Triton-2 (project 908), a former USSR production.
  • Central Anatolian basinв's aquifers dry out
    01.08.2014 09:11
    The Konya Basinв's aquifers have dried out, Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel EroДџlu said in a written statement July 30.

    The country has experienced one of the most arid winters and springs in recent years.

    The basin, which is also used to irrigate the Central Anatolian Konya's lowlands, the largest in the country, has formally entered a hydrological drought, said EroДџlu responding to parliamentary questions.

    EroДџlu said they are planning to cope with the drought by reducing the irrigation at the plantations in the area and choosing plants that require relatively less water to grow. The Konya's lowlands are one of the main areas that produce sugar beets, which require considerable amounts of water to grow.

    "Turkey is not a country rich in water. Considering the quantity of water per capita, it is in fact a country that experiences water scarcity. The quantity of potable water per capita in Turkey is around 519 cubic meters," EroДџlu said.

    The hydrological drought in Konya could threaten the economy in the area, which is based on agriculture and farming. Despite the minister's admission about water scarcity, the government's environmental policy is severely criticized by ecologists, particularly for privileging energy investments over protecting nature.

    The recent construction of dozens of hydroelectric plants on small streams that are important for the country's ecological balance has raised massive outcry as many experts warn that the practice could cause droughts in several rivers, resulting in land erosion in many parts of the country.
  • Iran gasoline consumption during Ramadan hits 1.86 billion liters
    01.08.2014 08:46
    Tehran, Iran, Jul. 30

    By Milad Fashtami - Trend:

    Some 1.861 billion liters of gasoline were consumed in Iran in the holly month of Ramadan, 199.4 million liters more compared to same month of the previous year, Iran's Fars News Agency reported on July 29.

    The country's average gasoline consumption in the holly month of Ramadan was around 64.17 million liters per day.

    The figure is expected to reach 75 million liters per day as a wave of summer vacations is going to start.

    The country's gasoline reserves currently stand at over 1.8 billion liters.

    Iran's average gasoline consumption stood at 69.4 million liters per day in the third calendar month of the current Iranian year (May 21 - June 21).

    The country's average gasoline consumption in the first and second calendar months of the year was also 68.3 and 69.9 million liters per day, respectively.

    Currently, Iran daily distributes 28 million liters of Euro-4 gasoline across the country.

    It was announced on June 9 that Iran plans to distribute gasoline conforming to Euro-4 standard in 8 major cities by December.

    The country currently distributes only Euro-4 gasoline in Tehran, Arak, and Karaj, Iran's IRIB News Agency reported on June 9.

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  • Defense Ministry: Azerbaijani soldier killed by Armenian sniper
    01.08.2014 08:45
    Azerbaijanв's Defense Ministry has released a statement about the serviceman killed as a result of ceasefire violation on the front line.

    Armenian armed units shattered the ceasefire at around 17:00 on July 31, firing on positions of the Azerbaijani Army, the Defense Ministry's press service told APA.

    Born in 1992, drafted from Aghdam district, extended serviceman of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces Ahmadov Garyaghdi Eldar oglu was killed by an Armenian sniper as he breached security rules.
  • Hezbollah commander killed in Iraq: sources
    01.08.2014 08:29
    Baku-APA. A Hezbollah commander has died during a mission in Iraq, sources familiar with the incident said on Wednesday, indicating the Lebanese group that is already fighting in Syria's civil war may be involved in a second conflict in the region, APA reports quoting Reuters.

    Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shi'ite Islamist group, has not previously announced any role in the conflict in Iraq, which escalated last month when radical Sunni militants seized large areas of territory from the Shi'ite-led government in Baghdad.

    Four sources in Lebanon named the Hezbollah commander as Ibrahim al-Haj, a technical specialist involved in training. They said he was "martyred" in a battle near Mosul, a city in northern Iraq seized from government control last month by an al Qaeda offshoot known as the Islamic State.

    His funeral was held on Wednesday in the village of Qilya in the Bekaa Valley. A Hezbollah official contacted by Reuters declined to comment.

    Hezbollah's deployment in Syria has helped President Bashar al-Assad's government firm up its grip on power by reestablishing control over a strategic corridor of territory stretching north from Damascus. The group says it is fighting in Syria against the threat posed by radical Sunni militants.

    Assad is an ally of Iran and a member of the Alawite sect that is an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam. Tehran also has longstanding ties to Shi'ite politicians in Iraq.

    Hezbollah was founded with Iranian help in the early 1980s and fought to drive out Israeli forces that occupied southern Lebanon until 2000. The most powerful group in Lebanon, it also fought a war with Israel in 2006.
  • General Haftar still in Libya: Spokesman
    01.08.2014 05:26
    A spokesman for Libya's former general Khalifa Haftar denied on Thursday media reports that the reneged general had fled Libya, Anadolu Agency reported.

    "Gen. Haftar has not left Libya and is currently preparing for a major military operation in Benghazi," his spokesman Mohamed al-Hegazi told Anadolu Agency by phone.

    He, however, gave no details about the fresh offensive.

    Media reports suggested earlier that Haftar had left to Egypt after his forces had been defeated.

    Since mid-July, Haftar's forces have been fighting Islamist militias in Libya's restive eastern city of Benghazi.

    Libya has been in turmoil since a bloody uprising ended the autocracy of long-serving ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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  • Israel, Hamas agree to 72-hour-truce as Gaza death toll keeps rising
    01.08.2014 05:25
    Israel and Hamas agreed in the early hours of Friday to a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire in their bloody conflict in the Gaza Strip, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon announced separately on Thursday.

    The ceasefire will begin at 8 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) on Friday, Aug. 1, they said in a joint statement, which also noted that "forces on the ground will remain in place" while the truce is effective.

    "We urge all parties to act with restraint until this humanitarian ceasefire begins, and to fully abide by their commitments during the ceasefire," said the two who have been quite engaged in facilitating a comprehensive truce deal, adding that "This ceasefire is critical to giving innocent civilians a much-needed reprieve from violence."

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  • VTB says European sanctions contrary to basic principles of free market
    01.08.2014 01:34
    Russia's bank VTB said the European Union's sanctions were contrary to the principles of free market and discriminatory not only against VTB but also against international investors.

    The bank was critical of the EU decision that restricts access to capital markets.

    VTB said it and its subsidiaries would continue to operate as usual despite the sanctions.

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  • Erdogan: Israeli genocide reminiscent of Holocaust
    01.08.2014 01:33
    Israel's perpetration of genocide against the Palestinians being carried out in Gaza is reminiscent of the Holocaust as Israel is acting with the same immorality as Adolf Hitler, Turkey's PM and presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared.

    Erdogan expressed his anger at a rally in the southeastern Turkish city of Van on Thursday, after the death toll from Israel's ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip -- now in its fourth week -- reached 1,390 Palestinians, mostly civilians, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza.

    Erdogan said: "The children of Gaza could not celebrate Eid and were killed in a cowardly fashion by the Israeli state in schools, homes, mosques and anywhere they took shelter.

    "The outcries of innocent Palestinian children -- which resounded throughout the skies and made angels cry -- killed by Israel will not remain unanswered."

    "When Muslim children are being killed, the West deems it legal, but when we speak out against the terrorist state of Israel we are called anti-Semite. What kind of an injustice is that?" he asked.

    The number of Palestinians wounded in the onslaught has exceeded 8,000 by Thursday afternoon, Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qodra told the Anadolu Agency.

    "The dead victims included 315 children, 166 women and 58 elderly people," he said.

    Israel's military operation, dubbed operation "Protective Edge," is the Jewish state's third major offensive against the densely-populated Gaza Strip -- which is home to 1.8 million Palestinians -- within the last six years.

    In 2008-9, more than 1,500 Palestinians were killed in Israel's three-week long "Operation Cast Lead."

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  • Azerbaijani fairy tales on '˜iOSв' and '˜Androidв' platforms
    01.08.2014 00:40
    The National Computer Game Association with the support of the Azerbaijan Youth Fund is now implementing "Cultural Heritage and modern ICT: interactive fairy tales" project in Azerbaijan. The project is financed by the Azerbaijan Youth Fund within the 2nd grant competition, which is now underway by the fund in Azerbaijan.

    The project is being implemented as part of measures stemming from the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan's decree on "Declaration 2013 lsquo;The Year of ICT' in Azerbaijan". According to the president of The National Computer Game Association Ramil Aliyev, the aim of the project is to develop interactive fairy tales for early childhood education.

    The specially developed visual surface of interactive fairy tales will be compatible with the most popular in the world iOS and Android platforms and will support "touch screen" options. This means that children will be able to access the interactive fairy tales via tablet computers, smartphones and other modern communication devices.

    This novelty is very unique in that it will allow children to take an active part in the game process by moving objects on the screen of the device. Captions on the screen will allow children to read and retell a fairy tale. So, to sum up, the novelty will help children to learn to read, develop imagination and improve sociability.
  • President Ilham Aliyev congratulates Azerbaijani people on Novruz
    01.08.2014 00:39
    President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the Azerbaijani people on Novruz holiday.

    "Dear fellow countrymen!

    I sincerely congratulate you and wish each one of you a sound health, happiness and success in your future activities. Coming from the deepest layers of our past, Novruz was an integral part of our people's spiritual world and always highly appreciated in the Land of Fires. The traditions of Novruz have an important place among our unique values, which have introduced Azerbaijan as one of the centers of ancient civilization.

    Despite the persecutions and pressures in the past, proper preservation of those traditions up to now is one of the exceptional merits of our people before the human civilization. The declaration of Novruz holiday, along with the art of mugham and ashug, as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO is the achievement of every Azerbaijani.

    On these days I wish all of you a good mood. I am sending holiday greetings to our fellow compatriots, who have closely united around the ideology of Azerbaijanism and are celebrating this holiday outside Azerbaijan.

    May this holiday bring every family abundance and prosperity!

    Happy Novruz!
  • Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states to hold conference and presentations of innovations in Baku
    01.08.2014 00:38
    The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan is expected to hold a meeting of high-ranking representatives from labor ministries of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on 23-24 April 2013 and a conference of labor ministers of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on 25-26 April 2013.

    According to information provided to "ICTnews" online news service by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, these two events will be held with the aim of developing a sustainable platform for cooperation among the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states and presentation and sharing of innovations and advanced ideas.

    "Such activities facilitate measures implemented in the country towards developing the labor market in the Republic, decreasing the level of unemployment and increasing the standard of living of the population," the information says.
  • Austrian scientists will help to digitalize the results of research activities carried out by the Institute of Geology
    01.08.2014 00:37
    Austrian scientists will help to digitalize the results of research activities carried out by the Institute of Geology of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS).

    This decision was made when a group of the institute's employees were visiting the Johannes Kepler University of Linz in Austria. This information was provided to "ICTnews" online news service by the head of the Press-Service of the Institute of Geology. The corresponding members of ANAS Hatam Guliyev and Galib Afendiyev closely familiarized themselves with the activity directions, achievements, centers and capabilities of the University of Linz. Azerbaijani scientists, in their turn, provided the leadership of the university with the results of research activities conducted by the Institute of Geology in the fields of geophysics and oil amp; gas well drilling.

    During the meeting the sides discussed the possibility of preparing a special computer software for analyzing these results. At the meeting the Austrian side was represented by Bruno Buchberger, Wolfgang Freiseisen, Friedrich Baldinger vЙ™ Daniela Denes-Ramskogler. In the course of the meeting the sides managed to reach an agreement on cooperation between the two scientific establishments.

    Under the agreement, University of Linz will provide its assistance to the Institute of Geology in developing the above-mentioned computer software. Also, the Austrian side agreed to cover all the expenses associated with the implementation of the first stage of this project.

    The meeting concluded with presentations made by the Institute of Geology's scientists on physical and mechanical properties of different types of rocks constituting the country's geological terrain.
  • Single card payment system to be implemented within intellectual transport management system
    01.08.2014 00:33
    A single card payment system will be implemented in some 100 buses in the capital Baku by late May, Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov informed press. The card payment system is being implemented within an intellectual transport management (ITM) system, which was launched in December 2011.

    The ITM system costs more than $95 million. After full commissioning, it will be controlled from a center in Baku. "The work on implementation of single card payment system in the public transport, including Baku metro is held under the presidential order. We work with corresponding Turkish companies to introduce this system," Mammadov said. "We plan to increase the number of busses with the single card payment system to 1,000 until the year end," he noted.

    According Mammadov, the implementation of the system is expected to finish until the I European Olympic Games, which will be held in Baku in 2015. Single payment cards will be distributed free of charge through the trade chains and the special device for single public transport payment cards.

    The single payment system will include a social component. So, discounts will be provided depending on the user categories, including students, who will be provided with special cards. The balance replenishment will be possible through the banks, kiosks and mobile terminals, which will be available in the districts of the city. Introducing a new payment system requires the installation of turnstiles and devices for cards, terminals for ordering the cards, and the entrance and exit system. Earlier the Transport Ministry said making payments will be possible by both cards and cash. Turnstiles will be placed in 3,000 buses.

    The creation of the ITM system envisions installation of 664 information terminals and 48 billboards, which have been placed along the streets of Baku. In order to introduce the system, 639 special parking areas will be created for buses, along with about 140 such sites for taxis.

    The Transport Ministry completed the installation of communication devices in buses under the ITM system implementation in May 2012. The devices provide data on bus trips and drivers, which is under centralized control. According to the ITM center, the introduction of intelligent transport management systems in the whole territory of Azerbaijan is planned to be completed in 2014-2015.
  • SCPI uses Electronic Document Circulation System to accept applications and complaints from citizens
    01.08.2014 00:31
    As a result of the implementation of measures envisaged in the "National Activity Plan to combat corruption in 2012-2015," the State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SCPI) started the application of the Electronic Document Circulation System for accepting and registering applications and complaints from citizens of Azerbaijan.

    The Electronic Document Circulation System was developed within the framework of the World Bank's Real Property Registration Project.

    This information was provided to "ICTnews" online news service by SCPI. All applications, proposals, requests and complaints e-mailed by citizens to "" electronic address are registered at the SCPI's registration department and sent to the relevant structural divisions and agencies for consideration.
  • Conscripts to be electronically informed about places of their military service
    01.08.2014 00:29
    In Azerbaijan conscripts will soon be able to learn in advance where they will have to carry out their military service. According to information provided by "ICTnews" online news service, a new electronic service called "Military Service" has been launched at the official website of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    By using this service, conscripts may easily find out the place of their military service. All the conscript needs is to enter his name, surname, patronymic, birthdate and registration place, and click on "Search" button.
  • A new software implementing transliteration from Azerbaijani alphabet to other alphabets will be soon developed in Azerbaijan
    01.08.2014 00:29
    A new software implementing transliteration from Azerbaijani alphabet to other alphabets, in accordance with the national transliteration standards, will be soon developed in Azerbaijan.

    The software will be jointly developed by the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies within the period between 2013 and 2014, following the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev's approval on 9 April of the "State Program on the use of the Azerbaijani language in the context of globalization, in accordance with the requirements of the times and the development of linguistics in the country."

    Note that transliteration is an act of representing letters or words in the characters of another alphabet or script.
  • '˜Efficient monitoring of the State Program on Azerbaijani Youthв' training to be held 19-20 February 2013
    01.08.2014 00:25
    The realization of the "Young people's participation in decision-making and execution of the state youth policy in 2012-2013" project, according to the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed on 12 March 2012 between the UN's Development Program and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is continuing in Azerbaijan.

    Within the framework of the project, a training called "Efficient monitoring of the State Program on Azerbaijani Youth in 2011-2015 and forming of the structure of valuation indicators" will be conducted on 19-20 February 2013. The training is aimed at creating effective system of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the State Program on Azerbaijani Youth in 2011-2015, strengthening AGDP's monitoring capabilities, increasing participation of young people in making and executing decisions at the national level.

    This information was provided to "ICTnews" online news service by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. According to the ministry, representatives from the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Economic Development, Education, Culture and Tourism, Labor and Social Protection of Population, Defense, Communications and Information Technologies, National Academy of Sciences, Youth Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Irali" Public Union, Azerbaijan's National Council of Youth Organization, Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union and other youth organizations will take part in the training.
  • Ilham Aliyev received a delegation led by the Second President of the National Council of Austria
    01.08.2014 00:25
    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev has received a delegation led by the Second President of the National Council of Austria, Fritz Neugebauer.

    The President of Azerbaijan indicated that bilateral relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Austria were developing successfully in all fields. Recalling with satisfaction the visit of Austrian President Heinz Fischer to Azerbaijan and the discussions held during the visit, President Ilham Aliyev noted the high level of mutual interest in further expansion of cooperation between our countries.

    Stressing the importance of the inter-parliamentary cooperation to the development of bilateral relations, the President expressed his hope that the visit of the Second President of the National Council of Austria, Fritz Neugebauer, to our country would be successful and contribute to a further strengthening of this cooperation.

    The Second President of the National Council of Austria, Fritz Neugebauer, passed on greetings on behalf of President Heinz Fischer. Stressing that relations between the two countries have been developing rapidly in the last 20 years and have reached the present level, the guest said that the opening of the Austrian Embassy in Azerbaijan in 2010 and the visit of President Heinz Fischer with a large delegation to our country in 2011 were good examples of that. Fritz Neugebauer emphasised the importance of mutual high-level visits for the enhancement of bilateral relations.

    During the meeting, the sides emphasised the importance of the participation of Austrian companies in various projects being implemented in Azerbaijan and pointed to the presence of extensive opportunities for further expanding cooperation between the two countries in the areas of economy, energy, information and communication technologies, tourism, education, health and other areas, and voiced their confidence that these relations would continue to rapidly evolve and rise to the level of strategic partnership.

    The President expressed his gratitude for the greetings from President Heinz Fischer and asked the guest to communicate his greetings to the President of Austria.
  • 65,000 students have been provided with discount cards
    01.08.2014 00:24
    Within the framework of "Azerbaijan youth in 2011-2015" State Program 65,000 students have been provided with student discount cards. The young people owning these cards are able to make purchases at different entertainment centers and computer shops with 5-50 percent discounts.

    In his interview to "ICTnews" online news service the chairman of the Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union Shahin Ismayilov said that along with discount cards the students were provided with the single catalog of facilities where student cards can be used. In addition to that, "187" telephone hot line was created in order to obtain additional information and solve various problems regarding the use of cards. Note that following the Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union's proposal, the "Azerbaijan Student Card" project was included in the State Youth Program.

    The project is now being jointly implemented by the Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Education and the "Khazar" Investment Centre.
  • Electronic registration of births continues in Azerbaijan
    01.08.2014 00:23
    As a result of mass registration of acts of marital status in Azerbaijan, some 350,000 operations have been registered at notary publics. Over 168,000 births were electronically registered in the country through the information system insuring data exchange between the Ministries of Health and Justice.

    This information was provided to "ICTnews" online news service by the Ministry of Justice.

    According to the ministry, appropriate measures are now being implemented in the Republic towards improving the quality of services rendered to the population by various legal institutions and the state register. Positive results have already been achieved upon introducing information and communication technologies in this area.
  • President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev gave an interview to the CNN
    01.08.2014 00:22
    President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev gave an interview to the famous journalist of CNN Richard Quest during his visit to Davos.

    "The country is developing. The development is very rapid and, of course, we want to present ourselves broadly to the international business community, particularly to those who are not still working in Azerbaijan", President Aliyev said.

    He also noted that Azerbaijan opened our doors wide and invites friends and partners to work in Azerbaijan, to invest.

    As for whether Davos is considered an ideal place for the familiarization of foreign businessmen with the country, President Ilham Aliyev noted that it is true.

    "Of course, it is the best place to do it. Here is the elite of international business, politicians. Representatives and leaders of major international companies are here. Therefore, this is the best place to present your country", Ilham Aliyev said.

    In his next question, Richard Quest noted that the issue of Azerbaijan's relationship with BP has been broadly discussed in media.

    "Mr.President, is it possible that BP, which is by the way closely connected with Russian Rosneft is being used to insert pressure on Azerbaijan? Are you not concerned that BP can be used by Russians for the interference?", Quest asked.

    "First of all, of course, we are not concerned. First of all, BP is a company which has been present in Azerbaijan almost since the very beginning of our independence, since 1994. It is a history of relationship for almost 20 years. And very friendly relationship. Partnership relationship. And also the relationship which will continue for 20 years more because the projects which we are now implementing jointly with BP aimed at the future. Therefore, I am not concerned about any other issues which BP pursues with other partners", Ilham Aliyev said.

    As for the main objective of the Azerbaijani delegation in Davos and whether the global crisis affected our country, President Aliyev said that Azerbaijan's economy is very stable and it managed to develop even in the years of economic crisis.

    "Azerbaijan's economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. We managed to triple our GDP in less that ten years of more than 300% growth. And now the economy is more diversified and it is not only energy so my main aim now is to attract investment in nonenergy sector of Azerbaijan particularly in hi-tech, IT, and services", the president of Azerbaijan.

    As for the traditional question from Quest about whether the economic situation is more stable in US or EU, Ilham Aliyev said he considers that the United States are more stable.

    "From economic point of view, I think the US is now much stable than EU. EU still has problems, still there are countries which big European countries have to take care of, have to you know provide some financial assistance. It is not easy, it creates some, you know, irritation even in those countries which are being supported. Therefore, taking that into account I would say that US looks much stable from economic and political point of view", the head of the state said.

    The 43rd annual session of the World Economic Forum opens in Davos.

    A luxurious ski resort is to host some 2,500 delegates from more than 100 countries including the presidents and heads of governments of nearly 50 countries from 23 until 27 January.

    Azerbaijan is represented by President Ilham Aliyev and a large governmental delegation. As part of the forum it is planned to hold a reception by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan.

    The topic of the forum lsquo;Flexible dynamism' reflects the understands that it will be impossible to restore the pre-crisis economic growth rates and the world leaders of politics and business will have to search new sources of growth.

    "To be flexible means to be able to adapt to changing conditions, resist unexpected shocks and recover after them while pursuing critically important development goals", said the founder of the forum Claus Schwab speaking at a news conference in anticipation of the summit in Davos (Interfax).

    The forum participants will continue to analyze the lessons of lsquo;Arab spring' which coincided with the Davos summit of 2011.

    Davos will traditionally host the leaders of all leading interstate organizations including UN, IMF, EBRD, WTO and others.

    The United States is one of the few leading states that reduced the level of representation in Davos compared to 2012. This time the country will be represented by Deputy Secretary of State for Economy, Energy and Agriculture Robert Hormats.
  • Assad vows persistent fight against "terrorism" in Syria
    31.07.2014 23:26
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Thursday that his administration's war against terrorism is a "battle of existence," according to the state news agency SANA.

    Assad made the remarks in a speech marking the 69th anniversary of the Syrian army, during which Assad stressed that there would be no leniency in fighting terrorism. "Today we are more determined to stand in the face of the terrorist and colonial schemes of sedition and defragmentation that target Syria and the entire region," Assad said.

    The president stressed that "we reject bargaining on our causes or compromising our rights. We will not deviate from our principles and we will hold fast to our approach."

    He said there would be no wavering in "defending the homeland despite the woes and the hardships and conspiracies would make us stronger."

    Assad's remarks come at a time when his troops are deadlocked in battles against the so-called Islamic State militant group and other hard-liner groups across Syria.

    The Islamic State (IS), an al-Qaida-breakaway group, has been advancing recently in eastern and northern Syria, as other rebel groups are fighting the government troops to keep their positions in the eastern and northern countryside of Damascus.

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  • Israel says ready for 'serious' Gaza ceasefire proposal
    31.07.2014 22:22
    Israeli Science Minister Yaakov Peri said Thursday that his government would accept any "serious" proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, SIA reports with reference to AA.

    Speaking to the Israeli Radio, Peri, a former chief of Israel's internal security agency (Shin Bet), said the security cabinet is likely to vote in favor of any "serious" proposal for ceasefire with Gaza-based Palestinian groups.

    He went on to say that time is ripe for a political solution to the Gaza situation to build up on the "several achievements" made by the Israeli army in its ongoing military offensive in the Palestinian enclave.

    Israel has been pounding the besieged Gaza Strip since July 7 with the ostensible aim of halting rocket fire from the region.

    At least 1363 Palestinians have been killed and over 7000 others injured in the unrelenting Israeli aerial, naval and ground attacks.

    The majority of the dead and injured are civilians, with a considerable proportion of them being children, women and elderly.

    Gaza-based resistance factions, meanwhile, have continued to fire rocket at Israeli cities in response to the ongoing military offensive.

    According to official Israeli figures, 53 Israeli soldiers and three civilians have been killed since the hostilities began.

    Israel's military operation, dubbed operation "Protective Edge," is the self-proclaimed Jewish state's third major offensive against the densely-populate Gaza Strip '" which is home to some 1.8 million Palestinians '" within the last six years.

    Egypt, which shares borders with both Israel and Gaza, had earlier tabled an initiative that calls on both Israel and Palestinian factions to halt all hostilities.

    The initiative, which also calls for reopening Gaza crossings, was initially accepted by Tel Aviv, but rejected by Palestinians for "not meeting the demands of the people of Gaza".
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