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Azerbaijan to render financial assistance to Afghanistan
17.01.2013 13:06
Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided $150 000 financial aid to Afghanistan within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UN Baku office told.

The funds allocated by the Azerbaijani government will be used for application of e-governance methods as a pilot. It is directly related with Azerbaijan`s successful e-governance experience.

"The future of Afghanistan has a special importance for both global security and stability; Azerbaijan actively supports the fraternal-Afghan people in solution of the country's problems," said UN Baku office.

President Ilham Aliyev`s speech made in May in the NATO Summit in Chicago also underlines this.
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    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27By Dalga Khatinoglu - Trend:There was some progress in drafting the final agreement with Iran during the last round of nuclear talks, the US State Department's Persian Language Spokesperson Alan Eyre told Trend April 27.Eyre, who is a member of the U.S. nuclear negotiati...
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    27.04.2015 16:07
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:It will cost over $2 billion to resume oil production at Kazakh Kashagan oil field, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Apr. 27 at a press conference in Astana, Novosti-Kazakhstan news agency reported.Kazakhstan hopes to resume oil prod...
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    A ceremony will today be held at The Dorchester Hotel in London to present the Baku 2015 first European Games, the Ministry of Youth and Sports told APA.Azerbaijani Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov, President of the European Olympic Committees Patrick Hickey and Chairman of the British Olym...
  • Iran names priority oil sector projects
    27.04.2015 13:38
    The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) announced in a statement on April 26 that it has defined 21 top priority oil sector projects.The NIOC added in the statement that the projects will be introduced to investors in the upcoming Iran Oil Show that will be held in Tehran 6-9 May, 2015.The projects ...
  • Iran starts crude oil production from a huge southern field
    28.04.2015 08:20
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.26

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend:

    Iran started production of crude oil from a huge oilfield, which is estimated to hold millions of barrels of in-situ reserve, said Hamid Deris, an official with the National Iranian South Oilfields Company.

    Production of 1,000 barrels of oil per day started from the Mansourabad oilfield, located in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, Iran's Mehr news agency quoted Deris as saying on April 26.

    Iran's current oil production is estimated to be around 2.7 mb/d of which about 1 million barrels are exported - as required by the current regime of sanctions.

    Its major oil customers are China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey but the US and European sanctions are preventing international banks from transferring money to the Islamic Republic.

    Iran holds the world's fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves and the second-largest natural gas reserves.

    Iran's total in-place oil reserves have been estimated at more than 560 billion barrels, with about 140 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

    Heavy and extra-heavy varieties of crude oil account for roughly 70-100 billion barrels of the total reserves.

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  • US policy on antiballistic missile serious obstacle to nuclear disarmament
    28.04.2015 05:39
    U.S. policy in the field of antiballistic missiles puts up a serious obstacle to a further slashing of nuclear armaments arsenals, Mikhail Ulyanov, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's department for nonproliferation and control over weaponry said on Apr.27 at a review conference on observance of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, TASS reported.

    "It's the policy pursued by the U.S. that puts up the most serious obstacle in the way of further nuclear reductions," he said. "The problem stems from the Americans' staunch clinging to a policy line that objectively rocks the global strategic stability through the creation of a unilateral global system of antimissile defence."

    He turned down the charges with violation of international treaties, including the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry aired at the UN earlier on Monday.

    "The American side has again made totally unfounded charges against us claiming we're violating the INF," Ulyanov says. "Along with it, the U.S. refuses or, most probably, is unable to substantiate these claims with any concrete facts."

    "One gets an impression the actual objective is to try and discredit Russia and to profile it as a state encroaching on its international commitments," he said a response to a speech by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.

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  • Any use or threat of using nuclear weapons crime against humanity - Iranian FM
    28.04.2015 01:15
    Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remarks while addressing the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in New York on Apr.27, PressTV reported.

    "We firmly believe that any use or threat of use of nuclear weapons would be a crime against humanity and a violation of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and international law, in particular, international humanitarian law," he said.

    The Iranian foreign minister made a strong call for "the complete exclusion" of the use or threat of use of the nuclear weapons from military doctrines.

    "We express our dissatisfaction over the lack of required political will and effort by the nuclear weapons states to fully address the legitimate interest of all non-nuclear-weapon states parties to the treaty to receive unconditional and legally-binding security assurances against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons under all circumstances pending their elimination," he said.

    Referring to a recent summit meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran, Zarif said heads of state taking part in the summit lent their support to creation of a zone free from nuclear weapons and other forms of the weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East while asking immediate accession to the NPT by all countries, which should bring their nuclear activities under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    He added that the NAM heads of state also expressed their concern about the activities of the Zionist regime of Israel, which pose a serious threat to neighboring countries in the Middle East, condemning that regime for the production of nuclear weapons.

    Zarif, who was also speaking on behalf of the NAM, said the bloc considers nuclear disarmament as its "highest priority" and reiterates that "the existence of nuclear weapons poses the greatest threat to humanity."

    "The continued lack of progress in the implementation of nuclear disarmament obligations and commitments by the nuclear weapons states could undermine the objects and purposes of the [Non-Proliferation] Treaty and the credibility of the non-proliferation regime," he said.

    The Iranian foreign minister further stated that the implementation of the Plan of Action adopted by the NPT Review Conference in 2010 with regard to nuclear weapons, nonproliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy is deplorable.

    He added that to realize the goals of the treaty and to bolster international peace and security, the contents of the NPT should be implemented in full, without discrimination and in a balanced manner.

    Zarif also emphasized the role of the treaty as "the essential foundation for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation as well as for promoting international cooperation and assistance in support of the inalienable right of the state parties to peaceful use of nuclear energy."

    The Iranian foreign minister further criticized the countries that possess nuclear weapons for not making any progress in eliminating their nuclear arsenals.

    "The role of nuclear weapons in their security policy has not diminished. Some are modernizing their nuclear arsenals and planning research on new warheads; others have announced their intention to develop new delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons," Zarif said.

    Zarif further expressed "deep concerned" by the military and security doctrine of nuclear weapons states as well as that of NATO, saying, "They justify their use or threat of use of nuclear weapons and maintain the irrational concept of security based on nuclear deterrence and nuclear military alliances."

    The Iranian foreign minister further called for "a comprehensive nuclear weapons convention which would include a phased program and a specified timeframe for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons," adding that he has put forward a working paper entitled "Elements for a Plan of Action for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons."

    Zarif said proliferation concerns are best addressed through "multilaterally negotiated, universal, comprehensive and nondiscriminatory agreements," stressing that "additional measures related to safeguards shall not affect the rights of the non-nuclear states parties to the treaty."

    "Each state party in line with its national requirements and in accordance with the rights and obligations under the treaty has a sovereign right to define its national energy and fuel cycle policies including their inalienable right to develop for peaceful purposes a full national nuclear fuel cycle. Accordingly, the choices and decisions of each state party in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy should be fully respected," he said.

    "We strongly reject and call for the immediate removal of any restriction or limitations on the peaceful use of nuclear energy including restrictions on export to other state parties of nuclear material, equipment and technology for peaceful purposes."

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  • TAPI in anticipation of commercial partners
    27.04.2015 23:34
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Apr. 27

    By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

    In case of implementing the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline project, Turkmenistan with the second largest gas field in the world at Galkynysh can strengthen the position of the Caspian-littoral country on the promising and rapidly growing gas market of the Asian region, local experts said.

    Turkmenistan is currently a supplier of natural gas to China, Iran and Russia. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is promoting TAPI as transaction advisor of the project. Previously, ADB wrote that after more than 20 years of difficult negotiations, the 1,800-kilometer gas pipeline is on the verge of reality. This gas pipeline will connect one of the largest energy suppliers of Central Asia with the critically needy South Asian market. Ashgabat believes that the pipeline construction may begin in 2015.

    The Turkmen project was originally aimed at the Pakistani market, India joined it in 2008 and after that, negotiations intensified. Turkmen gas will help to meet growing energy consumption in India and Pakistan - where need may grow twice by 2030, and the remaining part will simplify the constant lack of energy resources in transit Afghanistan. Bangladesh has also expressed interest in the project.

    During the implementation of the TAPI project, India will have its first transnational gas pipeline. Currently, this country buys fossil fuels in liquefied form by tankers, for example from Qatar.

    "TAPI is not just a mutually beneficial energy and economic project, but also a consolidating factor of political value, strong evidence of maintaining balance of the interests of producers, transit countries and consumers," the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan said earlier.

    The next step for the four TAPI countries is the issue of attracting commercial partners for the pipeline's construction.

    The project's cost is estimated from $7 billion to $10 billion. Russia is interested in this project, and its implementation is supported by the US administration.

    TAPI's design capacity stands at up to 33 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

    In May 2012, the sale and purchase agreements were signed with the Indian GAIL Ltd. and State Gas Systems of Pakistan, and in July 2013 another agreement was inked with the Afghan Gas Corporation.

    In November 2013, a service agreement was concluded with the ADB.

    The gas pipeline's total length will be 1,735 kilometers; some 200 kilometers of this will run through Turkmenistan, 735 kilometers - through Afghanistan, 800 kilometers - through Pakistan to the Fazilka township on the border with India.

    The basic document for the promotion of TAPI is the Ashgabat interstate agreement signed between the participating states in 2010 on starting the practical implementation of this project.

    Meanwhile, security of this project, which runs through unstable Afghanistan, remains as a key issue on the agenda. However, Ashgabat believes that the implementation of the TAPI project will have a positive impact on Afghanistan's economic development and in general, the political situation in the country and will help resolve important social issues.

    Turkmenistan, which adheres to a positive neutrality status in its foreign policy, has repeatedly expressed readiness and has offered a political platform for holding inter-Afghan negotiations under the UN auspices.

    Edited by CN

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  • How much Turkish is the 'Turkish Stream'?
    27.04.2015 22:02
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    The political interests of the countries don't always coincide with their energy interests, and Russia is a clear example of that.

    Russia gives importance to the implementation of the lsquo;Turkish Stream' gas pipeline project, but at the same time, Moscow doesn't take into account Ankara's political and energy interests.

    Since the day when Russia announced its intention to realize the lsquo;Turkish Stream' as an alternative to Azerbaijan's TANAP, there has been no doubt that the Russian project isn't able to compete with that of Azerbaijan.

    To understand the difference between TANAP and lsquo;Turkish Stream', it is necessary to know all the pros and cons of these two projects.

    In contrast to the lsquo;Turkish Stream', TANAP has no questionable issues. TANAP's route has been clearly defined, while Russia and Turkey have not yet agreed on a final route for the lsquo;Turkish Stream".

    Second, the real actions have been already taken for the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline construction. In particular, the TANAP foundation was laid in the Turkish province of Kars on March 17.

    Moreover, the EU appreciates the TANAP project implementation.

    There is also a shareholder agreement signed between BP and TANAP consortium. According to this agreement, the British company will become part of the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline shareholders.

    Turkish Stream still could not attract significant attention.

    It should be stressed that Turkish Botas company will participate in the TANAP construction. This is in the interests of Turkey and the company itself, which is now completely isolated from the Turkish Stream construction.

    Earlier, Russia said that Gazprom Russkaya would deal with the Turkish Stream construction. This lead to Botas issuing a statement in which it stressed that its isolation from the Turkish Stream construction was detrimental to the interests of both Turkey and the company itself.

    TANAP will not only ensure Europe's energy security, but also promote the development of the regions where this pipeline will run. By the way, Turkish officials have repeatedly emphasized this.

    However, in the case of implementation of the Turkish Stream project, which in fact is not an energy project, but a political one, Turkey will benefit only from gas transportation.

    In one word, Ankara will not be able to control the gas that will be transported through its territory.

    All the more so, BOTAS intends to link the Turkish Stream to Turkey's gas supply system in order to ensure the supply of Russian gas to the country's market. However, the loss of control over the gas doesn't meet the interests of Turkey, which intends to eventually become the region's energy center.

    So, there is no doubt that Ankara will not renounce its own interests in favor of Russia, all the more so, in the project that is not Turkish at all.

    Edited by CN


    Rufiz Hafizoglu is the head of Trend Agency's Arabic news service, follow him on Twitter: @rhafizoglu

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  • Presidential election in Kazakhstan held in accordance with law
    27.04.2015 21:40
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.27

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    The early presidential election in Kazakhstan was held in accordance with the requirements of the country's constitution and law, the Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan said Apr. 27.

    "The voting on the election day was held in a calm atmosphere without serious violations," said the message from the Prosecutor General's Office.

    During the period before the election day, minor facts of violation of terms of holding pre-election agitation, as well as publication of the results of public opinion polls were recorded and proactive measures were taken on these facts, according to the message.

    The Prosecutor General's Office added that no administration and/or criminal cases were initiated on the facts of violation of the election law in Kazakhstan.

    During the election period, Kazakhstan's courts received seven appeals on the election process. Of them one was rejected, three were denied receipt, one was returned, one was left without consideration, and on one appeal the administrative proceedings were discontinued.

    For comparison, during the previous presidential election in Kazakhstan in April 2011, the prosecution bodies reviewed 87 appeals, and 16 administrative offense cases were launched on detected violations, the message said.

    The message said during the election period, the strict compliance by all parties of the electoral process within the law's requirements and citizens' constitutional rights was the main priority for the prosecution bodies.

    No violations by the election commissions or state bodies were revealed during the election monitoring, the statement said.

    Kazakhstan's prosecution bodies received four appeals during the election period. Three of them contained no information or complaints for violation of the legislation.

    Two appeals contained a request to clarify the regulations of the laws. The third appeal contained the disagreement with one or another requirements imposed by the legislation to the presidential candidates, the statement said.

    Three appeals were submitted for examination to the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan.

    Kazakhstan's incumbent President Nursultan Nazarbayev won the presidential election held in the country on April 26. Nazarbayev gathered 97.7 percent of votes, according to the preliminary data.


    Follow the author on Twitter: @E_Kosolapova

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  • Azerbaijani embassy solving issue related to flight of emergencies ministry plane to Nepal
    27.04.2015 21:28
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Seba Aghayeva - Trend:

    Azerbaijan's embassy in India, also accredited in Nepal, is solving the issue related to registering permission for the flight of an aircraft of Azerbaijan's Emergency Situations Ministry, which is to deliver humanitarian aid to the earthquake-affected Nepal, the head of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's press service, Hikmet Hajiyev, told Trend April 27.

    He said the same aircraft is planned to evacuate Azerbaijani nationals residing in Nepal.

    "Currently, technical issues are being solved," he said.

    Azerbaijan's president instructed the Emergency Situations Ministry to evacuate the Azerbaijani nationals from the earthquake zone, the ministry said earlier.

    According to the preliminary information from Azerbaijan's embassy in India, some 14 Azerbaijani nationals are residing in Nepal, including six children. A child was slightly injured in the earthquake, now his condition is normal.

    The number of the victims of the earthquake in Nepal exceeds 3,500 people, RIA Novosti reported citing the Nepali television channel, Nepal 1.

    Edited by CN

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  • Turkish holding implements large-scale energy projects in Turkmenistan
    27.04.2015 20:49
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Apr. 27

    By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

    Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received Chairman of the Board of Governors of Calik Holding group of companies (Turkey) Ahmet CalД±k, Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper wrote on April 27.

    Calik informed President Berdimuhamedov about the promotion of Turkmenistan's important joint projects.

    "The president and his guest discussed the current state and prospects of developing the productive cooperation in various fields, including the energy sector," the newspaper wrote.

    Earlier, it was reported that Calik Holding obtained a large five-year project for improvement of Ashgabat's power supply. The project will be implemented in three stages. As a result of implementing the project, five power stations will be built in Turkmenistan. It is planned to complete the work in 2016.

    Moreover, the Turkish holding will construct a modern seaport in Turkmenbashi on the Caspian shoreline by 2017. The seaport will also include ship repair and shipbuilding plants. The project's cost is estimated at $2 billion.

    Edited by CN

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  • US political parties argue about Iran
    27.04.2015 20:49
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27

    By Aygun Badalova - Trend:

    It is too early to talk about the impact of the West's lifting sanctions from Iran, in particular, on the global oil market, the director of the Russian National Energy Institute Sergey Pravosudov said in an interview with Trend April 27.

    He does not believe that the sanctions against Iran will be lifted in the near future.

    "The negotiating sides have contradictions on this issue," he said. "The US stands for the gradual lifting of the sanctions. But as a condition for signing a final agreement on the nuclear program, Iran calls for lifting the sanctions at once."

    "So, I would not say that we will see lifting of sanctions in the coming days," he said.

    He said that Iran has greatly strengthened its positions in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

    "The country began to play a dominant role in the Middle East," he said. "Of course, the US's allies, especially Saudi Arabia and Israel, do not like this."

    The expert said that the US political parties have different opinions about further actions towards Iran.

    Pravosudov said that one party - the Democrats - stick to the transition from the "whip method" to the "cake method" with regard to Iran, i.e. a phased lifting of sanctions, and hoping that there will be more US-friendly regime in the country.

    "The second party - the Republicans - believes that it is necessary to continue the pressure on Iran and not to make any concessions. And if Barack Obama were to sign any agreement, the Congress, dominated by Republicans, would not approve it," he said.

    "Therefore, now it is too early to talk about any progressive steps and analyze their consequences," the expert said.

    The P5 1 and Iran signed a framework agreement in Lausanne on April 2.

    They agreed that two-thirds of Iran's uranium enrichment capacities would be suspended for 10 years. Iran will also be obliged to bring all its uranium enrichment programs under international control for 25 years.

    The EU will lift the sanctions against Iran if the country fulfils the reached agreements. The US said sanctions against Iran will be removed as Tehran implements its obligations.

    The preparation of a comprehensive agreement is to be completed by June 30.

    A possible lifting of sanctions, as many analysts expect, will allow the country to bring oil production to presanction levels.

    However, the analysts of the British consulting company, Capital Economics, believe that, even if it a final agreement is signed on Iran's nuclear program, it is unlikely that this year there will be a significant amount of additional Iranian oil in the global market.

    Edited by CN


    Follow the author on Twitter: @AygunBadalova

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  • Euronews presents series of stories dedicate to life in Azerbaijan
    27.04.2015 20:36
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27


    Euronews dedicated a series of stories called lsquo;Azerbaijan Life' on various cities in Azerbaijan. The next episode of the story is dedicated to the city of Goygol.

    "Between the first half of the 19th century and the beginning of the

    20th, over 200,000 Germans moved into the Caucasus region of Azerbaijan," said the story's author.

    Helendorf was a German colony and the first Azerbaijani town founded by foreigners.

    "That was in 1819. Later renamed Khanlar, but now known as Goygol, it carries the indelible mark of 122 years of German cultural influence. German settlers first arrived in Azerbaijan in 1818. Two hundred families came to the existing town of Elisabethpol, now named Ganja," the narrator said.

    Shergiyye Humbatova of Goygol's Culture and Tourism Department told Euronews, "The Germans who arrived here at the beginning of the 19th century came from Württemberg, because of the poverty in their country, because of miserable conditions, war and a lack of jobs. At the same time the Russian government wanted to increase the number of Christians in this area."

    "There are no Germans left in Goygol. The last resident, Viktor Klein, died in 2007, at the age of 72. His friend Fikret Ismayilov took us to his house, which was built by Viktor's father," the narrator.

    Euronews was given access to the building, before it becomes a museum.

    "Welcome to Viktor's house, this is where Viktor lived. Everything is well-preserved," Ismayilov told Euronews.

    "Entering Viktor's house is like going back in time," the narrator said. "Viktor Klein was a radio technician. As well as German, he could speak Azerbaijani and Russian. He was well-integrated and rooted in multiple cultures."

    "Viktor and I met in 1951, we met at a youth camp. From 1951 till his death we were friends, we visited each other, and we were very close," Ismayilov recalled.

    In 1941, after the Nazi attack against the Soviet Union, Moscow issued a decree exiling Germans from the Caucasus. Viktor's family stayed, but they were an exception. In a period of around one week nearly 200,000 Germans were deported from the Caucasus to Central Asia and Siberia. Over 22,000 had to leave Azerbaijan.

    "His [Viktor's] father was a Polish senior doctor. He was a member of the Communist party. At that time there was a decision that mixed couples wouldn't be deported. Because of that they were allowed to stay," Ismayilov told Euronews.

    "Viktor, like many other Germans in town, loved to produce homemade wine. That passion was widespread in Goygol and still today there are many opportunities to taste local wine," the narrator said.

    In 1860, German settlers founded Azerbaijan's first winery in Goygol.

    "The company founded by the Fohrer and Hummel brothers produced nearly 60 percent of the region's wine by the end of the 19th century. These days it remains one of the country's most prolific wineries," the narrator explained.

    Rasim Omarov of Goygol Winery told Euronews, "The plant continued operating during Soviet times, it produced cognac and spirits, which were sold in the Russian market and in Europe."

    The author said that the Germans left their mark also in terms of architecture and urban planning.

    "St. John's, Azerbaijan's first Lutheran Church, was built here in 1857. Today it is a museum. Strolling around the town center, you can find over 300 German houses along the notably straight streets," the narrator said.

    "There are things we learnt from them, and things they learnt from us. In 1822, that type of construction was a big advance," said Fikret Ismayilov, a former architect.

    Germans were an active and well-integrated community in Azerbaijan, said the story's narrator, adding that their legacy has become part of the Azerbaijani cultural heritage.

    Edited by CN

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  • Azerbaijani president receives ex-president of Latvia and director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    27.04.2015 20:30
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27


    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received former President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga and director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Ismail Serageldin on April 27.

    Saying the Nizami Ganjavi International Center is already becoming an important international institution, the sides noted that the interest in the organization`s events, which cover various areas, is increasing year by year.

    The necessity of continuing work on this front and expanding activity was noted.

    During the conversation, the parties hailed the contribution of the Center to the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding among nations and countries.

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  • Silk Road linked to six drug overdose deaths
    27.04.2015 19:56
    Six people who died from overdoses bought drugs via the online Silk Road marketplace, claims the US government.

    Sited on the dark web, the Silk Road was a marketplace for illegal drugs that was closed in 2013, after the FBI arrested its creator - Ross Ulbricht.

    The claim was made in court papers filed by the US government prior to the sentencing hearing for Mr Ulbricht.

    Mr Ulbricht was convicted of narcotics and money laundering charges in February 2015.

    The maximum sentence he faces for these crimes is life in jail.

    In its testimony at the 15 May hearing, the US is also planning to let parents of two of the deceased testify.

    Defence lawyers acting for Mr Ulbricht are seeking to delay the sentencing hearing while they evaluate the evidence the US government has amassed to make its claims about overdose deaths.

    Lawyer Joshua Dratel, who is representing Mr Ulbricht, said the information provided by the US government was "woefully incomplete". Mr Dratel is asking for a delay of a month while he gathers expert witnesses and other testimony to counter the claims.

    In defence court papersВ quoted by tech news site Ars Technica, Mr Dratel said it planned to argue that the Silk Road had in place policies that tried to limit the risk faced by those buying drugs.

    The Silk Road was in operation from 2011 to 2013 and was available via the Tor dark web network. Payments for drugs and other services on the site were made with bitcoins. Mr Ulbricht is believed to have made about $18m (ВЈ12m) from running the site.

    /By BBC/
  • OPEC satisfied with oil slump in US
    27.04.2015 19:44
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Aygun Badalova - Trend:

    The current situation on the world oil market fully suits the OPEC member-states, the director of the National Energy Institute, Sergey Pravosudov said.

    "OPEC rightly expects that the oil production will decline in the US and OPEC oil will be in demand accordingly," he told Trend.

    Currently, OPEC controls 40 percent of the world oil supplies. All OPEC member-states are major oil exporters. Their economy depends on oil revenues. Thus, support for oil prices at an acceptable level has always been the main goal of OPEC.

    Oil quotes have decreased almost twofold - from $110 to around $59 per barrel for North Sea Brent since summer 2014. The cost of Brent barrel has been close to $ 45 this year.

    The expert said that today the oil prices on the world markets are growing amid the news about a decrease in production in the US.

    "The oil market has been saturated today," he said. "Of course, this increased the quotation."

    "First of all, this harmed the US oil production as the most expensive one," said Pravosudov, adding that the investments have very sharply decreased.

    "The Americans themselves predict that in the next few days, we will see a sharp decline in oil production in the US," he said. "And, as we see, the prices went up after this news."

    According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the oil production in that country, over the past week, decreased by 18,000 barrels per day to 9.366 million barrels per day, or 0.19 percent less than the previous week.

    As Pravosudov noted, another factor influencing the positive tendency in the oil prices is the unstable situation in the Middle East.

    The reports on Saudi Arabia's attack on Yemen, despite declaring the end of the military operation, have contributed to the climbing of the oil prices on Friday to their highest level in 2015.

    Following the trades last Friday, the cost of June futures for Brent exceeded $65 per barrel.

    Pravosudov said Saudi Arabia's intensifying the military actions and the deterioration of the situation in Iraq would push the oil prices even more.

    However, the expert doesn't expect that in the short term, the oil prices will reach a level of $100 per barrel.

    "I believe the prices will remain at the level of $60-$70 per barrel," he said.

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  • An Android robot is peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps
    27.04.2015 19:16
    It's not clear how long the image has been there. When you look at "satellite view," you'll see a few residential roads, a bit of green space and some hills -- nothing that looks remotely like an Android peeing on an apple.

    It was discovered Friday by Ahmad Babar, a former Samsung employee living in Lahore, Pakistan.

    OnВ FacebookВ (FB,В Tech30), BabarВ postedВ that he came across the Android image while looking for a place in Rawalpindi.

    Google said the image was not created by an employee. The company has a group of vetted contributors who add to the Maps tool in order to keep Google Maps up to date, and one of those contributors drew the image.

    "The vast majority of users who edit our maps provide great contributions, such as mapping places that have never been mapped before," said Caroline Matthews, a spokeswoman for Google. "We're sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we're working to remove it quickly."

    GoogleВ (GOOGL,В Tech30)В is no stranger to so-called Easter eggs -- hidden treasures in its products. Just try typing "tilt," "do a barrel roll," "recursion," "anagram," "once in a blue moon," or "answer to life the universe and everything" into Google's search engine.

    In Google Images, type "Atari breakout." Google Translate has Pirate, Elmer Fudd, Klingon and Pig Latin options.

    There areВ literally dozensВ of Google Maps Easter eggs in addition to the Android peeing on anВ Apple(AAPL,В Tech30)В logo, including a tie-dyed Street View character in Berkeley, California and a "royal carriage" transportation option when asking for directions to Windsor Castle.

    A spokeswoman for Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

    /By CNN/
  • Trans Hansen/SГёndergГҐrd get Baku 2015
    27.04.2015 18:55
    Denmark originally was not given a quota spot for a women's Beach Volleyball team at the Baku 2015 European Games. But Trans Hansen and SГёndergГҐrd will now join the men's duo of Peter Kildegaard Andersen and Kristoffer Abell in the Azerbaijan capital.

    "I am thrilled that Denmark will be represented at the European Games in Baku by another ambitious Beach Volleyball team," said Mr. Lars Mayland, Beach Volleyball Elite Director at the Danish Volleyball Federation.

    "Line and Helle have delivered some solid performances on the Danish Beach Volleyball Tour, the NEVZA tournaments and also in the Continental Cup. I am looking forward to seeing them play in a huge championship such as the European Games."

    Trans Hansen and SГёndergГҐrd helped Denmark's women's team reach the third round of the 2014-2016 CEV Beach Volleyball Continental Cup. They will join their teammates on 9-10 May for the third round of the Continental Cup in Montpellier, France.
  • Senate begins full debate on Iran
    27.04.2015 18:38
    With the Senate set to begin full debate this week on a bipartisan bill to give Congress the authority to review and potentially reject any Iran nuclear deal, some members are being warned about pushing amendments that change the bipartisan legislation and nix its support.

    "Anybody who monkeys with this bill is going to run into a buzz saw," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., warned ahead of the floor debate.

    And Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., is urging fellow senators to stick with the plan that recently emerged from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    The high-profile debate comes as negotiators from the United States and five other countries try to reach a final deal with Iran by June 30 to curb the country's nuclear-enrichment program, in exchange for relief from sanctions choking its economy.

    The parties will meet again this week on the sidelines of a U.N. conference in New York.
  • Olympic TV channelc to be launched
    27.04.2015 18:12
    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) plans to launch its digital Olympic TV channel in April 2016, just a few months before the games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Olympic Broadcasting Services CEO Yiannis Exarchos says the channel is hiring a staff of almost 100 people based in Madrid to produce programs and features on Olympic athletes and sports to accompany footage of past Olympics.

    It is reported that the channel would secure a return on the $600 million investment in 10 years.

    The channel is a key part of IOC President Thomas Bachв's ''Olympic Agenda 2020'' reform program.
  • Russian president disappointed Ankara
    27.04.2015 18:03
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27


    By making a statement about the events of 1915, Russian President Vladimir Putin disappointed Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said before flying to Kuwait, TRT Haber TV channel reported on April 27.

    Erdogan said that before making such a statement, Russia should study its history.

    Story still developing

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  • Iran rattles saber at Saudi Arabia
    27.04.2015 17:58
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    Iranian deputy foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian threatened Saudi Arabia by saying its prevention of the delivery of the Islamic Republic's "humanitarian aid" to Yemen will not go unanswered.

    Amir Abdollahian's remarks came after Saudi Arabian fighter jets prevented an Iranian plane from entering Yemeni airspace last week. Iran says that the plane was carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen, meanwhile Saudi Arabia accuse the country of providing military support to the Yemeni Shiite rebels.

    Hassan Hashemian, an Iranian expert on Arab regional issues believes that Iranian officials' statements about taking measures against the Saudi Arabia are only remarks for domestic consumption.

    Iran knows that it can't take any responsive step against Saudi Arabia practically, Hashemian told Trend April 27.

    Iran's diplomacy office is under serious pressure by the country's hardliners over the Yemen issue, the expert said, adding that they accuse the foreign ministry of not taking serious steps against the Saudi Arabian air strikes.

    Saudi Arabia and several Arab allies have imposed an air and naval blockade on Yemen as part of a one-month campaign to oust the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who have taken most of the country and forced President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to Riyadh.

    Almost 33 days after the coalition's air strikes, Iran still is not able to take any practical steps for supporting the Houthis excluding some promotional moves, Hashemian said.

    He considers dispatching the country's warships to the Gulf of Aden in line with these promotional steps to increase morale among the Houthi fighters. However, the Islamic Republic insists that the Iranian navy's presences in the Gulf is not related to Yemen's civil war and is aimed at safeguarding the country's oil tanks and merchant ships' security.

    Earlier some media outlets quoted US officials as saying the Iranian warships turned away from Yemen on April 23 and continued to move northeast on April 24, back in the direction of Iran, something Tehran rejected.

    "Rumors and protests wouldn't force Iran's navy to leave its mission in the Gulf of Aden," the Islamic Republic's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said April 26.

    Hashemian further commented that Iran's insistence on sending planes directly to Sanaa raises questions about sending weapons to rebels.

    If the Iranian plane is carrying aide rather than weapons to Yemen, Iran can send it to a third country such as Djibouti and resend it to Sanaa after inspections, he said.

    The country also can send its humanitarian aid to Yemen via international organizations such as the Red Cross organization, which if had been done so, it would have been favorable to Iran in terms of propaganda, the expert underlined. It would prove Iran's claims over sending medicines and humanitarian aide to Yemen, not weapons, Hashemian stressed.

    He also touched upon the short-term ceasefire in Yemen, which was established on April 21.

    Amir Abdollahian's forecast about suspending the coalition's air strikes indicates that Iran directly or via third parties is negotiating with Saudi Arabia over the Yemen crisis, Hashemian said.

    The coalition announced April 21 that it ended the air strikes to seek a political solution in Yemen, but restarted the aerial bombardment a day later. Hours before that Amir Abdollahian announced that the air strikes would stop in the next few hours as a result of the "made efforts".

    Tehran had promised to impose pressure on the Houthis and limit their movements once the air strikes halted, however it did not materialize and Saudi Arabia resumed the attacks after a few hours, Hashemian noted.

    On the same day that the Saudi Arabia-led coalition halted bombing Yemen, Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar reported that Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif and his US counterpart John Kerry have held a phone talk over the crisis. The phone talk later confirmed by Iran's foreign ministry.

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  • Regional Director for British Council visits Baku Higher Oil School
    27.04.2015 17:53
    The Regional Director for the British Council Michael Bird has visited Baku Higher Oil School( BHOS), AzerTag reports.

    The meeting brought together British Council Azerbaijan Director Elizabeth White, and other representatives of the organization.

    Rector of BHOS Elmar Gasimov estimated the relations between the School he led and the British Council as highly, spoke about the prospects for further cooperation.

    Expressing satisfaction with the current level of cooperation carried out within the framework of various academic and educational projects between the BHOS and British Council, Mr. Bird said he is confident in further developing these relations.

    The meeting also exchanged views on future prospects of bilateral cooperation and a number of other issues of mutual interest.
  • Armenia should hear call of Turkey '" Gul
    27.04.2015 17:35
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Armenia should hear the call of Turkey to establish a joint commission to study the 1915 events, former Turkish President Abdullah Gul said in an interview with an Arab newspaper Al-Sharq.

    Gul said historians of Russia and the United States can also take part in a joint commission that will investigate the events of 1915.

    "The events of 1915 affected not only Armenians, but all the people who lived in the Ottoman Empire," said Gul.

    He went on to add that there was no "Armenian genocide" in the history of Turkey.

    Turkish authorities have repeatedly called on Yerevan to create a joint commission to investigate the events of 1915.

    Armenia and the Armenian lobby claim that Turkey's predecessor, the Ottoman Empire allegedly carried out "genocide" against the Armenians living in Anatolia in 1915. Turkey in turn has always denied "the genocide" took place. While strengthening the efforts to promote the "genocide" in the world, Armenians have achieved its recognition by the parliaments of some countries.

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  • Progress made in drafting nuclear agreement with Iran
    27.04.2015 17:34
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Dalga Khatinoglu - Trend:

    There was some progress in drafting the final agreement with Iran during the last round of nuclear talks, the US State Department's Persian Language Spokesperson Alan Eyre told Trend April 27.

    Eyre, who is a member of the U.S. nuclear negotiation team with Iran, said, "During the last round of nuclear talks, as in the past, the prevalent vibe was a serious, technical one, accompanied with mutual respect and goodwill."

    Iran, the U.S. and EU started three-day longed negotiations at the deputy of foreign ministers level in Vienna on April 22.

    Iran and the P5 1 Group (UK, France, Germany, the United States, Russia and China) has started drafting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action's (JCPA) details, aimed to pave the way to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal by June 30.

    Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for legal and international affairs, Abbas Araqchi, who leads Iranian nuclear negotiation team, announced on Friday that the U.S. negotiating delegation gave the Iranian nuclear team "very useful" explanations about the elimination method of the sanctions. He called the latest talks progressive.

    Eyre said, "There was some progress in drafting the final agreement in this round of talks. But it does not need to be mentioned that a lot is yet ahead of us before we reach the outcome desired by all by the end-June deadline."

    Iran and the P5 1 are trying to hammer out a comprehensive agreement on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program by June 30.

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday in New York on the sideline of the five-year review conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    It is expected that the Iranian nuclear delegation will meet other P5 1 Group members in New York.

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  • Ilham Aliyev congratulates Nursultan Nazarbayev
    27.04.2015 17:28
    President of Azerbaijan has congratulated his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev.

    Oxu.Az reports with reference to AzerTag that the head of state congratulated Nazarbayev on the overwhelming victory in presidential elections and wished him new accomplishments in state activity and sound health.

    The Kazakh president thanked Aliyev for the attention and congratulations.

    The heads of states expressed confidence about the successful development of friendly and fraternal relations in all spheres between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in the future.
  • Azerbaijani rowers to join European Championship
    27.04.2015 17:24
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    A squad of Azerbaijanв's national kayak and canoe team will represent the country in the European Canoe Sprint Seniors Championship to be held in Racice, the Czech Republic on May 1-3.

    Six Azerbaijani rowers will participate in the three-day competition. Some 846 participants from 35 countries will compete for the best title.

    Four-time canoe World champion and four-time European champion Valentin Demyanenko will compete in the single men boat race - [C1] 200 meters. Anatoliy Melnik will compete in the single men boat race - [C1] 500 meters and 1,000 metes competitions, while duo: Aleksey Kupin and European champion Sergey Bezgliy will stand in the double men boat race - [C2] 500 meters and 1,000 meters.

    Olympic champion kayaker Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya will also take part in the competition. Inna will compete in the single women boat race - [K-1] 200 meters, 500 meters and 5,000 meters distances. Another talented kayaker Mirnazim Javadov will join the single men boat race competition - [K-1] 200 meters and 500 meters distances.

    The team coaches are Aleksanrd Kolibelnikov, Anatoli Dudnik and Dmitriy Radomski. Rovshan Karimov, the executive director of the National Rowing Federation will lead the delegation.

    The names of all participants were announced according to the Presidential Cup test rowing competition in academic, kayaking and canoeing categories, held in Azerbaijanв's Mingechevir region on April 3-5.

    The European Canoe Sprint Championship is expected to be a serious experience ahead of the 1st European Games to be held in Baku on June 12 '" 28, 2015.

    The event in Baku will include 20 sports, 16 of which are Olympic. Some 6,000 athletes will prove themselves in Azerbaijanв's capital. The kayak and canoe sport is scheduled for June 14-16.
  • Azercellв's new Mobile Customer Services will travel all over the country!
    27.04.2015 17:23
    From the very start of its Operation back in 1996, Azercell Telekom - the company establishing and continuing to implement an innovative customer services model in the country and pleasing its subscribers with its innovative solutions, is introducing its next innovation. Thus, the company has developed new Mobile Customer Services in order to provide easier and higher quality service. Mobile Customer Services group is aimed to get closer to subscribers and realize the wishes and expecations of citizens more comfortably and operatively by visiting Azerbaijani districts and towns. In the first step of this newly established service, Customer Service officers are going to visit districts where there is no Azercell Express Offices, as well as regions in the frontline. The subscribers will be provided with all services offered in Customer Service and AzEx offices. Mobile Customer Services officers started the tour on a special vehicle designed for this purpose on April, 27 in the morning from Azercell Customer Service office located at Basti Baghirova str. 2 and visit Saatli-Imishli region, Imishli and Fuzuli districts on April 28, Agjabadi and Guzanli settlement of Aghdam district, Agjabadi and Tartar districts on April 30. As a result, Azercell Mobile Customer Servies will travel all over the country and solve the requests of its subscribers in rural regions.

    It should be noted that this concept in customer service was first applied by Azercell in the country. Azercell has always stood out for its innovations in customer services. The company established first phone center operating on 24/7 basis in 1998 and first Regional Phone Center in Gandja city in 2009. Along with face-to-face service to its subscribers, Azercell also provides virtual, online services and is improving the quality of this service. The company won a number of awards for its exceptional services focused on customer satisfaction. Azercell possesses the largest customer service network '" 58 Front Office and Azercell Express offices and the largest network of sales with 425 official sales points. These sales points operate all over the country to provide high quality services for the customers.

    Azercell Mobile office supports subscribers who is not being able to visit customer service centers for any reason. Service officers visits such customers with a secial vehicle equipped with all necessary facilities and provides services in place.

    For more information, please apply to

    Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996 and since the first years sustains a leading position on the market. Azercell introduced number of technological innovations in Azerbaijan: GSM technology, GPRS/EDGE, 24/7 Customer Care, full-time operating Azercell Express offices, mobile e-service ''ASAN imza'' (ASAN signature) and others. With 53% share of Azerbaijanв's mobile market Azercellв's network covers 99,8% of the countryв's population. By the end of 2013 the number of Azercellв's subscribers reached 4,5 million people. In 2011 Azercell deployed 3G and in 2012 the fourth generation network '" LTE in Azerbaijan. The Company is the leader of Azerbaijanв's mobile communication industry and the biggest investor in the non-oil sector.
  • German businessmen visit Iran for investment
    27.04.2015 17:12
    /By AzerNews/

    By Sara Rajabova

    Following a framework agreement between the world powers and Iran, foreign businessmen have been engaged in talks with the Islamic Republic ahead of potential investments in the country.

    A group of German businessmen visited Iran for a second time in recent months to explore opportunities for investment amid hopes sanctions will soon be lifted, Press TV reported.

    A group of delegates, led by Volker Treier, the deputy CEO of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, met with senior Iranian officials in Tehran on April 26.

    Treier said Germany will continue to explore business opportunities in Iran regardless of the outcome of Iranв's nuclear talks with global powers.

    He also expressed hope that Iran and six world powers would reach a permanent agreement for the removal of sanctions.

    Gholam-Hossein Shafeв'i, chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, for his part said German companies are willing to invest in the renovation of Iranв's industries.

    He said Iran and Germany have moved ahead with their economic cooperation despite restrictions imposed in recent years.

    Shafeв'i, however, expressed regrets that the sanctions cut Iran-Germany transactions by half, to $3 billion.

    He said Germany can be a reliable partner for Iranв's saffron, carpet and dried fruits export to Europe.

    Earlier, Iranian petroleum ministry official said companies from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy are already in talks with Iran and seek to re-invest in the Iranian market, should all anti-Iran sanctions leveled against the country over its nuclear program be lifted.

    Iran and the group P5 1 are currently negotiating a comprehensive agreement on the Islamic Republicв's nuclear program. To be reached by July 1, a prospective agreement would remove international sanctions on Iran.

    The U.S. and EU imposed sanctions on Iran's oil and financial sectors at the beginning of 2012 due to claims of potential deviations toward non-civilian purposes in Iran's nuclear energy program. Iran has repeatedly denied Western allegations against its nuclear energy program.

    Sanctions are aimed to prevent other countries from purchasing Iranian oil and conducting transactions with the Central Bank of Iran. At the end of 2012, EU foreign ministers reached an agreement on another round of sanctions against Iran.
  • Georgia gets OK from Finland
    27.04.2015 16:52
    /By AzerNews/

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    Finland has become the next country to have ratified the process of the Georgia-European Union Association Agreement.

    President Sauli Niinisto's ratification signature came after the parliament expressed its accord in late March.

    The AA deal was signed between Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and the EU on June 27, 2014 in Brussels.The aim of the agreement is to gradually integrate the associated country into the EU's internal market by establishing a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between the Union and aspirant countries.

    Ratification of all 28 EU member-states was obligatory in view of starting the document's full realization.

    Georgia has already ratified its agreement. The ratification process is currently continuing in the EU member-states.

    Countries that have ratified the Georgia-EU deal so far are Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

    The agreement deepens Georgiaв's political and economic cooperation with the EU and its member states. It also supports stability and democracy in Georgia and creates a framework for further deepening of economic relations.

    The Georgian leadership announces overtly that the country belongs to the European civilization and that it wants to be part of the old continent. Knocking on Europeв's door serves Georgia's strong desire to enter the European family.

    Although Tbilisi knows there is little room left at the European table, the country is still pursuing its European ambition, keen to press ahead. The AA deal is an "immense progress" for Georgia in terms of integrating into the EU, or at least so believe the country's authorities.
  • Baku to have its satellite city
    27.04.2015 16:48
    /By AzerNews/

    By Nigar Orujova

    A satellite city will soon be erected near the capital, Baku.

    The unique project will be realized in Hovsan district of Baku. The satellite city will enjoy 220 residential buildings. Work is currently underway as part of an integrated project development.

    A satellite city concept essentially refers to smaller metropolitan areas which are located somewhat near to larger metropolitan areas, creating together a single economic and demographic system.

    AS Group Investment company will carry out the construction work. The satellite city will cover a large area, and in general will play a leading role in the development of the settlement, AzerTac state news agency reported.

    The project is also aimed to help eliminate Baku's urbanization problems.

    The uniqueness of the project will be achieved by creating an artificial lake on the 10.7 hectares land.

    In addition, theme parks will be constructed on the area, giving the landscape a special character.

    Moreover, gardening and landscaping works will be carried out throughout the satellite city.

    Construction work will cover an area of 330 hectares. The first stage includes the construction of residential mid-rise buildings and other infrastructure facilities on an area of 50 hectares.

    The project presupposes the construction of 3-9 storey buildings, as well as a kindergarten, a school, a medical center, sports halls and gyms, shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a mosque, over a 6.36 hectares stretch of land.

    In a 8.95 hectares area office buildings and educational institutions will be erected. The central part of the 8.95 hectares will also accommodate residential, administrative and other buildings.

    Hovsan urban-type settlement is located on the southern coast of the Absheron Peninsula that is home to some 40,000 people.
  • Baku removes Argentinean journalist from personas non grata list
    27.04.2015 16:41
    /By AzerNews/

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    Baku removed the name of an Argentinean journalist from its list of personas non grata.

    Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Hikmet Hajiyev said the name of the deputy editor of Tiempo Argentino newspaper, Luis Faraoni which has been included in the ministry's "black list" following his illegal visit to Azerbaijanв's occupied territories on March 18-23 this year, has been taken off.

    Following an appeal to the Azerbaijani embassy in Argentina, Faraoni expressed his regret that his visit to the occupied territories had caused problems in his relations with Azerbaijan. He assured the authorities in Baku that he would never by-pass Azerbaijan's sovereignty in such a manner ever again.

    He claimed that before his visit to the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region he was unaware that there was a special procedure to follow and that failing to adequately register a visit would entail being blacklisted.

    In a letter of appeal, the journalist expressed his high respect to Azerbaijan's sovereignty, its territorial integrity and inviolability of its internationally recognized borders. Faraoni then called on the authorities to consider removing his name from the "black list'' of the Foreign Ministry, Hajiyev said.

    "We looked into Faraoni's case and decided to remove his name from the list of personas non grata," Hajiyev concluded.

    Visiting the occupied lands without Baku's official permit is considered a violation of the country's law and a clear disrespect of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Foreign Ministry developed a special black list for all those who have failed to comply with Baku's requirements and made illegal visits to Nagorno-Karabakh.

    The Foreign Ministry earlier this year included The New York Times journalist Seth Kugel in the "blacklist" after he visited Azerbaijan's Shusha city in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region avoiding deliberately to request Baku's official permission.

    The Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions pay special attention to any illegal activity in the occupied areas of Azerbaijan. Work is constantly carried out to prevent such illegal actions.

    Azerbaijan has repeatedly warned foreign officials and diplomats against unauthorized visits to those territories which remain under Armenian occupation calling them contradictory to international law.

    Azerbaijan's internationally recognized Nagorno-Karabakh territory has become a conflict zone following Armenia's aggression in the early 1990s. As a result of Armenia's armed invasion, 20 percent of Azerbaijan's territory fell under Armenia's occupation. Although the OSCE has attempted to foster a peaceful resolution to this conflict Armenia has remained persistent in its aggressive stance.
  • President receives Roger Cukierman
    27.04.2015 16:27
    Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has received a delegation led by president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France Roger Cukierman.

    The head of state expressed hope that Roger Cukierman`s visit to Azerbaijan would be productive and his meetings would be successful.

    President Ilham Aliyev stressed the importance of the visit in terms of further boosting Azerbaijani-French ties.

    President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France Roger Cukierman said they came to Azerbaijan from Yerevan. Roger Cukierman said they had witnessed great development and modernity in Baku from the first day of their arrival.

    He congratulated Azerbaijan on carrying out excellent preparations for the first European Games. Touching upon big development processes in Azerbaijan, Roger Cukierman said it was important that Europe gave objective assessment to these successes of Azerbaijan.
  • Elnur Huseynov wins hearts of Muscovites
    27.04.2015 16:26
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    Azerbaijani contestant Elnur Huseynov, who will represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - to be held in Vienna, Austria in May, visited Russiaв's capital, Moscow as part of his promo tour ahead the main event.

    Following his arrival to the country on April 24, the talented singer first attended the ''Music Box'' TV channel, where he performed his mystical ballad Hour of the Wolf, which is already among bookmakers' favorites.

    After the performance he took part in a press conference prior to the annual gala held on stage in the ''Place de Paris Korston'' hall.

    The Moscow concert brought together Eurovision contestants from more than 10 countries, including Russian representative Polina Gagarina, as well as previous yearsв' participants.

    The concert audience enjoyed Elnurв's amazing voice and performance. After the concert, he attended the party and talked with his fellow contestants.

    For the final point of his promo tour Elnur will go to Tbilisi, Georgia on April 26-27.

    Here, alongside with presenting his song, he will give a "deep house" concert.

    As part of his Georgia visit, Elnur will also attend the countryв's morning show and will answer ''Fortuna'' radio and ''Music Box'' channel's questions.

    Austria will host the final of the 60th Eurovision on May 23. The semifinals of the international contest will be held on May 19 and 21. Elnur will perform his ballad under the 11th number in the second semifinal.

    Talking about his song Elnur said, ''I believe in my entry song as it has so many powerful messages. It is truly a song with great meaning of which the most important is 'that every heart deserves a fightв' and we should never give up. We must fight for our happiness.''

    In 2008, Elnur appeared on ''the Eurovision Song Contest'' in Belgrade, together with Samir Javadzada, who brought the 8th place to Azerbaijan.
  • Kazakh president announces cost of resumption of oil production at Kashagan
    27.04.2015 16:07
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    It will cost over $2 billion to resume oil production at Kazakh Kashagan oil field, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Apr. 27 at a press conference in Astana, Novosti-Kazakhstan news agency reported.

    Kazakhstan hopes to resume oil production at Kashagan field in late 2015, or in 2016, the he said.

    The president noted that the companies developing the field, including Kazakh National Oil and Gas Company KazMunaiGas, are working on this issue.

    Nazarbayev said that the revenues from Kashagan oil will help to implement the planning programs in Kazakhstan.

    Kashagan is a large oil and gas field in Kazakhstan, located in the north of the Caspian Sea. The geological reserves of Kashagan are estimated at 4.8 billion metric tons of oil. The total oil reserves amount to 38 billion barrels, some 10 billion out of them are recoverable reserves. There are large natural gas reserves at the Kashagan field - over one trillion cubic meters.

    The production at the Kashagan field started Sept. 2013, but in October, it was ceased after a gas leak in one of the main pipelines. The analysis revealed numerous cracks in the pipeline, which needed to be completely replaced. The replacement was said to take at least two years.

    The project participants are KMG Kashagan BV, AGIP Caspian Sea BV, CNPC Kazakhstan BV, Exxon Mobil Kazakhstan Inc., INPEX North Caspian Sea Ltd., Shell Kazakhstan Development BV, Total Eamp;P Kazakhstan.

    Edited by S.I.

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  • Through foreignersв' eyes: European Games to create unique connection between visitors, Baku
    27.04.2015 16:07
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Elmira Tariverdiyeva - Trend:

    The first European Games, which will be held in Baku in June 2015, will help create unique connection between foreign visitors and the capital of Azerbaijan, a student of ADA University in Montenegro Milica Starcevic told Trend.

    She said that the world knows Azerbaijan thanks to its oil boom and building of pipelines, however there is a lot to be discovered in the country and be presented to the world.

    Azerbaijan is land of fire, land of beautiful and hospitable people, unique for its traditions and customs, with impressive nature and rich historical heritage, according to Starcevic.

    She said that the European Games 2015 will give opportunity to all people coming from different parts of the world to experience spirit of Azerbaijani nation and beauty of this country.

    Milica went on to add that bringing different nations to Azerbaijan and its capital Baku not only will increase multiculturalism and tolerance of society, but also create unique connection between visitors and Baku.

    "You can take a person out of Baku but you cannot take Baku out of a person!" she said.

    Also, Azerbaijan is a land of future with lot of ambitions, and these European Games will serve as a great look for the country and its presentation to the world, said Starcevic.

    "Azerbaijan will get the deserved place among the beautiful countries that should be visited as one of the top touristic places in the future," she said.

    Baku 2015 is the first ever European Games, an exciting and innovative multi-sport event for the continent which will take place on June 12-28, 2015.

    There will be a total of 20 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and four non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes from across Europe will be representing their nations over 17 days of competition.

    Baku was awarded the games by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in December 2012.


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  • Iran says European airlines increase flights to country
    27.04.2015 15:51
    /By AzerNews/

    By Sara Rajabova

    The softening of international pressure on Iran followed by the Lausanne framework agreement with world powers has created grounds for a boom in the Islamic Republicв's aviation industry.

    Foreign airlines are now eyeing to increase their flights to Iran, expecting a significant rise in foreign visits to the country and vice versa, should international sanctions against the country be lifted.

    Mohammad Khodakarami, the deputy director of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran has recently said European airlines seek to increase flights to Iran.

    He said a German airline has recently booked flights to Iran, adding that the ceiling of flights to the country is 14 flights per week, Iranв's Mehr news agency said.

    Khodakarami further noted that a Greek airline is planning to launch three weekly flights to Iran, adding more over that Alitalia is seeking to increase its flights to Iran to 5 flights per week.

    Turkish Airlines and Air Asia have announced their readiness to increase flights to the country, according to him.

    Khodakarami went on to say that although no American airline is currently operating flights to Iran, two Iranian airlines have the potential to launch flights to the U.S.

    Moreover, Iranв's need for passenger planes has increased as the country expects to see an improvement in its transactions with foreign countries.

    Ali Reza Jahangirian, head of the countryв's aviation organization said earlier that Iran needs to buy up to 500 passenger planes in the next 10 years to renovate its aging fleet.

    The ongoing talks with Iran and super powers have opened up a small window for commercial airplane manufacturers, with Boeing planning to sell more airplane parts to Iran Air. Boeing is also negotiating with Iran Air Tours, a subsidiary of Iran Air, for the supply of goods and other services.

    In February, Iran said it had concluded three contracts with the U.S. aviation giant Boeing after it signed the Geneva nuclear agreement with the P5 1 group of countries in the late 2013.

    Last year, major U.S. aerospace manufacturers, Boeing and General Electric, applied for export licenses in order to sell airliner parts to Iran following the November 2013 deal.

    The Iranian aviation industry is under U.S. sanctions. The U.S. Treasury has barred Iranian airlines, including Iran Air, from landing or operating in the U.S. Furthermore, extraterritorial U.S. sanctions prevent European airports from providing Iranian carriers with fuel or accepting their money.

    However, a preliminary agreement between Iran and the P5 1 group of countries in November 2013 led to an easing of sanctions in the aviation sector.

    The United States and European nations have imposed severe economic sanctions on Iran in recent years aiming to pressure Tehran to dramatically reduce its nuclear program for a lengthy period of time to keep it from developing nuclear weapons.

    However, Iran has denied the charges and insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.
  • Azerbaijani president receives Maltaв's PM
    27.04.2015 15:51
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27


    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta Joseph Muscat on April 27.

    Ilham Aliyev highlighted successfully developing bilateral relations and expressed hope that the cooperation between the two countries would continue.

    President Aliyev said that Muscat`s last visit to Azerbaijan created a good potential to develop relations in various fields, particularly in political, economic, investment making, tourism and other spheres.

    Muscat said his country was interested in developing relations with Azerbaijan. Muscat said he witnessed rapid development processes in Azerbaijan, adding Europe should give objective assessment to these positive processes.

    The sides stressed the importance of the Baku-hosted 3rd Global Shared Societies Forum.

    The parties exchanged views on the development of cooperation between the two countries on various fronts, as well as regional processes and other issues of mutual interest.

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  • Review of 9 world oil prices for April 20-24
    27.04.2015 15:51
    Baku, Azerbaijan, April 27

    By Aygun Badalova - Trend:

    The average spot price for nine varieties of oil brands (including North American) last week (April 20-24) amounted to $59.63 per barrel compared to $57.71 per barrel the previous week.

    The highest average spot price was observed on Bonny Light oil produced in Nigeria, which amounted to $62.45 per barrel compared to $60.26 per barrel the previous week. The density of Bonny Light, used to determine the price of other brands of oil exports in the Gulf, is 33.4-degrees API with a 0.16-percent sulfur content.

    The average price for Brent last week amounted to $61.41 per barrel compared to $59.12 per barrel the previous week. The density of Brent Dated is 38.6-39 -degrees API, with up to 1-percent sulfur content.

    Last week the average spot price for the high-sulfur oil Urals which is a mixture of oil produced in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District and Tatarstan was at $61.21 per barrel last week compared to $58.42 the previous week. The main producers of Urals oil is the Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, Gazprom Neft, TNK-BP and Tatneft companies. Abroad, this oil is known under the name Siberian Light. In Russia, oil futures for Urals are traded on the FORTS market at the RTS stock exchange.

    The average spot price for North Sea Forties was at $60.75 per barrel compared to $58.7 per barrel the previous week. Forties has a low sulfur content and high potential to produce gasoline. Its density is about 40.3-degrees API with a 0.56-percent sulfur content.

    Last week, the average spot price for a marker grade of oil produced in Dubai and used as a benchmark in setting prices of other brands of oil exports in the Gulf region Dubai Crude increased by $1.75 per barrel to $60.6 per barrel. Dubai Crude is light oil whose density is 31 degrees-API with a 2-percent sulfur content.

    Last week average price for the American Mars increased by $1.57 per barrel to $59.36 per barrel. Mars's density is 28.9-degrees API with a 2.05-percent sulfur content.

    OPEC oil basket price increased by $2.68 per barrel to $59.02 per barrel. The OPEC's price is the average index of physical prices for the following 11 grades of oil: Saharan Blend (Algeria), Girassol (Angola), Oriente (Ecuador), Iran Heavy (Iran), Basra Light (Iraq), Kuwait Export (Kuwait), Es Sider (Libya), Bonny Light (Nigeria), Qatar Marine (Qatar), Arab Light (Saudi Arabia), Murban (UAE) and Merey (Venezuela).

    The average spot price for the American West Texas Intermediate (WTI) amounted to $56.14 per barrel compared to $54.78 per barrel the previous week. WTI's density is 40-degrees API with a 0.4-05-percent sulfur content. This oil is mainly used to produce gasoline and therefore the demand is high, particularly in the U.S. and China.

    The lowest average spot price was observed for the American West Texas Intermediate (WTI), which amounted to $55.75 per barrel compared to $55.18 per barrel the previous. The density of WTS is not less than 30 degrees-API with a 2.5-percent sulfur content.

    Energy Intelligence Group provides Trend Agency with daily oil price quotas.

    Follow the author on Twitter: @AygunBadalova

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  • Baku 2015 to be presented in London
    27.04.2015 15:35
    A ceremony will today be held at The Dorchester Hotel in London to present the Baku 2015 first European Games, the Ministry of Youth and Sports told APA.

    Azerbaijani Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov, President of the European Olympic Committees Patrick Hickey and Chairman of the British Olympic Association Lord Sebastian Coe will make their speeches at the ceremony.

    A video on preparations for the Baku 2015 European Games will be displayed at the ceremony.

    In addition, guests will get acquainted with the photo exhibition reflecting the cultural and historical values of Azerbaijan. The event will end with a concert program.
  • Earthquake hits Iranв's southern island
    27.04.2015 15:11
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

    An earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale jolted Iran's southern Hendurabi Island on April 27.

    The seismography center affiliated with Tehran University Geophysics Institute registered the quake at 10:43 local time (GMT 4:30 hours), Iran's Fars news agency reported.

    The earthquake's epicenter was at a depth of 20 kilometers underground.

    There was no immediate report on possible casualties or damage.

    Iran sits astride several major faults in the earth's crust and is prone to frequent earthquakes, many of which have been devastating.

    The deadliest quake in the country was in June 1990 and measured 7.7 on the Richter scale.

    About 37,000 people were killed and more than 100,000 injured in the northwestern provinces of Gilan and Zanjan. It devastated around 27 towns and 1,870 villages.

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  • Synergy Baku's cyclist wins Tour de Bretagne's 2nd stage
    27.04.2015 15:11
    /By AzerNews/

    By Amina Nazarli

    Matej Mugerli won the second stage of the Tour de Bretagne - running in northern France from April 25 to May 1.

    It is his third team win for the Synergy Baku Cycling Project.

    The Slovenian national champion soloed in to the finish line only two seconds ahead of the peloton to take the win, while his teammate Maksym Averin finished fifth on the day.It was a strong performance and a big day as the team prepares for the Tour dв'Azerbaidjan, and gives the whole team more confidence and a morale boost as they head to the first season highlight.Mugerli had been part of a breakaway group which formed with 70 km to go in the race. Originally 15 riders strong, it was reduced to two riders, and with four kilometers left, Mugerli attacked and managed to hold on to his lead until the end.''I am very happy to have won today,'' Mugerli said. ''I thank my teammates; we had things under control for the whole race. We have now shown that we are ready for the Tour dв'Azerbaidjan.''''I got into the break with 70 km to go. Most of the others were caught and with only 4 left, I attacked. Then it was full gas all the way!''DS Jeremy Hunt declared himself ''extremely happy with Matejв's win and how the team rode together to cover all the moves. And then Max finishing fifth shows the guys are going good. It was another tough day with the rain, but great win on a hard day.''

    Before joining the Synergy Baku Cycling Project for the 2015 season, Matej spent the last three years with the Slovenian Adria Mobil team. His years at Adria Mobil were successful, as he had ten wins.

    The international stage race 2015 Tour dв'Azerbaidjan will be held on May 6-10, 2015. At least 24 teams from around the world will tackle the competition. The line-up so far features four Professional Continental teams, 16 Continental teams, and four national teams.
  • Unhappy Armenia
    27.04.2015 15:04
    /By AzerNews/

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    "Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response" they say. The latest worldwide happiness report revealed that Armenia is most definitely not experiencing any forms of happiness.

    The World Happiness Report, a landmark survey of the state of global happiness, put Armenia 127th among 158 nations in terms of happiness.

    The report developed by leading experts in the fields of economics, psychology, health, public policy and more gave 4.350 points to Armenia that testifies to the unhappy atmosphere which seems to reign in Armenia. Happiness in the country has fallen short due to the lack of noble atmosphere, a lack of civil liberties and freedom as well as pandemic corruption, the report said.

    The WHR, published by the New-York based Sustainable Development Solutions Network, reviewed the state of happiness in the world today and showed how the new science of happiness explains personal and national variations in happiness. It reflects a new worldwide demand for more attention to happiness as criteria for government policy.

    The third happiness report of the SDSN was developed based on the same indices that were the key factors in preparing previous reports in 2012 and 2013. Welfare of the population, GDP share per capita, security level, number of divorces, unemployment rate, corruption, civil liberties are the cornerstone factors defining the effectiveness of the report.

    The official unemployment rate in Armenia stands at 17 percent of the population, according to the National Statistics Service. Corruption is one of the most problematic fields challenging social welfare and the index of freedom from corruption in Armenia stands at 26.7, which is under the world average, according to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom. It also shows that bribery is deeply rooted in Armenian society and none of the adopted anti-corruption measures have so far been able to tackle it.

    Specialists conducted surveys in the form of questionnaires among 158 nations to acquire the most precise outcomes in line with the mentioned criteria.

    Armenia's regional neighbors Georgia and Azerbaijan ranked the 130th and the 80th respectively. Kenya, Botswana, Cameroon, Angola, Mali figured behind the smallest South Caucasus nation. The Eurasian Economic Union allies of Armenia - Russia (64th), Kazakhstan (54th), Belarus (59th) were also included in the list, showing far more better results.

    Switzerland topped the list followed by Iceland, Denmark and Norway. World leaders including the U.S., Germany, the UK, Japan and China sat in the middle, mostly regressing in terms of happiness rate.
  • Baku 2015 tickets now available in McDonalds stores
    27.04.2015 15:03
    Baku 2015 is delighted to announce that tickets for the European Games, which takes place from June 12 to June 28, are now available from selected McDonalds stores across Baku.

    McDonalds, the Official Retail Food Services Provider of Baku 2015, is hosting ticket booths at three of its city centre stores in Neftchiler, Fountain Square and Ahmadli, giving people the chance to buy tickets and experience the biggest event in Azerbaijanв's history.

    Commenting on the launch of the ticket booths, Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer, Baku 2015 said: ''Tickets sales are going very well and weв're delighted that this support from McDonalds will help ensure more people will have the opportunity to experience Baku 2015.

    ''Across the country you can really feel the level of excitement grow as we approach the Opening Ceremony on June 12.

    ''The people of Baku are really getting behind the Games and we were delighted that a number of our test events, last weekend, took place in front of full crowds.''

    The Baku 2015 European Games will feature over 6,000 athletes, whoв'll compete in 20 events at arenas across the city.

    In addition to McDonalds, tickets can also be purchased online at or at one of a number of ticket sales points across Baku, details of which can be found at or by dialling 2015 '" the spectator information centre.
  • Ireland names 36 athletes for Baku 2015
    27.04.2015 14:56
    Irish sports officials have announced 36 athletes including five Olympians who have secured spots for Baku 2015.

    The 36 athletes named by the Olympic Council of Ireland will compete in 10 different spots at Baku.

    The biggest name for Ireland at Baku 2015 will be boxer Katie Taylor, who is the most decorated athlete in the history of women's Boxing with 17 gold medals, including London 2012 Olympic gold at 60kg.

    The 28-year-old Taylor has five consecutive World Championship titles, six straight European Championship titles and five European Union Championship crowns in a row. Taylor is also a Baku 2015 European Games Ambassador.

    Another Irish athlete with Olympic experience is 44-year-old shooter Derek Burnett, who has competed at Shotgun Trap in the last four Olympic Games dating back to 2000.

    Badminton players Chloe Magee and Scott Evans both took part in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 while triathlete Aileen Reid competed in the London Olympics.

    "We are very pleased to announce the first group of athletes selected to represent Ireland in Baku 2015," said Mr. Dermot Henihan, Ireland's Chef de Mission. "We have been working very closely with each sport to ensure athletes have the best possible support and preparation for Baku."

    "The final team will have in the region of 63 athletes from 13 sports," Henihan added. "It is great to see such a large number of sports achieving qualification. We must now hope that all will achieve their best performances in Baku and who knows - we may have a few athletes on the podium."

    Here is Ireland's current team:

    Archery: Sinead Cuthbert Cunningham (Womenв's Individual), Darren Wallace (Menв's Individual)

    Aquatics: Rory McEvoy (50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke), Mona McSharry (50m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke, 50m Freestyle), Rachel Bethel (50m, 100m, 200m Freestyle), Danielle Hill (50m, 100, 200m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly, 50m, 200m Freestyle) Emma Reid (50m, 100m, 200m Butterfly), Andrew Moore (50m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke, 200m, 400m Individual Medley), James Brown (50m, 100m, 200m Butterfly, 200m, 400m Individual Medley), Benjamin Doyle (50m, 100m Butterfly, 200m, 400m Individual Medley), Alan Corby (50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke, 100m Butterfly, 200m Individual Medley), Niamh Kilgallen (50m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly), Kate Baguley (400m, 800m, 1500m Freestyle, 400m Individual Medley), Iseult Hayes (50m, 100m Backstroke, 50m, 100m Freestyle), Natasha MacManus (1m, 3m Womenв's Platform Diving)

    Badminton: Chloe Magee (Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles), Josh Magee (Menв's Doubles), Rachel Darragh (Women's Doubles), Sarah Boyle (Women's Doubles), Scott Evans (Menв's Singles), Sam Magee (Mixed Doubles, Menв's Doubles)

    Basketball 3Г—3: Niamh Dwyer, Grainne Dwyer, Suzanne Maguire, Orla Oв'Reilly

    Womenв's Boxing: Katie Taylor (60kg), Michaela Walsh (54kg), Ceire Smith (51kg)

    Judo: Eoin Fleming (Menв's 73kg)

    Karate: Karen Dolphin (Womenв's Kata)

    Shooting: Derek Burnett (Shotgun Trap)

    Women's Triathlon: Aileen Reid

    Menв's Triathlon: Russell White, Aaron Oв'Brien Men's Freestyle

    Wrestling: Alex Dolly (84kg), Soslan Tuaev (74kg)
  • Novruz Mammadov about Armenians in Russia
    27.04.2015 14:56
    3 mln Armenians living in Russia today, whereas there are hardly 3,000 Russians living in Armenia.

    "In reality, there are 3 million Armenians living in Russia today, whereas there are hardly 3,000 Russians living in Armenia. Draw your own conclusions about such brotherhood".

    Novruz Mammadov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration and Director of Foreign Relations Department at the Administration, wrote this on his Twitter page on April 27.
  • Baku hosts conference of NATO International School of Azerbaijan
    27.04.2015 14:50
    A conference titled "Geopolitical review of the Caspian: new role for Azerbaijan" of NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA) has kicked off in Baku.

    The event aims at giving academic lectures on relevant topics through innovative teaching methodology and exchange ideas in related fields, AzerTag reports.

    The event brings together about 40 students and young scientists from Azerbaijan, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries.
  • Patrick Hickey: Baku team has scored a world record prior to start of the Games
    27.04.2015 14:50
    ''Today the European sport enters a final stage towards the realization of sport potential of the continent. The First European Games is now becoming a reality''

    The statement came from the President of the European Olympic Committees Patrick Hickey at the event commemorating the start of the flame of Baku-2015 first European Games, APA reports.

    "More than two years ago, we announced with great pleasure that it is Azerbaijan - the "Land of Fire" which will host the European Games. One of the most attractive elements is that the fire, which is the country's national symbol, is, at the same time, the main embodiment of strength and power of the Olympic Movement. The ancient Greek civilization, which laid the foundations for the light of flame and created ancient sports, considered sacred the fire", said EOC President.

    President Hickey who praised Azerbaijan and all of its preparations to date said: "The Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect are perfectly expressed through the Torch Relay. By passing the flame from one to another in a collaborative gesture, torchbearers spread a message of peace, friendship and celebration through sport.

    Baku 2015 will come to life through the dedication and effort of your entire country. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Azerbaijani leadership. Your professionalism and focus has never failed to impress us."

    Guests were treated to a display of national dancing and musical performances as part of the celebration of the Journey of the Flame before the President, First Lady and President Hickey entered the ancient temple to capture the flame.

    The EOC President extended the European Olympic Committee's sincere gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev and the First Lady. "The professional staff of the Organizing Committee and Baku 2015 European Games Operations Committee has worked tirelessly for 27 months to make our plans a reality. We couldn't imagine such work would be done in such a short period of time. In fact, the whole Baku team has scored a world record prior to the start of the Games", he said.
  • UN: Refugee toll in Turkey may hit 2.5 million in 2015
    27.04.2015 14:31
    The refugee toll in Turkey may hit 2.5 million in 2015.

    "We haven't seen the worst," said Helen Clark, the head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), regarding the refugee crisis across the world as we were talking right after the inauguration of a new regional hub in Istanbul on April 23,

    Impressed by a major Turkish refugee camp in Gaziantep by the Syrian border ("the best in the world," she says), Clark underlined that Syria was now the biggest crisis in the world and "getting worse."

    She said it was likely that more than 800,000 people might flee Syria in 2015 and that the toll in Turkey might hit an alarming 2.5 million, together with refugees from Iraq.

    "Turkey is now the largest host of refugees anywhere in the world" and making an "incredible contribution" to Syrian refugees at its own expense, Clark says. "This is the best practice in the world."

    She thinks developed countries should assist poor ones more in order to eliminate the "root causes" of migration from conflict and poverty zones. As one of the possible candidates to become U.N. secretary-general after Ban Ki-moon, Clark was questioning the U.N. system for being "stuck in the 1940s" and encouraged it to rethink the veto system to overcome the crisis.

    The UNDP regional office in Istanbul was launched due to Turkey's "strategic and logistical position" to run the Eastern European, Russian and Central Asian activities of the UNDP in addition to other hubs in Amman, Addis Ababa, Bangkok and Panama City, she said.
  • Ahmet Davutoglu: "Let the countries that made decision against Turkey, evaluate the Khojaly genocide"
    27.04.2015 14:27
    Baku. Farid Mirzayev-APA. "We have always stated that we are ready to open our archives. We are ready to discuss it with anyone. As it was in Canakkale war, we may die but never bow", - Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said during his speech in Erzurum, APA reports citing Anadolu Agency.

    The Turkish Prime minister called on the countries that made decision against Turkey,to express their opinion on the crime of genocide in Srebrenica, Khojaly: " let the countries that made decision against Turkey, express their opinion about the Abkhazians, Chechens, Turks Akhiska, Georgians, who exposed to genocide in the Caucasus and left for Turkey. Let them evaluate the genocide in Srebrenica and Khojaly committed in the recent past."
  • Russia endangering Turkish Stream
    27.04.2015 14:25
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

    Despite the fact that the Turkish authorities urged for justice regarding the 1915 events, such countries as Russia and France blindly chose to hold Armenia's side.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, commenting on the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Yerevan, said that "each country makes decisions on its own, and Russia, in turn, made this decision a long time ago." This justification could have calmed Ankara down, if not for Putin's words that the 1915 events are the so-called Armenian genocide. Ankara expressed serious resentment.

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, commenting on the visit of heads of Russia and France to Yerevan in order to participate in activities in connection with the "centennial" of the so-called Armenian genocide, said that this decision casts doubts on the neutrality of the OSCE Minsk Group.

    It is impossible not to agree with it, despite the fact that the Russian side said that Putin's visit to Yerevan would not affect relations with Ankara.

    "It is quite natural that the president was with other counterparts in Yerevan," spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said. "It is very important to thoroughly examine President Putin's speech. It is also very important not to forget that at the same time, Turkey is our strategic partner. We have diversified relations. We believe that the prospects for the development of our relations are wide."

    This will not affect the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, however one must not forget that there is also the Turkish Stream project which Russia greatly needs.

    Turkey has already made a statement that it will reconsider cooperation with a number of countries after April 24 that have lost neutrality on the issue related to the events of 1915.

    Of course, along with Europe, Russia is also on the "black list" of Ankara. It is not ruled out that after President Putin's visit to Yerevan and his statements about the events of 1915, Ankara will reconsider the issue of the Turkish Stream construction.

    The issue of implementation of Turkish Stream project causes controversy in Turkey. The main reason is Russia's demand from Turkey to make additional concessions. Media hasn't specified what kind of concession it is, but this led to refusal of Turkey's BOTAS company from signing an agreement on discount for Russian gas delivered to Turkey.

    Although the sides were expected to sign the discount agreement in March 2015, Turkey hasn't signed it so far. Another disputed issue is that Russia has completely isolated Turkey's BOTAS company from the construction of the Turkish Stream, which doesn't meet Ankara's interests.

    All these facts suggest that the visit of Russian president to Armenia and his remarks about the "Armenian genocide" first of all put Russia's energy interests under threat. Turkish authorities will unlikely miss the chance to use this for their purposes.

    Edited by SI


    Rufiz Hafizoglu is the head of Trend Agency's Arabic news service, follow him on Twitter: @rhafizoglu

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  • Arsenal must sign four 'top-quality' players to win title, says Thierry Henry
    27.04.2015 14:09
    Arsenal need to strengthen their squad with four "top-quality" players to stand any chance of winning the Premier League, according to Sky Sportsв' Thierry Henry.

    The Gunners were held to a goalless draw at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday as Chelsea closed in on a fourth Premier League crown.

    Henry believes Arsenal must now replicate the transfer policy employed by Chelsea last summer if they are to have any chance of ending their 10-year wait for the title.

    ''Arsenal need to buy four players, they need that spine,'' the Frenchman toldSuper Sunday.

    ''They need a goalkeeper, they still need a centre-back, they still need a holding midfielder and, Iв'm afraid, they need a top, top-quality striker in order to win this league again.

    ''The best example for me today was Chelsea. They struggled last year and they were still competing to win the league. They now have [Thibaut] Courtois, [Nemanja] Matic, Cesc [Fabregas] and Diego Costa.

    ''For me that speaks volumes, and we saw it today. A team didnв't and a team did, and Chelsea are about to win the league.''

    Asked whether he thought Wenger would actually go out and address the areas of Arsenalв's squad he feels need improving, Henry added: ''He has to do it.

    ''If you take the goalkeepers, for example, at Bayern Munch, Chelsea, Manchester United and a lot of other teams.

    ''You need that type of player, you need that competitiveness within the group and you need great players. In order to win the league that has to happen.''

    While highlighting areas which he feels need bolstering at the Emirates, Henry went on to claim it was time a number of the clubв's top players started to perform on a more consistent basis.

    ''Players need to perform also,'' Henry said. ''I will single out Mesut Ozil, who made his eighth appearance against a top-four team today.

    ''Zero goals, two assists. That is not enough. Since joining Arsenal he has 14 assists. Now if you look at Fabregas at Chelsea, he has 16 assists in one season. В 

    ''At one point, I do think, and I do believe, the players have to step up and stand their game up.''

    /Sky Sports/
  • Itera expands presence in Turkmenistan
    27.04.2015 14:09
    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Apr. 27

    By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

    Itera International Group of Companies is interested in implementing joint projects with Turkmenistan, said the message of the government of Turkmenistan April 27.

    The message said that during the meeting with Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammadov, the head of Itera, Igor Makarov expressed the desire to provide great potential of the company for the implementation of promising joint projects in various areas within the large-scale reform programs implemented in the country, including the oil and gas sector and construction.

    "Stressing the exceptionally high interest of the holding led by him for the comprehensive cooperation with Turkmenistan, Igor Makarov confirmed his intention to expand the presence of Itera on the Turkmen market," said the message.

    Earlier it was reported that Itera works on 21 blocks in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea. The corresponding production sharing agreement (PSA) was signed in 2009.

    Following the results of 2D/3D seismic data processing, the estimated recoverable reserves of the block are about 800 billion cubic meters of gas and 95.5 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons. Itera has estimated the total investment in the project at the level of $6 billion.

    Two structures are allocated on the block: Western Erdekli and South Erdekli. The company said that the studies helped to ensure high prospects of the structures for hydrocarbons and attribute them to the category of unique ones.

    Edited by CN

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  • No serious violations in Kazakhstanв's presidential election '" CIS observers
    27.04.2015 13:47
    CIS observation mission hasn't recorded serious violations in the early presidential election in Kazakhstan, said the mission's head.

    "We saw no serious violations that could affect the election results," Sergei Lebedev, the mission head and chairman of CIS Executive Committee said at the press conference at Kazakh Central Election Commission.

    Lebedev added that there were only minor organizational shortcomings in the election, RIA Novosti reported.

    CIS observers advised the CEC authorities to increase the number of members of the precinct election commissions to avoid queues in the polling stations.

    Earlier, head of Kazakh CEC said that the country's incumbent President Nursultan Nazarbayev gathered 97.7 percent of votes, according to the preliminary data.

    Under the constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, president of Kazakhstan is the head of the state, its highest official defining the main vectors of the country's domestic and foreign policy and representing Kazakhstan within the country and in the international relations.

    Edited by SI

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  • Allahshukur Pashazade meets Turkish delegation
    27.04.2015 13:47
    There are some influential religious leaders who try to spread the impact of their countries in Azerbaijan.

    "There are some influential religious leaders who try to spread the impact of their countries in Azerbaijan and influence the political processes here by providing assistance and opening madrasas".

    Chairman of the Caucasian Muslim Office (CMO) Sheikh-ul-Islam Haji Allahshukur Pashazade said it at the meeting with the delegation led by Honorary President of Turkey's Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Foundation Osman Nuri TopbaЕџ.

    He said that there are some other religious scholars whose intentions are pure and serve for spread of the true Islamic knowledge. Pashazade mentioned the name of Osman Nuri TopbaЕџ as one of them.
  • Saudi rule is on the verge collapse '" IRGC commander
    27.04.2015 13:44
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Fatih Karimov - Trend: Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Saudi Arabia rule is on the verge collapse.

    The dominance of people in Yemen is a significant development, he said, adding that the next development will lead to the collapse of Saudi rule, Iran's Tasnim news agency reported on April 27.

    "The treacherous Saudi Arabia is following Israel, he argued.

    "With brazenness and shamelessness, and with infringing all the Islamic codes, Saudi Arabia attacked a Muslim country which sought to combat hegemonic powers," he noted.

    "Regional and extra-regional observers believe that the Saudi regime is on the verge of collapse. I hope this would come true," he said.

    Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies launched air strikes against the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthis in Yemen March 25.

    The coalition announced April 21 that it ended the air strikes to seek a political solution in Yemen, but restarted the aerial bombardment a day later.

    Edited by CN

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  • Azerbaijani MFA voices complaint to BBC over reportage from Nagorno-Karabakh
    27.04.2015 13:38
    ''The reportage promotes Armenian aggression, invasion and bloody ethnic cleansing''

    The Azerbaijani side has expressed discontent to BBC over its journalist Reda El Mawy's reportage from Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh region occupied by Armenia, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev told APA on Monday.

    The spokesman said that Azerbaijan is awaiting an explanation from the BBC.

    "As can be seen in the reportage, a BBC reporter has made an unauthorized visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, violating the law on state border inviolability," he noted.

    Hajiyev also added that some expressions used in the film, which is biased and tendentious, distort the true essence of the conflict, promoting the aggression, invasion and a policy of bloody ethnic cleansing committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis.

    "As can be seen in the reportage, Armenia is purposefully settling Syrian refugees of Armenian origin in occupied Azerbaijani territories in order to change the demographic balance there in its favor, flagrantly violating the Geneva conventions. The Azerbaijani side has raised this issue before the international community, including the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs," he underlined.
  • Iran names priority oil sector projects
    27.04.2015 13:38
    The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) announced in a statement on April 26 that it has defined 21 top priority oil sector projects.

    The NIOC added in the statement that the projects will be introduced to investors in the upcoming Iran Oil Show that will be held in Tehran 6-9 May, 2015.

    The projects comprise lucrative hydrocarbon prospects that Iran shares with its neighbors, Press TV reported.

    They include the remaining phases of South Pars gas field (shared with Qatar), Farzad gas field (shared with Saudi Arabia), Salman oil field (shared with the UAE), Forouzan and Esfandiar oil fields (shared with Saudi Arabia) - all situated in Gulf waters.

    The report has also named the fields located on the western banks of Karoun River in the southwestern Khouzestan province as other top priority oil projects.

    Iran had already announced serious plans to increase its oil and gas production over the next few years.

    With eyes set on the removal of the sanctions in light of the progress in nuclear talks with P5 1, the country is already preparing for a potential influx of investors - specifically in its oil and gas projects.

    A key step taken to that effect is a modification of its oil sector contracts to make them more attractive to investors.

    Officials earlier emphasized that the priority for awarding new oil deals to investors will be given to those for projects that Iran shares with its neighbors.

    Analysts believe that among the current priority projects the most lucrative ones are those located on the western banks of Karoun.

    The oil fields in West Karoun are Yadavaran, North Azadegan, South Azadegan, North Yaran, and South Yaran. The biggest among all are South Azadegan and Yadavaran which are shared with Iraq's Majnoon and Sinbad fields, respectively.

    South Pars gas field covers an area of 9,700 square kilometers, 3,700 square kilometers of which are in Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. The remaining 6,000 square kilometers are situated in Qatar's territorial waters.

    The field is estimated to contain a significant amount of natural gas, accounting for about eight percent of the world's reserves, and approximately 18 billion barrels of condensate.

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  • Investors show interest in ICT field
    27.04.2015 13:34
    Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ali Abbasov met with President of the Global Venture Alliance (GVA) - one of the worldв's largest technology centers in Silicon Valley in the US Magomed Musaev, and chairman and co-founder of Global Catalyst Partners (GCP), venture capitalist Kamran Elahian.

    At the meeting, it was noted that the mission of the alliance is to improve the lives of people through the effective use of information technologies, reveal and support the development of start-ups.

    Noting the support of the alliance in the implementation of innovative ideas and projects to promote the economic development in the countries, such as United States, Japan, China, India, Israel, Kamran Elahian said that from this perspective, Azerbaijan is also of interest, and expressed their intention to invest in the country.

    At the end of the meeting, the sides decided to assess the proposals put forward by investors after discussions with relevant agencies.
  • Kazakhstan holds beauty contest among female soldiers
    27.04.2015 13:30
    Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr. 27

    By Elena Kosolapova - Trend:

    Kazakhstan is holding a "Warrior Maidens" beauty contest among the female soldiers.

    The competition is held on the initiative of the Ministry of Defense in order to promote the military service of women in Kazakhstan and attract the attention of Internet users to military service.

    Following the contest, twelve of the most attractive women serving in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan will be chosen, which, in the opinion of people, should appear on the pages of specialized "Warrior Maidens" calendar for 2016.

    The winners of the contest will be selected via popular vote on the official website of the ministry The suffrage allows giving only one vote per IP-address. The women who receive the most votes will become winners of the competition.

    Female residents from all over Kazakhstan, serving in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, as well as retired military servicewomen participate in the competition. Age and work experience of the participants do not matter. Submission of application forms for the competition was held until March 31.

    Announcement of the winners, awarding will be organized in Astana May 10 - July 15. The date, place and time of awarding will be announced later.


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  • SOCAR Polymer to produce polyethylene using British technology
    27.04.2015 13:18
    SOCAR Polymer Company has chosen Innovene S Process technology of the Ineos Technologies British company for the production of polyethylene at a plant in Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, the message posted on the Ineos Technologies website.SOCAR Polymer will be producing medium-pressure polyethylene (MDPE) and high-pressure polyethylene (HPPE) using Innovene S Process technology from Ineos Technologies. The Ineos company for the first time will provide a license for Innovene for Azerbaijani producer.General Director of Ineos Technologies Peter Williams said his company is very pleased to support the development of the petrochemical industry in Azerbaijan and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation with SOCAR Polymer in the production of high quality products, said the message.Polyethylene plant is planned to be commissioned in late 2018.SOCAR Polymer project is implemented in Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park. This project implementation will make it possible to produce 180,000 metric tons of polypropylene and 120,000 metric tons of polyethylene per year. Production of the propylene polymer is expected to begin in 2016. Most of the production will be sent to markets of Turkey and countries of Western Europe./By AzerTac/
  • Oil price on world markets
    27.04.2015 13:18
    Oil prices have changed in different directions in the world markets.On the New York Stock Exchange NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) cost of the Light crude oil has decreased $0.22 to trade at $56.93, as well price of British Brent crude oil at the London ICE (InterContinental Exchange Futures) has fallen $0.15 to stand at $65.13.The Marketing and Economic Operations Department of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) informed that, the price of a barrel of Azeri Light crude oil has decreased $0.16 to stand at $65.33 in the world markets./By AzerTac/
  • UK-made sniper rifles at Armenian army's disposal disturb Baku seriously
    27.04.2015 13:09
    /By AzerNews/

    By Mushvig Mehdiyev

    Baku voiced its deep concerns over the use of UK-made sniper rifles by the Armenian armed forces along the line of contact.

    "Armenia uses such kind of offensive weapons to go on its occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan, to keep civilians, including women and young children living alongside the contact line under threat", Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Hikmet Hajiyev said.

    Hajiyev believes that Armenia has turned to illegal ways to obtain sniper rifles - namely the "black market". "It once again proves that this countryв's statements about the alleged withdrawal of its snipers from the contact line are groundless and untrue," he said.

    Armenian media recently spread a video which demonstrated the use of the British Accuracy International companyв's sniper rifles by the Armenian special forces.

    The UK embassy in Baku has been informed about Azerbaijan' serious concerns over this issue through the diplomatic channels, Hajiyev noted.

    Explaining the reported issue, the British embassy informed that the UK supports a very strict export licensing policy and enforces OSCE sanctions on the sales of military equipment to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict parties.

    "The UK has therefore never supplied sniper rifles to Armenia. We are aware of two rifles being exported from the UK to France under an approved export license (in 2012) which were then delivered from France to Armenia and displayed at an Arms Exhibition," the embassy said.

    Accuracy International is a specialist British firearms manufacturer and best known for producing the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series of precision sniper rifles.

    Baku, in view of the issue, expects the national law, as well as the rules of regulating export control within the EU to act as a basis for the UK for demanding an end-user certificate from the Accuracy International and the company which has effected the sale to Armenia and for taking necessary legal measures.

    "The official report of the UK said that these sniper rifles were sold through a company of other EU country. In this case, the Export Control Organization of UK would have to require an end-user certificate," Hajiyev said.

    Assessing Yerevan' steps as the imitation of "confidence building", Baku said Armenia aims to deliberately jeopardize peace in the region through the ongoing occupation of Azerbaijan while enforcing a policy of aggression against its sovereignty.

    Meanwhile, representatives of the Accuracy International company told media that they have sold other types of sniper rifles to Armenia, which led Baku to express additional concerns.

    Azerbaijani Defense Ministry earlier accused Armenia of defying the norms of international law and control on the armament by particularly violating the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. The ministry claimed that Yerevan not only illegally purchased weapons and deployed them in the occupied Azerbaijani territories, but that it failed to register them and kept them out of the control of the international inspection groups.

    Exposing the illicit armament moves of the Armenian authorities, the Foreign Ministry has released a statement averring that Armenia continues to strengthen its military presence and capabilities on Azerbaijan's occupied territories, noting that on November 6, Armenia held provocative large-scale military exercises on the occupied territories involving nearly 47,000 troops (according to Armenian media).

    Azerbaijan's internationally recognized Nagorno-Karabakh territory has become a conflict zone following Armenia's aggression in the early 1990s. As a result of Armenia's armed invasion, 20 percent of Azerbaijan's territory fell under Armenia's occupation. Nonetheless, the OSCE has attempted to foster a peaceful resolution to this conflict amid Armenia's persistent derailment.
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